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    Brylane Home is the BEST...

    Brylane Home is the BEST store to shop for any of your home needs! I recently redecorated my home office and was able to find everything I needed at the store online! My orders made it to me very quickly and now I cannot wait to start my next home redecorating project!! I would recommend this website to anyone who needs anything for their home!

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    If I could rate Brylane Home with a zero star I would

    If I could rate Brylane Home with a zero star I would. I received a catalog that showed my item is $19.59 but when ordering then item comes up as $68.00. After emailing several times asking them to honor the posted price in the catalog I was told to call them. When calling them they told me the price was $68.00 and the catalog is wrong and they would not honor the posted price. It is not mystery why they have such low ratings and for their customer service. I told them to take me off all their mailing and email lists and I don't ever want to hear from them again. I am done with this company.

    Bathroom Product

    I have bought many items from Brylane home, and have had much success with bedsheets, however, they have had frequent “back orders for products- most recently the 4-Tier corner shower caddy. After multiple delays in shipping, it finally arrived in a box that appeared opened, retapped and mis-shapes. The caddy was also missing vital components like the internal spring which creates the necessary tension to keep it in place, as well as the end caps, it is virtually useless, and I have to send it back!!

    Very cheap products being sold

    This company’s products are horrible! Bought a gazebo not even 5 months ago and it’s already down on the ground! I wish ai could share the pictures! First it came missing some parts. When I contacted them they didn’t offer any replacement solution! Them after one good rain in Southern California where it seldom rains the next morning I find it all broken laying on the ground!!! And of course they cant offer me any refund! This company clearly doesn’t stand by it’s products. I will NEVER order ANYTHING from this place again!!!!!!

    Terrible Service

    My order showed item in stock and would ship within 7 days. Four days later I receive a reply to my status inquiry that it was on back order and a ship date wasn't available. I asked for cancellation. The Cust. Rep. couldn't provide confirmation that it would be cancelled. She explained it was a third party doing the shipping and that she sent them an email request to cancel. I asked for the third party's contact info. so I could cancel it myself, but couldn't get it. Then she said she was going to get her supervisor on the phone to confirm the cancellation and that's when she either hung up or the call dropped. There is no email address to communicate directly only a form, so tracking communication is impossible. The number they have listed with american express is bogus, belongs to a person in NY, who said had no connection with the company. I am trying to cancel through PayPal or AExpress at this point.

    Never again!

    Terrible customer service. Rude. Purchased a table online, the table arrived damaged. They refused to exchange because I used Paypal. The only way to get a refund (which is not what I wanted )was to return everything I purchased in that order. I was yelled at and treated very disrespectful. Going through a dispute,letting Paypal handle it from here. I will not purchase another thing from Bylane home,Lane Bryant or any other affiliates.

    Brylane Crazy Home

    Tried to place an order online which appeared to not go through... received no order number nor confirmation email and when I signed into my account it said there were NO current orders. I placed the order again and received an order number and confirmation email. Lo and behold I started to receive bits and pieces from both orders. As this company does not see fit to put order numbers on the shipping paperwork I could not even figure out what belonged to each order and had NO order number to reference the first order. I ordered a bedspread and received a postcard that it is back ordered until November... but I ordered it twice so are they both back ordered ???? Of course, there is NO order number so I don’t know which order they are referring to??? This is either the most disorganized and mismanaged place I have ever had the displeasure of encountering OR they purposely do this in order to confuse people so they can rip them off more efficiently.

    Return experience was AWFUL.

    Be sure when ordering its what you really want. If you don't have a Brylane account your experience will be AWFUL! Keep a record when calling. Just by the tone of few CSR's, they have no pride in their job (eating or chewing) while talking. Seriously! The tone of the voice says it all. Returned items and filled out back of the invoice listing items in place of return. Don't think they even bother to look at what I wanted in place of my exchange. They just refunded me. Guess business is not that important to them. Takes a a little over a mo for a return.

    Your company is horrible, what a rip off

    They messed up my email account, ripped me off for 500.00 even though I returned their poor quality furniture.. do not buy from this company

    Bad quality

    Spoke to Brylane Home today. i purchased 4 chenille bedspreads and just washed tow of them. they are literally falling apart. I called and was told if the item had been washed they would not take it back. Who puts anything on their bed that has not been washed? They will not take the other two back as I have had them more than 60 days (I am in the process of moving and have not yet unpacked. I have spent a good of money with Brylane Home in the past year but will no longer do business with them. A company that doesn't stand behind the products they does not deserve a loyal customer like myself.

