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i feel like this game is not for casual players at all

i will try to keep this as short as possible and without any emotions as possible

think of this as feedback

i use to play ufc2 a lot, UT, and i kinda enjoy myself but i wasnt really focused on reaching anything higher than div6 due to absurd amount of cheese

i "recently" bought ufc 3 and i just want to share my experience

first things first, i just fought guy with CAF named after Adolf Hitler who had like ms lag and this just represents one part of problem of this game and other ufc games and it s community and i dont really understand what s so great about CAFs which re either nazis, grand wizards of kkk, or some deformed ogres or whatever, that comes in hand with diabolic focus on win by any means,s o if there s 1 exploit, cheese, glitch etc. somebody can use against u they will and they will do it like x times over and over and over

ufc1 demo basically brought me into UFC and since then i watch news, watch fights, learn things and one of the things which can really touch my soul, is trying to recreate epic moments from real UFC, but that s obviously not the case for lot of people out there and whatever disgusting weird looking cheese they can pull to win they will do it

so i bought ufc3 and i tried UT and omg that s like if u re real sadomasochist that s thing right there for u:

with bronze, silver or even golden fighter it looks to me like this is some kind of turn based game and as a casual player in UT div 3 with record like i still dont understand what s going on

"Tutorial" videos doesnt explain anything at all, i dont understand why this is happening again, because same problem was in UFC2:

People dont understand what s going on and they wont spend hours doing experiements.

if u think that People in this statement is too harsh, replace it with casual players

from my observation i think UFC dev G.H. wants people to explore all of game mechanics and find hidden gems, but that s only fun for top players and players like me, we just hate being thrown into dark with no help whatsoever

that vulnerability system etc looks great but here s my experience:
in UT u will be fighting these days elite, epic fighters, people with + team level who just queue combos and i just end up helpless

that three "tutorial" videos doesnt help with anything, i read Altair s striking guide, that doesnt do anything for me either, only one thing that help me sometimes, is go back and throw straight that was in one of UFC dev videos

the new "push two buttons at same time" for uppercuts and complicated kicks, that s another struggle for me, i cant focus on that in the middle of the fight so i just simply dont use uppercuts, pushing, kicks etc.

i really didnt like how ppl in UFC2 UT especially in LWT div were all the time going forward and throwing insane hit stun combos over and over again

well new vulnerability, combo, combo queue system made it even worse, and this last fight i had with Adolf Hitler who was lagging, that was just last nail in the coffin, how would u feel, if somebody is going in lag forward for like 12mins, throwing jab, jab, hook, hook, and here and there body roundhouse and because of insane delay and vulnerability u cant even throw one counter punch.

i am talking about casual players here, i am not talking about top players in the world like martial mind etc. they can work with miniscule windows for everything, they can make money , they have youtube, tournaments etc. they can deal with stuff like this
i come tired from work iwant to relax and i dont want to spend hours researching and i dont really understand why things cannot be explained to players

please devs read xbox reviews on ufc 3, i went through them to see if i just sucks bad at game, or issues i experience re known to other ppls too

but i said i want to be short so here we go as fast as possible:

AI- i dont understand again, AI decides it will arm trap every strike from full mount, then AI will arm trap every strike, but AI is not good enough to not get knock out from side control with elbows, AI likes to reverse ur postured up guard a lot, AI likes to wide sidestep a lot, when AI decides it will check every leg kick because.. -this is very annoying when trying to do solo challenges like make this guy rocked 3 times and make him limp 3 times, i basically gave up doing any Decision in LiveEvents, because once u get into submission unless u have really high sub def, AI will decide that gates dont move and i am seriously not destroying 3rd controller on UFC3 (ufc1 standup click destroyed my 1st controller, high block on ufc2 my 2nd).

UT- placement is absurd, i won few fights because of basics of groundgame from ufc2, but placing me into Div3 is just absurd.
it s also absurd to be fighting 2 champions from div5 or higher, when i am trying to do daily for few leg kicks, and i can do literally nothing in that match

-penalty modifier???- i am div 3 with horrible record and sometimes i get coins penalty modifier??? game hates me that much?

