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The Road to Divadom - DNC AF2  

As a child, Laila had an inspirational encounter with a piper at the Lake Mechieume in Jugner Forest. In order to become a great dancer like Laila, you should seek a skilled musician to play a tune for you.

If you had recently done the quest The Unfinished Waltz - DNC AF1, you must wait one game day before being able to start this quest. You must also be a Dancer of at least lv50 or above. Talk to Laila to start the quest.

Zone into Jugner Forest (S). This should start a CS. After the cutscene, you must find the Glowing Pebbles (just like for the flag quest) which is at I-5 for another cutscene. You will be asked to bring Yagudo Glue. This item drops off of Yagudo Bards in the past. You don't need to be DNC main for the item to drop so you may even get this item before you start this quest, if you choose.

Once you get this item, you MUST be DNC main to trade the glue to the Glowing Pebbles in Jugner (S). After the cutscene, return to Laila in Jeuno for one more cutscene and to recieve your Dancer's Tights!

This quest is part of the dancer artifact gear quest series. The complete series includes:

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the The Road to Divadom Spoilers page.

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Sours: https://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/quests.html?fquest=1030
Also some opinions about the the content, may as well share it for the sake of discussion.

Inc wall of text.


If you're only going to go after a single Dagger, the best all-around performer is Terpsichore. It's either #1 or #2 for all of our WSs, and during TP Phase it comes first.

I dont agree with this. I get that terp is king of melee mythic for long time so people naturally feel that way, and career dnc can probably parse very high with terp too. But Im going to pick best all around performer thats either #1 or #2 for all of ws its most likely to be R15 Twashtar.

For zergs, Twashtar offhand cento is quite far ahead of other combo for grand pas zerging from what Ive seen.

For "I hold TP wait for SC opportunity" situations described in the guide, it also favors Twashtar because of tp overflow favoring rudra and longer tp phase favoring white dmg.

If warcry/crystal blessing is up(common in zerg sitations) it also favors rudra.

Rudra also has overall more versatile SC property than PK.

The top 2 rudra weapons are Aeneas and Twashtar. The best AE weapons are Aeneas, twashtar and tauret.

Twashtar is best offhand for nearly all dagger ws if you cant offhand cento.

If NM has amnesia, or takes 10x more white dmg like certain ambu, it also favors Twashtar.

Twashtar is usable by brd and thf too. 1 REMA usable by 3 jobs.

From reward ratio stand point Twashtar is clearly the best IMO. Its being used in more situations overall.


Pure Zerg/High Buffs:

1-Twashtar/Centovente Spamming Rudra with Building Flourish.
2-Tauret/Twashtar Spamming Evisceration with Building Flourish.
3-Terpsichore/Twashtar Spamming Pyrrhic Kleos with Building Flourish and Saber Dance up.

Im not convincee that spam building on recast is the ideal playstyle in high buff situations. Use JA to boost ws avg favors situations with longer ws cycle time but with shorter ws cycle time its value greatly diminish.

Some quick math to illustrate what I mean.

Assuming you have 2 equally geared dnc with ws cycle time of 5 sec, each does 25000 per ws. Dnc A spams ws at 1000 tp, dnc B uses building on recast and presto step whenever its up to keep up the FM. whenever dnc B ws they gained 20% ws dmg boost for 30000 dmg each ws.

After 60 sec dnc A will do 25000x12=300000 ws dmg total.

Dnc B JA cycle will be presto(+1 sec) step(+1 sec)building (+1 sec). By the time B does 1st ws 8 sec already passed. Next ws will take 5 sec because building isnt up but one after next will be 6 sec. Then repeat 1st JA cycle. Basically do BF every 2 ws and presto step every 2 BF.

So Ws cycle time should looks like this:

1st WS: Presto step building (8 sec, 3FM left)
2nd WS (5 sec, no JA used)
3rd WS: Building (6 sec, 0 FM left)
4th: 5 sec
5: 8 Sec 3 fm
6: 5 sec
7: 6 Sec 0 fm
8: 5 sec
9: 8 sec
10:5 sec

By the time dnc B DD for 61 sec, they only do 10 ws. 5 with building, 5 without. total ws dmg: 25000x5 + 30000x5 = 275000.