    Faded Rug

    I purchased an outdoor rug and had it outside for about 2 months. The rug faded terribly to the point that it is now 2 different colors . Called to let them know and they said it was more than 60 days since I had purchased it and would do nothing about it. Will never purchase from this company again since they do not stand behind their products and their products don’t meet quality standards. Wish I had read the many bad reviews before I bought the rug. Also the rug was quite expensive and definitely not worth it.


    I ordered some shams to match a bedspread I ordered earlier. They came but looked like they were manufactured a century ago. They were faded and not of the quality advertised. Now I have to wait for a long time, I suspect to get a refund. I'll just file a claim against them. These people should not be in business.

    Account closed

    Just learned my account was closed. Called and they stated that they randomly do credit checks and decided to close my account.. A Gold AMEX and a $10k limit on my Discover with a 798 score and you use that excuse. Items they sell are way over priced for the quality. Look elsewhere and get better quality, better service and longer life on any items this sorry online store sells.

    Terrible quality goods

    I ordered shower curtains that were back ordered. I finally got them. They don't have the proper amount of slots to hang them. From China. Awful. I waited a long time for them and customer service would not help me at all. This is a terrible company. Stay away.

    No show return

    Ordered a 48”Christmas angel didn’t work and could find my receipt so was told to print one from website. Called to check on the return and get my refund. They have no record and I didn’t have a copy of shipping label for tracking. So they say they have no way of finding the shipping shipping label I print from their site tied to my account. Now I am having to pay for an item I don’t have. I will pay my bill but will cancel and cut up card. Very poor customer service and quality of business.

    I'm Done!

    First, I must admit that I have gotten a couple items for a decent price (using coupon codes and waiting for sale price).. However, when I returned one item for over $100, waited 10-12 weeks for it to post to my account, it NEVER did. I'm speaking to CUSTOMER SERVICE right now as I type this review, and so far I have been on the phone for almost 30 minutes. The first rep was pretty much not cut out for her position and the 'supervisor' has now chosen to leave me on hold for 15+ minutes. Now I could be jumping the gun by typing this and the supervisor could really actually be doing further investigation (making calls, waiting on response) for me but at least break-in and tell me that. So since I have the time, I'll tell you what I ordered and why it was returned... I ordered a 4pc area rug set that was supposed to be a nice shag. To my surprise it was shag, but thin and cheap. I immediately went to Walmart to see their version of what I purchased and theirs was way more fuller and better constructed. I ended up ordering a set from Wayfair... BINGO, just as described but cost a little more. That's okay because what they sent me was well worth the cost. However, I'm still on hold waiting for the 'supervisor' to wait for me to give in and hang up. NOPE. So the supervisor has told me that she will have another department review to see if they can credit my account or not. I followed the return instructions, so I don't see what the big deal is. I will pay my balance and be done with Brylane Home for good unless I just want to keep the account open and order the cheapest thing on their site, but big purchases, I suggest not with this company.

    Get your glue gun out ladies!

    We purchased the silver and gold garland (3 strands) the silver and gold wreath and the angle that lights up for a total of $317.00. I sent the angel back because it was defective and received another one that isn't so hot but it will work. Right out of the box the wreath lost a pincomb and other items, both of the loops came off one garland (used to hang it) and the gold and silver coloring is coming off on my hands. This is low quality stuff, made in China, and not worth a quarter of what we paid for it. CHEAP GOODS. Unless you want to reglue a product thats brand new, AVOID BUYING FROM THEM!!! I'm thinking these message boards are not checked given the number of unhappy customers. Shame on this retailer for selling junk. BEWARE.

    No refund on defective products

    In July I had purchased a Celestial shade it was fine when I put it up and two months later I noticed that a piece of the fabric had fallen off it was no longer usable so I called the company and they would not refund or send me a new one. Clearly this was a manufacturer's problem and by not refunding or replacing a defective item shows what horrible customer service Brylane Home has! My suggestion would be not to buy from this company!

