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The Forge of Creation (Naruto Gamer SI)

Slowly dipping the red hot blade into the bath of water it lets out a hiss as the glowing blade Rapidly cools down.

After about a minute I take it back out and remove it from the tongs.

My first blade.

It was fucking horrible.

Smithing has Reached Level 2

Your END has increased by 1.

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There were jagged bits at the side and the blade itself was uneven. Its weight was completely off balance. All in all even a dying Shinobi would not use the blade that I just made.

Father opened his hand wordlessly requesting for the blade and I hand it to him.

He inspected it all over. Carefully going about every detail.

"You know I think I'll hang this on the wall."

"What?" My eyes opened wide. Why would he want such a ridiculous piece of metal? And why hang it? To shame me?

He seemed to somehow understand what I was thinking. "boy, you know when I first took the art of blacksmithing my first creation was a helmet for my Ma. When I gave her the iron helmet I had smithed do you know what she said? She said Thank you for the nice Wok and asked what I would want for dinner. She didn't know that it was a helmet. "

I snorted at the mental image of a bicycle helmet being used for a Wok.

Dad's grin widened." I know right? Though I never ever told her that it wasn't a wok. And she's still using it as a wok even today. So I'd say this is actually pretty impressive work son. As you improve you'll get better."

I nodded.

"Well, I think it's time we go pick your sister up. Ya coming?" he asking as he placed my blade away.

I nodded and followed along.


I glanced around as we waited by the academy gates.

The academy had was fairly.big.

About 6 floors?

It was quite interesting.

"So, you want to join the Academy, boy?"

I shook my head. "Negative."

"Oh? You don't want to be a Ninja?"

I nodded. "Restrictive, No Freedom."

"I see, I suppose that's true, as a Ninja you can't just leave the Village whenever you like to. You'd have to file a permission slip for a Leave or Vacation and even then it's not certain that you'll be allowed to take your Vacation outside the Leaf. "

I nodded solemnly. Being ninjas were cool and all but I prefer my freedom remained intact.

That also meant I needed to grow stronger.

Oh here comes. Tenten.


Asking my father for permission I left the house towards the market.

There were quite a lot of stalls and shops with different kinds of products.

I was searching for a certain shop...

Ah, there you are.

I had to get a taste of this place.

Ichiraku Ramen. Let's see what's so special about it.

Heading inside I took a seat on a stool as the waitress turned around.

"Welcome to Ichiraku Ramen, may I take your order?"

She asked as she handed me a menu.

Hmm. Let's see.

Chicken Ramen, Pork Ramen, Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Tonkotsu Ramen, Sheo Ramen...

Oh, wait. My eyes fell onto something that stood out.

Red Hot Habanero Ramen.

I pointed towards it.

Ayame gave a small smile. "One Red Hot Habanero ramen coming up."

"Oh? It's been a while since someone had ordered that. I made that Ramen for a very special customer of mine. It's very spicy are you sure?"

I nodded as fast as I could.

"Alright then."

As I waited for a familiar smell wafted through the air and my nose twitched.

The smell of Habaneros. The most delicious chilli in existence. It had a special taste and smell that couldn't be replicated by any chilli powder and was not present on any other Chilli, as they were the goto chilli in the Maldives and as Maldivian, I smell reminds me of the home in my previous life.

After the last King of Maldives އަލްއަމީރު މުޙަންމަދު ފަރީދު ދީދީ. (Al'amīru Muḥanmadu Farīdu Dīdī) passed away in 1969, came Ibrahim Nasir, the first President, but after him came Maumoon Abdul Qaiyoom. And the Golden Ages of the Maldives ended. A tyrant had gotten to Power while the rest of the world remained ignorant of his true nature, to the Maldivians he was a Nightmare. He was a tyrant of his own calibre, denying the citizens the freedom of knowledge and hunting down renowned scholars and throwing them in jail or executing them. Knowledge of religion was forbidden.

With the knowledgeable scholars in Jail, he had them tortured. Any Religious books burnt even from public libraries. However, the Maldives is a very small country. Even when I had died the population-averaged about 250,000. If anyone was caught with a Religous book or anything similar they were captured and thrown in jail, tortured or executed.

So religion had to be practised in secret and Religious book smuggled in as if they were drugs.
Slowly and steadily Books Knowledge and Religion were smuggled from person to person. When one person had finished learning a book they would smuggle it to someone who the knew and hadn't learned it yet.

