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To get the best start it's recommended to travel to the Divination camp located between Draynor Village and Lumbridge. Here you can find Orla Fairweather, Faizan Augour, and May Stormbrewer. By speaking with these characters, you will learn the basics of Divination and some of the rewards that are on offer.

There are 12 wisp colonies throughout Gielinor where you can train Divination with a level requirement ranging from 1 to 95, each with a different type of wisp and increased experience. The locations of the colonies and experience for converting the memories and energy of each type of wisp is found in the Memory Types section below.

As it is a gathering skill, Divination is very simple to train. Gaining experience is done by clicking on the floating wisps and harvesting memories and energy from the resulting spring and then using the nearby energy rift to convert these into experience.


When you attempt to convert the memories you have collected, you will be presented with this screen:

Conversion screen

You have three options to choose from, which are:

  • Convert memories into energy - This provides one experience per memory and gives you energy.
  • Convert memories into experience - This provides normal experience but you do not get additional energy per conversion. When using this option it will use up your normal memories first.
  • Convert memories and energy into enhanced experience - This provides more experience per memory, but uses up 5 energy for every normal memory converted and 10 energy for every enriched memory. When using this option the enriched memories you hold will be used up first.

If you Right-click any rift, you can configure which of the above options will be your default Left-click action. Your currently selected option will have a lighter color box around it. In the picture above, "Convert memories into experience" is the method chosen.

Every 20 minutes ( at :00, :20, and :40) an Enriched wisp will appear at the colony (not including the level 1 colony). These can be harvested for purely Enriched memories. If you have a normal memory in your inventory when you harvest the Enriched spring, the memory will be converted into an Enriched memory and slightly extend the length of time the spring is active. This works for the first four people to harvest the spring and extends the duration further for each one. The Enriched wisp can be identified easily as it is significantly larger than the normal wisps.

Memory TypeLevel
ExperienceLocationMeans of Transportation
HarvestConvertConvert with
Pale memory
1133.7Divination Camp
Near the the Divination Camp, West of Lumbridge.
Flickering memory
West of the Gamers Grotto, North of Falador.
Enriched flickering memory
Enriched flickering
Bright memory
Between Varrock and the Digsite.
Enriched bright memory
Enriched bright
Glowing memory
30478.7Seers' Village
North East of the Sorcerer's Tower, South of Seers' Village
Enriched glowing memory
Enriched glowing
Sparkling memory
Near the Golden Apple Tree, South East of Rellekka.
Enriched sparkling memory
Enriched sparkling
Gleaming memory
5061923.7Shilo Village
North East of the Nature Altar, North of Shilo Village.

Note: Low level players should beware of aggressive, poisonous Tribesmen in this area.
Enriched gleaming memory
Enriched gleaming
Vibrant memory
6072531.25Vibrant Wisp Location
South West corner of Feldip Hills
Enriched vibrant memory
Enriched vibrant
Lustrous memory
7083544Slayer Tower
South East of the Slayer Tower, North of Canifis.
Enriched lustrous memory
Enriched lustrous
Elder memory
758.536.545.5Elder Halls
The Elder Halls of Freneskae, through the World Gate South West of the Tree Gnome Stronghold (requires completion of Fate of the Gods).
Enriched elder memory
Enriched elder
Brilliant memory
8093948Mage Training Arena
East of the Mage Training Arena.
Enriched brilliant memory
Enriched brilliant
Radiant memory
85104253Dragontooth Island
On Dragontooth Island.
Enriched radiant memory
Enriched radiant
Luminous memory
Southern Sophanem.
  • Pharaoh's sceptre teleport to the Jalsavrah pyramid.
  • Camulet teleport to Enakhra's temple
  • Magic carpet transportation network
  • Desert amulet 2 teleport to Nardah, then walk West.
  • Menaphos Lodestone and walk across the bridge to Sophanem.
Enriched luminous memory
Enriched luminous
Incandescent memory
95124556.2Poison Waste
South East of the Poison Waste in Tirannwn.
Enriched incandescent memory
Enriched incandescent

It is possible to train Divination in the Wilderness regardless of your level. Because this location can be used at any Divination level, the amount of experience you can earn will vary depending on what your level is. When using energy to convert memories, it requires 5 energies for each memory. It is possible to increase your experience 20% by equipping a Demonic skull. Note that the number of cursed energy needed will double.

