Lt1 fuel injector

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* Provides precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for increased power, improved throttle response, and better fuel economy
* All new units, not modified stock units or remanufactured from used cores
* New low mass disc design ensures accurate metering control even at ultra low and high duty cycles
* Operates at higher fuel pressure without loss of metering control. Great for blown applications where increased fuel pressure and precise metering are required
* State-of-the-art manufacturing processes reduce flow deviations between injectors to improve performance
* Low and high impedance designs available to match most commercial applications
* Stock Injectors are 24 LB HR

These Accel fuel injectorsfeature a Bosch style pintle design for increased fuel atomization.

For more help in choosing the correct injectors, please check out our Tech Blog


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Net Weight2
Car Years 1
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Originally Posted by boostednutView Post

The common thread in all the builds I've seen so far (well the majority of them) is to upgrade to both the lt4 pump and injectors.

Has any shop/any individuals explored which one is actually the limit? I've seen at least a post or two suggesting that the lt1 injectors really aren't the issue, but the pump is. It would make sense that the pump is solely the limit, as an increased fuel lobe will take the fuel system noticeably further. (Low pressure issues assuming to be fixed).

Any comments, thoughts?

The limits of the LT1 engine are all very closely intertwined around whp. GM developed this engine to make hp and when you exceed that you run into multiple problems.

1. Fuel - you oversimplify with the LT4 pump and injectors. The car has both a low pressure side fuel system (electric in-tank pump) and a high pressure (mechanical) pump system. The biggest power boost can be gained by upgrading the low side pump. Not a lot of discussion about this because it is easy. Any of the pump upgrades from gen5 port injected cars can be used to supplement the low side.

High side upgrades are the main limiting factor in these engines. It is really hard to get the amount of fuel required to make big power through a tiny direct injector in a fraction of a second. High side upgrades currently can be done with a cam (increased lobe size gives more pump from mechanical pump), pump upgrade, or injector upgrade. Because the car uses direct injection these options are very limited. To this day very few aftermarket parts exist that are better than the stock GM parts and those that do exist are very expensive. Lingenfelter sells a hp pump and injector set for $ and that is as far as I know the only direct injection system than can dyno hp period. No other systems can touch this power level stand alone. The GM stock LT4 pump and injectors will give you around hp max and it is really best to run them as a set. The injectors are designed to run a certain fuel pressure. The LT1 pump and injectors were developed along side each other and so were the LT4 parts. You can run the LT4 injectors on the LT1 pump but they are not as efficient and same with the LT4 pump with LT1 injectors.

Perhaps the easiest way to overcome this direct injection fuel restriction is to add a port injection system on top of the direct system. This is exactly what GM did to get the power they wanted from the new ZR1 corvette engine. Many builders have done this to make big power builds but so far the factory computer does not support this and the aftermarket is a cluster of not well tested products. There is no doubt in my mind this is the direction we are heading to beat the limits of direct injection but the tech is still relatively new.

2. Compression - The stock LT1 is to 1 compression. Boost has a multiplication effect on the compression ratio of an engine and when you add a forced induction system you are very limited in the boost you can give the engine before the fuel is so compressed you get detonation. If you run alcohol this not an issue but most of the fuel sold in the USA is less than 10% alcohol. In reality that means unless you are making specialty purchases of fuel like E85 or race gas the LT1 engine is only going to safely make about whp on a tune where you could drive the car across the country and buy gas at the pump.

3. Piston and ring design - the LT1 was not designed to run boost and many, many people that have boosted the LT1 engine over whp have experienced an engine failure related to pistons, rings or even rods. To be honest the previous GM LS pistons and rings were better able to handle boost than these new LT1 engines. The stock LT1 engine really needs a piston and ring upgrade if you plan to take the engine over whp and run it hard.

