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In case of an EMERGENCYdial 911or your local law enforcement immediately.

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Jackson Detention Center
Hinds County Detention Services


Sheriff's Office(601) 974-2900Fax: (601) 968-6705
Undersheriff(601) 974-2900
Human Resources(601) 974-2943Fax: (601) 968-5428
Recruiting(601) 974-2967
Training Division(601) 857-4872Fax: (601) 857-4940
Fiscal(601) 974-2910
Records(601) 974-2930Fax: (601) 969-0378
Legal Department(601) 974-2900Fax: (601) 968-6705

Enforcement Division

Criminal Investigations(601) 974-2914Fax: (601) 968-6715
Internal Affairs(601) 974-2909
Sex Offender Registry(601) 974-2919
Patrol Division(601) 857-8781Fax: (601) 857-5417
Fugitive Unit(601) 857-4803Fax: (601) 857-4951
Narcotics Unit(601) 346-0588
Evidence and Property(601) 974-2907
Victim Assistance(601) 974-2933
Victim Advocate (601) 974-2932
Civil Process(601) 974-2925
Communications(601) 352-1521


Jackson Detention Center(601) 974-2945
Raymond Detention Center(601) 857-4800
Joint County and State Work Facility(601) 857-8058Fax: (601) 857-8371

The Sheriff's office works to prevent crime and build community safety through education, investigation and enforcement. The sheriff's duties generally fall into two broad categories:

Law enforcement duties:

  • These duties are specifically to keep the peace within the county, by causing all offenders to enter into bonds, with sureties, for keeping the peace and for appearing at the next circuit court, and by committing such offenders in case of refusal.

Administrative duties:

  • Serve as the county's jailor-The sheriff is required to keep separate rooms for the sexes, not permitting communication between male and female prisoners, unless they are married; provide fire and lights when necessary and proper; sufficient and clean bedding; and daily wholesome and adequate food and drink.
  • Have charge of the courthouse and jail of his county, of the premises belonging thereto, and of the prisoners in said jail. This includes the protection of the court and prisoners from violence, injuries or attacks, and from trespasses and intruders.
  • Submit a budget of his office's estimated expenses for the next fiscal year including payment of premiums on the bonds and insurance necessary to protect the interest of the county. (i.e. bonds for liability insurance, insurance against false arrest charges, insurance against false imprisonment charges, theft, fire, and other hazards insurance, and hospitalization insurance).
  • Keep books of every kind maps, charts, and other things that may be donated to the county.
  • Keep the Mississippi Department Reports, census reports, statutes of the state, the Mississippi Reports, digests, and legislative journals assigned to his county in the courtroom of the courthouse.
  • Keep a jail docket noting the details of each warrant of any person placed in the county detention facility.


The mission of the Hinds County Sheriff's office is to provide the community with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We strive to improve the public's perception of community safety by reducing the incidents and fear of crime, while working with the diverse communities throughout Hinds County, to improve their quality of life. The Sheriff's Office will accomplish this task by working within the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving model and developing partnerships with the community. Providing this service to the public will be conducted in an efficient and effective manner.


Personnel will protect the community and support the tax base by proactively preventing crime and safety detaining those arrested. Personnel will conduct themselves with honor, integrity and the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence. Quality of life improved through innovation, education, and community partnerships.


  • Establish and support professional and community relationships
  • Excel by providing, quality service with every community contact
  • Think outside conventional boundaries, introduce new ideas, and strive to find innovative solutions to reduce crime and increase efficiency
  • Develop partnerships between the citizens and business community to make Hinds County safe for all to work and live
  • Treat people with respect and dignity, regardless of age, race, gender, appearance, individual beliefs of life style
  • Being dedicated to quality and excellence in our service to the community
Sours: http://www.hindscountyms.com/elected-offices/sheriff

Hinds County Arrest Records Search (Mississippi)

Perform a free Hinds County, MS public arrest records search, including current & recent arrests, arrest inquiries, warrants, reports, logs, and mugshots.