Keep in mind that this location is in the wilderness. As such, it is highly likely you will be PK'd. Do not bring anything that you do not wish to lose!

Level RangeHarvest ExperienceConversion Experience
Creating EnergyUsing EnergyCreating Energy With Demonic SkullUsing Energy With Demonic Skull

In addition to the Wilderness, there are also a few locations where you can train Divination within the Arc. Note that it is possible to create Ancestral energy by: harvesting on an Uncharted Island, using Positive energy or Negative energy on the opposite type (converts all you have for each set of energies), or by harvesting one type of energy with the opposite in your inventory (converts in groups of 3 only). Only the first of these 3 options will award you with divination experience; converting either type of energy only awards you in energy.

Springs will occasionally spawn a Chronicle fragment. These orange balls of light can be caught for a small amount of Hunter experience based on your level. You can also turn any amount of Chronicle fragments in for Divination experience, however after collecting 10 the spawn rate decreases. You can hold up to 30 at a time. You can turn them in for Divination experience at either Guthix's Shrine (the altar in the cave after completing The World Wakes) or offering them to May Stormbrewer at the Divination camp, near Lumbridge.

Chronicle fragment

LevelExperience from May
Experience from
Guthix's Shrine
LevelExperience from May
Experience from
Guthix's Shrine
LevelExperience from May
Experience from
Guthix's Shrine

Shadow cores are remnant of shadow creatures that are used to make Light cores, which is used to create the summoning familiar Light creature. There are three types of Shadow cores; Truthful, Blissful, and Manifest - each can be obtained by either killing their respective creatures, pickpocketing from Amlodd workers, or as a possible reward from Light Creatures on the Prifddinas Agility Course.

All Shadow Cores can be converted at the Light rift found within the Amlodd Clan district. Players may also receive a Light core through the process.

Light rift

The energy collected from your memory gathering and conversions are used to make various items and activate several abilities. These include:

Below we will explore what can be done with energy.

Boons are a one-time creations that permanently give 10% more experience when converting memories and energy of the given tier. As soon as you create a boon, it will become active and its effect will last forever. Due to the nature of these, only one boon of each tier can be created and the effects of several tier boons do not stack. These are made by weaving a certain amount of energy of either the same tier or one tier below the boon being made.

These are portable skilling locations that can be placed anywhere. To gather the resources from a location, you must have the relevant skill level that you would need to gather the associated item without the Divination skill. So for example, to collect Oak logs from a Divine oak tree you will need at least 15 Woodcutting.

Each divine location will last between 15 and 30 seconds once placed. While you can collect resources from anyone's divine location, the total amount of resources you can collect per day are limited based upon your total skill level divided by 10 (Maximum resources possible without reseting 250). Your resource count can be reset either 50% or 100% (5 or 10 Viswax respectively) once per day. Note that when other players use your Divine location, you have a chance to obtain additional resources in noted form. As such, many people place divine locations in populated locations.

Be aware that some divine locations will count more toward your daily limit than others. These will be indicated in the table below.

In addition to the resource limit, you are also only able to create 1 divine location of any type per day unless you have restored the Juna storage bot within Hall of Memories. Once you have completed this, you will be able to create up to 3 per day.

In addition to placing divine locations to gather resources from, it is also possible to use them to create locators. These items will allow you to teleport to random locations where the same tier (or lower) resources can be collected around Gielinor - Note that you will be able to choose what type of resource you want to be teleported to, but not which location. Choosing a Fish 2 location includes all possible fish locations (Shrimp - Lobster). In contrast, choosing a Herblore 2 location will only include items from that group.

Locator interface

Each locator begins with 50 charges and uses 1 charges per teleport - unless it is a failed teleport. Recharging your locator can be done by using the same type of energy that was used to create it on your locator. Each type of locator needs a different number of energy per charge.

Be aware that teleporting MAY bring you to dangerous locations, including in the Wilderness (up to level 40).

* Any ONE of the divine locations listed can be used to create a locator of that tier.

Transmutation allows you to turn an item into a higher tier item. A several lower tier items and energy are required complete the transmutation. Each transmutation listed below will produce one item.

