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Heart Math Tutoring of Charlotte, North Carolina, trains and matches volunteer tutors with elementary students who are struggling to perform at grade level standards. Prior to its official founding in 2014, the nonprofit conducted several years of piloting through a partnership between Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Social Venture Partners Charlotte, and Communities in Schools. Heart Math Tutoring specifically aims to impact economically disadvantaged students in grades one through five at Title 1 schools.

Flexible jobs at Heart Math Tutoring include part-time and freelance opportunities for candidates who share its core values of student-centered education, gratitude, precision, civic engagement, professionalism, and growth. The staff is assisted by approximately 450 community volunteers who work one-on-one with students to develop a strong foundation in math and an enthusiasm for academic success. Heart Math Tutoring provides coordinators who work within the schools to support the volunteers, school staff, and students.

The curriculum developed by Heart Math Tutoring is designed to target specific gaps in student performance. The program shows measurable success with 98 percent of students meeting the set goals for growth. Ninety percent of teachers report that students in the Heart Math Tutoring program show improved confidence in their skills and are more enthusiastic about learning.

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Heart Math Tutoring seeks to ensure that all students have the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success, by helping schools use volunteers as tutors. Community members commit one hour per week to work as one-on-one tutors during the school day, using Heart's structured curriculum and receiving support from an on-site Program Coordinator.

Program Description:

Heart Math Tutoring is a math intervention program that recruits and supports volunteers to work as one-on-one tutors during the school day in high-poverty elementary schools. These tutors work with the students for an hour per week. School staff recommends students for the program who are identified as one or more years below grade level in math. Heart then assesses each student to determine his/her conceptual gaps and provides instruction at each student's level. In addition to providing academic support, tutors act as mentors, providing much-needed encouragement that can have a long-term positive impact on students' confidence and enthusiasm towards academics.

Heart uses a CMS-approved, Common Core-based curriculum designed specifically for volunteer tutors. The curriculum includes hands-on activities, clear goals and learning levels, instruction targeted to meet each student's specific needs, and pre- and post-assessments measuring student growth. To date, 98% of more than 750 Heart students have met program growth targets in math.

Sours: https://www.idealist.org/en/nonprofit/e9d39fe493804e268840d9f1e55dc22d-heart-math-tutoring-charlotte
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Organization Information

Mission Statement

Heart Math Tutoring seeks to ensure that all elementary students have the foundational math skills and enthusiasm for academics they need to be successful. Most students who are struggling in math lack foundational number sense skills that support higher levels of learning and allow them to progress with their class. These students need one-on-one attention and instruction at their level. We believe that volunteer time is one of the only resources currently available to public schools that is not yet fully leveraged. We know that Charlotte's community cares deeply about the success of its children, and when given an opportunity to help that is effective and manageable on a wide scale, volunteers will make a tremendous impact on the academic trajectory of those students who are in most need of support.


Heart Math Tutoring is a math intervention program that recruits and trains volunteers to work in CMS schools as tutors, delivering a proven curriculum which includes materials in one-on-one sessions during the school day. Teachers and school administrators recommend students for the program who are identified as one or more years below grade level in math. Heart then assesses each students served to determine his/her conceptual gaps and provides instruction at each student’s level in the form of 30 minutes to an hour one-on-one tutoring sessions twice per week.

Heart provides the curriculum and manages the volunteer tutors, allowing volunteers to bring struggling students up to grade level without creating additional work for school staff.

Heart uses a CMS-approved, Common Core-based curriculum designed specifically for volunteer tutors. It includes hands-on activities, clear goals and learning levels, instruction targeted to meet each student’s specific needs, and pre/post-assessments measuring student growth.

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Tutoring heart math

Heart Math Tutoring Careers and Employment


Program Coordinator in Charlotte, NC

Great place!

Would highly recommend! Was a place to learn much about volunteer management and student retention. I would each day arrange for volunteers to serve elementary-age students in math.

Volunteer Math Tutor in Charlotte, NC

Great hands on experience with children.

Heart Math Tutoring offers an amazing opportunity to get hands on experience working with children in individual tutoring sessions. It is important to remember this is a volunteering position.

Program Coordinator in Charlotte, NC

Great part-time job in the nonprofit field.

Heart Tutoring is a great place to work if you are just entering the field of nonprofits and are interested in a program coordinating role. A typical day is around 4-5 hours. You will complete 2 full hours of tutoring sessions. One hour is in the morning and one in the afternoon. Between your sessions, you will update the database with notes on the sessions. What I have learned while being a program coordinator is the importance of relationships with tutors and how to manage those relationships to ensure they are not only satisfied with their experience but that they also complete their year of service with their students. Additionally, I have learned a great deal about math and the many approaches they are to solving math problems and how to support youth to think more flexibly about numbers. The support from my manager and the leadership team during onboarding and training as well as weekly check-ins has helped me become a strong program coordinator. The hardest part of my job is the constant schedule changes due to many of the volunteers' ever-changing schedules, but you learn to make adjustments accordingly. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with the youth and seeing them learn, grow and truly learn to appreciate and value math!

program coordinator in Charlotte, NC

Rewarding experience

Great people and overall company culture. The work is awesome and rewarding. The hardest part is the schedule. You work in broken fragments of the day, which makes it hard to get an alternate part time job. There is also no opportunity for advancement.

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Heart Math Exercise

Philanthropy Journal

July 5, 2016 | Charlena Wynn

Emily Elliot Head Shot ORIGINALSpecial to the Philanthropy Journal

By Emily Elliott

A sixth-grade girl experiencing homelessness in Charlotte in 2009 remarked over dinner, “I swear, sometimes my school feels invisible.” Investigating further, I saw that less than half of the students were performing on grade level at the time in this child’s school. At the time, I was an investment banking analyst and soon became a volunteer tutor in this child’s school. Immediately I saw the tremendous impact on students’ skills and confidence when they are given one-on-one attention. Irritated upon learning that many students across the nation are progressing to subsequent grades without the necessary skills, and recognizing how different this practice was from my own upbringing and opportunities, I transitioned from finance into teaching.