The Hinds County Arrest Records Search (Mississippi) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Hinds County public records. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis.

Help others by sharing new links and reporting broken links.

Find Hinds County Arrest Records

Hinds County Arrest Records are public records that contain an individual's criminal history record which are available in Hinds County, Mississippi. They are maintained and available for public request from a number of government agencies, from Federal, Mississippi State, and Hinds County level law enforcement agencies, including the local Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Hinds County Court. Arrest Records contain an individual's arrests, arrest searches, inquiries, warrants, reports, logs, and mug shots.

Learn about Arrest Records, including:
  • Where to get free Arrest Records
  • How to find Hinds County mugshots online
  • Are Hinds County, MS Arrest Records public information
  • How to see someone's criminal record
  • What information is available in an Arrest Record

Arrest Records Search near Hinds County

Hinds County Public Records

Sours: https://www.countyoffice.org/ms-hinds-county-arrest-records/
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Hinds County Inmate Search

Lookup an inmate who's in jail by Hinds County inmate search system online.
Enter an inmate's name in the form below, and click on search button.
If there are any results, select a record to view the inmate's details like mugshot, address, charge information.
If the inmate cannot be found, you can contact Hinds County jail to help you.

Hinds County Jail Facilities
Jackson Detention Center
Address: 407 E Pascagoula Street, Jackson, MS 39205-0686, Phone: 601-974-2945
Raymond Detention Center
Address: 1450 County Farm Road, Raymond, MS 39154, Phone: 601-857-4800

Visiting an Inmate
Visitors can register, schedule visits, and visit inmates online.
Before scheduling a visit, you are required to contact the facility to be added to the inmate's approved visitor list.
Please arrive 15 minutes early for check in.
Visitation Hours
Jackson Detention Center
Tuesday (Male Inmates Only): 8:00 - 11:00 am, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Wednesday (Female Inmates Only): 8:00 - 11:00 am, 1:00 - 4:00pm
Raymond Detention Center
Tuesday (Housing Unit A Only): 8:00 - 11:00 am, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Wednesday (Housing Unit B Only): 8:00 - 11:00 am, 1:00 - 4:00pm
Thursday (Housing Unit C Only): 8:00 - 11:00 am, 1:00 - 4:00pm

Hinds County Bail Bonds
Contact a bail bond company to help you get someone out of Hinds County jail.
Liberty Bail Bonds & Legal Service, LLC - Raymond 601-857-0073
Liberty Bail Bonds & Legal Service, LLC - Jackson 601-346-4242 or 601-373-3303

County Inmate Search in Mississippi

Sours: http://www.inmatesearchmississippi.org/Hinds_County.html

Hinds County Inmate Search (Mississippi)

Perform a free Hinds County, MS public inmate records search, including inmate rosters, lists, locators, lookups, inquiries, and active jail inmates.

The Hinds County Inmate Search (Mississippi) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Hinds County public records. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis.

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Hinds County Inmate Searchhttp://www.co.hinds.ms.us/pgs/apps/inmate/inmate_query.aspSearch Hinds County inmate query by name, city, or pin number.

Hinds County Inmate Search & Jail Rosterhttps://www.co.hinds.ms.us/pgs/apps/inmate/inmate_query.aspSearch Hinds County, Mississippi inmate roster by first and last name, gender, DOB, and find visitation, contact, and commissary program policies.

Find Hinds County Inmate Records

A Hinds County Inmate Search provides detailed information about a current or former inmate in Hinds County, Mississippi. Federal, Mississippi State, and local Hinds County prison systems are required to document all prisoners and public inmate records on every incarcerated person. An Offender search can locate an inmate, provide visitation and contact information, and it may include the inmate's offenses and sentence.