*Requires completion of Swan Song

Portents are single use items that automatically activate when certain conditions are met. Each section below will cover the requirements for the associated type of portents.

Only one portent is used at a time, but you can have more in your inventory for future use. If you have both portents and attuned portents in your inventory, then the attuned version will be used first. If you have multiple tiers of portents in your inventory, then the highest tier will be used first. Note that there is a 12 second cooldown before another portent will be used and that some boss special attacks will not trigger their usage.

Portents of restoration are automatically consumed when you are damaged to under 50% of your life points during combat. When activated, it will restore a number life points without affecting your adrenaline.

Portent of restoration I Portent of restoration I21030 Pale energy PaleCrayfish Crayfish, Anchovies, Shrimp, Sardine, Chicken, OR Meat1150
Attuned portent of restoration I Attuned portent of restoration I51030 Pale energy PaleCrayfish Crayfish, Anchovies, Shrimp, Sardine, Chicken, OR Meat1.5200
Portent of restoration II Portent of restoration II151530 Flickering energy FlickeringTrout Trout3.4225
Attuned portent of restoration II Attuned portent of restoration II181530 Flickering energy FlickeringTrout Trout3.9300
Portent of restoration III Portent of restoration III252530 Bright energy BrightSalmon Salmon5.6375
Attuned portent of restoration III Attuned portent of restoration III272530 Bright energy BrightSalmon Salmon5.8500
Portent of restoration IV Portent of restoration IV353030 Glowing energy GlowingTuna Tuna7.6450
Attuned portent of restoration IV Attuned portent of restoration IV373030 Glowing energy GlowingTuna Tuna7.8600
Portent of restoration V Portent of restoration V454035 Sparkling energy SparklingLobster Lobster9.4600
Attuned portent of restoration V Attuned portent of restoration V474035 Sparkling energy SparklingLobster Lobster9.7800
Portent of restoration VI Portent of restoration VI555040 Gleaming energy GleamingSwordfish Swordfish11.5675
Attuned portent of restoration VI Attuned portent of restoration VI575040 Gleaming energy GleamingSwordfish Swordfish11.8900
Portent of restoration VII Portent of restoration VII656245 Vibrant energy VibrantMonkfish Monkfish13.6930
Attuned portent of restoration VII Attuned portent of restoration VII676245 Vibrant energy VibrantMonkfish Monkfish13.81,240
Portent of restoration VIII Portent of restoration VIII758050 Lustrous energy LustrousShark Shark15.51,200
Attuned portent of restoration VIII Attuned portent of restoration VIII778050 Lustrous energy LustrousShark Shark15.81,600
Portent of restoration IX Portent of restoration IX868850 Radiant energy RadiantCavefish Cavefish19.31,320
Attuned portent of restoration IX Attuned portent of restoration IX878850 Radiant energy RadiantCavefish Cavefish19.71,760
Portent of restoration X Portent of restoration X979560 Incandescent energy IncandescentRocktail Rocktail23.41,395
Attuned portent of restoration X Attuned portent of restoration X989560 Incandescent energy IncandescentRocktail Rocktail23.61,860

*Constitution level is required to use portents of restoration

Portents of degradation are automatically consumed when you are damaged to under 50% of your life points during combat. When activated, it will restore a number life points, without affecting your adrenaline, and damage your opponent roughly 57% of what you were healed.

*Constitution level is required to use portents of degradation

These portents do not fit within either of the categories above, but are still important to know about.

Portent of item protection
Portent of item protection
9260 Luminous energy Luminous4 Prayer potion (4) Prayer potions (4)21.3Allows you to keep 1 extra item upon death. Does not work in PvP areas. Can stack with Sign of item protection and the Protect item Prayer, enabling you to keep up to 5 items on death.
Portent of life
Portent of life
99100 Incandescent energy IncandescentDiamond ring Diamond ring24Revives you and restores 25% of your health upon death. Does not work in PvP areas. Shares a 1 hour cooldown with Sign of life, Sign of death, Portent of death, and the Defence cape perk.
Portent of death
Portent of death
99100 Elder energy ElderDiamond ring Diamond ring24Revives you, restores 15% of your base life points, and damages your attacker for 15% of their base life points (up to 5,000) upon death. Does not work in PvP areas. Shares a 1 hour cooldown with Sign of life, Sign of death, Portent of life, and the Defence cape perk.

