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Simple Pencil Drawings for Kids – Easy Ideas with Pictures

Everyone wants to learn how to draw! Grab our simple pencil drawing for kids, beginners and everyone else! 

Nothing is tough when you start practising it!!


Kindle the artist inside you by practising these drawings ♥️


Make your boring quarantine interesting and develop your interest in art !!

Easy & Simple Pencil Drawings for Kids

1. Dance Like A Peacock

Dance Like A Peacock - Easy Pencil Drawings for Kids

A small peacock was sad about her life.

Then there came her mother and interrogated her about her sadness.

She said, “I’m worthless. I’m just known for my beauty. Why should I live??”

Her mother said with pride, “My dear, You resemble self-confidence, beauty, freedom, integrity and most importantly you are the National bird of our country. Isn’t that more than enough??”

Know your worth and feel proud of yourself!!

Nothing could ever resist being you♥️

Draw this beautiful peacock and remember the value of yourself.

2. Cute Kitty drawing for kids

Cute Kitty drawing for kids - Easy Pencil Drawings for Kids

Do you have a friend who just loves pet animals??… They would even spend their whole life only with them. Nothing else is needed for them. They take care of pets like babies and consider them as a FAMILY!!. Sometimes we feel like saying “STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN!!”. They have the power to break the relationship with you just for their animals. For those persons who have such type of friend, don’t worry, we are here with you to make you draw animals easily and make your loved ones happy!!

Follow the video tutorial and have a happy drawing!!

3. Love Is In The Air Like Birds

Love Is In The Air Like Birds - Easy Pencil Drawings for Kids

Happiness is waking up with the sound of birds chirping everywhere, With sunrise and a hot cup of coffee. These little things make your day wonderful and peace remains in your life. But today, we wake up and see traffic roads, vehicle sounds and a polluted environment.

Don’t even allow yourself to get your inner peace destroyed by anything. These cute birds make you feel happier and peaceful. The most important point is, They are absolutely easy to draw!!!

4. The Bow Bow Sound

The Bow Bow Sound - Simple drawing

Having a dog in your house is fabulous. And what if it is a puppy!! Oh my goodness, It’s out of the world!!

Cute little puppies make the environment exciting and make yourself busy going back to it. Puppies are to be taken care of like babies. The gesture they show when we are out of town for days makes us feel so important. Even if you don’t have friends, it is wise to have puppies as friends. Make your sweet little puppies happier by drawing them. Don’t forget to add an initial in the tag!!

5. Fluffy Stuff drawing for kids

Fluffy Stuff drawing for kids - easy and simple

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool??? Have you seen anyone without knowing this rhyme??? Sheep are so fluffy and resemble the person with chubby cheeks. Sheep are quiet, humble and beloved by mankind. They are more useful than other animals.

Draw these cute fluffy sheep and gift your chubby friends!!!

6. Pikachu drawing for kids

Pikachu drawing for kids

We all wanted a friend like Pikachu. A friend who never leaves us in any situation no matter how hard it is and adjust all the tortures. Their innocent eyes never allow people to punish them.

Draw this and gift it to your Pikachu type friends and don’t make miss you during quarantine!!

7. Piggy Man drawing for kids

Piggy Man drawing for kids

Children love this kind of drawing.

Draw a piggy face and make it like human beings. It is fun to see a pig-like human. Add hands and legs to make them perfect. Make your child’s drawing a worthful one and be proud. The piggy man is ready to make your house beautiful!!

8. Being The Salsa Type – Girl Drawing

Being The Salsa Type

Generally, girls who dance salsa are seen as a princess. They have grace in their dancing, positions remain peaceful and I think dancing salsa is the toughest ever!!


Make your salsa type girls proud of their work and gift them this. Add colours to the picture to make it wonderful. I’m pretty sure they will be excited to receive this gift. Be the first one to gift them before anyone does. Hurry up!!!

9. Cock-a-doodle-doo


Cocks are so active, isn’t it???

Have you been to villages where the cock sound is the sign of sunrise? They pave way for sunrise and makes life beautiful to them. Have the habit of waking up and admiring the sunrise. If you haven’t seen a sunrise, then you are missing something wonderful in your life.

Wake up early, say COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO and enjoy the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee.

Life made lovely♥️

10. Chirping Sound

Chirping Sound

Enjoy the rhythm of a bird when it sings. Be like birds who fly in the air with full freedom and have a happy life.

Draw this sweet bird and make yourself fly in the air.

