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Check here for a list of all Emotes available in Fortnite; including each dance moves and their prices! Click on the icon to preview their animation and music!!

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Legendary Emote

Legendary Dance & Emote List

Epic Emote

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※These are the Epic Emote that can be purchased for 800 V-Bucks.!!

Epic Dance & Emote List

Rare Emote

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※These are the Rare Emote that can be purchased for 500 V-Bucks.!!

Rare Dance & Emote List

Uncommon Emote

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These Uncommon Emotes can be purchased for 200 V-Bucks.!!

Uncommon Dance & Emote List

Battle Pass Emotes

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Season 6 Battle Pass Emotes

Season 5 Battle Pass Emotes

Other Emote

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Other Dance & Emote List

What Are Emotes?

Express Yourself On The Battlefield!

Emotes are animations of your avatars, usually with background music. Use your emotes to show everyone else what you're feeling!

How To Get Emotes

Item Shop

How To Get Emotes

New emotes are available at the item shop regularly! Check back often because the item shop changes inventory every 00:00 UTC.

Season/Battle Pass Rewards

Season/Battle Pass Rewards

New emotes are added every season! You can unlock these by ranking up. However, some emotes are exclusive to the season's Battle Pass.:article-ad:

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ImageNameRarityTypeSetDescriptionCostSource T-Icon-Emotes-E-HighTowerDate-L.png‎Uncommon Emote T-Icon-Emotes-E-AncientGladiator-L.pngA Warrior PreparesUncommon Emote Fight dirty. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5Accolades.pngAccoladesRare Emote Soak it all in. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopAdvanced Math.pngAdvanced MathRare Emote Break it down and show your work. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopAir Horn.pngAir HornUncommon Emote Subtle. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopT-Icon-Emotes-AirGuitar-L.pngAir ShredderRare Emote The guitar is in your mind. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 3Amazing Cube - Emote.pngAmazing CubeUncommon Emote "Wow your friends! Intimidate your enemies! Be a hit at parties!" 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopAround the Clock.pngAround the ClockRare Emote NutcrackerKeep time. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopAzarath Metrion Zinthos! - Emote.pngAzarath Metrion Zinthos!DC Emote Teen TitansHone your power taught from the Monks of Azarath. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 6Backstroke.pngBackstrokeRare Emote Put your back into it. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBallerEmote.pngBallerRare Emote Show off your moves. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBalletic.pngBalleticRare Emote So graceful. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBallsy.pngBallsyRare Emote Keep your eye on the ball. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopT-AthenaEmotes-E-BannerFlagWave.pngBanner WaveRare Emote Show your true colors. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBat Signal.pngBat SignalDC Emote Gotham CityDid somebody order a Batman? 300 V-bucks icon.pngItem Shop, Batman Gear BundleBattleCallEmote.pngBattle CallUncommon Emote Heed the call. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBeSeeingYouIcon.pngBe Seeing YouUncommon Emote John WickNot if I see you first. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBeep Beep.pngBeep BeepUncommon Emote Comin' through! Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2BeholdEmote.pngBehold!Uncommon Emote Look at this! 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopEmote1.pngBest MatesRare Emote Who's your best mate? Battle Pass Season 3T-Icon-Emotes-E-Bollywood-L.pngBhangra BoogieRare Emote Celebrate together. 500 V-bucks icon.pngOnePlus Exclusive, Bhangra Boogie Cup, Item ShopBilly Bounce.pngBilly BounceRare Emote You do you. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopT-Icon-Emotes-E-AutumnTea-L.pngBlinding LightsIcon Emote It's all in the footwork. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBloomin'Bouquet.pngBloomin' BouquetUncommon Emote Freshly picked for you. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBlowingBubbles.pngBlowing BubblesRare Emote Get poppin. Battle Pass Season 10Bobbin'.pngBobbin'Rare Emote Really get into it. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBoing!.pngBoing!Epic Emote Put a little spring into your step. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1Bold Stance.pngBold StanceRare Emote Stand your ground and break it down. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBombasticEmote.pngBombasticRare Emote Step up and show 'em what you've got. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBoneless.pngBonelessRare Emote Beyond bendy. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBoobytrapped.pngBoobytrappedEpic Emote The sea delivers. Buccaneer's Bounty ChallengesBoogieDownEmote.pngBoogie DownEpic Emote Boogie Down with Populotus. Enable Two-Factor AuthenticationT-Icon-Emotes-E-BoomBox-L.pngBoomin'Epic Emote Music on the move. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5Boots 'n' Cats - Emote.pngBoots N' CatsRare Emote Beat outside the box. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 6Bounce Berry.pngBounce BerryIcon Emote LoserfruitOne sweet little berry. 300 V-bucks icon.pngItem Shop, Loserfruit BundleBouncer.pngBouncerRare Emote Hop on. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBreakdownEmote.pngBreakdownEpic Emote Break it down. Battle Pass Season 5Emote3.pngBreakin'Epic Emote Bust a move! 800 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopEmote17.pngBreaking PointUncommon Emote Give 'em a break. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBreakneck.pngBreakneckEpic Emote Break it down, just don't break your neck. Battle Pass Season 10Ico (5).pngBreezyUncommon Emote Hot AirAny way the wind blows. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBringItEmote.pngBring ItUncommon Emote Let's see what you've got. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopEmote8.pngBrush Your ShouldersUncommon Emote Get that dirt off your shoulder. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBuckets.pngBucketsUncommon Emote Hang TimeOwn the game. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBuckle Up.pngBuckle UpRare Emote Line 'em up, pard'ner. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBulletproofIcon.pngBulletproofUncommon Emote John WickBrush it off. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBully.pngBullyUncommon Emote Get ready to charge. BunnyHopEmoteIcon.pngBunny HopRare Emote Put all your eggs in one basket. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBurpee.pngBurpeeUncommon Emote Set a new personal best. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBurst Case Scenario Emote Icon.pngBurst Case ScenarioUncommon Emote In Space...That's some serious indigestion. 300 V-bucks icon.pngItem Shop, Space Gear BundleBusiness Hips.pngBusiness HipsRare Emote Put some swivel in your step. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopBusyEmote.pngBusyRare Emote I'll be with you in just a moment. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopC'mere.pngC'mereUncommon Emote Don't make me go over there. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCalculatedEmote.pngCalculatedRare Emote Think about it. Battle Pass Season 5CallMe.pngCall MeUncommon Emote Seriously though, just send a text. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2Cap Kick.pngCap KickUncommon Emote Give it a kick. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCapoeiraEmote.pngCapoeiraRare Emote Are you ready to dance with danger? 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCardistry - Emote.pngCardistryRare Emote Watch the hands. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 6Cartwheelin'.pngCartwheelin'Rare Emote Head over heels. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCat Flip.pngCat FlipRare Emote LynxShow your catlike reflexes. Battle Pass Season 7, Lynx ChallengesCheerUpIcon-512x512.pngCheer UpEpic Emote Be aggressive. B-E aggressive. 800 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopChickenEmote.pngChickenRare Emote Top of the pecking order. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopChicken Wing - Emote.pngChicken Wing ItIcon Emote Sometimes you just need to make up a dance on the spot. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopChimichanga!.pngChimichanga!Marvel Emote DeadpoolToo hot! Too hot! 300 V-bucks icon.pngItem Shop, Deadpool Gear BundleClean Groove.pngClean GrooveRare Emote Dust off your best moves. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopClick.pngClick!Uncommon Emote Jump for joy. 200 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCluckStrutIcon.pngCluck StrutRare Emote Who're you calling chicken? Battle Pass Season 9Coin Flip.pngCoin FlipUncommon Emote Best two out of three? Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2Confused.pngConfusedRare Emote Seriously. What happened? 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopEmote Conga.pngCongaRare Emote Get in line. Battle Pass Season 8T-Icon-Emotes-E-GrilledCheese-L.pngController CrewIcon Emote TheGrefgTwo sticks. One heart. 300 V-bucks icon.pngTheGrefg's Floor is Lava, Item Shop, TheGrefg BundleCrabby.pngCrabbyRare Emote Ready in a pinch. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCrackdown.pngCrackdownEpic Emote NutcrackerGo nuts. 800 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCrazyFeetEmote.pngCrazy FeetRare Emote Wild and crazy feet! 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCrazyboy.pngCrazyBoyIcon Emote Never forget your pure heart and fight on. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCrissCrossEmote.pngCriss CrossRare Emote Get your point across. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopCyberdyne Salute - Emote.pngCyberdyne SaluteEpic Emote Future WarHe’ll be back. 300 V-bucks icon.pngItem Shop, Future War BundleEmote6.pngDabRare Emote Express yourself on the battlefield. 500 V-bucks icon.pngItem ShopDabstand.pngDabstandUncommon Emote Get a leg up on the competiton. Battle Pass Season 10, Level-Headed Missions
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Top 5 rarest Fortnite emotes in 2021