While training the Dungeoneering skill, you will occasionally come across different levels of Divine wisps that you can harvest for energy and memories. The memories can be converted into energy, and energy can be weaved into portents to help you progress through the dungeon. You will only be able to find these wisps in dungeons with a Complexity level of 6. Keep in mind that harvested energy and memories CANNOT be traded; if you cannot make the portent desired, the energy is wasted.

Only one portent is used at a time, but you can have more in your inventory for future use. If you have both portents and attuned portents in your inventory, then the attuned version will be used first. If you have multiple tiers of portents in your inventory, then the highest tier will be used first. Note that there is a 12 second cooldown before another portent will be used and that some boss special attacks will not trigger their usage.

Portents of Restoration

These portents of restoration work the same as ones on the surface of Gielinor. The only difference is the secondary ingredient used to create them. Portents of restoration are automatically consumed when you are damaged to under 50% of your life points during combat. When activated, it will restore a number life points without affecting your adrenaline.

*Constitution level is required to use portents of restoration

Portents of Passage

Portents of passage will allow you to open a Dungeoneering skill door which has requirements you do not meet. Each tier of portent will boost you a certain number of levels. For example, if your door is level 80 Strength, but you only have level 77, you will need to use at least a Portent of passage II to open the door.

Signs are very similar to portents. They automatically activate under certain conditions and only one can be used at a time. See our table below for more information about Signs.

Sign of the porter I
Sign of the porter I
630 Pale energy PaleSapphire necklace Sapphire necklace1.7When equipped, this sign will transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them. This sign will transport 5 items before depleting.
Sign of respite I
Sign of respite I
825 Pale energy Pale4 Limestone Limestone2This one-use sign extends the duration of your gravestone by 2 minutes. To feel its effects, equip the sign before death or while you have an active gravestone.
Sign of respite II
Sign of respite II
2330 Bright energy Bright4 Limestone Limestone5.3This one-use sign extends the duration of your gravestone by 4 minutes. To feel its effects, equip the sign before death or while you have an active gravestone.
Sign of the porter II
Sign of the porter II
2835 Bright energy BrightSapphire necklace Sapphire necklace5.9When equipped, this sign will transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them. This sign will transport 10 items before depleting.
Sign of respite III
Sign of respite III
3835 Glowing energy Glowing4 Limestone Limestone7.9This one-use sign extends the duration of your gravestone by 6 minutes. To feel its effects, equip the sign before death or while you have an active gravestone.
Sign of the porter III
Sign of the porter III
4840 Sparkling energy SparklingLimestone Emerald necklace9.9When equipped, this sign will transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them. This sign will transport 15 items before depleting.
Sign of the porter IV
Sign of the porter IV
6845 Vibrant energy VibrantLimestone Emerald necklace13.9When equipped, this sign will transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them. This sign will transport 20 items before depleting.
Sign of item protection
Sign of item protection
6945 Vibrant energy Vibrant4 Prayer potion (4) Prayer potions (4)14Automatically keeps an additional item when a player dies. This sign stack with the portent of item protection or with the Protect Item prayer, allowing you to protect a total of 5 items.
Sign of life
Sign of life
78100 Lustrous energy LustrousDiamond ring Diamond ring16If you die with this sign in your pocket you will be revived and restored to 25% of your health. Does not work in PvP areas and you may not use a sign or portent of life for one hour afterwards.
Sign of death
Sign of death
79100 Elder energy ElderDiamond ring Diamond ring16Revives you upon death and restores 15% of your base life points while damaging your attacker for 15% of their base life points.
Sign of the porter V
Sign of the porter V
8860 Radiant energy RadiantRuby necklace Ruby necklace20When equipped, this sign will transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them. This sign will transport 25 items before depleting.
Sign of the porter VI
Sign of the porter VI
9980 Incandescent energy IncandescentDiamond necklace Diamond necklace24When equipped, this sign will transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them. This sign will transport 30 items before depleting.

Memorial to Guthix is a Distraction and Diversion wherein you collect and charge several engrams to place in the memorial - these will then allow you to activate up to 4 buffs. Before you can begin, you will need to obtain several Memory strand to show to Orla Fairweather. She will give you your very first engram and explain how to help her complete the memorial. There are not requirements to begin this D&D, however, higher levels will allow you to progress farther. For more information on this activity, see our Memorial to Guthix guide.