Learn about Inmate Searches, including:

  • How to locate an inmate in Hinds County, MS
  • Find out who is in jail
  • Where to get arrest mugshots online
  • How to call, visit, and send money to inmates in Hinds County jail or prison
  • When someone will get out of jail or prison

Inmate Search near Hinds County

Hinds County Public Records

Sours: https://www.countyoffice.org/ms-hinds-county-inmate-search/

County inmate hinds

Hinds County Jail Inmate Archive Search

Hinds County Jail Inmates

As of 2021/10/15 08:29:54

NameBooking #ImageBond Amt
STRONG, MALCOLM7800149351MugshotNot Applicable
PERRY, STEVEN7800141959MugshotNot Applicable
BERRY, MICHAEL7800125328MugshotNot Applicable
ROSS, COREY7800120039MugshotNot Applicable
PINKSTAFF, LACEY7800103601MugshotNot Applicable
CHAMPION, JERALKA7800095036MugshotNot Applicable
LAMB, SHAMARA7800064151MugshotNot Applicable
BROOKS, JOHN7800039186MugshotNot Applicable
SIMMONS, TANYA7800021951MugshotNot Applicable
SPOONER, KARA7700099788MugshotNot Applicable
BUTLER, STEFFON7700099773MugshotNot Applicable
HAGLER, JOHN7700099772MugshotNot Applicable
PORTER, JUSTIN7700099753MugshotNot Applicable
BOUNDS, AMBER7700099752MugshotNot Applicable
BECKLEY, DENNIS7700099751MugshotNot Applicable
HOLMES, KEVIN7700099728MugshotNot Applicable
DUCKWORTH, GREGORY7700099727MugshotNot Applicable
DRAIN, KENNETH7700099726MugshotNot Applicable
TOWNSEND, GLENNISHEA7700099725MugshotNot Applicable
HICKS, DIXIE7700099719MugshotNot Applicable
HILL, KENNETH7700099718MugshotNot Applicable
RANDLE, MACK7700099709MugshotNot Applicable
MYLES, DEMARIUS7700099708MugshotNot Applicable
DINKINS, EDDIE7700099704MugshotNot Applicable
SINGH, AMANDEEP7700099697MugshotNot Applicable
MCBETH, LINDA7700099695MugshotNot Applicable
POTTS, BOBBY7700099694MugshotNot Applicable
DULANEY, ALAN7700099684MugshotNot Applicable
JONES, DEVARTRUS7700099683MugshotNot Applicable
DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER7700099682MugshotNot Applicable
HARVEY, REMY7700099677MugshotNot Applicable
LAWSON, SIRGIZMAN7700099675MugshotNot Applicable
DOUGLAS, DARLYN7700099672MugshotNot Applicable
BRANTLEY, CONTRELL7700099671MugshotNot Applicable
MCDOWELL, DAEQUAN7700099666MugshotNot Applicable
HAYNE, VALDA7700099659MugshotNot Applicable
PRICE, DANIEL7700099649MugshotNot Applicable
SHAVERS, DENTREL7700099647MugshotNot Applicable
ROBINSON, CRAIG7700099645MugshotNot Applicable
BROWNLOW, CHARLES7700099640MugshotNot Applicable
LINDSEY, THEODUS7700099635MugshotNot Applicable
MOTEN, RAKIM7700099626MugshotNot Applicable
KYLES, JERRICHOS7700099623MugshotNot Applicable
KNOWLES, VICTOR7700099618MugshotNot Applicable
HAWKINS, MALLORY7700099616MugshotNot Applicable
ARCHER, CHELSIE7700099614MugshotNot Applicable
TAYLOR, KONTRAUS7700099613MugshotNot Applicable
BYRD, ANGELIA7700099611MugshotNot Applicable
MINTON, ANGELA7700099598MugshotNot Applicable
ELDRIDGE, KENDRAVIUS7700099596MugshotNot Applicable
MCGEE, ERIC7700099595MugshotNot Applicable