    Trickle in Order - Poor Refund Policy

    Ordered curtains for bedroom & bath in June - Order was finically delivered in full in September. Colors were not as pictured on the website and did not match, so I returned them. Because the first partial delivery was past 90 days, I was given an instore credit. I don’t want an instore credit, I want a FULL credit to my credit card! How is it that BrylaneHome can drag out full delivery for over 90 days? I needed the full order to put my rooms together and they did not match. I will not be ordering again - OverStock delivers within the week and without issues.


    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! BELIEVE THE REVIEWS. I purchased a kitchen trash can that took 3 weeks to get delivered. They only deliver to home addresses. Will not deliver to PO Box. So if bandits are out, they can steal your package. Anyway, the website says that the inside bin of the trash can is removable. It will not come out at all. All it does is spins. I contacted the company. And all they said in an email is "You can return it." WTF!!! So, now I have to re-package it, get it back to the post office to return it. I am pretty sure I am going to have to call or argue with them when I am charged the $7.50 return fee as I shouldn't have to pay for their mistake. I can already see that happening. This company should be ashamed of their poor "customer service" and cheap **** products!

    rip off seller of junk!

    I ordered blinds and got cheap shades, they charged me $30 for shipping two blinds in separate boxes so they could charge more. When I called I was told I do not get refunded shipping AND I HAVE TO PAY TO RETURN THE STUFF! I was livid and I talked to a manager and he was worse than the crazy woman in customer service! expensive lesson

    Steal deal recliner

    I thought I was getting the perfect chair. The color, style, fabric, price were exactly what I wanted. First I was sent the wrong item, the receipt said it was a chair, but it was a big cabinet of some sort. When I finally received it, my grandson helped me put it together. It was beautiful! I can’t describe how happy I was! Until I sat in it. It was so hard Fred Flintstone would have been jealous. I could feel the wood frame work through the padding. I purchased this item in December, 2017, 7 1/2 months ago. It was (and still is) advertised as a heavy duty chair, holding up to 350 pounds. I am no where near that, but I figured it would last a long time. I’m on disability, it took me months to save up get the chair and be able to make payments. The seat padding is completely broken down, the levers that recline the chair bump and grind so badly I feel it’s going to fall apart soon. What makes this so much worse is my husband bought a recliner for $99.00 when I was pregnant and it lasted 24 years! I don’t know if this one will last 1 year. I would have sent it back, but they don’t pay return shipping and I didn’t have the money ($43.00) to sent it back. Worst purchase, and regrettable decision, I’ve made in a long time. I will never order anything of any kind from this company again!

    Don't buy from them! Terrible experience from start to finish!!

    This company is among the worst! Their website ordering is system is subpar; pricing is misleading (they send promo offers, but have raised the price of goods from a week prior so there really is no savings. Items I ordered were backordered (but I was never notified of that either during or after the order process); I still haven't received half of what I ordered over 3 weeks ago; they can't tell me when--if ever--it will come. And the "best" part is this entire order was a patio if I don't get the couch, the "set" is a moot point--they even told me I would need to pay the return shipping on the few things that were delivered if it ended up the remaining pieces are ultimately unavailable. Unbelievable! Never should have ordered from them--so many competitors, I hope they are out of business soon!!!


    I wouldn't even call it Cust Svc., because there isn't ANY. I placed an order. Said the 1 shpmnt went out. Bit the Fed ex # ] Provided didn't exist. Called cust dvd 2 x. And was told I had to wait 10 days to see if I rec'd. I told them this DID NOT SHIP, and to take it off my cc card. Which they said they couldn't until 10 DAYS passed. NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. Giving this till tomorrow and probably cancelling card. NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION, Had same problem with QVC. They shped another order out The NEXT DAY, THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE. their penalizing me for THEIR MISTAKE. THIS IS NOT RIGHT,