In my opinion the LT1 is about a whp max engine without major upgrades. The LT4 is about a whp engine without major upgrades because GM adjusted the compression ratio and piston and ring problems. So, not just the LT1 injectors or mechanical pump but a cluster of limitations.
SS -AGP twin Borg Warner EFR's, LT4 mechanical pump, LT4 injectors, Walbro low side, Castrol SRF. whp/ tq

ZL1 -ADM - LSX 6 bolt, O-ringed block built by LME. Twin PT turbos. RPM custom manual trans, RPS Quad carbon clutch, 9" Hendrix rear diff & axles. ADM/squash fuel system, Ron Davis radiator, Spal fans, AGP air to air, turbo plumbing. LPE oil cooler, rear bushing upgrade, roll baretc. rwhp + mph, best Texas mile to date.
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lt1 fuel injectors

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    lt1 fuel injectors

    i was tols to use 30lbs injectors with the le2 package will the stock fuel pump and regulator work and when i look at the pcmforless application for tune it says to use stock fuel pressure which is 42 right dose anyone have a link to injector and pressure table and im also confused i can inqure a nitrous kit for dirt can they tune it for a shot max and not affect driveabilty i proably will only use it a few times and i dont want the car to run extremely rich were it will be hard starting

  • ,  AM#2

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    I am going to be using the stock fuel pump to get it running and then switch out to a ractronix fuel pump kit and reuse a stock fuel pressure regulator. I have a bottom end with LE2 heads. The less stuff you change at the same time you do a head and cam or entire engine swap, the less you have to question. They can tune it for NOS but I would do that down the road on a dyno tune after you break it in and sort out all the bugs but thats just me.

  • ,  AM#3

    97bluebird is offline

    I have 30lb injectors on my car with LE2 heads. You don't need a new fuel pressure regulator. Your tuner will dial in the fuel pressure, but the pump really needs to be changed. Run your engine lean one time and you can say goodbye to it.

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    stock fuel pressur is about psi right so go with a wallbro or racetronix with stock fuel pressure and regulator and ill be ok

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    racetronix is a wallbro but yes.

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    best lt1 heads combo

    just poll i pretty much am ready to go but for the last time what would be the best set up
    le2 heads cam and intake
    lt4 conversion comp cam
    trickflow 64 cc comp cam
    edelbrock lt4 rpm
    advance induction package
    need rwhp tired of being slow or sub with gm cam next time ill only bug you guys when i cant get it running

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    QuoteOriginally Posted by View Post

    just poll i pretty much am ready to go but for the last time what would be the best set up
    le2 heads cam and intake
    lt4 conversion comp cam
    trickflow 64 cc comp cam
    edelbrock lt4 rpm
    advance induction package
    need rwhp tired of being slow or sub with gm cam next time ill only bug you guys when i cant get it running

    Some good and not so good in there but what bottom end are you going to be running? Stock bottom end with the LE2 and one of his custom cams will get you very close but the compression has to be some what high.
    I looked at the Trickflow 's with the 54 or 56 cc chambers and they made right around or so at the wheels but that was thier cam grind and I don't remember what it was.
    Edelbrock: People say don't bother.
    LT4 you can do it but having the lt1 heads worked by Lloyd or advanced is going to make them flow better than a stock lt4 head or edelbrock lt4 head. not to mention you have to buy the lt4 intake.
    Advanced induction can do any head you want and make power out of them cuz they flow them like what Lloyd does, BUT be ready to spend a bit more with them. I got a quote from them for a set of trick flows and the entire top end was going to be just under 5K smackaroos. It would be realy nice and done right but I just did not have that kind of a motor in mind.
    Trickflow heads you better see if you can find them right now. Summit ran out of the 's and said they have no clue when trickflow would be running that head in production again. the 's are really ment for blower and NOS apps unless you are going to have a piston in it that will boost the compession back up. you need to stay at to for N/A , only way to make the power on a unless you add a blower or nos.
    Another head you may look at is the AFR's or Air flow reaserch heads. They make a nice head as well and they flow great numbers. I guess what I should have said is you need heads that are flowed or flow very good. Thats were the power comes in. but you have to know what bottom end you are going to have so you can get the chamber volume right as well as the clearance you need for the valves depending on what lift cam you are going to be using.
    Last edited by JaycenK; at PM.

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    trailblazer ssss is offline
    Junior Member trailblazer ssss's Avatar

    what head an cam package should a friend of mine use if he is staying stock bottom end an wants a nice amount of power,he wants it to lope hard i know but doesnt have the money to buy a bottom end.