JONES, ANTREAL7700099594MugshotNot Applicable
ROBINSON, DEVANTE7700099589MugshotNot Applicable
MARTIN, TIFFANY7700099585MugshotNot Applicable
DUKES, ANTWAIN7700099581MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, KITO7700099580MugshotNot Applicable
CUMMINGS, EDDIE7700099573MugshotNot Applicable
MCINTYRE, SHERRY7700099559MugshotNot Applicable
LAWSON, MARCUS7700099545MugshotNot Applicable
GRANGER, ANASTACIO7700099543MugshotNot Applicable
BROWN, TRESTON7700099541MugshotNot Applicable
CATCHINGS, JONATHAN7700099540MugshotNot Applicable
COLLOM, ERICA7700099530MugshotNot Applicable
HALE, PAXTON7700099523MugshotNot Applicable
MCCORD, TERRELL7700099522MugshotNot Applicable
MCGEE, TAVARIUS7700099519MugshotNot Applicable
PAIGE, SENTOBIA7700099518MugshotNot Applicable
BUCKLEY, MARTINE7700099517MugshotNot Applicable
WASHINGTON, MICAH7700099516MugshotNot Applicable
CAVETT, ANTHONY7700099508MugshotNot Applicable
WILDER, JESSIE7700099506MugshotNot Applicable
RICHARDSON, JUSTIN7700099492MugshotNot Applicable
JOHNSON, KEVIN7700099490MugshotNot Applicable
PIERCE, CARROLL7700099483MugshotNot Applicable
BOYD, BARDIN7700099481MugshotNot Applicable
JONES, VERNA7700099470MugshotNot Applicable
JAMES, SHAWANA7700099447MugshotNot Applicable
SHOEMAKER, JAMES7700099444MugshotNot Applicable
CRUMLEY, NATHANIEL7700099439MugshotNot Applicable
SIMON, EVAN7700099438MugshotNot Applicable
JONES, JOHN7700099437MugshotNot Applicable
THOMAS, RICKY7700099435MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, JAMES7700099434MugshotNot Applicable
WILLIAMS, JOHNATHAN7700099433MugshotNot Applicable
DILLE, LINCOLN7700099432MugshotNot Applicable
WALKER, MENTRAVEION7700099415MugshotNot Applicable
WILKES, WILLIE7700099407MugshotNot Applicable
MOORE, DEMION7700099401MugshotNot Applicable
RAY, ASHLEY7700099399MugshotNot Applicable
WASHINGTON, CLEVELAND7700099395MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, FREDRICK7700099392MugshotNot Applicable
MORMENT, DEANGELO7700099391MugshotNot Applicable
WILLIAMS, RODERCUS7700099389MugshotNot Applicable
JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER7700099388MugshotNot Applicable
FORTE, MAURICE7700099367MugshotNot Applicable
MOORE, KEITH7700099366MugshotNot Applicable
BOYD, ALLISON7700099359MugshotNot Applicable
BODDIE, LEONARD7700099357MugshotNot Applicable
BAKER, VINCENT7700099346MugshotNot Applicable
HUDSON, PAUL7700099341MugshotNot Applicable
JOHNSON, DEMARCUS7700099340MugshotNot Applicable
PARKER, GIROUD7700099338MugshotNot Applicable
JORDAN, SINATRA7700099337MugshotNot Applicable
MCNAIR, KASHID7700099335MugshotNot Applicable
BAILEY, ELISHIA7700099330MugshotNot Applicable
LEAVY, CHASMINE7700099329MugshotNot Applicable
ALEXANDER, KHAMARI7700099325MugshotNot Applicable
BALLARD, DALLAS7700099322MugshotNot Applicable
BROOKS, JAMIE7700099320MugshotNot Applicable
PAYMON, DEMARKION7700099303MugshotNot Applicable
BARNES, ALONZO7700099302MugshotNot Applicable