The Hall of Memories is accessed beneath the Memorial to Guthix. Here you will need to restore memories to various bots. While only 70 Divination is required to enter, higher levels will help you unlock more of the content - level 94 to unlock everything here. For more information on how to participate in this area, see our Hall of Memories guide.

Divination Skill Cape Set

Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit Orla Fairweather to purchase a Divination cape for 99,000 Coins.

Divination Master Skill

Once you have achieved level 120, Orla Fairweather will sell you the Divination master cape for 120,000 Coins.

Note that as of December 2018, another one of Mod Daze's Easter Eggs have been found. This enables you to purchase a Skillcape for half price (only from Orla Fairweather, not Elen) if you are wearing a Ring of Charos (a). Be aware that "Half price" is 92,000 Coins as the experience at level 92 is approximately half way to level 99.


The following table lists the average monetary gain per day when you reach your cap on just that location. It may still need some tweaking in case the chances of certain resources are lower or higher, especially for Farming and Hunter. Note that it may be possible to still gain some extra profit from other locations after capping on high-draining locations.

For locations that give multiple types of resources, you can see your expected profit and experience by looking at the calculation appropriate for your level (applies to farming/hunter).




let(tree,291*cap) let(oak,591*cap) let(willow,248*cap) let(maple,108*cap) let(yew,167*cap) let(magic,380*floor(cap/2))

let(treeP,round((28*291)-(5*165)-(20*291))) let(oakP,round((28*591)-(15*292)-(20*591))) let(willowP,round((28*248)-(20*189)-(20*248))) let(mapleP,round((28*108)-(25*309)-(20*108))) let(yewP,round((28*167)-(30*391)-(20*167))) let(magicP,round((28*380)-(40*213)-(5*380)))

let(bronze,round((337+116)/2)*cap) let(iron,449*cap) let(coal,112*cap) let(mithril,197*cap) let(adamant,227*floor(cap/3)) let(rune,1419*floor(cap/12))

let(bronzeP,round((28*337)-(20*165)-(20*337))) let(ironP,round((28*449)-(20*208)-(15*449))) let(coalP,round((28*112)-(30*189)-(20*112))) let(mithrilP,round((28*197)-(30*391)-(20*197))) let(adamantP,round((28*227)-(40*205)-(25*227))) let(runeP,round((28*1419)-(80*265)-(6*1419)))


let(herb12,round((709 +2307)/2)*floor(cap/2))

let(herb13,round((709 +2307 +105)/3)*floor(cap/2))

let(herb14,round((709 +2307 +105 +741)/4)*floor(cap/2))

let(herb15,round((709 +2307 +105 +741 +1860)/5)*floor(cap/2))

let(herb16,round((709 +2307 +105 +741 +1860 +16575)/6)*floor(cap/2))

let(herb17,round((709 +2307 +105 +741 +1860 +16575 +11250)/7)*floor(cap/2))









let(herb22,round((5008 +2701)/2)*floor(cap/4))

let(herb23,round((5008 +2701 +1043)/3)*floor(cap/4))

let(herb24,round((5008 +2701 +1043 +11782)/4)*floor(cap/4))

let(herb25,round((5008 +2701 +1043 +11782 +1789)/5)*floor(cap/4))







let(herb32,round((4322 +7551)/2)*floor(cap/8))

let(herb33,round((4322 +7551 +8476)/3)*floor(cap/8))

let(herb34,round((4322 +7551 +8476 +5389)/4)*floor(cap/8))

let(herb35,round((4322 +7551 +8476 +5389 +6860)/5)*floor(cap/8))












let(burrow2,round((8785 +500 +11)/3)*cap)

let(burrow3,round((8785 +500 +11 +15)/4)*cap)

let(burrow4,round((8785 +500 +11 +15 +19)/5)*cap)

let(burrow5,round((8785 +500 +11 +15 +19 +144)/6)*cap)






let(snare1,round((875 +27*4)/2)*cap)

let(snare2,round((875 +27*4 +27*5 +29*5)/4)*cap)

let(snare3,round((875 +27*4 +27*5 +29*5 +27*4)/5)*cap)