    I ordered a bedspread and matching shams for my sister as a housewarming gift. I placed the order on a Monday, and received an email confirmation. THREE DAYS LATER, I received an email from their "Customer Protection Group" that there was a problem with my order, and I needed to contact them. Turns out, they flagged my order as suspicious because I was shipping to a third party address - although the billing and contact info remained the same?. I explained that it was a gift, and then they asked me to confirm the shipping & billing info (the exact same info on the order). No security questions that a deviant wouldn't know!! Boy, some security team!!! My order finally shipped out on Friday - 4 days later! I spoke with a "Supervisor" to inquire why it took 3 days to contact me, when they had my contact info readily available to them? She said they have been inundated with fraudulent orders, and my order was placed in a cue, according to the order it was received. Really???? They were not willing to credit the shipping charge ($19.99), or offer any type of compensation for the inconvenience. In fact, I was told I should have ordered it sooner if I wanted it to arrive on time! What??? Needless to say, I have unfriended this company, and will no longer do business with them. I will not support a company who does not value customer satisfaction. Jamie Logan

    Sluggish shipping and wrong item

    Normally this wouldn't be an issue but this was my Christmas tree! It arrived after 11 days shipping, and it's nothing like the one I ordered, which is now out of stock. I had to argue with the CS rep to not be charged the $7.50 return fee. How they packed a tree 3ft smaller, different color, prelit not unlit, in a tub not on a stand and predecorated with cr*p instead of undecorated beats me.

    Wingback recliner

    I’ve looked at this recliner for over a year, it’s exactly what I wanted. I finally saved the money to order it, received a cabinet instead, finally got the recliner! It is beautiful! Just the right color, style, fabric, and is hard as a rock! I have never sat on such a hard piece of furniture. It makes me envious of Fred Flintstones chair. I gave it one star just because of its looks. Not only is it hard as a rock to sit on, but the “generously cushioned back” is NOT! The “extra-easy push-back mechanism is NOT! And I WD-40ed the hell out of it. I have to bump back hard twice in order for it to recline, once to loosen it, and a second time to get it to recline. The cushioning (and I use the term loosely) on the arms is so thin I can easily feel the lumber under it. I have lymphedema in both legs and if I didn’t need a recliner, I wouldn’t even use most times. Too much of a bother. Lousy chair!

    Standard $7.50 return fee! Plus "gold" sheers are ugly color

    I bought something that cost $22 and expected to make a return if I didn't like the color. I didn't like the color, but then found out there's a $7.50 return fee plus I have to pay shipping back plus a package to send it in (I knew that part). So $7.50+6=13.50 so it's not worth the $8.50 to take off work to ship this back. BTW, for anyone interested in the gold sheer curtains, the "gold" is like a dark yellowed oak floor color and not the light shimmery gold I was imagining. I will never shop here again: $7.50 is a steep return fee and there are plenty of other places that won't charge this.

    Can't help you customer service policy

    Ordered a Christmas tree on A Sunday night, Monday morning I get an email promotion; 20% OFF and FREE Shipping. Called customer service right away to see if they can apply this to my recent order. SORRY, can't do that because order is "IN PROCESS", asked if they could do it once it was out of "IN PROCESS". No sorry! You have to refuse shipment or return it for a credit, then reorder. There are any number of home store website's, don't put your money here!

    Customer service is severely lacking

    I ordered a chair that I had been wanting for months. The chair ended up being on backorder. Not a huge deal. The chair finally arrived and I knew from reading the reviews that the chair legs should've been in a zippered compartment under the chair. My zippered compartment was empty. I looked in the box and saw another box labeled "legs" This box was taped shut and completely empty. I called customer service and, after being passed around, was treated very rudely and told I would receive the legs in 2 weeks. I wasn't satisfied, so I called and asked for a supervisor and was given the same answer- 2 weeks. I just decided to live with it since I was getting nowhere. 10 days later I receive a voicemail telling me to look in the zippered compartment under the chair. I immediately called back and spoke with another extremely rude customer service rep. She said I would have to wait 2 more weeks for the legs. I was VERY unhappy at this point, but nothing I could do. The very next day I received ANOTHER voicemail telling to check the compartment under the chair. I called AGAIN to be informed the person I talked to the day before had not processed the order for my legs. I was treated the entire time like I was an idiot and trying to get something free out of them. I have been ordering from Brylane Home for years and never had such a horrible experience. I finally received the legs 3 weeks after the chair. So disappointing. I love the chair, but the quality is not there for what I paid. I think I am pretty much done with them after this experience.