WILLIAMS, JUSTIN7700099301MugshotNot Applicable
SAMUEL, JOHNNY7700099299MugshotNot Applicable
LEWIS, JOSHUA7700099290MugshotNot Applicable
DEES, ANDREW7700099277MugshotNot Applicable
COWART, TIJAHL7700099275MugshotNot Applicable
MURRY, ANTHONY7700099271MugshotNot Applicable
SPANN, SHELBY7700099269MugshotNot Applicable
KENNEDY, MARCUS7700099268MugshotNot Applicable
PARKER, WILLIAM7700099267MugshotNot Applicable
KELLY, JEFFERY7700099263MugshotNot Applicable
HENDERSON, RUSSELL7700099262MugshotNot Applicable
BOYD, JONATHAN7700099259MugshotNot Applicable
LINSON, EMMANUEL7700099250MugshotNot Applicable
HARRIS, GLEN7700099231MugshotNot Applicable
ALEXANDER, CHARLES7700099220MugshotNot Applicable
STEVENSON, DARIUS7700099207MugshotNot Applicable
ALLEN, QUWANDERUIS7700099205MugshotNot Applicable
CASTON, DUBOISE7700099201MugshotNot Applicable
DUNN, BRADLEY7700099196MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, DAVION7700099182MugshotNot Applicable
JACKSON, CORY7700099174MugshotNot Applicable
LEWIS, PAUL7700099165MugshotNot Applicable
HUDSON, JAMERIO7700099164MugshotNot Applicable
DOZIER, RENSHAW7700099162MugshotNot Applicable
PICKETT, DENNIS7700099155MugshotNot Applicable
FINCH, DEMONTE7700099154MugshotNot Applicable
MAKEE, VON7700099152MugshotNot Applicable
JOHNSON, JORDAN7700099151MugshotNot Applicable
ANDERSON, DAMEIN7700099149MugshotNot Applicable
BANKS, BENNIE7700099147MugshotNot Applicable
ADAMS, JAZMIN7700099141MugshotNot Applicable
SHORT, MONTERRIO7700099140MugshotNot Applicable
BAGWELL, ROGER7700099135MugshotNot Applicable
BASS, EDDIE7700099124MugshotNot Applicable
HEARD, MARCUS7700099120MugshotNot Applicable
JORDAN, PORSHIA7700099117MugshotNot Applicable
MAHONE, BOBBY7700099109MugshotNot Applicable
BRYANT, TEREZ7700099098MugshotNot Applicable
SHORT, TIAN7700099095MugshotNot Applicable
BROWN, DESMOND7700099089MugshotNot Applicable
WASHINGTON, CALVIN7700099088MugshotNot Applicable
CALLAHAN, TRAMAIN7700099077MugshotNot Applicable
BROWN, JOE7700099074MugshotNot Applicable
MOODY, MALACHI7700099071MugshotNot Applicable
BANKS, MICHAEL7700099070MugshotNot Applicable
O'BANNER, FREDRICK7700099065MugshotNot Applicable
WILLIAMS, DEEIA7700099064MugshotNot Applicable
WILLIAMS, JEREMARIO7700099062MugshotNot Applicable
LANEY, ASHLEY7700099058MugshotNot Applicable
MCDONALD, JOSHUA7700099057MugshotNot Applicable
CLEMENTS, OLAJUWON7700099047MugshotNot Applicable
MCNEAL, GERALD7700099041MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, VALENCIA7700099040MugshotNot Applicable
HINES, TRACEY7700099038MugshotNot Applicable
BENNETT, DIQUAN7700099037MugshotNot Applicable
DELANEY, CHRISTOPHER7700099035MugshotNot Applicable
WRIGHT, MICHAEL7700099032MugshotNot Applicable
NEAL, JAMIE7700099029MugshotNot Applicable
MILNER, SHELLEY7700099024MugshotNot Applicable
TABB, CONSTANCE7700099017MugshotNot Applicable
GATES, STEPHANE7700099015MugshotNot Applicable
HARPER, KENNYRALE7700099006MugshotNot Applicable
GARNER, DONALD7700098998MugshotNot Applicable
