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1‘a store of food’


supply, stock, stockpile, reserve, cache, hoard, accumulation, cumulation, quantity, pile, heap, load

fund, bank, pool, mine, wealth, deposit, reservoir, inventory, repertoire, repertory

rare amassment

2‘a grain store’


storeroom, storehouse, warehouse, repository, depository, entrepôt

granary, silo

larder, pantry

arsenal, armoury

British historical still room

archaic garner, spence

3stores‘there was a vital need to recruit fresh men and to replenish the stores’


supplies, provisions, stocks, rations, food, foodstuffs

formal comestibles, provender

4‘a DIY store’


shop, retail outlet, reseller, department store, chain store, emporium

supermarket, hypermarket, superstore


informal shed

North American informal big box


1‘the animals need a place to store food for the winter’


keep, keep in reserve, stow, stockpile, lay aside, lay in, set aside, put away, put down, put to one side, deposit, save, hoard, cache

stock up on, stock up with, get in supplies of, collect, gather, accumulate, cumulate, amass

husband, reserve, preserve

informal put away for a rainy day, squirrel away, salt away, stash

2‘furniture that had been stored in the attic for thirty years’


put into storage, put in store, stow, stow away, put away



    set store by

    ‘Gwen set great store by good manners’


    value, attach great importance to, put a high value on, put a premium on

    think highly of, hold in regard, hold in high regard, have a high opinion of, admire, appreciate, respect, prize, esteem

    informal rate


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[ stˈɔː], [ stˈɔː], [ s_t_ˈɔː]
  • n.