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    i just got my trick flow x heads summit has them

  • ,  PM#11

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    QuoteOriginally Posted by trailblazer ssssView Post

    what head an cam package should a friend of mine use if he is staying stock bottom end an wants a nice amount of power,he wants it to lope hard i know but doesnt have the money to buy a bottom end.

    Put LT headers on it and call it day untill he can do it right. If it is high millage no sense. If low call Advanced induction or Lloyd Elliot, or buy an out of the box kit like the trickflow system, or air flow reasearch heads.

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    what the part number for the ford 30 lbs injectors

  • ,  PM#13

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    Junior Member

    i have part number fms-mbb they fit but the fuel rail when i push on to the intake one side pops of and the factory c clips wont allow me to position the injector rifht so the harness can clip do i need the c clips?

  • ,  AM#14

    97bluebird is offline

    They should plug right in, mine did.

  • Sours:

    Fuel injector lt1

    Fuel injector is one essential part of any modern engine, even for your LT1. But the lifespan is limited, calling for change at suitable intervals.

    And you’ll have to make replacements to avoid devastating damages. Here, we have the best fuel injectors for LT1 with all the necessary details.

    Check out the immediate comparison of our preferred choices.

    Best Fuel Injectors for LT1 &#; Comparison Table

    ProductKey FeatureCompatibilityPrice
    1. MOSTPLUS Fuel InjectorECU Tuned Injection

    Check on Amazon

    2. ALAVENTE 4 Holes Fuel Injectors Nozzle KitPrecise Fitment Details

    Check on Amazon

    3. JEM&JULES CC EV1 Fuel InjectorsHighly Active Impedance

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    4. MOSTPLUS Fuel Injectors 42lb 15° Spray Cone Pattern

    Check on Amazon

    5. JDMSPEED New Set (8) 36lb Fuel InjectorStatic CC Flow Support

    Check on Amazon

    What is Fuel Injector?

    Fuel injector is one automotive part of initiating the combustion. It simply supplies the engine with a consistent amount of fuel.

    How Does a Fuel Injector Work?

    Its design features a spray nozzle to inject fuel into the engine cylinder. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) gives a signal to the injector. Right there, the solenoid plunger gets backward to spray fuel through its atomizing nozzle. It maintains a definite time, pressure, angle, pattern & amount.

    5 Best LT1 Fuel Injector Reviews

    Only the primary specs get on the table to establish the comparison. But you have a lot of other details awaiting in the individual discussion. Start digging into the best LT1 fuel injector replacement reviews from below.

    1. MOSTPLUS Fuel Injector

    MOSTPLUS Fuel Injector

    Technical Details

    • Brand: MOSTPLUS
    • Model:
    • Weight: pounds
    • Dimensions: x x inches
    • Connector Type: EV1
    • Injector Design: Metal & composite plastic
    • Filter Design: Basket filter design at inlet

    Match all the internal system requirements with the perfect aftermarket replacements.

    It’s rather difficult to beat MOSTPLUS in terms of a fuel injector. Its featured injector pack comes % tested to ensure maximum support.

    Fuel automation with individual characteristics exceeds all the crucial OEM specs. And the price tag appears relevant to initiate a preferable balance.

    Features & Benefits

    Premium Quality

    Two different sets of materials make up the best fuel injectors for LS1. Sturdy metal with a steady plastic combo gives an enduring life. 4-hole disc with pre-installed O-ring initiates a direct, hassle-free replacement.

    Integrated Nozzles

    Absolute accuracy in spray pattern imparts more effective vaporization of the fuel. Not to mention, the spray initiates a 15° cone application. Extreme control over the quality promotes the action from every aspect. The inclusion of the basket filter at the inlet gives excellent infiltration.

    Functional Actions

    Interior seal rings maintain a stable intact. And it reduces hydrocarbon emission through minimal fuel exposure. Accelerate response gets better to save your precious fuel on MPG. Every specification comes standard, letting you enjoy a proper fitment.