Basically, dnc B does less dmg in longer time than A who only spams.

If you extend ws cycle time for each dnc B will catch up, and eventually beat A if cycle time is really long.

Tl:dr: it seems to me that building best used if player is Slowed, haste dispelled, or closing SC. Certainly not in super buffed zergs when everyone spams ws every 5 sec.

Other small things:
1) I feel the guide could use a shark bite set. Its a useful frag ws for sc and doesnt require merit nor aeonic main hand.

2) I think the guide could have a section for multi step SC since its important part of job. See DRG guide on bg wiki.

Many people like to suggest evis > rudra > rudra but thats certainly not the strongest 3 step for weapons good at other ws such as tauret or terp. Exen > pk > evis is a much stronger 3 step for tauret for example.

3) I think the guide could also talk about other pt roles, such as main healing. Fan dance 5/5 lowers divine waltz 2 to 12 sec with recast- gears if I calculate correctly. Between single target waltz and divine 1 dnc should be able to comfortably replace a whm as a healer on things that doesnt spam aoe status ailment.

Anyways, just my 2 cents. Thanks OP. Opinions are welcomed.
Sours: https://www.ffxiah.com/forum/topic/53853/the-last-dance-iii-a-dancers-guide-new/
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RNG AF(R)50DavoiGuslam(H - 8)Hunter's Jerkin  Ranger - 6Unbridled Passion - RNG AF3(R)50Windurst WoodsPerih Vashai(K - 7)Ice Arrow, Hunter's Socks Paragon of Ranger Excellence Red Mage - 1The Crimson Trial - RDM AF140Southern San d'OriaSharzalion(K - 6)Fencing Degen  Red Mage - 2Enveloped in Darkness - RDM AF250Chateau d'OraguilleCurilla(I - 9)Warlock's Boots  Red Mage - 3Borghertz's Vermillion Hands(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Warlock's Gloves  Red Mage - 4Garlaige Coffer - RDM AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Warlock's Tights  Red Mage - 5Oztroja Coffer - RDM AF50Castle OztrojaGuslam(H - 8)Warlock's Tabard  Red Mage - 6Peace for the Spirit - RDM AF3(R)50Chateau d'OraguilleCurilla(I - 9)Warlock's Chapeau Paragon of Red Mage Excellence Samurai - 1The Sacred Katana - SAM AF1(R)40NorgJaucribaix(K - 8)Magoroku  Samurai - 2Yomi Okuri - SAM AF2(R)50NorgJaucribaix(K - 8)Myochin Sune-Ate  Samurai - 3Quicksand Coffer - SAM AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Myochin Haidate  Samurai - 4Borghertz's Loyal Hands(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Myochin Kote  Samurai - 5Uggalepih Coffer - SAM AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Myochin Domaru  Samurai - 6A Thief in Norg!? - SAM AF3(R)50NorgJaucribaix(K - 8)Myochin Kabuto Paragon of Samurai Excellence Scholar - 0Scholar's Pants - SCH AF(R)50Bastok Markets (S)Loussaire(G - 10)Scholar's Pants  Scholar - 0Scholar's Loafers - SCH AF50Bastok Markets (S)Loussaire(G - 10)Scholar's Loafers  Scholar - 0Scholar's Gown - SCH AF(R)50Bastok Markets (S)Loussaire(G - 10)Scholar's Gown  Scholar - 1On Sabbatical - SCH AF1(R)40The Eldieme Necropolis (S)Erlene(J - 8)Klimaform Schema  Scholar - 2Downward Helix - SCH AF2(R)50The Eldieme Necropolis (S)Erlene(J - 8)Scholar's Bracers  Scholar - 3Seeing Blood-red - SCH AF3(R)50The Eldieme Necropolis (S)Erlene(J - 8)Scholar's Mortarboard  Summoner - 1The Puppet Master - SMN AF1(R)40Windurst WallsJuroro(I - 8)Kukulcan's Staff  Summoner - 2Class Reunion - SMN AF2(R)50Windurst WallsEvoker's Spats  Summoner - 3Borghertz's Calling Hands(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Evoker's Bracers  Summoner - 4Toraimarai Coffer - SMN AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Evoker's Pigaches  Summoner - 5Uggalepih Coffer - SMN AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Evoker's Doublet  Summoner - 6Carbuncle Debacle - SMN AF3(R)50Windurst WallsRipapa(I - 9)Evoker's Horn Paragon of Summoner Excellence Thief - 1The Tenshodo Showdown - THF AF1(R)40Windurst WoodsNanaa Mihgo(J - 3)Marauder's Knife  Thief - 2Borghertz's Sneaky Hands(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Rogue's Armlets  Thief - 2As Thick as Thieves - THF AF2(R)50Windurst WoodsNanaa Mihgo(J - 3)Rogue's Bonnet,    Thief - 4Oztroja Coffer - THF AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Rogue's Culottes  Thief - 5Zvahl Coffer - THF AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Rogue's Vest  Thief - 6Hitting the Marquisate - THF AF3(R)50Windurst WoodsNanaa Mihgo(J - 3)Rogue's Poulaines  Warrior - 1The Doorman - WAR AF1(R)40Bastok MinesPhara(J - 9)Razor Axe  Warrior - 2The Talekeeper's Truth - WAR AF2(R)50Bastok MinesDeidogg(H - 6)Fighter's Calligae  Warrior - 3Borghertz's Warring Hands(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Fighter's Mufflers  Warrior - 4Nest Coffer - WAR AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Fighter's Mask  Warrior - 5Zvahl Coffer - WAR AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Fighter's Cuisses  Warrior - 6The Talekeeper's Gift - WAR AF3(R)50Bastok MinesDeidogg(H - 6)Fighter's Lorica Paragon of Warrior Excellence White Mage - 1Messenger from Beyond - WHM AF1(R)40Northern San d'OriaNarcheral(M - 6)Blessed Hammer  White Mage - 2Prelude of White & Black - WHM AF2(R)50Chateau d'OraguillePieujeHealer's Duckbills  White Mage - 3Garlaige Coffer - WHM AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Healer's Cap  White Mage - 4Nest Coffer - WHM AF(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Healer's Pantaloons  White Mage - 5Pieuje's Decision - WHM AF350Chateau d'OraguillePieujeHealer's Briault Paragon of White Mage Excellence White Mage - 6Borghertz's Healing Hands(R)50Upper JeunoGuslam(H - 8)Healer's Mitts  
Sours: https://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/quests.html?fqtype=Artifact