Enjoy life ♥️

11. Tutor Turtle

Tutor Turtle

Turtles are known for their patience, determination towards the goal. It is not wrong to be a turtle with patience but make sure that you win at last!!!

Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.

The turtle picture makes you remember that nothing is impossible in this world and the right person deserves the right place always.

12. Hungry Kitten

Hungry Kitten

All of our parents use this sentence at least once in their lifetime “DON’T ROAM AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE A CAT”. Cats roam around with the intention of getting something to eat. The cat which stands before us with a pretty face makes our heart drop for it.

People see me as cute, but I’m so much more than that!!

Draw a cute kitten and have fun.

When you are determined on your goal, nothing can stop you. Follow these steps and make a lovely drawing.

Hope you liked these easy and simple pencil drawings for kids. Enjoy your quarantine days and learn to draw with these drawing pictures.

You can learn painting as well. Check our article on Stained Glass Art Projects for Kids.

Stay tuned and make yourself updated!!

Happy drawing ♥️

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Easy Pencil Drawings

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I love finding easy pencil drawings that I can copy - and then I marvel at how clever I am, because I drew them!

I draw what I know I'm capable of producing and when I move on to more complex subjects, it amazes me that I can achieve a remote likeness! This obviously comes about because I continuously draw (which is the same as pratice) and it all works towards encouraging me to push boundaries.

A lot of my drawings don't work out but I remind myself that the next one will be an improvement on the last because that is the way it works. In the meantime, I keep copying simple drawings and loving every minute of it.

Lotus Flower Drawing

To begin, look for the type of easy pencil drawings like this lotus flower here - that is, ones with lots of white space inside and around them.

Drawing Materials

I think that the greatest benefit of this pastime is the basic tools that are needed to start.

Funny Cartoon Mouse

All you need is a 2B pencil, an eraser and paper.

I use photocopy paper a lot because I find it easy to erase on that surface.

I also have a cheap sketch pad that I carry around with me.

I don't worry so much about the quality of the paper, these easy pencil drawings are for my practice purposes only. An extra benefit is that I don't worry about ruining the book and wasting money.

My favorite is a mechanical pencil with a 2B lead. It saves me time because I don't have to sharpen it and lose concentration.

They work by clicking the end of the pencil which pushes the graphite lead through the tip. The graphite leads come in different sizes, it doesn't really matter which one you use at the start - I use .5mm.

I consistently use 2 erasers. One is a good brand and the other is a kneadable eraser - neither of these is expensive.

Simple Flower Drawing

I use the ordinary eraser to rub out large amounts of the drawing and I use the kneadable one to get at the finer parts without disturbing too much of the drawing.

The kneadable eraser is very soft and pliable. You can shape it into a fine point to get at finnicky bits. It doesn't leave a residue like the ordinary eraser, so it's cleaner to work with.

Later on, you will use an eraser to create features in your artwork - it's a very handy little tool!

I wrote more about drawing supplies and the different tools you can use.

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Beginners Guide: Realistic Pencil Drawing

Updated: 25 Jun 2021

Pen vs pencil drawing

Pencil drawing is monochromatic, meaning that it has a single hue (gray), but with different brightness values (from very light gray to very dark gray).

Brightness values with pencil, from light to dark

To get realistic results when drawing with pencils, start by drawing the form accurately. Then, brightness values are the key. Meaning, how dark or light each area is. In addition, edges and transitions are super important.

While there are many factors when it comes to drawing realism, here I will focus on the most important ones.

The 4 key factors for realistic pencil drawing are:

  1. Precision Drawing
  2. Brightness Values
  3. Edges
  4. Transitions


At the end of this tutorial, you will find some practical drawing tips.

Precision Drawing

Each object or figure has distinct characteristics and a unique form. Therefore, in order to produce a realistic result, the craft of drawing must be precise.

In order to draw in an accurate way, we need to understand what we are looking at, and to remember that we draw what we see and NOT what we know.


When drawing in perspective (a set of guidelines for drawing in a realistic way), objects are subject to foreshortening.

In the following example, we know that the top part of a candle is round (circle), but when we draw what we see (when drawing a side view), the top part of the candle is actually elliptical:

Learning to look for foreshortening

Opposite phenomenon occurs when looking from above. The candle's long cylindrical body becomes shorter due to foreshortening:

Foreshortening views for a candle


In perspective, objects that are in front of the observer will look smaller as they are farther away.

Because they are in front of the observer, they will keep the ratio between width and height, meaning there will be no distortion, the object will look the same only smaller.