let(snare4,round((875 +27*4 +27*5 +29*5 +27*4 +60*4)/6)*cap)

let(snare5,round((875 +27*4 +27*5 +29*5 +27*4 +60*4 +11*3)/7)*cap)

let(snare6,round((875 +27*4 +27*5 +29*5 +27*4 +60*4 +11*3 +660*3)/7)*cap)








let(deadfall2,round((391 +539*2)/2)*floor(cap/2))

let(deadfall3,round((391 +539*2 +35)/3)*floor(cap/2))

let(deadfall4,round((391 +539*2 +35 +9*2)/4)*floor(cap/2))

let(deadfall5,round((391 +539*2 +35 +9*2 +11911)/5)*floor(cap/2))







let(box2,round((337 +751)/2)*floor(cap/5))

let(box3,round((337 +751 +1911)/3)*floor(cap/5))

let(box4,round((337 +751 +1911 +994*2)/5)*floor(cap/5))





let(crayfish,406*floor(cap)) let(herring,675*floor(cap)) let(trout,382*floor(cap)) let(salmon,508*floor(cap)) let(lobster,353*floor(cap/2)) let(swordfish,341*floor(cap/2)) let(shark,1427*floor(cap/2)) let(cavefish,1993*floor(cap/3)) let(rocktail,4498*floor(cap/4))

let(treeXP,round(25*cap)) let(oakXP,round(37.5*cap)) let(willowXP,round(67.5*cap)) let(mapleXP,round(100*cap)) let(yewXP,round(175*cap)) let(magicXP,round(250*floor(cap/2))) let(bronzeXP,round(17.5*cap)) let(ironXP,round(35*cap)) let(coalXP,round(50*cap)) let(mithrilXP,round(80*cap)) let(adamantXP,round(95*floor(cap/3))) let(runeXP,round(125*floor(cap/12)))

let(herb11XP,round(12.5*floor(cap/2))) let(herb12XP,round(((12.5+15)/2)*floor(cap/2))) let(herb13XP,round(((12.5+15+18)/3)*floor(cap/2))) let(herb14XP,round(((12.5+15+18+24)/4)*floor(cap/2))) let(herb15XP,round(((12.5+15+18+24+30.5)/5)*floor(cap/2))) let(herb16XP,round(((12.5+15+18+24+30.5+36)/6)*floor(cap/2))) let(herb17XP,round(((12.5+15+18+24+30.5+36+38.5)/7)*floor(cap/2)))

let(herb21XP,round(48.5*floor(cap/4))) let(herb22XP,round(((48.5+52.8)/2)*floor(cap/4))) let(herb23XP,round(((48.5+52.8+61.5)/3)*floor(cap/4))) let(herb24XP,round(((48.5+52.8+61.5+78)/4)*floor(cap/4))) let(herb25XP,round(((48.5+52.8+61.5+78+98.5)/5)*floor(cap/4)))

let(herb31XP,round(120*floor(cap/8))) let(herb32XP,round(((120+151.5)/2)*floor(cap/8))) let(herb33XP,round(((120+151.5+192)/3)*floor(cap/8))) let(herb34XP,round(((120+151.5+192+224.5)/4)*floor(cap/8))) let(herb35XP,round(((120+151.5+192+224.5+315.6)/5)*floor(cap/8)))

let(burrow1XP,round(30*cap)) let(burrow2XP,round((30*2+36)/3)*cap) let(burrow3XP,round((30*2+36+48)/4)*cap) let(burrow4XP,round((30*2+36+48+66)/5)*cap) let(burrow5XP,round((30*2+36+48+66+348.5)/6)*cap)

let(snare1XP,round(34*cap)) let(snare2XP,round((34+48)/2)*cap) let(snare3XP,round((34*2+48*2+61)/5)*cap) let(snare4XP,round((34*2+48*2+61+64.7)/6)*cap) let(snare5XP,round((34*2+48*2+61+64.7+95.2)/7)*cap) let(snare6XP,round((34*2+48*2+61+64.7+95.2+167)/8)*cap)

let(deadfall1XP,round(128*floor(cap/2))) let(deadfall2XP,round(((128+168)/2)*floor(cap/2))) let(deadfall3XP,round(((128+168+204)/3)*floor(cap/2))) let(deadfall4XP,round(((128+168+204+200)/4)*floor(cap/2))) let(deadfall5XP,round(((128+168+204+200*2)/5)*floor(cap/2)))