    1. Already installed O-rings.
    2. Composite plastic combo.
    3. Direct replacement specs.
    4. Overall mileage increase.


    1. Slightly limited fitment.

    Check Price on Amazon


    2. ALAVENTE 4 Holes Fuel Injectors Nozzle Kit

    ALAVENTE 4 Holes Fuel Injectors Nozzle Kit

    Technical Details

    • Brand: ALAVENTE
    • Weight: pounds
    • Dimensions: ‎ x x inches

    Don’t hesitate to replace the factory originals with OEM satisfying automotive gears.

    The next one looks like a solid copycat of our first intentional choice. ALAVENTE includes everything essential for its functional all-in-1 package.

    An exact match to the system requirements is the foremost thing to notice. Likewise, the price comes satisfactory for its competitive service.

    Features & Benefits

    Durable Framing

    Likewise, the building includes a sturdy combination of materials. It immediately leads to incremental longevity to promote the action. Not to mention, the heavy-duty metal portion gets to support the built-in composite plastic.

    Precise Fitment

    Whether it’s Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro Corvette Impala – the design comes to fit. Precise detail allows direct replacement, saving further hassles. It takes no time to complete the setup. And the change will start to recover the lost efficiency over defection or failure.

    Superb Features

    These best LT1 fuel injectors feature integrated basket filter media. Standard 15° spray cone imparts high impedance regarding coil resistance. The consistent gain measures ms/MG against a ms offset.


    1. Extended design compatibility.
    2. Top-notch material framework.
    3. Superior acceleration response.
    4. Standard flow rate at pressure.


    1. Sudden failure at speed.

    Check Price on Amazon


    3. JEM&JULES CC EV1 Fuel Injectors

    JEM&JULES CC EV1 Fuel Injectors

    Technical Details

    • Brand: JEM&JULES
    • Weight: ounces
    • Dimensions: x x inches

    Improve the mechanical action of your automobiles through a perfect replacement.

    Another standard model to feature absolute similarity comes with JEM&JULES. It covers the basic requirements well enough for satisfaction.

    Everything remains in perfect order to continue its immediate system support. The price stands slightly higher than the standard, not exceeding the range.

    Features & Benefits

    Supportive Design

    The intended structure includes top-quality materials to ensure maximum durability. Of course, the combo still features composite plastic for metal. Apart from the lifespan, exceptional support contributes to the overall sturdiness.

    Certain Improvements

    There are several benefits you’re about to attend with the replacement. Longevity, ruggedness & fitment already counts the aspects. Also, the injection gets smooth to enable immediate response. And it saves the hassle on acceleration or economy.

    Excellent Fitment

    It’s an excellent aftermarket LT1 fuel injector upgrade, possessed with numerous plus points. Though it doesn’t come from the original factory, the fitment remains precise. The design can fit into some popular versions of Ford, Chevrolet & even Pontiac vehicles.


    1. Incredibly effective service.
    2. Different flow characteristics.
    3. Complete fuel atomization.
    4. Integration of specific specs.


    1. Not for LS1 engines.

    Check Price on Amazon


    4. MOSTPLUS Fuel Injectors 42lb

    MOSTPLUS Fuel Injectors 42lb

    Technical Details

    • Brand: MOSTPLUS
    • Model:
    • Weight: ounces
    • Dimensions: ‎ x x inches
    • Orifice Type: 4 holes Disc
    • Injector Design: Metal & composite plastic
    • Filter Design: Basket filter design at inlet

    Inject the righteous amount of fuel into the engine to promote its functionality.

    Another option from MOSTPLUS comes to the list, depicting its value. The brand intentionally integrates all the essential features.

    One noticeable fact goes with the extremely wide system computability. Meanwhile, the price comes reasonably low to hold your budget.

    Features & Benefits

    Sturdy Built

    All the integrated material comes with a good combo. And quality remains uncompromised from every possible aspect. The durable metal interior gets a composite plastic exterior. You don’t have to worry about its overall longevity.

    Improved Action

    Definite improvement in several fields should hold your attention from the beginning. Your system starts to receive a smooth fuel injecting action. And the acceleration response gets better. It saves your fuel to ensure further economy.

