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Block Out Clutter With Beautiful Room Dividers from Amazon

Sometimes, you just need more walls. The open floor plans we have in our homes are great, but sometimes you need walls or room dividers to create more space to tuck things away. Luckily, there are beautiful room dividers available on Amazon that can help you with your floor plan issues.

room dividers amazon

To see the best room dividers on Amazon, check out the ideas below. At the bottom of this post, I’ll show how I made a DIY Room Divider using things I had in our home.

Why Use a Room Divider?

Room dividers are great for creating more storage space, or even setting up a private area in your home. The nice thing about them is that they’re portable, easy to store, and they’re super versatile.

Ways to Use Room Dividers

  • To hide something unattractive – items you need to store, an ugly wall, or anything else you’d rather not see all the time.
  • To create a separate workspace – I used a room divider to separate my office area from our bedroom in our last house, and it worked out great!
  • For privacy – Chances are good that you’ve probably seen a makeshift “changing area” made with a room divider or screen. If you need privacy somewhere in your home, a room divider is a perfect solution.
  • To eliminate distractions – If you need to focus, but you can’t help but notice all that’s going on around you at home, a room divider could help keep you on track!
  • To change the foot traffic pattern in your home – If you’d like to have people walk a certain path in your home, you can use a room divider to show people how to travel through your space.
  • For decoration – As you can see from the room dividers below, some of them are beautiful! Pick one that fits with your decor style, and enjoy it as a functional decorative item.

The Best Room Dividers on Amazon

Amazon has a lot of options for room screens, and you can have them shipped directly to your home. Be sure to double-check the measurements and reviews before purchasing so you can make sure you’re getting something that fits!

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Now, onto the best room divider picks on Amazon!

A Room Divider Plus Shelving

Deluxe Woven Beige Bamboo 4 Panel Folding Room Divider Screen w/ Removable Storage Shelves – Although I’m not crazy about this color, I love that the shelves add a little more storage and a decorative element. The shelves also make the room divider look more stable.

A Room Divider With Great Design

Coaster Home Furnishings Transitional Screen – This screen divider is beautiful! It’s not solid, though, so if you’re wanting to totally block something off, this won’t work. I love the detail and interest of the design on this room divider.


Room Divider With Great Design and Coverage

Monarch Specialties Frame 3-Panel Circle Design Folding Screen – This room divider provides the best of both worlds – great design and coverage for the part of the room you’re trying to divide off. This piece would go with many different types of decor.

Light and Serene

Legacy Decor 4-Panels Shoji Screen Room Divider – The pure white color is sure to brighten any room. This piece offers coverage and style. Four panels give you lots of different possibilities for staging this piece.

Fabric and Metal

4 Panel Room Divider Privacy Screen Home Office Fabric Black Metal Frame – The simplicity of this design gives ample privacy, while still incorporating design elements through the metal frame.


Fun Room Divider With Swirl Design

4 Panel White Finish Swirl Design Wood Pattern Screen – This piece doesn’t provide full coverage, but it makes up for it with a fun, swirl design. I could see this in a playroom or a teen’s bedroom. I seriously considered buying this one for my home office.


Antique Design Room Divider

Rajasthan Antique Brown 4 Panel Handcrafted Room Divider Screen – Of all the room dividers I found, I thought this one looked like it was the highest quality. The detail in the woodwork is incredible, and it’s a timeless piece. Worth the investment if you’re planning on keeping your room divider for a long time.


Antique White Room Divider

Kamal The Lotus Antique White 4 Panel Handcrafted Room Divider Screen – This piece is so elegant! It has an antique finish that would look nice with farmhouse-styled rooms.


Wood Shutter Panel Room Divider

Wood Shutter Door 6-Panel Room Divider – If you already have wooden shutters in your home, this piece would blend right in. I like that it’s larger – 6 panels! The photo above probably doesn’t do it justice – it looks like it would fit in with many different types of decor.


DIY Room Divider On The Cheap!

Need a room divider, but short on cash? Here's a DIY room divider that you might be able to make with stuff you already have in your home!

My own No-Spend DIY Room Divider! It’s not as snazzy as the others, but it was free.

After I shopped around for room dividers, I realized that they just weren’t in our budget right now. You can read about how I put this DIY Room Divider together here. Don’t worry – no building and no sewing!

Use Cube Shelves as a Divider

Another option for dividing a room is to use shelving as a wall that doubles as storage. Shelves that are open from both sides like the ones above can be set up perpendicular to your walls to create barrier in the middle of your space. However, if you live in an earthquake-prone area or have small children, you might want to skip this idea. If a large shelf like this tipped over, it could easily injure someone.


Above is another decorative shelf that could be used as a room divider, although it wouldn’t offer as much privacy as some of the other options.

Looking for more ideas for using room dividers as decor? Check out this article about decorative shelf that could be used as a room divider

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the best room dividers on amazon

Sours: https://organizingmoms.com/room-dividers/

The 8 Best Room Dividers of 2021

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Esright Bamboo Room Divider (view at Amazon) for its durable, stylish construction and relatively low price. If you're looking for something similar that's more affordable, we recommend the Cecilia Rattan Folding Room Divider (view at Wayfair), which comes in four different colors and panel configurations.