BROWN, MARQUEZ7700098997MugshotNot Applicable
SHANNON, TIMOTHY7700098993MugshotNot Applicable
STEWARD, KENNETH7700098992MugshotNot Applicable
BARNES, JOHN7700098982MugshotNot Applicable
THOMPSON, DERRICK7700098972MugshotNot Applicable
MITCHELL, CRYSTAL7700098966MugshotNot Applicable
PETERSON, MELVIN7700098953MugshotNot Applicable
HOLLOWAY, CHRISTOPHER7700098947MugshotNot Applicable
THOMPSON, ADRIAN7700098940MugshotNot Applicable
COLEMAN, MYKAL7700098935MugshotNot Applicable
REY, KATELYNN7700098933MugshotNot Applicable
MANNING, LOYD7700098926MugshotNot Applicable
POLAND, BILLY7700098920MugshotNot Applicable
PEOPLES, DEVONTA7700098917MugshotNot Applicable
ALEXANDER, BERNARD7700098914MugshotNot Applicable
HIGGINBOTTOM, RAEJONN7700098902MugshotNot Applicable
HUDSON, KARL7700098893MugshotNot Applicable
COOPER, DENEVA7700098887MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, JOSHUA7700098884MugshotNot Applicable
BROOKS, STACY7700098881MugshotNot Applicable
SIMMONS, JAZZLYN7700098880MugshotNot Applicable
HUNTER, FREDERICK7700098877MugshotNot Applicable
HOLYFIELD, SAMUEL7700098867MugshotNot Applicable
LEWIS, DEMARCUS7700098862MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, MARQUAIL7700098857MugshotNot Applicable
TILLMAN, MICHAEL7700098854MugshotNot Applicable
ALEXANDER, KIONTE7700098849MugshotNot Applicable
GIBSON, KADARIUS7700098841MugshotNot Applicable
ANTHONY, JIMMY7700098840MugshotNot Applicable
LEWIS, STEVEN7700098834MugshotNot Applicable
BROWN, TRAVIS7700098815MugshotNot Applicable
SHAHEED, HAMIN7700098807MugshotNot Applicable
ELLISON, JOHN7700098806MugshotNot Applicable
FITZHUGH, RUSSELL7700098805MugshotNot Applicable
ROBINSON, JUSTIN7700098801MugshotNot Applicable
RICHEY, VERDELL7700098790MugshotNot Applicable
THOMPSON, DARIUS7700098787MugshotNot Applicable
TATE, BREONNE7700098783MugshotNot Applicable
COLEMAN, LASHONDA7700098763MugshotNot Applicable
WOLFE, DEMARCO7700098748MugshotNot Applicable
WHITE, SHAQUILLE7700098742MugshotNot Applicable
MCCRAY, MICHAEL7700098738MugshotNot Applicable
KYSER, MARQUELL7700098734MugshotNot Applicable
TRAVIS, CHARLES7700098730MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, MICHAEL7700098729MugshotNot Applicable
DAVIS, COURTNEY7700098724MugshotNot Applicable
JOBE, NATASHA7700098717MugshotNot Applicable
COURSE, STEVEN7700098711MugshotNot Applicable
FULGHAM, ANDREW7700098704MugshotNot Applicable
ROBINSON, JEREMIE7700098700MugshotNot Applicable
WOMACK, GARY7700098694MugshotNot Applicable
BEAUCHAMP, TERRY7700098690MugshotNot Applicable
CHAMBERS, JAVARIS7700098687MugshotNot Applicable
VARNELL, CARLOS7700098686MugshotNot Applicable
JONES, ANTHONY7700098677MugshotNot Applicable
RODGERS, CHRISTOPHER7700098675MugshotNot Applicable
MCLAUGHLIN, MALCOLM7700098671MugshotNot Applicable
HARPER, MARCUS7700098668MugshotNot Applicable
MCLIN, COURTNEY7700098664MugshotNot Applicable
RODRIGUEZ, TOMAS7700098647MugshotNot Applicable
SELLERS, AMBER7700098645MugshotNot Applicable
