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Used by followers of various media of entertainment, such as television shows, movies, books, etc. to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual, and as such is adopted as a sort of "personal canon". Headcanon may be upgraded to canon if it is incorporated into the program or story's universe.

In my headcanon, John and Marybicker like siblings when they're around each other... They just seem like they're brother and sister to me!

by the-deudliest-firearm July 12, 2012

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(also written as "head canon," but it's really one word.)

An idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the media consumer themselves or the fandom in general. If it is confirmed by the creator of the story, it becomes canon.

In Homestuck , a popular webcomic , many suspect the headcanon that the trolls are carnivores, because of their natural homicidal tendencies and sharp teeth. It's never explicitly stated in the comic that this is true, but it'd be kind of dumb to assume they're a race known for salads and ice cream sundaes.

by TickTockTimeTraveler October 12, 2014

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The non-canon personal ideas, opinions and believes that certain person or group of people feels strongly attached to, about a certain work of fiction (book, movie, cartoon, anime series, manga, comic book, etc...)

Sometimes people put their own headcanons above the actual canon of what was actually shown.

Person A: Android 17 is barely SSJ3 level, and that is exaggerating! Goku in SSJ Blue could have defeated 17 with a single punch!

Person B: That is your Headcanon. If he is a SSJ3 level character, then why Goku fought 17 with SSJ Blue instead of SSJ3, like he did with Trunks in a previous arck? Also, how can a SSJ3 level character resist attacks capable of hurting SSJ Blue evolution Vegeta and SSJ Blue kaioken x20 Goku that are 20 times more powerful than a SSJ Blue, 17 received a kick from Jiren, meant for Vegeta Blue Evolution in episode 127, and also took an explotion from Jiren that was able to knock out Goku and Vegeta, and he was still able to fight, a SSJ3 level character shouldn't be able to do that!

by TruthTellerX01 July 10, 2019

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Awesome and amazing guy. Always there for you... and will do anything he can to make you happy. Extremely good looking and a flirt. The perfect boyfriend and the guy that every girl goes to for comfort and advice. Cannons are usually the dreamy guy that every girl would kill to have... but they never admit it to his face. He is always the one you want to be snuggling with because he knows how to handle a girl.

Girl 1: Who's the new guy?

Girl 2: I don't know... but he's gorgeous.

Cannon: Hey ladies (flashes a smile), I saw you too radiating beauty and I had to come introduce myself. I'm Cannon.

Girl 1: (whispers)- figures, Cannons are always the hot ones.

by the human britannica October 07, 2010

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After a winterish month of emotional stabilization, i.e. pouring your heart out, exchanging inspirational quotes, you look forward to the real winter, december, low temperatures, indoor activity, candles, cooking, touching, loving, explicit content, pleasure, non-verbal ecstasy.
Followed quickly by the jesusy and christy xmas season when we behave and celebrate the birth of isa, the child of refugees who were turned away at every door.

To spend one Christmas eve with you. We could sing in canon and gift each other socks. Then kiss under the mistletoe and watch an AdamSandler movie .

by Gina Yolobrigida November 25, 2020

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After a while, someone called out to me. I opened my eyes: Young man. Not far from me stood a lady of about thirty and something, and next to her on the rug sat another of about the same. Age.

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Finish now. Hearing another groan from our bedroom, now it is already clear whose it was, with a sharp, ramming movement entered Anya. She wrapped her legs around my waist and began to cum, her legs convulsively squeezing my waist, without making a sound.

And then she opens her eyes, her reaction was the same as mine, she froze, digesting everything that happened.

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