On the other hand, objects or surfaces along the line of sight will be distorted (meaning, foreshortened).

The reason is the observer angle of sight. The more a surface is in the direction of our sight, the shorter it will be.

To get a deeper understanding on foreshortening, read my guide on how to draw objects from imagination.

How to draw accurately:

Drawing is done in a two-dimensional way, on a flat paper. We disregard the third dimension, which is depth, and look at objects in a 2D way: width, height and angles.

Use your pencil to see the angle of any line you choose to draw.

Checking the angle of the line

Do the the same for complex drawings, like portraits.

In the next example, I paid attention the the angle of the eyes.

Measuring the eyes angle when drawing a portrait

There are many techniques to draw accurately.

In my guide on how to draw accurately from observation, you can learn the techniques I teach my students, which help them produce super accurate drawings.


When two people look at an object from a different angle, they will draw it differently. The same happens with our eyes. Each eye looks at an object from a different angle. To draw accurately, close one eye when you are using a pencil to measure its dimensions and angles.

Drawing accurately by closing one eye

Look at some coloring pages on your screen and try to reproduce them.

Drawing the form (structure) accurately, is the most important part of realistic drawing.

Drawing coloring pages from observation


Learning to draw accurately from observation is crucial for drawing realism.

It will give you the freedom to draw any subject or style.

Initial sketch of a mink

After you master drawing anything in proportion, you can deal with the other factors of drawing realism.

Drawing the head of the mink

Understanding brightness values is essential, and I will cover it next.

Realistic pencil drawing of a minkRealistic pencil drawing of a mink

Brightness Values

What are brightness values?

Brightness values or values are how light or dark any area of the drawing is.

Brightness values ​​play a crucial role in creating the illusion of depth and three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface.

What is pencil drawing?

Pencil drawing, at its most basic form is putting graphite particles on paper.

To do that, we use pencils.

Pencils come in different hardness levels. Hard pencils will only put a little amount of graphite particles on a paper, resulting in a lighter/brighter value (H levels for hardness).

Pencils with H levels for light values

On the other hand, soft pencils will put a big amount of graphite on a paper, which result in a darker value (B levels for blackness).

pencils with b levels for dark values

How to use a pencil?

For any type of pencil, the amount of pressure applied while drawing determines the brightness value. More pressure will create a darker value and less pressure will create a lighter value.

It is recommended to use a number of drawing pencils with different darkness levels for different brightness values.

Sharp pencils are suitable for small details. For smooth transitions, sometimes, it is useful to use non-sharp pencils.

For a list of materials that I use for drawing, visit my essential pencil-drawing supply review.

How to practice?

Know your tools! Practice on creating gradual transitions in brightness values for each pencil grade you use.

That will help you determine how much pressure to use for each different brightness value and how dark or light you can go with each pencil grade:

Practice on transitions with different pencil grades

Brightness values can be altered using a kneaded eraser.

By gently tapping on a drawing surface, the kneaded eraser will collect graphite particles and therefore result in a lighter value.

Practice on transitions with kneaded eraser

How to determine brightness values?

Observation is the key to identifying the brightness values ​​of any object or image.

Each part of the drawing should be examined to see if it is darker or lighter than the object you are trying to draw and then corrected accordingly.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the range and variety between the darkest areas and the brightest:

  • If the range or difference between dark and light areas is small, the drawing may appear flat.
  • When the range between dark and bright areas is large, the drawing will be noticeable and will have volume and depth.

In other words, there should be enough contrast between dark and bright parts of the drawing in order for it to look rich and intense.


Sometimes when looking at a complex object, especially with colors (or texture), it is hard to see how dark or light each area is.

To solve this problem, squint while observing, in order to lose focus.

When both eyes are partly closed you can focus on brightness values and disregard other distractions.


Try drawing your hand. Start by marking the drawing paper, so you can always put your hand back at the same place.

How to mark the hand on the paper

Unless you are using a table lamp, difference in brightness values will be subtle and therefore, it is a great practice to master values.

Realistic hand pencil drawing

Arguably, the hardest form of drawing is portraiture.

It is critical to be accurate both in drawing the form AND in brightness values.

Female portrait pencil drawing, AlinPortrait pencil drawing, Alin


As opposed to comics drawing that is characterized by contour lines, which surround the figure, in realistic drawing with a pencil (or in any other way), there are no lines at all.

The edge of an object is where its shape or surface ends. It can end in a sharp way or in a soft way, but it is not a line!

Some objects, like fur or cloth, will have soft edges while other objects, like rocks or furniture will have hard edges.