WALLACE, BARRY7700098638MugshotNot Applicable
HOUSTON, CORTEZ7700098622MugshotNot Applicable
MUNGIA, TELSE7700098619MugshotNot Applicable
THOMPSON, SHEILA7700098610MugshotNot Applicable
NELSON, XAVIAN7700098607MugshotNot Applicable
MYERS, JEFFERY7700098605MugshotNot Applicable
FULGHAM, JOSHUA7700098604MugshotNot Applicable
HOPKINS, KWIANA7700098603MugshotNot Applicable
DAVIS, MARQUIS7700098599MugshotNot Applicable
CATCHINGS, JAEMON7700098598MugshotNot Applicable
HOBSON, DARIUS7700098597MugshotNot Applicable
BUTLER, KAMERON7700098596MugshotNot Applicable
GORDAN, CLIFTON7700098594MugshotNot Applicable
DUKES, LAMINKA7700098582MugshotNot Applicable
SHANKS, DIANA7700098572MugshotNot Applicable
AMMONS, DAMIEN7700098568MugshotNot Applicable
MARTIN, MICHAEL7700098566MugshotNot Applicable
CASTON, ROBERT7700098561MugshotNot Applicable
MAGEE, ZIMRAN7700098556MugshotNot Applicable
TAYLOR, KADARIUS7700098546MugshotNot Applicable
TAYLOR, CLARK7700098534MugshotNot Applicable
LITTLETON, RANDY7700098531MugshotNot Applicable
WASHINGTON, RESHARD7700098520MugshotNot Applicable
WASHINGTON, ODARRON7700098502MugshotNot Applicable
TALL, BYRON7700098496MugshotNot Applicable
SNELL, DEMARIO7700098493MugshotNot Applicable
OWENS, LARRY7700098487MugshotNot Applicable
FORD, HARKATAN7700098470MugshotNot Applicable
KYLES, CORTEZ7700098468MugshotNot Applicable
WHITE, TAMMY7700098464MugshotNot Applicable
BROWN, CAJANIA7700098463MugshotNot Applicable
HARDY, LAZAR7700098459MugshotNot Applicable
BEAUCHAMP, ERIC7700098454MugshotNot Applicable
TAYLOR, ERIC7700098442MugshotNot Applicable
GARRETT, KEREN7700098437MugshotNot Applicable
HARPER, DESMOND7700098413MugshotNot Applicable
SMITH, ZALORIE7700098407MugshotNot Applicable
VAUGHN, DIALLO7700098402MugshotNot Applicable
PARKS, SIDGRID7700098397MugshotNot Applicable
READUS, HARRY7700098394MugshotNot Applicable
WALDEN, MONEQUESLIA7700098385MugshotNot Applicable
HUNT, ROBERT7700098371MugshotNot Applicable
PORTER, DEBRA7700098369MugshotNot Applicable
CHAMPION, JESSICA7700098355MugshotNot Applicable
CAMPBELL, KIARA7700098354MugshotNot Applicable
MITCHELL, DASMOND7700098337MugshotNot Applicable
WELLS, DOMINIQUE7700098335MugshotNot Applicable
PARNELL, MARION7700098327MugshotNot Applicable
MORRISON, OCTAVIOUS7700098322MugshotNot Applicable
MCKEE, RANDY7700098316MugshotNot Applicable
LUCKETT, NICHOLAS7700098310MugshotNot Applicable
ODOM, PATRICK7700098305MugshotNot Applicable
BROWN, JOSHUA7700098293MugshotNot Applicable
IRBY, KATHLYN7700098290MugshotNot Applicable
WILLIAMS, STEPHON7700098289MugshotNot Applicable
COX, ANTINA7700098273MugshotNot Applicable
BEASLEY, JAMES7700098271MugshotNot Applicable
MCGEE, JESSICA7700098269MugshotNot Applicable
JIMMERSON, ALEX7700098258MugshotNot Applicable
JONES, XAVIERROMAN7700098242MugshotNot Applicable
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Sours: https://www.usbondsmen.com/mississippi/hinds-inmate-directory-search.php
Hinds County jail riot