And so 30 Years later in 2008. We were finally free of the tyrant. Abdul Gayoom's opponents and international human rights groups had accused him of employing terror tactics against dissidents, such as arbitrary arrests, detention without trial, employing torture, forced confessions, and politically motivated killings. Abdul Gayoom's tenure was marked by corruption, for a country so small, appalling human rights abuses and instances of torture.

After the Tyrant came the Fool named Nasheed. While he was not as bad as Qayoom his short rule was him taking the money of the citizens and putting them in his pockets and for selling our freedom.

The Maldives. one of the Countries that had freedom for literally ever he sold out to the Indians and the American's by selling them several Islands and allowing them to build military bases there. Just because of his greed.

Yet even though the difficulties, we continued, moving forward together. I wonder what's happening over there now?

"Here you go, one Red Hot Habanero Ramen. Enjoy."

I shook my head as I snapped out my fugue.

It was a large bowl of ramen with eggs, Narutomaki, and the what made it special the Habanero.

I broke apart the chopsticks and took a bite.

It was spicy.

I took a sip of the broth.

It was delicious.

I kept the bowl down letting out a sigh as tears rolled down my cheeks.

But it reminded me of home. The pristine white beaches, the green harbour, the times I played on the beach with my parents. Climbing the coconut palms, making snacks, going to school, watching anime with my parents and I died at the age of 19.

A virgin and without a girlfriend.

"KId are you alright, I told you it's spicy!" Teuchi looked concerned.

I shook my head. "Just reminded me of home."

But I have a new life now, and I'm going to live it the best that I can.

I gave them a smile and Teushi gave a sigh of relief then I took another mouthful of ramen and broth.

"Water!" I gasped unable to take the burning in my mouth anymore.

Ayame had a glass of ice water ready.

Downing glass I felt the burn lessen a bit and then I took another bite and another sip of the broth.

I enjoyed the deliciousness of the Habanero flavour for a few more seconds before the burn started to become unbearable again.


And so by the time I had finished the bowl of my stomach completely full as I gave it a satisfied pat.

You have consumed Red Hot Habanero Ramen. Your STR and END are Multiplied by 2 for 6 hours.

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Level 8
HP: 672/672 (5376/5376) (STR * AGI * END)
MANA: 72/72 (INT * WIS) Regen 88/min (WIS * PER)
Chakra: 64/64 (128/128) (END * WIS)
EXP (6120/6400)
STR: 12 (24)
PER: 11
AGI: 16
WIS: 8
INT: 9
END: 8(16)

Status Effects: Overdrive.

Gamer's Mind (Toggled) ON/OFF
Gamer's BODY (Toggled) ON/OFF
ID Create Lvl 1 (Active)
Smithing Lvl 2

Skill Points: 0
Status Points: 0

Skill Shop

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Clicking on overdrive a second screen pops up.

STR and END are Multiplied by 2 for 5:59:54.

You have consumed a Legendary Item. The Red Hot Habanero Ramen that Kushina Uzumaki had craved for when she was pregnant with her child and ate in amounts that should in all sensibilities not considered healthy. Causes the body to increase its metabolism to double. providing a huge energy boost. It also increases the bodies heat output due to the increase in metabolism. Once the time expires Strength and endurance are reduced by half as the body requires rest.

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No wonder. You could get a bowl of normal ramen from about 1200 Ryo to 2000 for the big ones

My wallet cried that night.



Chapter 1


*New Game*


Naruro stared at the yellow lines in front of him.

"What does that mean??" He thought, confused. Standing in a very, very Dark place where only these lines were the only signs of light.

See, Naruto here had a pretty old cup ramen last night ( he didn't no, couldn't buy new ones, don't judge him) and went to sleep. But instead of waking up in his room, he woke up here.

Now, Naruto hadn't played many RPG games, (or any video games for that matter) But he heard a lot about them!! And as Naruto was very curious, he hit the *New Game* option, (He isn't stupid enough to chose *Death*!!) immediately a screen popped up -

You have been chosen to be the "Gamer!" of this World!!

You have chosen the *New Game* Option!

Meaning You have died already!!

Cause of Death : Poisoning!!

Death Count : 1

You have not created any *Save Points*!!

Thus you have to start the game from the very start.



( As you have chosen the option *New Game* You can't chose the option *N*)

(The option *Y* has been accepted automatically!)

Welcome again to the game known as "Life"

Starting in 3...



Naruto blacked out before he could even think anything.

*You have slept in a bed!!

HP and CP restored!!*

This is what Naruto saw when he woke up.


Player : Uzumaki Naruto

Lv.3 Ninja Student (Standard starting level for someone learning to be a Ninja) (Level Up available)

HP(Health Points) : 120/120

CP(Chakra Points): 80/80 (Own)

?? /?? (?????)