Fortnite emotes are part of what makes the Epic Games Battle Royale title so popular. However, as is the case with most things in Fortnite, there are some emotes that are much rarer than the others. Most of the rare emotes in Fortnite are those that were featured in Chapter 2 - Season 2.

Here are the top five rarest emotes in Fortnite in 2021.

Rarest Fortnite emotes

5) Kiss the Cup

The Kiss the Cup emote is one of the rarest emotes in Fortnite. It was released in Chapter 1 - Season 9, and was made available in the Fortnite Item Shop on 27 July 2019. It could be obtained from the Item Shop for 200 V-Bucks.

Strangely, however, the emote was removed from the Item Shop the very next day, on 28 July 2019. The Kiss the Cup emote has not been seen in Fortnite ever since.

4) Widow's Pirouette

Widow's Pirouette was a Marvel-themed emote from the Avengers set in Fortnite. It was released on 25 April 2019, and was last seen in the Fortnite Item Shop on 6 May 2019. When it was available, players could obtain the Widow's Pirouette emote in Fortnite for 200 V-Bucks.

3) Tidy

The Tidy emote in Fortnite was added to the game during Chapter 1 - Season 3.

Fortnite's Tidy emote first appeared in the Item Shop on 30 April 2018, and could be purchased for 500 V-Bucks. However, it was removed from the Item Shop soon after, on 12 December 2018. It has not been seen in the shop ever since.

2) Fresh

Fresh was one of the OG emotes in Fortnite and was added to the game during Chapter 1 - Season 1.

Fortnite's Fresh emote was added to the game on 16 December 2017, and could be purchased from the Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks. It was removed from the Item Shop on 21 November 2018, and it has now been 1,022 days since Fresh was last seen in the Fortnite Item Shop.

1) Rambunctious

The Rambunctious emote first appeared in the game when Chapter 1 - Season 4 was ongoing.

The emote was made available in the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks on 9 June 2018. However, it was removed on 12 November 2018. Therefore, it has now been off the Fortnite Item Shop for 1,031 days.

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These are the top five rarest emotes in Fortnite that have not appeared in the Item Shop for years now.


Skin-based monetization systems existed long before Fortnite: Battle Royale was launched, but it’s almost impossible to deny its influence to turn the game into a mainstream entity.

Epic Games found the ultimate formula in skins, harvesting tools, back blings, emotes, gliders, and finally dances. All of these items allow players to show off their personality and sense of style in Fortnite, mostly after they outplay another opponent.

While the developer started off slow with the cosmetics around the game’s launch, it has turned into a skin-manufacturing powerhouse over the years. There are so many cosmetics available inside the game that it’s nearly impossible to count them.

Most games tend to use color-coding for determining the rarity of cosmetics or items, but Fortnite players measure rarity by the availability of a skin. Even a rare, or blue, dance can be considered one of the most unique emotes in the game only because the number of players who own it will be relatively low.

This availability turns the emotes, like the ones on our list, into an excellent way to show off how long you’ve been playing Fortnite. Some emotes and dances owe their rarity to being featured on early battle passes, while others just never became available through the in-game shop after their release.

Here are the rarest dances and emotes in Fortnite.

Pony Up

Its name may be “Pony Up,” but you’ll be riding the iconic Fortnite llama upon activating this emote. Pony Up was added to the game during Chapter one, season 10, and was obtainable through the second season’s battle pass.

Unless Epic decides to release a spin-off version of it, it’s almost impossible for this emote to make its way back to the in-game shop.

The original Floss

Flossing may not be on top of everyone’s list before going to bed. It’s meaning in Fortnite, however, makes it a must-have to taunt enemies.

Floss was introduced to the game during the second season’s battle pass and quickly became one of the most iconic dances that originated from Fortnite. Football players like Dele Alli performed the Floss after scoring goals, which goes to show how wide Fortnite’s player base is.