A most elegant set of characteristic red clothing, accentuating the Dancer's performing ability across the board. Unlike most other Artifact sets, this tailor-made attire comes in both male and female versions, designed to enhance their charismatic and inspiring appearance. The set provides useful bonuses to a wide variety of Dancer-related stats, and also offers additional utility to a few job-specific abilities. Note that this set has different versions for male and female characters; however, their statistics are identical, so gender is ignored here for the purposes of this page.

Number of Pieces: 5
Storage Options:
Armor Depository 500 gil for set on pick up.
Will receive Dancer's attire claim slip upon trading whole set to npc.

Porter Moogle with Moogle Storage Slip 04
Can store single pieces.

Sours: https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Dancer%27s_Attire_Set

Af ffxi dancer

She used to miss him a lot when he met with friends and stayed late at work, but here everything is completely different. A new apartment, a new city, a new job, a new life in which only the two of them and no one else. Gerard belongs to her one hundred percent and he is constantly at home.

Final Fantasy XI: Dancer Guide

She uttered the last phrase with a bag in her hands, for which she managed to hit the hallway. Somewhere, I remember exactly, Lizka muttered, dumping the contents of the bag. Sveta's eyes widened when she saw a pile growing on the table.

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I understood everything, soon the client, and I joke like an asshole. His mouth was covered by her plump lips. She sat on it.

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