    • back up,
    • author,
    • burn,
    • access,
    • browse,
    • building,
    • burn-in,
    • capture,
    • block,
    • call up.
    • assemblage,
    • bale,
    • commodity,
    • agglomeration,
    • battery,
    • property,
    • wares,
    • bevy,
    • batch,
    • assortment,
    • assembly.
    accumulation (noun)bank (noun)boughten (noun)boutique (noun)buildup (noun)business (noun)business establishment that sells goods (noun)cache (noun)certainty (noun)
    • lockup,
    • surefire,
    • dogmatism,
    • open and shut case,
    • inevitability,
    • rain or shine,
    • wrap-up,
    • Authoritativeness,
    • definiteness,
    • positivism,
    • all sewn up,
    • sure bet,
    • inevitabilities,
    • staunchness,
    • Indubitableness.
    collection (noun)collection, supply (noun)
    • fountain,
    • lot,
    • quantity,
    • stock,
    • lode,
    • spring,
    • stockpile,
    • plethora,
    • abundance,
    • fount,
    • well,
    • wealth.
    computer memory (noun)computer storage (noun)credence (noun)department store (noun)depository (noun)depot (noun)emporium (noun)
    • five and dimes,
    • super-market,
    • gallerias,
    • super-markets,
    • super markets,
    • shopping plazas,
    • five and dime,
    • co op,
    • super market,
    • cut-rate stores,
    • cutrate store,
    • cutrate stores,
    • co ops,
    • cut rate store,
    • thrift shops,
    • cut rate stores,
    • five-and-dimes.
    entrepot (noun)equipment (noun)
    • pro visioning,
    • be-longings,
    • kit kaboodles,
    • be longings,
    • kit and kaboodles,
    • kit kaboodle,
    • provisionings,
    • pro-visioning,
    • shebangs,
    • miscellaneou.
    exchange (noun)factory-made (noun)financial institution (noun)food (noun)
    • moveable feast,
    • subsistence,
    • Foods,
    • eatables,
    • pap,
    • vittles,
    • meals,
    • viand,
    • cookery,
    • food,
    • home cooking,
    • cookeries.
    funds (noun)
    • money hand,
    • sub stances,
    • ready moneys,
    • pro fits,
    • money bank,
    • sub stance,
    • pro-fits,
    • money in bank,
    • ready monies,
    • re-venue,
    • re-venues,
    • money the bank,
    • sub-stance,
    • accounts receivables,
    • fluid asset,
    • sub-stances,
    • re venue,
    • re venues.
    heap (noun)hive away (noun)hoard (noun)inventory (noun)list (noun)
    • daybook,
    • count,
    • budget,
    • annals,
    • calendar,
    • file,
    • history,
    • dictionary,
    • score,
    • invoice,
    • album,
    • list,
    • detail,
    • pad,
    • record,
    • register,
    • Storybook,
    • diary,
    • annual,
    • schedule,
    • ledger,
    • docket,
    • menu,
    • notebook,
    • table,
    • tabulate,
    • roll,
    • Bank book,
    • book,
    • total,
    • summary,
    • check,
    • blank-book,
    • statement,
    • documentation,
    • recording,
    • lexicon,
    • treasury,
    • workbook,
    • tally,
    • catalog,
    • roster,
    • thesaurus,
    • chronicle,
    • scroll,
    • enumeration,
    • tablet,
    • registry,
    • cash book,
    • census,
    • manifest,
    • bill,
    • account,
    • recount,
    • sum,
    • index,
    • log,
    • digest,
    • yearbook,
    • logbook,
    • waybill,
    • novel,
    • scrapbook,
    • journal.
    magazine (noun)market (noun)market/mart (noun)memory (noun)memory board (noun)mine (noun)Other relevant words: (noun)
    • garage,
    • storehouse,
    • buildup,
    • opulence,
    • shopping mall,
    • confidence,
    • tons,
    • meed,
    • funds,
    • intensification,
    • good deal,
    • fund,
    • spiff,
    • plenty,
    • five-and-dime store,
    • heap,
    • countinghouse,
    • ream,
    • faith,
    • workstations,
    • bodega,
    • a lot,
    • prearrangement,
    • investment firm,
    • passel,
    • galleria,
    • salt mine,
    • grocery store,
    • ton,
    • treasuretrove,
    • ace in hole,
    • plenitude,
    • cornucopia,
    • cache,
    • ration,
    • salt mines,
    • anchor store,
    • market,
    • reservoir,
    • safes,
    • full house,
    • fluid assets,
    • winnings,
    • carrot,
    • boutique,
    • stash house,
    • scads,
    • fruitfulness,
    • deli,
    • souks,
    • hoardings,
    • grocery,
    • Delis,
    • corner store,
    • workstation,
    • terminal,
    • stockroom,
    • meeds,
    • savings,
    • kit and kaboodle,
    • silos,
    • hiding place,
    • drugstores,
    • trust company,
    • money in the bank,
    • Well-spring,
    • bureau,
    • specie,
    • co-op,
    • stockrooms,
    • showrooms,
    • Promptuary,
    • Carrots,
    • dimestore,
    • Valuing,
    • drugstore,
    • credence,
    • slew,
    • equipment,
    • drop joint,
    • emergency fund,
    • exchequer,
    • Pharmacopoeias,
    • resource,
    • positiveness,
    • supply,
    • build-up,
    • Provisioning,
    • retape,
    • cut-rate store,
    • tarn,
    • drop-off,
    • exchange,
    • depot,
    • build-ups,
    • collection,
    • outlet store,
    • armamentarium,
    • pharmacopoeia,
    • souk,
    • trillion,
    • inventory,
    • resourcefulness,
    • stopping place,
    • shop,
    • truthfulness,
    • mine,
    • discount store,
    • treasure trove,
    • thrift shop,
    • treasure-trove,
    • multiplicity,
    • emergency funds,
    • shebang,
    • fitting out,
    • halting-place,
    • depository,
    • itemization,
    • trust,
    • prearrangements,
    • million,
    • premium,
    • backlog,
    • schtick,
    • credulities,
    • PEARLS,
    • accumulation,
    • credulity,
    • scad,
    • intensifications,
    • shopping plaza,
    • Cornucopias,
    • plenteousness,
    • supermarket,
    • mountains,
    • Jillion,
    • money on hand,
    • provision,
    • hoard,
    • business,
    • mart,
    • chain store,
    • rainy day fund,
    • plum,
    • showroom,
    • magazine,
    • munitions dump,
    • stock book,
    • tarns,
    • certainty,
    • supplies,
    • provisions,
    • piece of action,
    • warehouse,
    • silo,
    • itemizations,
    • five-and-dime,
    • supermarkets,
    • pride and joy,
    • exchequers,
    • treasure,
    • trove,
    • troves,
    • distribution center,
    • co-ops,
    • arsenal,
    • regard,
    • great deal,
    • ready money,
    • general store,
    • stopping-place.
    pap (noun)place for keeping supply (noun)plenty (noun)premium (noun)provision (noun)
    • out lines,
    • pro-visions,
    • pre-arrangement,
    • supplyings,
    • pro visions,
    • out line,
    • equippings,
    • fitting outs,
    • out-lines,
    • pre-arrangements,
    • out-line,
    • caterings,
    • pro vision,
    • providings,
    • pro-vision,
    • pre-caution,
    • pre arrangements,
    • pre arrangement,
    • pre-cautions,
    • pre caution,
    • pre cautions.
    ration (noun)regard (noun)
    • prizings,
    • re spect,
    • re-spects,
    • cherishings,
    • re-gard,
    • valuings,
    • re-gards,
    • re-spect,
    • re spects,
    • re gards,
    • re gard.
    repertory (noun)reserve (noun)resource (noun)resourcefulness (noun)savings (noun)storage (noun)store (noun)
    • hayloft,
    • cellar,
    • granary,
    • safe,
    • crib,
    • lumberyard,
    • armory,
    • library,
    • commissary,
    • cupboard,
    • coffer,
    • larder,
    • Corncrib,
    • locker,
    • buttery,
    • closet.
    storehouse (noun)supplies (noun)treasure (noun)treasury (noun)trust (noun)warehouse (noun)wealth (noun)
  • v.