let(box1XP,round(198.4*floor(cap/5))) let(box2XP,round(((198.4+265)/2)*floor(cap/5))) let(box3XP,round(((198.4+265+400)/3)*floor(cap/5))) let(box4XP,round(((198.4+265+400+1100)/4)*floor(cap/5)))

let(crayfishXP,round(10*cap)) let(herringXP,round(30*cap)) let(troutXP,round(50*cap)) let(salmonXP,round(70*cap)) let(lobsterXP,round(90*floor(cap/2))) let(swordfishXP,round(100*floor(cap/2))) let(sharkXP,round(110*floor(cap/2))) let(cavefishXP,round(300*floor(cap/3))) let(rocktailXP,round(380*floor(cap/4))

let(crayfishP,round((28*406)-(5*165)-(20*406))) let(herringP,round((28*675)-(15*208)-(20*675))) let(troutP,round((28*382)-(15*292)-(20*382))) let(salmonP,round((28*508)-(45*189)-(20*508))) let(lobsterP,round((28*353)-(70*309)-(20*353))) let(swordfishP,round((28*341)-(70*166)-(20*341))) let(sharkP,round((28*1427)-(60*205)-(20*1427))) let(cavefishP,round((28*1993)-(40*408)-(15*1993))) let(rocktailP,round((28*4498)-(80*265)-(10*4498)))

  1. ^Considering the player uses other players' divine locations if resource cap isn't reached
  2. ^Considering one divine location made by the player, which is used to gather 28 items
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In Jagex’s popular MMORPG, RuneScape, there are a total of 28 skills to train. Over the course of its 20-year history, some of these skills have become outdated and in need of reworking. An example of this is 2019’s Mining and Smithing rework which modernized two of RuneScape‘s oldest skills. The next skill to receive this treatment will be Divination, as confirmed on a recent RuneScapedeveloper live stream.

First released in 2013, Divination is actually one of RuneScape‘s more recently added skills. Currently, Invention and Archaeology are the only newer skills. Despite this, the Jagex team felt as though it needed a rework to become more relevant. Specifically, it wants to provide more of a motive to train the skill beyond its current uses of making Invention Charges and creating divine locations.


How Divination is changing

The biggest changes relate to how players will interact with wisps going forward. Currently, wisps last around 30 seconds before expiring. After the rework, they will last a minimum of 60 seconds. Furthermore, every player that interacts with the wisp after it is first used will add 15 more seconds to its duration. Those with the Divination Mastery Cape equipped, unlocked by achieving 99 Divination in RuneScape, will add 30 seconds to the timer instead.

Another change is that fewer wisps will spawn, and those that do will spawn closer to the central rift. This will not only make the click intensive but also faster as less time will be spent running between wisps.

Runescape Divination Rework Less Wisps

Far fewer wisps will spawn in an area once the rework is released.

Chronicle fragments changed with the rework as well. Previously, these had a random chance of spawning and would move around until collected. You could only stack up to 10 at a time before having to hand them in for Divination experience. Going forward these fragments will remain still after spawning. Also, players that click them fast enough will receive an Enhanced Chronicle Fragment.

Enhanced Chronicle Fragments empower nearby rifts. When empowered, any players that interact with the rift will receive all sorts of bonuses to experience rates and energy gains. This change coupled with the new extension mechanics should make Divination more social than it currently is.

Runescape Divination Rework Sign Of The Porter Vii

The rework is adding more uses to Divination including a new tier of porters.

That’s not all there is to the update though. In order to motivate RuneScape players to train Divination, Jagex has introduced more rewards for leveling up the MMORPG’S least popular gathering skill. Amongst these includes the ability to transmute Dark Animica Ore, Light Animica Ore, and even Rocktails from less valuable resources.

Finally, a new porter is being added which can only be made at 99 Divination. The Sign of the Porter VII will be the new best in slot porter, providing 50 chargers per porter. The previous best only offered 30 per porter. Porters are extremely useful for making certain activities less click intensive including important skills like Archaeology and Mining. Next month looks to be a great time to hop and RuneScape and train Divination if you haven’t already mastered it. All of these changes will go live on May 4, coinciding with the start of double XP.