STR (Strength) : 12

STA (Stamina) : 28

SPE ( Speed) : 24

INT (Intelligence) : 8

WIS ( Wisdom) : 4

DEX( Dexterity) : 12

LK ( Luck) :??? (Unpredictable!!)


"Huh? " Naruto thought, " What are these?? These look just like the RPG game charecters profile!! "

Naturally curious, he pressed the *Next* Option

Can't be accesed Now. *

"Then why even have the option? " He grumbled.


So he pressed this. As he did, everything went to normal.

"???" He didn't really think anything. Everything was pretty weird today.

As he was going to the bathroom, his eyes fell into his broken mirror, There was a yellow line on the top of his head -

Player : Uzumaki Naruto

Lv.3* NinjaStudent

He wanted to look more but his saw the clock, so he rushed to get ready and go to the academy.

As he was running towards the academy there were a lot of sounds of *ping* and may screen popped up. There were also yellow lines on the head of every people. He ignored everything in favour of running.

He reached the Konoha Ninja Academy with little time left. He quickly entered his classroom.

Just like before everyone had yellow lines on top of their heads.

He went in the back and sat by Choji, a kid who was nice to him and was currently munching on chips.

Naruto wanted to know what those screens and sounds were for. But there wasn't a single one of them now!!

Say or Think "Menu" to access features!

"The heck!! " Naruto thought, "where did that come from!! "

I think we have established that Naruto is very very curious ( and stupid).

So he thought the word "Menu"

And a screen popped up!! --



About (not accessible for player)

Settings (not accessible for player)

As he could not access the About and Settings, he wanted to access profile. But thinking again, he chose Notifications beacuse there was a lot of starts by it's side.

And holy shit there were notifications. Like a lot of them. So Naruto started looking --

#Speacial skills have been created by doing speacial tasks!!

1) Observe lv.2 (73 Per.) - allows player to observe objects, people etc. This will tell more details about what is being observed as it is leveled up.

2) Detect Bloodthirst lv.4 (93 Per.) - allows the player to detect bloodthirsts from people

3) Sprint* - lv.2 (7 Per.) - allows the user to run faster

#Level Ups!!

Observe leveled up!! lv.1 - lv.2!!

Detect Bloodthirst leveled up!! lv.1 - lv2!!

lv.2- lv3!!

lv3- lv.4!!

Sprint leveled up!! lv.1 - lv.2!!!


You ran very fast!! additional 1 points for SPE!

You are thinking a lot!! additional 1 points for INT!! additional 1 points for WIS!!


Level UP available!!

Naruto now had a pretty good idea about whats going on! He played a game where a guy's life turned into a game.

"Guess that's what happened to me!! " Naruto thought, not caring about anything else.

( I mean, he is a idiot currently..actually I just didn't want Naruto to ask what all this was cause I had no idea how to write that scene or whatever, so don't judge me - author)

After going through the notifications he clicked on Profile. Immediately a screen popped up -

Level Up?


"of course" Naruto thought as he pressed "Y"

Player Leveled Up!!

Lv.3 - lv.4!!

lv.4- lv.5!!

You have additional 5 points to assign!

You have additional 5 points to assign!

(In total, currently you have 10 points to assign to basic attributes!)

Another screen popped up automatically -


Player : Uzumaki Naruto

Lv.5 ( 46 Per.) Ninja Student

HP(Health Points) : 180/180

CP(Chakra Points): 120/120 (Own)

?? /?? (?????)

STR (Strength) : 18

STA (Stamina) : 42

SPE ( Speed) : 36 ( 1)

INT (Intelligence): 12 (1)

WIS ( Wisdom) : 6 (1)

DEX( Dexterity) :18

LK( LUCK) :??? ( Unpredictable)

(next)(Currently not accessible)

Points : 10

Naruto, not thinking assigned 7 points to STR! and 3 points to WIS! leaving him with no more points

So his some of his attributes ( STR : 18 plus 7 = 25and WIS: 6 plus 3 = 9) a bit.

At this point Iruka sensei called Naruto and told him to focus.

So he decided to research on this later and...

fell asleep on his bench...

So, my first fic. I know, I know, there are a lot of mistakes. And I know it seems rushed...But still, thought I could write a gamer! Naruto fic. So I did this...why am I even writing this, no one's gonna read it...

  1. Pine hollow longbows
  2. Menards job application
  3. Polaris pumps motors
  4. Material ui button

Fanfic / Naruto: Game of the Year Edition

A Naruto fanfiction written by Majin Hentai X. Takes the concept of a Peggy Sue and adds an interesting twist: what if the character sent back (in this case, Naruto) suddenly finds themselves at a "Game Over" screen, and soon realizes their entire life has become a video game?