-after Hitler fight i guess some problems are down to netcode, otherwise i cant explain i am draining somebody s stamina for 3 rounds, so i end up having like 80% stamina while opponent has like 20% and somehow his sub def gates are lighting fast and sub def very low, no GS, no perks, but on other hand i get taken down with % GS,having like 97GSTA in stats, but my gates wont move, and everything happens on xbox x, 4k TV with 19ms in game mode, 65d/5u comcast and after all test i did, this must be netcode

another thing i dont understand here opponent on ground with flashing stamina bar and still can do transitions like nothings happening, while u re at stand up with flashing stamina bar u will be dead by well placed punch, kick

i also dont understand why full mount is so weak now

-i dont understand how jab, jab and going forward can be breaking block, like i am not expert on mma, but i dont remember any fight from last 5years

-i dont understand how realism was included if some people can throw from to strikes per match

-i dont understand how judges are judging match if u have 12mins of control in 3 rounds fight and it means absolutely nothing for scorecards

- i dont understand if i am champion here n there of div3 why i have to face champions of higher divs i have absolutely no chance to do anything to them

-menus of UT, why is everything is so slow and why if i am equipping my fighter and i am opening for example clinch it cant give me straight clinch moves but i have to open window and then filter clinch cards, it s horrible and eats too much time, why builds cannot be saved, doing Solo challenges u will spend more time equipping ur fighters than actually fighting

-opponent throwing body shots at me and i m throwing hooks at his head, but they seems doing no damage, why it have to be uppercut only?

-why is double leg kick cheese back? ufc2 was something like inside leg kick with calf kick, and now i see some people throwing fast leg kicks after each other, what is that combo? why ?

-there seems to be magnetic pull when i throw leg kick or body kick, which literally pulls enemy and his punch in my face, i know this is suppose to be vulnerability but it really looks to me like there s some magnetic storm pulling guy there

-leg kick health event, when my leg stats are low and u meet some ppls in UT, they might focus on spamming combos and hitting ur legs again again what will result u will fall into ground, when u re ground they will kick ur legs again, u stand up, kick again u fall etc.i mean i dont know wouldnt be wise to maybe add little leg health to UT fighters or change leg KO, because this is just looking so weird

-clinch rock is absurd, i know for top players clinch is weak these days, but for us mortals, well u get caught into clinch and u get 1,2 body knees and u suddenly rock?

-i dont understand how somebody can deny takedown, while one of his leg is STILL in air, it s big mystery to me

-i dont understand why people who have higher stats and skill refusing to finish people quickly and rather they will be standing there not engaing, taunting and other, i dont understand why i cant just tap out to strikes or tap out and leave this match, i leave this match i will get DNF

-i dont understand why is accuracy in the game, why is head movement in game or even footwork/block in game, when i can be chased down at any time and it seems only real defense in ufc3 is offense and for me that s weird

i really try to enjoy this game, but i dont understand why it s so hard to get real information
it s just not fun to being chased down by junior dos santos, mcgregors constantly throwing some chains, or just going forward forever and throwing quick elbow, knee

u think u re making game way too complicated and with changes which can be enjoyed only by top players in world, which majority of people couldnt care less if there s big or minor slip

i tried one ranked match after that i was done with whole ranked, my ngannou got outboxed by cormier and i just had it, nothing about distance, when throw lunging punches, when not, how to put combos together etc. nothing is really explained

and i dont really understands at the end of day why u dont want to properly explain ur game to everyone. i cant even fight people in UT on my skill level because there s almost nobody these days.
and i want enjoy game, but i dont have time for finding needle in haystack.
i want to enjoy all of these new fighters etc. but how i can do that when i just dont understand what s going on.

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UFC 3 : The game that cant get right

Dear community and EA ,

I’m hanging up my gloves on this game once and for all . This is not a post bashing EA, this is a post to explain why I , and probably most people are giving up on this game , and to give EA as much info as I can ( without being too long winded ) .

First of all I’m the biggest MMA fan I know , and I LOVE ufc games . I’ve played every instalment that came out loyally since the undisputed series . My hype for UFC 3 was through the roof . When I played the beta , even though there were some obviously problems , I was blown away and became even more hyped for the release date. And after a 2 year wait since UFC 2 - it FINALLY CAME!

and boy was I dissapointed . The simulation and 1 hit knockout feel that was bragged about as the biggest selling point , to myself and many others , was nowhere to be found . Once again every fight became a slugfest of the highest proportions. The clinch and ground game were basically untouched ( no excuse for this but I won’t get into that ) . Career mode was basically thrown together , the promos of press conferences and the ability to have a unique career path were absolute lies . After a few fights the same videos and tweets are repeated over and over. The press conference clips were nothing, just clips . No input , no choices , nothing. The CAF selections were just awful. 2 years and there’s literally nothing new , a few more tattoos and a couple more hairstyles . There’s just no excuse for this . Ultimate team is a money grab , I stay away from that mode so I have no input here . I paid $ canadian for the champions edition of this game , anyone who pays for micro trans actions in this half completed thrown together attempt of a game has to be crazy .