For locations of wisp colonies, see Energy rift.

Divine bronze rock detail.png

A divine location is a gathering hub that can be placed almost anywhere using the Divination skill. They are useful for six skills, with divine locations covering a range of levels within those skills. You will need the required level to harvest from them, as boosts will not work.

The creator of a divine location may receive noted resources and extra experience from that location if another player uses it. The chance of the creator receiving noted resources is usually 40%, except with Divine adamantite rock (30%), Divine box trap (30%), and Divine runite rock (20%). However, the creator can only receive contributions from up to five players at once. This feature allows players to make full use of their Divination, even if they don't have the gathering skills required to use their divine locations. Players receive normal experience for these actions even if they themselves don't have the required level to use their divine locations.

Divine locations reset each day at 00:00 UTC. Gathering from a divine location will not count towards challenges, and it will not grant item xp to the gathering tool used.

There is no official world for divine locations; however, the Burthorpe bank on world 2 is a popular spot for them, as is world 3 Grand Exchange for F2P.


Placing divine box trap.gif

A player placing a divine box trap.

One divine location can be created per day. After filling the third memory storage bot in Hall of Memories the player may create up to 3 divine locations per day. This limit is shared across all divine locations. However, players can place more than one location per day.

Players may only collect a certain number of resources from divine locations per day, both through their own gathering and contributions from a created location, based on their total level and will be notified when they are close to their daily limit, reaching a maximum cap of 250 resources once level 2,500+. The maximum cap may be temporarily increased by using vis wax or the Bounty of Crondis from the Desert pantheon aura, but not both.

If a player has capped the resource and gains another 10 total levels on the same day (thus increasing the daily limit), they will not be able to gain the additional cap difference until reset. Players can check how many resources they have gathered through the quick chat phrase "I have gathered ... items from divine locations today." Alternatively, right clicking "Check limit" on a divine location in the inventory will prompt the message "You have used X% of your daily divine location gathering limit."

{\displaystyle DailyLimit=\left\lfloor {\frac {\min(TotalLevel,2500)}{10}}\right\rfloor }

Total level name=skillstat_total_level|type=int|value=0|range=35,2715|sublist=calcresourcelimit name=daily|type=output|value= gives you 0 resources per day.



let(level, skillstat_total_level) if (level > 2500) {

let(cap, 250)


let(cap, floor(level/10))

} let(daily, " gives you " + cap + " resources per day.")

Some divine locations count more towards this limit:

All divine locations remain active for approximately 30 seconds, with the exception of the Divine herb patch III (~25 seconds), the Divine magic tree (~25 seconds), and the Divine runite rock (~20 seconds).

A player can still place a divine location after they have reached their daily limit but they will not be able to collect from it and will not receive any noted resources.

Divine trees

These require a Woodcutting level to use. The owner will receive noted logs if other players use the location. The Inferno adze's and Seer's headband's special effects do not work with divine trees. However, the Lumberjack clothing bonus experience will work on divine trees.

Divine rocks

These require a Mining level to use. The owner will receive noted ore if other players use the location. The special effect of Varrock armour does not work when mining divine rocks, neither do the effects of the Imcando pickaxe. However, the Golden mining suit bonus experience will work on divine rocks.

Divine fishing bubbles

These require a Fishing level to use. The owner will receive noted fish if other players use the location. The fishing outfit does provide bonus experience while harvesting divine fishing bubbles, but Shark outfit's consume ability does not work.

Divine herb patches

These require a Farming level to use. The owner will receive noted herbs if other players use the location. Unlike the trees and rocks, these give multiple types of rewards, depending on the Farming level of the person using it.

Divine hunter spots

These require a Hunter level to use. The owner will receive noted hunter materials if other players use the location. Unlike the trees and rocks, these give multiple types of rewards, depending on the Hunter level of the person using it. The Enhanced yaktwee stick bonus experience will work on divine hunter spots.

Divine simulacrum

These require a Divination level to use and additionally require Fate of the Gods completed to create. The owner receives divine energy and noted portents and signs if other players use the location. Unlike the trees and rocks, these give multiple types of rewards, depending on the Divination level of the person using it.


Divine locations rs

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[Runescape 3] Divine Yew Trees - Best Divine location in game?

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