...Well, in Naruto's case, an opportunity to do things over again through leveling up, defeating "boss characters", and collecting secret inventory items.

...And dying. Lots and LOTS of dying.Thank the Game Makers for Save Points.

The game begins here.

New Tropes//>>Load Tropes<<//Extras//Options//Help:

  • Ambiguous Gender/Dude Looks Like a Lady: On some servers, Haku.
  • Anchored Ship: Naruto decides, after a talk with Iruka, not to pursue either Sakura or Hinata romantically, considering all the ill-will towards him and the many way's he's been brutally killed, until he's strong enough to deal with the situations that he runs into on a regular basis. It doesn't stick, though, after Hinata kisses him in a post-sleep delirium. Now the two seem to be going fairly steady.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Of all the end-of-game penalties to Naruto's score (i.e. breaking his nindo, losing a precious person, etc.), one penalty is "Ignored Hinata". Naruto being Naruto, he STILL doesn't get it
    • Also "Died a virgin: -1000 points". That's biggest penalty he gets for any single infraction!
      • Of course considering that Susano is the main programmer it makes a lot of sense.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: Plant!Zabuza’s protruding plant parts.
  • Bad Future: When Naruto summons a female older version of himself, she tells that her world has almost reached its approaching bad end. It doesn’t help that Naruto’s interference causes fatal injuries to her already weakened body.
  • Brain Bleach: Naruto attempts to do this via Head Banger. He fails.
  • Cannibalism Superpower: Bijū can apparently devour chakras of demons or other bijū.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: ...Hoo, boy. Naruto's reaction when he hits the Game Over screen the first time is not to be printed on a family-friendly wiki.
    • Or when he actually finds out Hinata likes him....
  • Compelling Voice: One of the sound village ninjas uses this on Naruto.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Naruto, as in canon. However, he slowly starts to shift away from "moron" and towards "badass" due to collecting several Intelligence stat powerups.
  • Deus ex Machina: Since Naruto’s inside a game, the author feels free to hand-wave some plot advancements onward through convenient glitches that power-up the needed NPCs.
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap: Naruto acquires an OPed demonic sword, but it gets stored away in a bus luggage compartment shortly after.
  • Evil Weapon: The Cursed Katana is very much this. Powered by Kyuubi's malicious chakra? Check. Hostile towards anyone else that tries to touch it? Check. Lights anything non-Naruto it touches on fire? Ohoho, check.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Of all things, Haku's gender.
  • Gender Flip: Haku’s gender first gets changed from an ambiguous male into a Schrodinger’s gender (he keeps switching between male and femlae with each reset of the universe), then gets locked in the female mode.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Zabuza.
  • Hermaphrodite: Naruto seems to have troubles even reading about one’s existence, which seems at least strange, given some of the techniques he’s fond of using.
  • Hit You So Hard, Your X Will Feel It!: A subtle example of this happens during the Chuunin Exams. Sasuke, high off his rocks on morphine, is kicked in the balls by Tenten in retaliation for uncharacteristic perviness. He doesn't react one iota, but Uchiha Madara, patriarch of the Uchiha clan, falls to the ground writhing in pain half a world away.
  • I Can't Hear You: Naruto after the Kyubbi mentions it might be masturbating.

    ""NOPE! NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE!" Naruto lung himself into the air. "I CANNOT NOPE HARD ENOUGH! NOPENOPENOPE!" he ran in circles in the kitchen, flailing wildly. "ALL ABOARD THE NOPE TRAIN TO FUCKTHAT VILLE!""