Edges vs outlines in pencil drawingEdges vs outlines

To draw a soft edge is to create a gradual transition (gradient) in brightness values, from dark to light.

Depending on climate conditions and distance, far away objects might have soft edges.


Use lines only as guidelines to draw an accurate form. Draw them lightly, so they are easy to erase if needed.

How to draw soft edges:

There are many ways to draw soft edges (gradient from dark to light), depending on the effect you would like to achieve.

Hereby, three recommended ways:

How to draw soft edges with graphiteMethods to draw soft edges

If you are not around your drawing equipment, you can always use a dry paper (like paper towel) or cloth to smooth edges.

How to use paper or cloth to smooth edgesSoft edges with toilet paper


It is not recommended smudging a pencil drawing using one's finger. It can transfer body oils or sweat to the paper sheet.

Using soft edges for far away objects, will create a sense of depth.

Pencil drawing example:

Pencil drawing on 2 pigeonsSoft edges for far object to add depth

Shadows and reflections:

In many cases, shadows and reflections will have soft (or less defined) edges.

Realistic pencil drawing for the Valachi hearingsLess defined edges for reflections


When drawing with a pencil, it is important to pay attention to brightness values (how dark or light each area is) and edges (how each area or surface ends, either with a soft edge or a hard edge).

In addition, pay attention to transitions.

On a certain surface, areas, which are closer to a light source, will be lighter and areas farther away from the light source will be darker, meaning the surface will have a gradual transition in values.

Therefore, it is important to see the brightness values of a particular surface compared to other surfaces, but also the transitions of values ​​within the surface itself.

Pencil drawing example:

A portrait pencil drawing, SharonPortrait pencil drawing, Sharon

In the next example, I used transitions in brightness values to draw the folds in the neck area.

Realistic rhinoceros graphite drawingRhinoceros pencil drawing


Every part of each drawing will have transitions. An area with no transitions will look flat and unnatural.

Drawing Tips

Where to start drawing?

If you are right-handed, start drawing from the upper left part of a paper sheet and gradually move to the lower right.

For left-handed artists, it is recommended to start at the upper right part of the paper.

In this way, the palm can rest on the blank surface of the drawing-paper and not smear what has already been drawn.

Pencil drawing from left to rightDrawing from left to right

Where to put the light source?

If you are right-handed, place the lighting on the left side, so that the palm will not block the source of light, and you can see little details while drawing.

If you are left-handed, place the lighting on the right side.

Pencil drawing of a wildebeestWildebeest pencil drawing

How to hold a pencil?

By using the thumb, you can move the pencil body upwards and use it as a measuring device.

When releasing the thumb, the pencil will be back in place for drawing:

How to use a pencil for measuring and drawing

How to avoid smearing?

In order to avoid smearing the drawing or transfer body oils or sweat to a drawing paper, it is advisable to place a blank sheet of paper under the drawing hand, so that the palm is not placed on the drawing-paper.

How to draw without smearing

Another option is to use a transparent paper sheet under the drawing hand, that way smearing is avoided and the drawing can be seen.

How to use your drawing equipment?

It is best not to press hard when drawing in order not to damage the paper sheet you are drawing on.

Draw as if you are using a paintbrush, softly and gently. You will get smooth results, and you do not need to use smoothing tools.

Use thick paper for your artworks, it is more durable. Thin paper sheets are great for practice.

I prefer paper with at least 150 g/m thickness, ideally 180 g/m or more:

How to know the width of a paper sheet

Do not lean hard on paper (with any hand) when drawing, to avoid dents.

How to use a grid?

The center of a reference image is the point where the two diagonals meet.

After finding the midpoint, draw a horizontal line and a vertical line in order to divide the image into four rectangles.

If an image is large and complex, you can divide each rectangle repeatedly to have more grid lines.

How to find midpoint and create a grid on image

Next step is creating a grid for your drawing paper, which is the same process of finding the midpoint and creating vertical and horizontal lines.

Remember that the ratio between the width and height of your drawing paper should be exactly like the reference image. You can always crop the reference image to fit the ratio of the drawing paper.

Now it is possible to draw inside each rectangle separately. Consequently, the drawing process becomes easier and more precise.

Drawing inside a grid, one rectangle at a time

When drawing grid lines, do it gently, so they are easy to erase later!

While I rarely use grid lines when drawing, for commission drawings, especially with limited time, I use grid lines for efficiency and speed.

Commission drawing process:

I start by drawing the form accurately.

Then I pay attention to the other 3 factors (brightness values, edges & transitions).