There’s always that one person who refuses to dance throughout a party. When they start dancing, though, they dance like there’s no tomorrow, and everyone’s jaw drops.

Rambunctious features all the moves that fit the above description, and it was added to the game as a shop item in 2018. It’s been more than 700 days since this catchy dance was available, but it still has a chance to make a comeback since it wasn’t a part of any battle pass.


Morning Fortnite sessions tend to be some of the most interesting ones. Early birds either include players who skipped school or work for various reasons or those who never slept in the first place. It’s easy to notice if a player is feeling sleepy by how they’re playing, and Fresh is just the perfect dance to wake anyone up.

This energetic shuffle was introduced in 2017 and hasn’t seen the light of day again for over 700 days.


If you’ve been a part of the internet culture over the last couple of decades, you may be familiar with the iconic GIF of Snoop Dogg where the rapper is jiggling from side to side. While the Tidy emote doesn’t come with his legendary track “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” it does a fantastic job of recreating it inside the game.

Tidy does it in a somewhat slower way, however, which is just perfect for annoying opponents you just knocked out. Tidy was released back in 2018, and it hasn’t hit the in-game shop again for more than 670 days.

On the Hook

Sniping is an art form. Not everyone can be precise enough to land calculated shots, but it’s also possible to get extremely lucky. If you have a reputation of hitting silly sniper shots without even trying, the On the Hook emote will be perfect for sending anyone spectating you back to the lobby.

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On the Hook will have your characters releasing a bait to catch a fish, and it even catches a big one. The celebratory pose with the fish acts as the final nail in your opponent’s coffins. This 2018 emote hasn’t returned to the shop for more than 600 days now, but at least you can still fish in Fortnite matches.


The song “Dame Tu Cosita” may not be one of the highlights of 2018, but it was certainly popular enough to make it into everyone’s social media feeds for months. The dance routine it featured looked fun, but the tune was nothing but repetitive.

Epic’s take on the phenomenon is definitely better, in this case, and Zany features a dance similar to the one in the song with a better melody. It was released in 2018, and it has gone AWOL for over 610 days.

Pop Lock

Dancing like Michael Jackson used to be the dream of every kid who was a “Smooth Criminal.”

While the melody is entirely out of character for MJ, Pop Lock features a dance that would undoubtedly fit his style. Released back in 2018, this dance has been missing from the in-game shop for over 540 days.

Dance Off

Epic is the master of collaborations. Marvel’s introduction to the Fortnite universe has boosted the game’s popularity to unimaginable levels. Seeing comic book characters and even skits from movies in Fortnite is an everyday thing now.

The Dance Off emote features the exact dance routine that Star-Lord performs in the movies. The emote was available in the Guardians of the Galaxy set that was released in mid-2019, and it hasn’t been back for more than 530 days. Considering Epic continues to work with Marvel and there have been examples of Marvel cosmetics making a comeback, this one may not be that far off in the future.

Phone It In

Even if you aren’t a keen follower of Eurovision’s song contest, it’s almost impossible not to recognize the epic sax guy. The smooth sax player from Moldova has been the highlight of the event every time his band joined, and he does the same in Fortnite.

The Phone It In emote doesn’t feature any of his tunes, but it still has the moves. Every time you score a kill, you’ll be able to throw an epic sax solo with this emote. It hasn’t hit the in-game shop for more than 450 days, but it reappeared in the shop more than five times before its disappearance.

Marsh Walk

Comic book legends aren’t the only collaborations Epic makes throughout a year. The developer also got into holding in-game concerts, which also come with emotes and skins that belong to the Icon Series.

Marsh Walk was a part of the Marshmello concert in 2019. The dance was a part of the DJ’s set, and it hasn’t been back to the shop for more than 450 days.

Where is Matt?

Early 2010s could be the golden age of internet content. One of the stars of YouTube was a traveler named Matt Harding, who enjoyed dancing with crowds wherever he went.

Most of his videos are mash-ups and edits, where he performs a dance routine with countless other people while syncing every move almost correctly. The “Where is Matt?” emote is Fortnite’s tribute to the content creator, and it was added to the game in 2019. The dance appeared one more time inside the in-game shop before hitting the dusty shelves, and it hasn’t been available for more than 420 days.

If you have any of these emotes or dances, always spare a slot for them in your emote wheel to prove how long you’ve been awesome to every enemy’s face that crosses your path.

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