    Superb Use

    Overall usability counts are rather broad for the best LS1 fuel injectors. But you’re sure to get impressed with its up to compatibility. It comes to fit several popular models of BMW, Ford, Pontiac, Chevrolet & Lotus.


    1. Precisely fitting 16mm dia.
    2. Incredibly extended fitment.
    3. Absolute OEM satisfaction.
    4. Standard inlet filter media.


    1. Throughout the plastic top.

    Check Price on Amazon


    5. JDMSPEED New Set (8) 36lb Fuel Injector

    JDMSPEED New Set (8) 36lb Fuel Injector

    Technical Details

    • Brand: JDMSPEED
    • Weight: ounces
    • Dimensions: ‎ x x inches

    Ensure optimum system response through proper injection of engine fuel.

    It’s the last one, not the least to consider. JDMSPEED manages to develop a reliable LS1 fuel injector upgrade within reduced mechanical specs.

    Almost every actual spec of the injector differs from the aforementioned choices. The price tag looks reasonable enough, accounting for all the aspects.

    Features & Benefits

    Elegant Appeal

    Of course, the peculiar thing to notice is its simple yet eye-catching appeal. The composite plastic comes in a medium gray color. And the color imparts a dependable look to the design. Internal metal comes sturdy enough to uphold the lifespan.

    ECU Tuned Action

    Unlike the others, you’ll get 36 lb-hr static flow rates to induce cc-min power. It somewhat affects the overall expectancy in the outcome. You’ll need ECU tuning for its service.

    Exactly Intact

    Almost every other spec remains the same for the design. Pre-installed O-rings seal the joints from inside. An exact shape allows the system to sit in its intended position. There’s no chance of leaks with the structure.


    1. Reliable product quality.
    2. Overall MPG improvement.
    3. Long-lasting effectiveness.
    4. Accurate fitment details.


    1. Low HP induction.

    Check Price on Amazon


    How to Choose the Best LT1 Fuel Injectors?

    Engine performance highly depends on injection, concerning the fuel injector. And you have no way to compromise with certain aspects of quality.

    There are some key considerations to influence the frame towards a better outcome. Keeping the points in mind will get you the best fuel injectors for LT1.

    System Fitment

    The most obvious fact goes with the system specs, specifically the vehicle’s version. Not all designs can adopt the same gear. Therefore, you have to know your specs from the manual before purchase.

    Flow Rate vs. HP

    One peculiar consideration lies with the relation between flow rate & horsepower. For LT1 engines, the standard static flow rate should measure 42 lb-hr. And using mathematical formulas, you can count the horsepower.

    Frame Materials

    Almost all the top-quality injectors feature sturdy metal with composite plastic. You should look into the combo, especially the polymer portion. Metal quality with exterior surfacing also matters on longevity.

    Spray & Filter

    Intake filter media is one integral part of the system, letting you purify the flow. And the spray pattern should satisfy the OEM requirements. It implies a standard 15° spray pattern for any running engine.

    Internal Sealing

    Pre-installed gasket O-rings are essential to ensure a secure mechanical inside. You’re to check the whole platform closely, on its exterior side. It’s better to attend all the joints to understand any problems with the details.

    Extra Features

    Any individual injector comes with lots of mechanical specs. There are many involved features you should determine from the beginning. And you must ensure precise physical size to promote a direct replacement.

    Symptoms of Bad Fuel Injectors

    Defective or bad fuel injectors eventually cause severe engine damage. And certain symptoms are apparent upon the defect or failure. You better pay attention to the signs for prepping replacement.

    Rough Engine Idling Any vehicle’s Round Per Minute (RPM) depends on proper fuel injection. The defective injector fails to meet the engine’s demand. RPM gets decreased to cause rough idling, calling for restarts.

    Sputtering Vibrations Cylinders need a sufficient amount of fuel to fire themselves up. Reduced efficiency means fuel entrance in the cylinder system. And it causes noticeable vibration on every startup attempt.

    Frequent Misfiring Any malfunction in combustion assembly causes misfires. Other associated components may trigger the issue. But you have to check the entire system to determine the problems.