    We placed our first order the beginning of August, got an email stating that 2 items were on backorder until the last week of September. I called and CANCELED those items! 5 weeks later they charged my card AND SHIPPED 1 of the items I canceled! Now they want me to refuse the package so it can be returned, then refunded 6 - 8 business days AFTER they receive the returned item. RIP-OFF! I'm sure they will NOT refund the shipping charge though! #CLASSACTION!

    Bistro Patio Table & Chairs

    No chairs available so only sent the table

    The worst!!!

    In ordered a 5 piece bistro set 6 weeks ago...... 5 weeks later 2 of the 4 chairs arrived. I am going on a two week vacation soon and thought I should check on the "status" of the remaining 3 items in my $800 + order. The first woman I spoke with was beyond rude. She then transferred me to "customer service" whom I thought I was speaking with in the first place. The man that I spoke with was as bad if not worse. Never again will l order anything from this company.

    over billing

    The first time I ordered from BH I ordered a comforter and throw. I received them timely and was happy with them. HOWEVER, BH charged my credit card account twice for these items. I called customer service to get my account refunded for the over charge and it was like talking to someone in the o-zone who just wanted to argue with me and tell me that my account was not charged twice (at the same time I am looking at my bank statement online showing the double charge)! Finally, after much back and forth I told them my refund better be back in my account by the end of the week or I would be taking legal action against them. The amount was refunded to my account. Didn't learn the first time, so here we go again. In May 2017 I ordered a shower curtain and glass wind chime. The shower curtain showed up at my home, but the wind chime was back ordered and would be here by June 21, 2017. Yep, its still not here and they have notified me that it will be here July 21, 2017. Now of course, I want to cancel that order but before calling to do so I checked my bank account and guess what, THEY TRIPLE BILLED ME ON THESE TWO ITEMS!!! So, I call customer service and once again was told that they did not over bill me (as I am sitting here looking at my bank statement on line showing the triple billing). So, I once again threated them with legal action if my money was not refunded to my account by the end of the week -- so, we will see. During this same call I requested the cancellation of the wind chime, which they replied that they could not cancel it. I wonder how many people order from BH and don't monitor their back accounts? I'll bet many and BH is raking in money and the word for that is FRAUD!!!!

    Cheap products and horrible customer service

    Every product I purchase from bh, has not lived up the standards, over priced items you can find local at a more reasonable cost. If you have a issue don't look for customer service to help you resolve the issue. They are rude and can careless about helping you.

    This company does not deserve even 1 star but I had to put one in to write a review so now I retracted that star ,!!!!!

    Heed my words ! Use a different company if they tell you even if a curtain is in back order it's is scheduled to come in to go ahead and place order don't believe them even 24 hrs of shipping out date they said they are scheduled to yea it's 31 days and still waiting now it will be 62 days before I even know again if they will really come in I have half of my window done and can't finish I would never have placed it if the rep did not assure me they would be in I ordered April 12 2017 and still don't have them they were for my mom on Mothers day and I got to give her half a window done I'm telling you use a different company Thank you for nothing but continued bad service I will tell everyone never to use your company don't even send me a magazine that's shows the same curtains you can't get month after month Maxinne haas


    I ordered once on my new Brylane credit card. My payment obviously got there 1 day late!! On a $30 balance they charged me $22 late fee!! Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!! Robbery! I put it on the mail in enough time. I can see a $5 late charge but $22?? Keep your card! product was very cheap! Don't get this card

    Poor quality company

    I bought a outdoor glider, and There is no seat panel. Why is there NO quality before shipping ?

    Bought trellis with planter box

    My husband and I have purchased a variety of products from brylane home catalog and have not returned anything or had any complaints. That is until we purchased the trellis with planterbox. In fact we purchased 2!!!! Didn't bother to read the reviews. I wouldn't even give it a 1. As stated by others too late, we had already put drainage holes in them prior to putting them together. Sooo right. They needed gorilla glue plus screws and bolts to keep the pieces together AND bricks to allow the bottom to drain. What a poorly designed item. Surprised they are still offering them. Wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. I'm not sure this product is good for except the trash heap!!!! BOO!!!!!!!! to brylane.home for continuing to offer this particular item!!!!!!!!!

    Crappy furniture!