I am right-handed, so I draw from left to right and from top to bottom:

Man portrait pencil drawing steps

For more tips, check out my fine art painters gallery for exclusive painting tips by professional painters.

Which paper size to use?

Realistic drawing is time-consuming.

A drawing of an animal or a portrait, on an A4 paper sheet, can last 15-40 hours.

Therefore, I do not recommend drawing on a large paper sheet.

Depending on the project, I use these paper sizes: A5 (small), A4 (medium) and A3 (large).

How to draw straight borders?

When using just part of a paper for drawing, it is useful to border it with masking tape.

John Rambo initial pencil drawing

When the drawing is ready, remove the masking tape, and you will have a straight border.

John James Rambo realistic pencil drawing

Pen Drawing

While there are no lines in nature or in realistic pencil drawing, pen drawing is characterized by drawing lines.

A pen drawing of a treeDrawing using lines

It is recommended to use a technical pen (fineliner) for drawing.

For recommended pen brands to use, visit my review on drawing pens for artists.

A pen has a fixed brightness value!

The way to create the illusion of different brightness values ​​when drawing with a pen is to create more lines in the same area for a darker value and fewer lines for a lighter value.

Tree drawing with a penBrightness values using lines

If you like drawing with pens, you might like my tutorials on how to draw trees and how to draw flowers.


Since all materials are made of molecules, they will never be one hundred percent smooth.

Light travels as a wave, therefore shadows will not be completely sharp.

For these reasons, there are no lines in nature!

When drawing with pencils, it is all about transitions in brightness values and different types of edges.

That said, in art, it is possible to create realistic looking drawings, using only lines, by creating the illusion of transitions, brightness values and edges.

For an in-depth article about drawing and painting realism, visit The 8 Key Factors for Painting Realism.

To understand and add depth when drawing, visit my guide for creating the illusion of depth in art, it includes 15 proven ways to draw depth, with many examples!

While it is convenient to draw from images, I recommend practicing drawing from direct observation. Read my still life composition-drawing tutorial to see how to plan your composition.


Even if you think that drawing and sketching is not something you can do, we are here to tell you that you’re quite likely wrong. All you need is a bit of practice and guidance.

Basic drawing for beginners

Drawing is something that can become an emotional outlet for you and something you can get good at only through practice, so let’s learn how to draw a bunch of cool new stuff. 

Ultimately, any creative activity, whether it’s drawing, painting, crafting, writing, and so on, requires practice. Without practice, you don’t get to learn from mistakes, you do not get to improve. So, even if you think that you’re no good at drawing, we’re here to encourage you to get your hands on that pencil and to try. At least try. 

How to Sketch: Drawing for Beginners

. While these may look easy to make and they are just beginner lessons, please note that mastering these shapes and shades will help you advance your skills and put you on the right path to draw like a pro.

Things to Draw

1. Learn to draw curly hair

Drawing curly hair

Creative Bloq teaches you how to draw curly, textured hair starting from just a squiggly line measured out between two tapered parallel ones. They clearly map out how to add dimension and depth to each curl by adding another slightly staggered wiggly line and building the strand from there.

2. Drawing for beginners lesson: sky and clouds

Draw sky and clouds

Art in Construction guides you through the beginner process of filling your paper with a smoky, smudged effect in order to create a sketched out sky that has depth just like the real thing, rather than just leaving the top section of the drawing blank, matte, and flat. Smudging with a cloth helps to give you more control of how evenly you rub that portion of the drawing.

3. Learn to sketch animal fur

Sketch animal fur

Tuts Plus points out that drawing shaggy animal fur isn’t always the same as trying to draw human hair. Animals with fur coats have hair that sits in thick, often uneven layers, while human hair flows and moves more easily. Believe it or not, these things can actually be reflected in how you draw each strand!

4. Draw & sketch fruit

Sketch fruit

Scribble suggests using fruit as a practice for still life drawing, allowing you to perfect your shapes, strokes, shadows, and highlights while the object of your study sits still and accessible to you. If you really want to practice, try drawing the same fruit from different angles!

5. Sketch an eye exercises 

Snake eyeSnake eye

DragoArt shows you that the trick with sketching eyes is shading properly so they appear to have some life to them. If you simply draw a flat, un-angled sketch of an eye shape without paying attention to reflections and depth, the person you’ve created will look as though they have no depth or emotion.