  • Jerkass Gods: The Game Makers however, they show a tiny bit of kindness; when Hinata's Yamato Nadeshiko subroutine is accidentally activated, they leave it on in order to give her a better chance of surviving the Invasion of Konoha.
    • Chapter 20 shows just how jerkass-ish these gods can be. After Jiraiya loses his temper at two of them they sabotage what they themselves are working towards by cutting him off from all outside help, other Sysadmins' help included, purely out of spite. They didn't make things impossible, just so much harder. To the point where one of the other gods actually apologizes to him.
      • To make things worse. The god that apologizes? Susano. Yes that Susano. When you are so much of a Jerkass that Susano apologizes you know this trope is in effect.
  • Idiot Ball: Naruto has some, occasionally, when the author isn’t sure how to push the plot in the needed direction (e.g not remembering many important details from his first life; letting Zabusa’s body be taken away; dying from slipping a foot, falling into river and drowning, etc);
  • I Know Your True Name: The Fourth Hokage is said to have known the name of lightning, which implies that natural phenomena have true names in this world.
  • Karma Meter: One is in place, and as of yet, Naruto is on the Good side. There seem to be no extra powers for being of a particular karma as of yet, but there are certain jutsu and weapons that he must have certain karma to use (the only one seen so far is Zabuza's sword).
  • Made of Plasticine: On different occasioncs, Naruto manages to both render himself unconscious and get himself killed merely by slipping a foot.
  • Marionette Master: Naruto even gets a long-term quest to find who this person is.
  • Mind-Control Music: Haku has such a technique.
  • Monster Arena: The Hellspawn Pit, fashioned in a similar matter to the Bloody Palace from the Devil May Cry games; a bonus area that Naruto finds in the Forest of Death filled with one hundred floors, with a Boss Battleagainst a tailed beast every ten floors. Of course, Naruto is a bit confused when he looks around and only counts nine doors...then Kyuubi tells him to look down... The place is so terrifying that Kyuubi himselfbegs Naruto never to go back to it.
  • My Greatest Failure: Naruto has several of these, most recently failing to get Kin to talk willingly, which leads to Ibiki implementing his own methods.....
  • Nerf: Naruto, during training for the Chunin Exams, stumbles on a brilliant idea: why not send a crowd of Shadow Clones in all directions to find the stat powerups? Unfortunately, after using this a couple times, he is kindly informed by an ANBU operative that using that technique could be interpreted as being used to spy on other candidates, and if he uses it again in that fashion, he'll be disqualified. Fortunately for Naruto, this seems to be an issue only during the Chunin Exams.
  • Out of Character: In-Universe. The glitches sometimes makes people act very strange and completely out of character.
  • People Puppets: Ingrown tentacles variety.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Zabuza’s last words of warning are frustratingly vague.
  • Power Perversion Potential: The Hyuga's perversion tic is commented on by the Kyuubi in an argument with Naruto, pointing out that not only does Neji activate it randomly around Tenten, but that the girl with X-ray vision is the only girl not fangirling after Sasuke, but him. Naruto is oddly happy at that statement.
  • RPG-Mechanics Verse: Skill points, skill checks, perk unlocks, achievements, etc.
  • Status Quo Is God: As it often happens in Peggy Sue rewrites, the main plotline advances almost the same way as in canon, with Naruto’s actions seemingly having no real long-lasting effects at all, except passing through the plot arcs with a better style and saving more people on the way (e.g. Gaara and his siblings still run away during the Chūnin exam finals, even though Gaara wasn’t seriously injured this time around).
  • Sudden Game Interface: The option to Peggy Sue only appears after his first death, in the form of floating text boxes.
  • Sweat Drop: The author is apparently unaware that they’re writing a story and not a script for an anime adaptation.
  • Talking Is a Free Action: Naruto manages to “covertly” deliver a whole paragraph of text of warning to a character without anyone thinking their unnatural interaction strange.
  • Time Stands Still: Naruto has the option of pausing the video game at any time by saying the word "pause". Unfortunately, as he discovers during his battle with Itachi, he can't actually attack anyone while in this mode. ...until he is given the option of Skill Tiers, that is.

Is this a bribe from Kutov. - I asked the blue-eyed beauty quietly, but very sternly, and began to closely monitor her reaction. Tanya was frightened, her lips trembled, it seemed that she would jump. Up and run away.

Gamer fanfiction naruto

Unlike Olga, who cannot be called lush, all the more thick, but she had a small tummy, and impressive boobs of the 4th size were. Attached to it. We drank all evening, the girls smoked, so there was a thick fog of cigarettes in the kitchen. The girls said that today I can stay in their chair to sleep and we can not rush anywhere.

We finished off my bottle of vodka and the remnants of martinis that the girls had by 1 am and went to watch TV, alcohol did not work too.

What If Naruto Had RPG Gamer Ability -Part 7- (OpNaruto)

Entered and immediately clung to a young slender body, longing for affection and love. The boy had a light, unshaven stubble, which the girl really liked, during the caresses with the tongue, this was what gave an incredible tickling effect. Having played a little with their hands and tongue, with a neat appetizing crack, the couple moved on to a deep passionate blowjob, from which even the saliva of the.

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It was decided to make the sortie late at night. After waiting for the scheduled time, Vlad changed into old clothes, and, taking a bucket under the potatoes for conspiracy, set. Off. Throwing out the obstructed manhole, he went down. A long, rusty staircase went deep underground in an unknown direction.

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