    accumulate (verb)
    • in creasing,
    • pro curing,
    • heaping together,
    • rolled up,
    • pro-fit,
    • pro-cures,
    • stores up,
    • loading up,
    • making a bundle,
    • stored up,
    • storing up,
    • makes bundle,
    • pro-cured,
    • rolling up,
    • make bundle,
    • in creases,
    • heaps together,
    • pro cured,
    • drew together,
    • scares up,
    • in-crease,
    • pro-cure,
    • made bundle,
    • pro cure,
    • in corporates,
    • makes killing,
    • making a killing,
    • made a bundle,
    • in-creased,
    • makes a bundle,
    • make killing,
    • pro cures,
    • in crease,
    • made a killing,
    • made killing,
    • heaped together,
    • pro-curing,
    • in-corporate,
    • making bundle,
    • cleaning up,
    • makes a killing,
    • in-corporates,
    • scared up,
    • in corporate,
    • rolls up,
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(Computers) To copy (a file) from a computer's main memory to a disk or other storage medium.


To void or annul a judicial decision, order, and so on, usually on a motion to set aside by the party that is affected detrimentally and based upon some irregularity in the original proceeding.


A periodical containing a collection of articles, stories, pictures, or other features.


The definition of amass is to gather or collect a large amount of something.


To smooth, grind down, or cut through as with a file


The definition of a building is a structure or the process of making a structure.


(Informal) To shop at (a specified store)


Third-person singular simple present indicative form of supply


(Computing) the central location of files in a source control system


Commercially made; purchased, as opposed to homemade:

godown (Oriental)

An establishment, especially for retail sales


(Marijuana smoking) For the herb in a bowl to be entirely burnt to ashes and therefore having become empty, gone, or useless for further smoking


All that a person can remember:


A warehouse or storehouse.

drygoods store

An establishment, especially for retail sales


One of a number of retail stores operating under the same brand name and selling similar merchandise.


The definition of a place where candy is made is an example of a confectionary.

business house

An establishment, especially for retail sales

étape (French)

An establishment, especially for retail sales

golah (Anglo-Indian)

An establishment, especially for retail sales


The definition of a reserve is something kept or stored if needed.


To force the purchase of (a stock or commodity) by exercising a put option.


To lay up or away for safekeeping; to put up; to store.


(Obsolete) To put (someone) in the stocks as a punishment.


(Idiomatic, intransitive) To keep a supply of something, in a place or container.

lay up

(Intransitive) To go out of active service.

put away

(Colloquial) To consume (food or drink), especially in large quantities.


To ignore or intentionally forget something, temporarily or permanently, so that more important things can have one's attention.


To lock up; to lock in a safe place



To place (a severely disabled person, a mentally ill person, an elderly person, etc.) in a large, impersonal institution


To store away, place out of the way, or stash, especially for the longer term


Stash is defined as to hide away.


To give or devote (time, labor, thought, or effort) to some enterprise or for some purpose


To take back or draw back; remove


To pile up, collect, or gather together, esp. over a period of time


(Intransitive) To be restrained from motion, or from customary or natural action, as by friction.


(UK, slang) To strike (someone) with a bottle.


(Modal auxiliary verb, defective, informal) May; to be permitted or enabled to.


To put in a fund; accumulate


The definition of garner is to collect, find or assemble something, especially information.


To collect from different places; assemble:


To amass, usually for one's personal collection.


To carry or support (the body or a bodily part) in a certain position:


House is defined as to provide someone or something with shelter or a place to live.


To use sparingly or economically; conserve:



To put or set in a pile; heap up


To furnish the means of support


An organism that is the host for a parasitic pathogen or that directly or indirectly transmits a pathogen to which it is immune.


To protect or ensure the privacy or secrecy of (a telephone line, for example).


To inspect merchandise in a physical store, then purchase the identical product from an online merchant; to use a physical store as a showroom for an online merchant.


(Obs.) To provide lodging for


To make available for use; provide:


Something owed, such as money, goods, or services:


And I'm sorry. With a wave of his hand, Mitya went out into the hallway and, putting on his shoes, pulled the handle, but the door. Was locked. Closing the door, he bent down as if taking off his shoes.

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