6. Sketch a mouth

Sketch a mouth

Learning to sketch features step by step lessons are the best way to eventually piece together an entire face! First, try learning to sketch a mouth and a set of lips by following the steps on Arty Factory. Once you mastered those, you’ll be able to start playing with lip and mouth shapes to create people who look very different and have different characteristics or physical traits.

7. Draw straight hair lesson

Draw straight hair

Gavin O’Donnell reminds you that even the straightest of hair sits at angles and moves in different directions, rather than just laying straight and flat against a person’s head and face as you might see in a quick sketch of a stick figure. Drawing for beginners learning strands in which the individual hairs are discernible is the main task.

8. Learn how to sketch a tabby cat

Sketch a tabby cat

How 2 Draw Animals shows you how to draw a simple tabby cat that makes a great (and totally adorable) beginner sketch for putting what you learned above about animal fur to good use. You’ll also get practice shaping a facial structure that isn’t just the average human face.

9. Sketch a spaniel dog

Sketch a spaniel dog

Christopher Hart teaches you how to sketch a dog in a cartoon style, rather than a life mimicked method. We think this is awesome! You can adjust what you learned drawing this dog later on when you decide to learn about sketching dogs that look more immediately realistic too.

10. Sketch trees step by step

Sketch trees step by stepOkay, so we know you’ve probably been drawing trees in some capacity since you were old enough to pick up a pencil, but now it’s time to make them look like the real thing! DragoArt guides you through the process of shading and angling that will help you create a wilderness scene as nice as this one.

11. Learn how to sketch a glass of water

Sketch a glass of water

If you’re really looking for a challenge when it comes to realistic drawing and reflections, then check out how Circle Line Art School suggests drawing a glass of water. It takes some practice, as it’s a little more complicated than the 2D version you might have drawn in primary school where the surface of the water was just a straight line, but you’ll feel as though your skill has greatly improved by the time you’re finished.

12. Learn How to Draw Cat in the Hat

Cat in the hat

Dr. Seuss has been a favorite for children for decades now, so Cat in the Hat is one of the beloved characters. With this really cute tutorial, you’ll learn how to make one of the most adorable Cat in the hat drawings we’ve ever seen. There are less than 20 steps to make this drawing, and you’ll want to jump right in, like we have. 

13. How to Draw a Robot


If you want to learn how to draw a cartoonish robot, then this is your solution. It’s all about geometric shapes and creating a really cute character. Then, of course, you need to properly color it in, but we’re sure you’ll manage just fine after following this tutorial from How to Draw Funny Cartoons. 

14. Draw a Magnolia


Magnolia flowers are absolutely stunning. Not only do they smell divine, but they also look absolutely gorgeous! The folks at Easy Drawing Guides are going to help you through the whole piece, starting with the stem, building up through the leaves, and then, finally the petals of these extraordinary flowers. 

15. Draw a Spaceship


We don’t know about you, but we are fascinated by spaceships. Whether it’s your kid that’s asking for an awesome spaceship, or you’re just passionate about space yourself, we need to know how to make one. So, YeDraw is helping us out with a nifty tutorial that’s super easy to follow! 

16. Draw a dragon


Ok, this one is certainly more child-like, but when you’re just starting out to draw, you’ll want to tackle easy projects. So, this really cute dragon can be a good start for that and we have a guide on how to make one from Art Projects for Kids. 

17. Cartoon Penguin

Cartoon penguin

Making a cartoon penguin can be a really cute project, especially if your kids are asking for one! Plus, you can learn together by following the tutorial from How 2 Draw Animals. Their little penguin is neatly tucked under a warm scarf, which is just adorable. 

18. Draw Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous and we cannot wait to see them again. However, you need to keep in mind that they’re not the easiest to create. Thankfully, the folks at Easy Drawing Guides can help every step of the way, so if you’ll follow the guide you’ll manage to create a really cute drawing. 

19. Butterflies


Butterflies are stunning creatures and drawing them is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re going for a realistic feel. So, this cool tutorial from Monika Zagrobelna is going to help you understand the anatomy of the butterfly and their wing patterns, so you can create a beautiful drawing. We love how detailed this tutorial is and how it explains everything, so you should definitely check it out. 

20. The Human Body

Human body

How about we dive into something a little it more serious like drawing the human body? The human body is extremely complex, but the features are roughly the same. The first thing you need to have a handle on when drawing a body is the proportions. So, dive into this tutorial from Improve Your Drawings and learn everything there is to know.

21. Leaves

Leaf doodles

The next project we propose is for you to learn how to make leaves! Yes! Leaf doodles are super cute and they can be super useful later on, when you’re drawing bigger pieces. Not only do you get to practice, you also get to figure out which shapes you like better. This cute tutorial from Smiling Colors will help you out and you’ll get a few good ideas from it, we’re sure. 

