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Elbow Turn Buckle Splint
Features :
  • Innovative splint to correct contracture of elbow
  • Corrects contractures of soft tissues very fast as compared to conventional physiotherapy.
  • Better compliance of the patient as active physiotherapy becomes much easier then otherwise.
  • Decreases the rehabilitation time, so that muscular atrophy is prevented or lessened.
  • Much better and faster and results produced.
  • Works on 'Three Point Fixation' mechanism
  • Reveting on plastic material to protect against uncue force while correcting (revetting gives way on undue force so that tissues are not damaged).
Advantages :
  • Well padded, washable, reusable & economic
  • Very good patients's compliance
Sizes :
  • Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
The elbow turn buckle splint is an innovative splint to correct contacture of elbow. It is well padded, washable, reusable and economic.
Sours: https://www.navchetan.com/turn-buckle-splint-elbow.htm

The effectiveness of turnbuckle splinting for elbow contractures

We have treated 22 patients with an elbow contracture using a static progressive turnbuckle splint for a mean of +/- months. All had failed to improve with supervised physiotherapy and splinting. The mean range of flexion before splintage was from 32 +/- 10 degrees to +/- 19 degrees and afterwards from 26 + 10 (p = ) to +/- 12 degrees (p = ). A total of 11 patients gained a 'functional arc of movement,' defined as at least 30 degrees to degrees. In eight patients movement improved with turnbuckle splinting, but the functional arc was not achieved. Six of these were satisfied and did not wish to proceed with surgical treatment and two had release of the elbow contracture. In three patients movement did not improve with the use of the turnbuckle splint and one subsequently had surgical treatment. Our findings have shown that turnbuckle splinting is a safe and effective treatment which should be considered in patients whose established elbow contractures have failed to respond to conventional physiotherapy.

Sours: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov//
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AliMed Turnbuckle Functional Position Splint

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Wrist Turn Buckle Brace

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