After a week of playing and REALLLY hoping it would grow on me , it didn’t. The lack of changes from the previous instalment just became more and more apparent . So I stopped playing . I still checked these forums occasionally and after reading about a bunch of updates I got back on . It felt better , but still . After countless updates only a few months after the release , desperately trying to fix the game , there’s no way it can be saved at this point . They flop back and forth from simulation style to arcade style. There was a week where the standup game felt perfect , then another patch just put it back 5 steps again. Most of the animations are gorgoues and the footwork is on point . This could have been the most tactical MMA game of all time . Yet people have no worry’s about just rushing forward spamming strikes , because you can counter them 40 times in a single round and it’s like it hs no effect . ALSO - the knockout animations . Are they unique or not ? Who knows at this point . Sometimes they look good but most of the time it’s ridiculous , because they all fall down in the fetal position because that’s the only animation they made for the finish the fight aspect , so unless you get a walk away knockout where you can’t jump on your opponent , no matter how you hit them or how they fall , they land in the same weird fetal position . EA has some of the best programmers and animators available . No excuse .

Recently I tried career mode again , and I just wanted to quickly touch on why I stopped after 10 fights . Every single fight was the same . They yak about different styles and ways to beat the opponent but it’s all a facade . Every fight the AI moves backward in the first round everytime you move forward to throw a strike , just slightly out of range . Then in the second he spams head kicks , with a few leg and body kicks , he does this repeatedly and if a few land to the head you are done . He doesn’t get tired , your counters barely hurt him , and you have to hit him times to get a ko . SILLY.

I’m gonna stop right here. There are a million other little things that could have been changed , but these are the major ones that stand out to me. It just sucks that we have to wait another 2 years , to MAYBE get the game we want .

To all the people I’ve played against , GG’s

To EA , GG as well , but maybe it’s time for a change somewhere along the line . The numbers don’t lie and we all know they are dwindling .

Hanging up the gloves .


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Re: Denials are the reason grappling sucks on EA’s games

Bare with me a second here and I&#;ll explain why.

I know that there are plenty of issues with the grappling, such as the bland wrestling system and repetitive ground game, for starters. But in my opinion, all these issues are tied to the denial system (and grapple advantage, but denials and GA are tied together, as I&#;ll explain).

Let me start by explaining the problem with the grappling, in clear terms, for anyone who doesn&#;t know.

The grappling is extremely stagnant when both players know what they&#;re doing. On the ground or in the clinch, transitions are remarkably easy to deny. When your transition gets denied, your opponent gains grapple advantage, which can be terrible. As a result, you see players stagnating in positions, faking transitions and throwing rabbit punches, not wanting to give their opponent GA. It&#;s an extremely repetitive, dull waiting game but it&#;s necessary, because the only way to be offensive or active on the ground is by first gaining GA. You don&#;t want to be the first to transition, only to get denied and lose GA.

It&#;s the lamest grappling meta of all time, as it encourages stagnation, and punishes activity/action. It&#;s no wonder nobody grapples in competitive matches. Look at the ESFL, you&#;d think this is a kickboxing game. It&#;s not just the fact that takedowns and clinch entries are extremely easy to deny on reaction. It&#;s also the fact that the grappling is just so lame, people would rather stand.

Add in the rapid fast referee standup timer, and it just doesn&#;t work at all.

We need to completely overhaul how denials work. Because denials right now are too easy, AND too punishing. They completely and utterly shut down any hope of being active, all it does is encourage stagnation. If I get my transition denied, I should NOT have to resort to utter inactivity for 10 seconds. That KILLS any hope of having an active grappling game.

A denial system in an MMA game should serve one purpose: prevent a specific transition. THAT&#;S IT. If I know my opponent is attempting a specific transition, I can deny that by pressing the appropriate input. THATS IT. A denial should NOT do anything else. Denials don&#;t need to have some added &#;bonus&#;, where I&#;m awarded a temporary transition speed boost or stamina advantage. Not only is it (mostly) unrealistic, but it makes for a horrible meta - and that&#;s the most important thing.

I get the idea behind GA, and rewarding successful denials. Really, I do. But we&#;ve seen now that it just doesn&#;t work. It destroys any hope of an active grappling system.