LogoThrough my teaching experience and other work in education reform on the West Coast, I realized that a teacher alone cannot always move the dial, that schools are too segregated by race and class, and that education technology may not be the magic solution either.

With the belief that volunteer time is the only resource available to public schools not yet being fully leveraged, I joined Heart Math Tutoring (Heart) in 2013. In partnership with fantastic staff, volunteers, donors, and schools, we are playing a vital role in youth development. We are helping kids learn.

Success of Heart

Heart 3 ORIGINALHeart is a nonprofit with a mission to ensure that all elementary students develop the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success, by helping schools use volunteers as tutors. Heart is a math intervention program that recruits, trains and supports volunteers to work as tutors in high-poverty concentration elementary schools. It is the only volunteer-delivered, math-focused intervention used during the school day in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) schools and, to our knowledge, in the U.S.

Currently Heart serves 400 students in eight CMS schools located in the city’s high-poverty areas. Sixty percent of economically disadvantaged students in CMS perform below grade level in math. Heart uses research-based assessments and provides volunteer-friendly lesson plans that use hands-on activities and games to target the gaps of each individual student. To date, 97% of students tutored by Heart have met program growth goals set in partnership with math specialists at CMS and UNC Charlotte. Just last year, students tutored by Heart volunteers collectively grew from mastering 32% to 63% of skills needed, based on grade level standards, while in Heart.

Heart’s Heroes

Heart 2 ORIGINALOur volunteer tutors are true heroes when working with the students in the classroom. They are 50% delivering the math curriculum and 50% being a positive influence. In our program, we measure students’ growth both in math skills and in academic confidence and/or enthusiasm.

Heart’s 450 volunteer tutors are caring community members who commit one hour per week in one-on-one tutoring sessions during the school day. The manageable time commitment combined with a structured, effective program allows Heart to tap a diverse volunteer base: 44% of tutors are male; more than 70% of tutors have full time jobs. The Charlotte community – from employers to faith and civic groups – is rallying around our students in need! Last year, 100% of tutors rated their experience with Heart as “positive.”

Students love seeing their tutor at their classroom door each week, ready to work on the next lesson! More than 90% of teachers surveyed believe their students showed increased confidence and enthusiasm in math as a result of Heart Math Tutoring. In addition, 96% of our tutors believe they had a positive influence on students’ confidence about and understanding of math.

It Takes a Team

Heart 5 ORIGINALIt takes a team to ensure success for the children we serve – from staff, volunteer tutors, school administrators and teachers to parents and funding partners.

For parents, we ensure that math games and activities from Heart’s curriculum can be reinforced at home, attend school-wide curriculum nights, and host parent education events.

Funding from community partners allows Heart to recruit and support our dedicated volunteers, who give students the skills and confidence to succeed. Some of our largest funding partners to date include: Social Venture Partners Charlotte, Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation, The Belk Foundation, The Global Endowment Management (GEM) Foundation, and Wells Fargo.

The Heart of Social Mobility

Heart 9 ORIGINALA 2013 study by Harvard University and the University of California at Berkeley shows that upward mobility for children in poverty is more difficult in Charlotte than in any of the country’s 50 largest cities. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force was created in response to this study and area foundations are also putting a focus on social mobility.

Heart impacts factors that contribute to social mobility – quality of public schools, segregation, and flow of social capital. Heart volunteers act as a resource for Charlotte’s public schools in addressing student academic need and are becoming a quickly growing community of public education advocates. Heart volunteer-student relationships are also often formed across lines of diversity, thus decreasing segregation and improving the flow of social capital among races and socio-economic groups.

Power of Heart

At Heart, we know that students must be numerically powerful far before entering their first algebra class and that arithmetic can be taught in a way that supports algebraic thinking later on. Lack of understanding at an early age is disempowering, with life-long consequences not only for opportunities directly tied to math skills, but also for a person’s ability to think and reason logically to figure out the world around them.

Heart tutors are putting skills, confidence, and opportunity into kids’ lives, and in the process, are making the city of Charlotte a better place to live, grow up and learn.

Emily Elliott is the executive director of Heart Math Tutoring – a nonprofit group dedicated to helping students in high-poverty concentration schools develop math skills and academic confidence.

Sours: https://pj.news.chass.ncsu.edu/2016/07/05/heart-math-tutoring-the-formula-for-classroom-success/

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Heart Math Tutoring is a math intervention program that recruits, trains, and supports volunteers to work as tutors in high-poverty elementary schools across Charlotte. Heart’s mission is to ensure all elementary students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools develop a strong foundation in math and an enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success. Heart serves students in 18 schools around the district.

View a complete map of the schools Heart serves here. 


  • WEEKLY MATH TUTORING: Heart provides a fun, structured way to build relationships with students while delivering academic skills crucial to their success. The relationship you will build by supporting the same student each week has a tremendous positive impact, and you and your student will enjoy working together to accomplish math goals throughout the year. Time slots (30 or 60 minutes) are available at most schools M-Th during morning or lunch hours.

ASK QUestioNS //

If you're ready to become a Heart Math volunteer, register online at the link below! 


  • If you're a current Heart Math volunteer and want to take your relationship with your student even further, we recommend exploring becoming a mentor to your student through Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Email Becka for more information.

Sours: https://www.watershedcharlotte.com/heart-math-tutoring

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