    I ordered $800 worth of stools from Brylane Homes. The first time people sat on them the frame cracked. They will not do anything to fix the problem. I even offered to buy the rings that cracked but they don't sell them. Buyer beware furniture is to look at not use. I would never shop there again.

    I bought a set of 2 bed pillows...

    I bought a set of 2 bed pillows almost 90 days ago from Brylane Home. It was a repeat order because I liked them so much from a previous order about a year or so ago. Well obviously the "quality control" from the manufacturer is lacking because with this new order, one of my pillow's polyester fiberfill bunched up to one side and no amount of fluffing, beating, etc. can correct it. (The pillow has never been washed.) Since this never happened with my previous pillows or even the other one from this order, it is my opinion that the filling material in the second pillow is defective. So I called customer service. What a joke! A very rude person told me it is now a "used" product and they don't take back used products. I told them the pillow was defective and I can't be responsible for it happening after it was used, therefore I shouldn't be stuck with a 3 month old pillow I can't sleep on. All I got was this is our policy. PLEASE consumers don't order ANYTHING from this company. They don't stand behind what they sell and are rude in the process.

    This is the worst company...

    This is the worst company I've dealt with in quite some time. They have my credit card information from an order I purchased months ago and they have fraudulently charged me for an additional item. I have spoken to 3 different customer service reps and they have been condescending and argumentative. I'm really disturbed and would advise cancelling your card and getting a new one if you've ordered from this company before.

    Ordered a gazebo...

    Ordered a gazebo on Thursday August 6th and it is now Friday August 14th, never heard anything, so I thought I would call them and see what the status of the order is, they advise that something was wrong with the billing and they "do not bother to contact if the billing is wrong." I quickly advised to cancel the order as I am not buying from a business that does business that old school to not courtesy contact.

    IF you want junk...

    IF you want junk, this takes the cake !!

    I ordered some bathroom towels...

    I ordered some bathroom towels over a month ago. I received an email a couple of days later saying they were on back order, with question marks in the "date expected to ship" column. I contacted customer support a week ago, and he told me "we were supposed to get those in TODAY, but didn't." Oo-k. I contacted them again today. I had to pry information out of her, and finally specifically asked her to check to see if the container had even arrived from China. After much prodding, was told "we got 2 colors in." I checked them out, and they are just too bright for me. I had to ask how long I should wait before contacting them again (not even "when will I get them"). They can't tell me anything. I don't even know if the quality of these towels is worth the wait.

    Just wanted any future Brylane Home...

    Just wanted any future Brylane Home clients to read this. I spoke with your customer service department today about they partial refund. Obviously I am being charge a 16.00 charge on a 45.00 purchase for shipping and handling. I have no curtains to show for It and am now out an additional amount of money. I will not do business with Brylane Homes again and will write a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. While I understand that I was very upset with customer service, their response was to return their response in a condescending approach and basically told me not in these words "too bad". What a way to do business. I wish you good luck in the future. I feel very bad for future customers because if you have to return an item--you will be out the item and in addition, you will be adding to Brylane Homes yearly Revenue.


    BUYER BEWARE - I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased from them! Everyone is right, they are SHADY. I used a coupon code with my purchase which said nothing about having to use their credit card for the purchase, and the total reflected correctly. It was only after I hit the submit button and they had charged my card that the correct total showed. Then, I immediately called them to let them know of the mistake, they said it wasn't a mistake because I had to use my credit card to get the code, but I had used a visa. Then, I asked them to cancel the oder but they said they couldn't. How can they not cancel the order within minutes of me placing it. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

    Cheap Sheets

    If I could give this company and the sheets I bought a minus 0, I would. I bought 2 sets of supposedly Sateen sheets. Of course they were supposedly on sale. I've slept on Sateen sheets forever, that's only kind I buy. The sheets I bought from Brylane were a cheap, very thin piece of cloth that I wouldn't pay $2 for. I should have known better because everything I've ever bought from Brylane, which hasn't been many, was cheapand cheap made!! I waited 3 months to get them because as you well know, most everything they have on sale is either backorder or out of stock. Well, I've learned my lesson this time. I will never buy from Brylane again and I will spread the word!! I give warning with this review.....never buy from this company!!!