Now, reversals, or counter transitions those can all have some awards attached to them (such as gaining a dominant position or standing up). But those should be SEPARATE inputs there&#;s no way inputting a denial should reward you with a reversal. A denial should stop a specific transition, and that&#;s it.

This is almost word-for-word what I've been thinking in my head for a few months now. I mentioned it a few times outside of OS a while back as well, usually when I get upset at people just sitting on top, building GA with rabbit punches.

I will delibrately transition "too early" or when I don't have max GA a lot of the time (the exception being if I'm fighting an ******* or mega cheeser and just want to get them out of there with a sub from side control/mount) as while the critical issues still remain, it is at least a little less stagnant when you transition quicker.

The ironic thing is that EA advertised it as being a wave goodbye to turn based systems of the past, but it ended being almost just as turn based at a "high level". I put it in quotes because yes, they're good players but the problem is, high level play isn't realistic. The grappling shouldn't be about who's best at filling a meter or reacting quickest, there's no real skill in it once you learn the animations + it's so hilariously stat based. It's rubbish and it must be changed for UFC 4.

UD3 has the best grappling system bar none, the funny thing is, I actually would quite like UFC 1's ground game if the denial windows were much shorter/had a UD3 style grapple block. The controls were alright and a simplified version of UD3.

Side note, I hate the obsession the devs have of balancing everything around "the meta". Like, for goodness sake, you're ruining a realistic MMA experience by catering to competitive players - MMA is inherently unbalanced by nature! Or, if you still want to do that, do the easy and smart thing and set ranked to a mode in which it is balanced for comp play, and have everything else be simulation (or give an option for it).

Once you notice how every single thing in the game is designed around making competitive sense, you realise that it's just a clunky fighting game with an MMA facade. And it's not even that good compared to the big fighting games.

I'm not saying everything should be super out of whack balance wise, and I know UD3 must've had some discussion about certain moves "beating out" others for the simple fact of it being playable but it wasn't as prevelent as UFC 3, not by far. UD3 felt like you could attack any part of the body, whenever you want, no matter what. UFC 3 feels like you're striking with a resisitive rope attached to your body that's tied to the wall, and it decides to pull you back at times despite already being hard to punch through.

Unfortunately I fear the developers much prefer how realistic it looks compared to how good it plays control wise. Seems to have been the mantra for all three games so far, and I can't see it changing in 4 unless they have a major shift in design philosophy.

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There are several major issues I have found whilst playing online quick fights in this game that I find make it severely broken and have been causing me to rage pretty hard I can't lie, I'd like to vent on here and see if anyone else feels the same about these things or if I just suck.

The body kick catch-counter: This is something that happens to me CONSTANTLY in this game online, and it's made me avoid throwing body kicks all together. Even if I'm mixing up combos nicely and I am unpredictable, I still feel like it's far too easy to do this and the punishment is WAY too severe for it, literally around 80% of the time it happens it's an immediate rock, and believe me when I say I have been dominating until I get caught with one of these f***ers and followed up with a head kick whilst I'm blocking and boom, fight is over.

Thai clinch - I understand you can block the strikes, but again like the catch kick counter, it's far too easy to do and the damage it causes is too severe when they do catch you, the knees in the clinch drain stamina like a leech on STEROIDS, and again the head strikes a lot of the time are an immediate rock.

Stamina being drained doesn't have a severe enough impact - Believe me when I say that I've been rocked by guys winging an overhand when their stamina is EMPTY, which is hardly realistic. Why would I put in all the effort of working a guys body the whole fight if all really is slow them down, and they still have the exact same power as they did before? How would Stipe-Ngannou have went if that were the case?

Being stunned happens too spontaneously - I adore MMA, a lot of that is to do with how f***ing mental it is, but no way is it fair in a game that I'm outlanding a guy with 47/59 sig.strikes in a round with 0 stuns, vs him with 7/42 sig.strikes and stunning me 4 times in a round (yes, this has happened)

Grappling - Everyone knows this sucks hard, I shouldn't be frustrated everytime someone takes me down because I can't be arsed dealing with the ground game in an MMA GAME. It's truly insufferable and can get INCREDIBLY boring.

Oh also, head movement isn't worth doing because unless you play as Dom and bobble head like a madman you're probably getting clipped 99% of the time due to how unresponsive the controls are.

Apologies for the essay, I just really needed to vent bad.
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3 sucks ufc

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