    Check Engine Light It’s another universal symptom of any defection action with the engine. Your ‘Check Engine Light on the dashboard will remain tuned on. Likewise, you’re to conduct a thorough search.

    Sudden Engine Surging Inconsistency in the spraying pattern will cause surging. Bad injectors will spray either a massive amount or a little amount. It deteriorates the combustion towards variable RPM with time.

    Fuel Puddling Leaks Failed O-ring opens the interior gasket. And the slight opening will keep getting larger with time. The spot will start spilling a fair amount of fuel on the underlying automotive parts.

    Startup Fuel Odor A heavy smell of fuel will hit your nose right after the startup attempt. It concerns an urgent engine repairment issue. No matter what happens, you should immediately consult a mechanic.

    Dropped Economy More fuel supply becomes evident with a failed injector. It directly means more refilling requirements from the station. Look at the system closely to determine the exact triggering cause.

    Failed Emission Test More leaks or more burns will contribute to the emission. Your system will keep emitting lots of burnt smoke. And you can leave the hope of passing the conducted emission test.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: Are LS1 and LS6 injectors the same?

    Answer: The specs for LS1 & LS6 injectors appear the same from the outside. However, the recent versions of LS6 may differ from the originals.

    Q: How long does fuel injector cleaner take to work?

    Answer: There’s no defined timeframe to guarantee its outcome. But you should notice changes within 50 miles or two days.

    Q: How long should fuel injectors last?

    Answer: Overall lifespan of any fuel injectors depends on several direct & indirect facts. For standard, you can consider up to , miles.

    Q: What Causes Fuel Injectors to Go Bad?

    Answer: There are many individual reasons to trigger the issue. But you don’t have to consider, unlike/occasional causes. Low-grade fuel, excessive debris/dirt/contaminants/particulates are the primary reason for initiating the failure.

    Final Words

    Several issues will start baffling your system with a defective fuel injector. It’s one integral gear of modern vehicles to ensure proper fuel flow. You better settle your decision from our best fuel injectors for LT1.

    And MOSTPLUS Fuel Injector is likely to occupy the foremost position. The special design comes to fit standard LT1 engines perfectly. Its premium serviceability will cost you some worthy bucks.

    Happy Driving.

    Pretty Girl replaces bad Fuel Injector on LT1 Firebird Trans Am

    LT1 Fuel Injector Removal

    Step on in and see how to remove the Fuel Injectors on a Corvette LT1 engine. It takes very few tools and can be done in a matter of minutes.

    As with any automotive job, safety is a primary concern. Please use eye protection and keep any ignition sources away when working around gasoline.

    With that said, lets get started on a Corvette that is getting a set of LS1 injectors installed.

    The injectors are hidden underneath the covers on a Corvette.

    The passengers side cover just snaps off when pulled upward. In order to move the drivers side cover out of the way, the throttle cable needs to be removed from the bracket.

    Use a screwdriver to lift the plastic tab upwards to slide the cable out of the bracket.

    With the cable loose, the cover can be moved out of the way exposing the injectors.

    I used a fuel pressure gauge with a hose to bleed the fuel pressure down to zero before proceeding. The valve is located on the rear of the fuel rail.

    Now the injector connectors can be removed by pressing the wire clip and pulling upward. Do this for all 8 injectors.

    Remove the 4 bolts on top that secure the fuel rail with an 8mm socket. Also disconnect the hose that goes to the fuel pressure regulator.

    Lift the fuel rail upward, start with the rear then the front. The injectors come out with it.

    The fuel lines are still connected but swivel to allow you to set the rail upside down.

    Remove the retaining clips by sliding them away from the injector as shown.

    Carefully twist and pull the injector out of the fuel rail.

    That's all there is to it, and it only took a couple of tools.

    Simply reverse the procedure for the installation, making sure to put a little oil on the o-rings so they slide into the bores easily.

    Note: I will have to reprogram the engines PCM for the larger injectors.


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    FAST™ XFI™* Fuel Injector Harnesses feature clearly labeled Weather Pack connectors and plug into FAST™ XFI™ Main Harnesses to designate your engines specific firing order. 

    Injector Harness Part Number

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