22. Hole Optical Illusion

Hole optical illusion

Ok, this one may be a bit more advanced than what we’ve seen so far, but it’s fairly easy to do once you understand how it all works. It’s a game of proportions and shapes, so get all the details from My Drawing Tutorials. We’re sure you’ll love the result as much as we do. 

23. Angel Wings 

Angel wing

Wings are always super cool and we particularly love doodling them. But, if you really want to learn how to make some nice angel wings you can follow the tutorial from Easy Drawing Guides, as they take you every step of the way, teaching you how to get the shape right, how to add in the feathers, and more. Later on, you’ll just have to adapt it for your own projects. 

24. Easy Roses


Roses have a lot of petals, which makes them a bit more difficult to draw. But if you’re not looking for a super realistic drawing, MyLifeinaBullet shared an easy guide on how to make some. It’s easy to follow and you’ll learn yet another cool drawing. 

25. Sunflowers


If you want to draw a cool sunflower, then Felt Magnet has the details for you. They tell you when to go soft, when to press your pencil in harder, how to sketch it all before bringing in the color. It’s a cute project if you want to go for it, and you can even follow it to create a field of sunflowers. 

26. Naruto


Do we have any Naruto fans around here? If you want to learn how to draw Naruto, you can follow this tutorial from Easy Drawing Guides and you’ll know just how to build it all up. Ultimately, it will help you draw other characters too, so it’s going to be useful even if you’re not a big fan of this particular character. 

27. Snowflake


If you want to draw a snowflake, well, we have a tutorial for you from Monica Zagrobelna. It’s a pretty easy tutorial to follow and it’s perfect for beginners. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll certainly start expanding this to create your own snowflake shapes. After all, no two snowflakes are the same, right?

28. Girl


Drawing people may seem like a difficult thing to do, but we have a really cute and easy-to-follow tutorial from Mukta on YouTube. The tutorial takes you step by step through the whole process and we’re sure you’ll find it just as lovely as we did. It’s such a cute drawing to make and you can definitely try to expand and experiment once you have the basics down. 

29. Dinosaur

T rex

Let’s face it… knowing how to draw a dinosaur can be super useful when you want to amaze someone with your doodles. Even better if you have kids that are passionate about dinosaurs! So, this really cute tutorial from Design Tutsplus can help you create your own dinosaur – a T-Rex. Whether you believe they had scales or feathers, the tutorial has you covered. 

30. Bear


How about you learn how to draw a bear? These creatures are absolutely fantastic and we’d love it if we learned how to create one from scratch. So, the folks at Creative Bloq are here to help us out with a very detailed guide on how to make our own pretty bear. 

31. How to Draw Teeth


If you want to learn how to draw teeth, you can check out this tutorial at RapidFireArt which will tell you all there is to know, from the actual sketch to how to properly shade them in and how to blend the crayon. It’s a detailed tutorial, and even if it’s a more advanced drawing, we’re sure you’ll manage with practice. 

32. Draw Hair Underwater

Underwater hair

If you want to draw someone underwater, even a siren, for instance, you’ll need to know how to draw hair underwater. So, we found this exact tutorial on Jey Ram’s blog and it’s stunning! It’s also not that difficult to draw if you know how to do it. So, jump right in!

33. Mandala


Mandalas may seem super complicated, but with a bit of patience you can create your own. Mandalas are not only fun to create, but also fun to color in. So, we found this cute tutorial on Art Is Fun (which it is!) and if you’ll follow it, you’ll know more about the basics of drawing mandalas. 

34. Beach


Drawing the beach isn’t necessarily the hardest thing to do, but the sea waves really need some practice. Over on YouTube, we found this great tutorial by Mukta which helps us understand exactly what has to be done and how to achieve all this. 

35. Anime Hair

Anime hair

If you’re into anime, then learning how to draw anime hair makes perfect sense. Of course, anime drawing is a specific genre, if you want, so it comes with its own rules. Thankfully, here’s a tutorial on how to draw multiple hairstyles so you’ll have a wide range in your arsenal. 

36. Draw Male and Female Faces


When it comes to drawing, you’ll need to have knowledge of both male and female anatomy. So, this time around, we’re focusing on drawing faces for men and women. This instructive tutorial from Improve Your Drawings will help you out with the details, understanding the differences and more. 