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    5. 501 texas ave

    BrylaneHome Catalog

    The right home goods can create a peaceful sanctuary your entire family can enjoy. Unfortunately, finding high-quality pieces that don’t break the bank is easier said than done. With the new Brylane Home catalog, you can finally decorate to your heart’s content!

    Brylane Home has a wide assortment of home essentials that work for anyone’s style and preference. All of the products have a classic design that manages to blend beauty with functionality into one affordable package.

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    Shop from Brylane Home’s collection of window treatments to get just the right ambiance. Pair lacy sheer coverings with bold drapery to create a look that works during the day and at night. Tie everything together with a decorative rod and valance as a finishing touch. With hundreds of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, you can easily mix and match your window treatments to get the perfect look.


    Brylane Home Catalog

    The BrylaneHome catalog is a free catalog that connects you with BrylaneHome’s beautiful home furnishings, decor and so much more. BrylaneHome offers exciting options for your home that are not only well-priced but well made too! In the catalog, you’ll find decor in both modern and timeless styles, providing options for you to keep the look of your home fresh all year round.

    Additionally, hard-to-find kitchenware is something that BrylaneHome has become known for offering. Through this catalog, you are able to find everything from deli-quality meat slicers to gorgeous, classic sets of cookware and utensils. Also available is an extensive collection of window treatments, home storage and organization tools, bedding, home appliances, slipcovers, floor covering, and even sewing machines and sewing accessories. BrylaneHome offers its own high-quality house brand, as well as well-known name brands such as Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Ninja, Waring, Oster, and Simple Human. This versatile free catalog is guaranteed to become your favorite go-to resource for everything you’ll ever need at home.


    Catalog brylane home

    Request a Brylane Home Free Catalog for 2021

    Request a Brylane Home Free Catalog for 2021

    Request a Brylane Home Free Catalog for 2021

    Brylane Home Decor Catalog is a web-based home furnishings retailer. Brylane Home was founded in 1986 by Shari Geller, with the name being a combination of the founder’s name, ‘Brylane’ and her first name. On January 15, 2009, Brylane Home was one of the top 400 websites in the world and the 82nd largest site in the United States. Brylane Home is the 2001 winner of the prestigious Webby Award in the ‘Best eCommerce Website’ category and the 2003 winner of the ‘Best Website for Breast Cancer Awareness Award.

    Brylane Home Decor Catalog offers a large selection of high-end furniture, lighting, and home decor. Their furniture and home decor range from pieces of contemporary, mid-century, and antique pieces of furniture and lighting to exclusive lines from the Museum of Modern Art, Vitra, and other famous designers. In addition to furniture, lighting, and decor, Brylane Home Decor Catalog offers a large selection of picture frames, art, rugs, crystal, and more. Brylane Home also offers its customers brands and lines of home accessories and gifts.

    Brylane Home Decor Catalog was recently named one of the top 100 “Green” companies in the United States. Brylane Home is committed to buying as locally as possible and supporting local businesses. Brylane Home’s Corporate Headquarters are located in the Southside / Horton Plaza neighborhood in San Diego, California. Brylane Home supplies all its products in the United States.

    Brylane Home Decor Catalog offers free standard shipping within the US. BrylaneHome catalog helps you bring out the best in your home with the latest styles, colors, and designs in bedding, bath, window, cooking, dining, storage, entertaining, and beautiful home accents.

    Brylane Home Decor Catalog

    Decorate Your Home With the Brylane Home Decor Catalog

    It’s fun to browse the Brylane Home catalogs for inspiration. Even if you are not a designer, decorator, nor a shop-till-you-drop type, you can’t help but admire the clean, contemporary style that runs through most home-labeled products. With minimalist shelves and vintage finishes, Brylane’s home-labeled products are truly timeless, and always include a few pieces that are sure to be quality and offer value. Smart consumers have always looked to Brylane Home and Kitchen for all the right touches at all the best prices. You’ll find the most up-to-date home decor products as well as tableware, cooking essentials, gadgets, storage, cleaning solutions, and more. This up-to-the-minute selection means that you can have just what you want, just when you want it from thousands of great products.