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A leaked inmate transfer form ordering a Hinds County detainee to be relocated to a lower-security unit at the Raymond Detention Center has prompted a major policy change at the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday, WLBT received a document showing Board of Supervisors President Credell Calhoun had ordered detainee Miguel Forbes to be relocated to the Raymond work center.

Forbes was arrested by Clinton Police in July for being a convicted felon in possession of a concealed weapon. He previously had been convicted of selling marijuana and completed his sentence in 2017.

The order was approved by Assistant Warden Travis Crain, despite the document showing that Forbes did not qualify for the move based on his behavior.

It also shows that Crain signed off on the transfer, despite being advised that Forbes “did not meet the classification criteria for the work center.”

This form leaked to WLBT shows that Board of Supervisors President Credell Calhoun ordered an...

Sheriff Marshand Crisler said he learned about the order from WLBT and that to his knowledge, the detainee had not been moved.

However, as a result of the order, the sheriff said he was implementing a new standing order to prevent such transfers from happening without his knowledge.

“The previous administration had a relationship with the board of supervisors where the president of the board may make a phone call on behalf of a constituent so that the inmate may be relocated,” he said. “That is not uncommon... but it’s not a policy that I support.”

He did not say what administration put the policy in place and did not know how long it had been place.

Sources who spoke to WLBT on the condition of anonymity that supervisors in the past have never been able to order inmate transfers.

Crisler has been in office for roughly a month. He was appointed sheriff in mid-August by the board of supervisors following the death of Sheriff Lee Vance. Voting in favor of him were Supervisors Calhoun, Bobcat McGowan and Vern Gavin. Supervisors David Archie and Robert Graham abstained.

A special election to fill the remainder of Vance’s term is slated for November 2.

Crisler said his new policy would require all supervisors’ requests to come directly to his office, and that once he receives the requests, he would evaluate them and make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

“It’s not about control. It’s about maintaining a strict protocol when moving inmates,” Crisler said. “That should be under the purview of the sheriff’s office. Thank goodness, I have a fantastic relationship with the board of supervisors and I’d like to keep it, quite frankly.”

He said that no employees would be disciplined for following Calhoun’s order, because they were not violating any policy that was already in place.

“If a supervisor had the latitude to reach directly out to the jail, to the general administrator and her subordinates and say, ‘Hey, I want to move an inmate,’ it’s not anything they failed on,” Crisler said. “We have to make sure we tighten up the policies in place and put new policies in place.”

Calhoun, who represents District 3, issued the directive on September 16.

The supervisor, though, says that it was not an order but a request. “I don’t order anything with the jail,” he said.

Calhoun said he made the request after being contacted by Forbes’ family. He said the family asked if the detainee could be transferred to the work center so he could begin paying off fines.

“The facility administrator said it was doable and that’s what I requested,” he said. “I thought it was a pretty good deal for Hinds County because we’re definitely overcrowded at the detention center.”

“We’re trying to do as much as we can to relieve our burden. And we’ve had quite a bit of breakout of COVID, so we’re trying to reduce that number as much as we can,” Calhoun added.

The facility administrator is Maj. Katherine Bryant, who was hired by the county recently. Byrant referred all questions to Crisler.

Calhoun was not aware of Forbes’ charges, nor was he aware of how much the detainee was facing in fines.

Crisler did not know how many detainees were currently being held at the detention center. However, he said the jail right now is not overcrowded.

Forbes is currently being charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a concealed weapon, being in possession of a stolen firearm, possession of marijuana, and disorderly conduct.

He was arrested on July 12 and was awarded $100,000 in bonds on the firearm charges, according to the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office.

Crisler said he has already reached out to supervisor members, who are supportive of his new policy, adding that is the prerogative of the sheriff to determine whether detainees are moved.

“In this case, I’m certain this inmate was not vetted well enough. And that’s my job,” he said. “As sheriff, with this new policy I will be implementing, (I) will vet each inmate on a case-by-case basis before we move them from one facility to another.”

Forbes is facing multiple charges, including being a felon in possession of a concealed weapon.

Copyright 2021 WLBT. All rights reserved.

Sours: https://www.wlbt.com/2021/09/18/leaked-inmate-transfer-order-prompts-policy-change-hinds-county-sheriffs-office/

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