37. Grown-up Dragon

Dragon 2

We’ve already seen how to draw a dragon that’s really basic – more for kids than adults, and now we’re going to dive in and check out how to make a proper dragon that you may very well fear. Toni Justamante Jacobs shares this tutorial and we’re super impressed. Let’s try this together!

38. Draw a Dog


We want to be able to draw anything, so let’s draw a dog! We have these really cool tutorials on how to properly draw dogs step by step from Do It Before Me. They’re super instructive and will help you figure out many things about how to build your drawing. 

39. Draw Nature Scenery

Nature drawing

Next, you may want to try to learn how to how to draw a beautiful nature scenery. BABAs art on YouTube is teaching us how to make a nice drawing with a lake and some trees reflecting in the water. It’s a really cute and easy tutorial that you’ll follow and create your own scenery. Once you learn how to make it, you can try another scene. 

40. Draw a Bird


Sayataru Creation is teaching us a really cool way to draw a bird in crayon over on YouTube. It’s a pretty picture and the video makes it fairly easy to follow, so draw your own and let’s see how they turn out. Keep in mind that since you’re only just beginning, it will take a while to get the exact same result. 

41. Sketch a Horse


Horses are notoriously difficult to draw, so we have a really cute project for you. It’s not extremely detailed, which makes it easy for a first attempt. It’s fun to do and you can always build from there and add more details as you grow as an artist. Watch this video from QWE Art.

42. Deadpool


We can’t really have a list of drawing ideas for beginners without some superheroes, right? So, how about Deadpool? We just love this character and Ryan Reynolds is really perfect for the role. So, we found a cool tutorial on Cartooning Club How to Draw on YouTube and we really think you should join us in watching it and trying to follow the steps. 

43. Girl Portrait

Girl portrait

Portrait work is difficult, but when you know the basics, it should be easy to follow. This YouTube tutorial we found is fairly easy to follow and it’s so beautiful. Even though it may be a bit more difficult to get exactly like so, it’s a nice goal to have. Check out the tutorial from Farjana Drawing Academy.

Drawing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

44. Drawing Technique – Shading


One of the things you need to know when drawing is how to properly build shade. The light source, the depth of color in dark places, the lightness in lit areas, and so on – these are things you need to handle if you want to draw realistic pieces in any capacity. Get the guide from Rapid Fire Art.

45. Avoid Smudging When Drawing

Avoid smudging

Wiki How shows you the best drawing technique for avoiding smudges on your drawings particularly if you prefer sketching in pencil! This tip works for everyone, but it’s especially important for left-handed artists. People who draw with their right hand might smudge their work if the piece is big enough that you have to reach across it, but left-handed people reach at an angle that sets their hand over their strokes more often.

46. How to Hold and Control Your Pencil

Hold and control your pencil properly

Proko reminds you that holding your pencil properly is crucial for controlling it and making it perform the way you want it to. The most control you have, the more precise your lines and details will be. They’ll even give you beginner tips on when and where to apply pressure while you draw.

47. Drawing Techniques – Shapes


We stumbled over this really cool guide on how to draw basic shapes. Why is it important to learn this? Well, because those shapes will help you build everything you want to, whether we’re talking about humans, machines, or flowers. Once you’re familiar with the basics, you’ll know how to work on more advanced projects. Over on the Artists Network, we found a guide you can download in ebook form. 

48 . Draw & sketch techniques: light and shadow

Sketch light and shadow

Idiot’s Guide shows you how to show distance and perspective in a drawing by using simple, easily mimicked shapes to highlight how shadows and light change depending on how you want the object you’re sketching to be positioned.

49. Drawing for Beginners: Sketch a Face

Sketch a face

Have you practiced your facial features like crazy and now you feel like you’re ready to put them all together? Well, you’ll need to put them somewhere that makes sense, so take a look at DragoArt and learn how to draw basic face shapes before you try to construct a whole person!

50. Drawing Techniques – Break Down the Shape


One of the secrets to a cool drawing, especially for beginners, is breaking down the shape you want to create into smaller geometrical shapes. In this way, you’ll find it easier to maintain proportions. The folks at Improve Drawing explain how all this works, so read their guide. 

Simple Drawings: CONCLUSION

Even if you may never draw at an expert level, it’s a beautiful hobby to have and, as long as it makes you happy, you should keep at it.

We hope you enjoyed these 50 easy drawings for beginners and we expect to see some of your creations, which you can share with us over social media.

Which of these easy drawings for beginners did you do?

Drop us a comment below and tell us which tutorial you liked best. We’d love to get your feedback.



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