    Brylane Home Kitchen Catalog

    Decorate Your Kitchen with the Brylane Home Kitchen Catalog

    After all the living spaces have been decorated and styled, it is time to move into the kitchen. The Brylane Home catalog offers a wide choice of kitchen accessories, so you can create the perfect kitchen that matches every part of your home. Brylane’s kitchen accessories are designed to be useful, not just pretty. With a wide range of colors, styles, and textures, you can find something that beautifully matches your kitchen décor and your personal taste. Get things cooking in the kitchen with a selection of kitchen items that will help you serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in style! Browse the BrylaneHome collection that ranges from colorful kitchen decor to cookware and bakeware, hi-tech kitchen gadgets, tools, and handy kitchen storage. You’ll also find small appliances with As Seen on TV timesavers and home essentials for the tabletop and entertaining, plus many more items that will make your kitchen look better and the food taste better!

    Brylane Home Linens and Home Essentials

    Shop for all of Your Linens and Home Essentials with the Brylane Home Catalog

    Cuddle up in contemporary bedding, let the sunshine in with charming curtains and draperies, or enjoy the great outdoors with seasonal items for outdoor living! Let the Brylane Home Essentials catalog inspire you with the latest trends and styles in home furnishings including bedding, bedding accessories, curtains, drapes, outdoor living, rugs, and window coverings! Brylane Home Essentials has been in business for over 80 years. Browse our popular bedding collections, including our Coastal Breeze, Elegant White Collection, Glacier White Collection, Frontier White Collection, and White White Collection. Let the Brylane Home Essentials Catalog inspire you with the latest trends and styles in home furnishings including bedding, bedding accessories. Discover your home for home essentials with a vast selection of products organized by room or department. Cuddle up in contemporary bedding, let the sunshine in with charming curtains and draperies, or enjoy the great outdoors with seasonal items for outdoor living! From artwork and furniture to energy savers, home organization, and storage, you’ll be sure to find the home essentials your home is missing, all in one spot.

    Come to BrylaneHome and come home to value. Come to BrylaneHome and come home to value. Discover endless possibilities for every room of your home. One of the world’s largest catalogs of home decor, furniture, lighting, bath, kitchen, bedding, and more.

    758768 Brylanehome Wrought Iron Bookshelf 7589



    BrylaneHome carries the furnishings and decor you need to make your house feel like a home. We offer pieces for every room, from bedrooms and bathrooms to your outdoor living space.

    Shop our furniture collection and discover accent chairs, ottomans, bed frames, and more. We offer modern updates and statement pieces to enhance your home. Whether you're looking for the perfect finishing touch or you need an entire house full of furniture, you can find it here with us.


    When it comes to home furnishings and decor, we think bedrooms and bathrooms should become the sanctuaries of the house. These are the spaces where you relax, unwind, and forget about the day. Whether you're an avid reader or enjoy soaking in a warm tub, decorating your space thoughtfully will help set the mood.

    We have headboards, bed frames, and all of the bedding you could possibly need to put the finishing touches on your space. Pick up a bench to place at the foot of your bed and a chair for a reading nook that also doubles as a place to put on your shoes.

    Get organized in the bathroom with storage cabinets and vanities. Harmonize your bed-bath decor with towels, mats, and shower curtains that tie everything together. We have bath sets in a variety of colors, styles, and designs to suit your tastes.


    Your outdoor living space is simply an extension of the inside. Entertain, lounge, relax, and play outdoors surrounded by decor and furnishings that make it feel complete.

    Look to our all-weather outdoor furniture for durable, beautiful, and functional pieces. Infuse a little joy into your patio and porch decor with vibrant cushions, pillows, planters, and more. We also have festive dishware that will make entertaining a breeze. Platters, serving trays, dinnerware, and flatware sets are sure to brighten your tablescape.


    Our kitchen home furnishings and decor will have your kitchen running like a well-oiled machine. Cook efficiently and with pleasure when you utilize the latest tools and technology to help get the job done.

    We have top-of-the-line cookware sets that include everything you need to whip up a gourmet meal at home. You'll also find essentials like mixing bowls, trash cans, and baking tools. Add the finishing touches with organizational tools, like our mobile Scroll Kitchen Cart, 2-Tier Fruit Basket, and 4-Tier Spice Rack.

    Change the way you cook with one of our countertop appliances. Try an air fryer for healthier food that retains flavor. We also have pressure cookers, stand mixers, smart grills, and waffle makers to make your life easier.


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