The first order of business is to identify the right size divider for your space. Most modern room dividers measure just under six feet tall, but lengths vary depending on the number of panels and their individual widths. If you're looking for something that's more decorative, a smaller three-panel divider is probably all you need; if you're trying to designate different areas in your home or you need a divider for privacy, there are options that go up to eight panels wide.


If you live in a studio apartment, a room divider can change the entire flow of your space, giving you distinct areas instead of one open room. There are also storage room dividers, including ones with built-in shelves and others that double as bookcases, that offer even more functionality for tiny spaces. If you're just looking for something decorative, you have more flexibility to choose a divider for its aesthetics—many options today are upholstered in colorful fabrics, or finished in trendy materials like rattan.


Room dividers aren't cheap, and you should expect to spend at least $50 on a free-standing one—although most are closer to $100. Prices go higher based on the construction and size, with six-paneled options (unsurprisingly) costing more than three-paneled models. If you really can't spend more than $25, consider buying a tension rod and curtain instead, to create a similar yet airier effect.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-room-dividers-4799997
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Stylish Room Dividers to Give You & Your Roommates Some Extra Privacy

Whether you prefer not to live alone or simply just can’t afford to, if you share a space with a roommate—whether they were originally a stranger you found online, a longtime friend, or an S.O., sometimes when you share a small space with another human, things can get maddening. Even for someone who prides themselves in enjoying the company of others 24/7, the bottom line is that we all need some space and alone time now and then. If you live in a studio, tiny apartment, or a dorm room without a wall to divide up the space and have a designed spot that’s yours and yours only, it can be tricky to get the privacy we all need (and deserve) from time to time.

While not entirely foolproof—and certainly not a concrete wall—room dividers can be an excellent alternative to try when you’re in dire need of some “me time.” Sure, they won’t block out the sounds from your partner or roomie’s TV or video games, but they will offer you the illusion of having your own room, at the very least. Conventionally, room dividers and privacy shields are kind of known for being total eyesores, but nowadays you can actually find some options that suit—and maybe even accentuate—your chic home decor get-up. Scroll through below to check out some of our favorites.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

STYLECASTER’s mantra is ‘Style To The People’— and our mission is to be an accessible, inclusive, ahead-of-the-trend destination for millennial and Gen Z women who want to live with style and substance. Our fashion, beauty and lifestyle coverage is equal parts informative and inspiring, and at once aspirational yet attainable. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

1. Giantex 4 Panel Tall Wood Room Divider

Giantex room divider amazon

Courtesy of Giantex.

This multifunctional room divider partition not only helps give roommates living in tight quarters some space of their own, but it also saves space, doubling as a bookshelf and display case.

2. COTTON CRAFT Kamal The Lotus Room Divider

Cotton craft room divider

Courtesy of Cotton Craft.

Featuring a shabby chic, vintage-inspired design, this stylish room divider looks more like pure decor than a functional piece of furniture. This handcrafted wood partition features four panels and a foldable design for convenience and easy storage when not in use.

3. The Fiber Store Macrame Room Divider

The Fiber store macrame room divider

Courtesy of The Fiber Store.

While this bohemian macrame room divider and wall hanging hybrid won’t exactly offer you complete privacy and shielding, it gets the job done by creating the illusion of the split space. Not only that, but it’s also just a great decor piece to hang in your space, whether you want a partition or not.

Sours: https://stylecaster.com/best-room-dividers-amazon/

These Beautiful (Affordable!) Room Dividers Will Transform Your Space Instantly

Creating a functional and beautiful space that works for you — rather than you working around it — invariably requires a bit of creativity. This is especially true in apartments and dorms, where space is at a premium and older buildings have their quirks. One of the best hacks for transforming small spaces is adding a strategic room divider. You needn’t shell out a lot of money for it, either. Some of the best cheap room dividers strike the perfect balance between decoration and disguise — offering supremely easy set-up and breakdown, too.

A cheap room divider doesn’t mean you’re relegated to curtains and pray-they-hold tension rods (although I found a brilliant alternative for that, too). Now you can find customizable hanging flat panels, folding screens with built-in shelves, and even a portable standalone divider you can pop up anywhere. I also found a lightweight dupe for the popular IKEA KALLAX shelf you’ve probably seen on Pinterest. My favorite pick below is the gold-framed folding screen, which offers a luxe look for less than $100 — but know that half of these picks ring up well under $50. Whether you’re hiding a storage nook or sectioning off a studio, these six room dividers will help you design a custom space at an accessible price point.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This Seriously Beautiful Hanging Room Divider With Adjustable Privacy Panels

  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 15.7 inches per square (with 12 squares included)

This lightweight hanging room divider is a fully customizable curtain of PVC panels that includes decorative cut-outs and solid squares for coverage where you need it without blocking light or making your space feel completely closed off. You can choose between options with solid squares to create a separate room entirely, or a full grid of airy screens that let in more light. They hang from the ceiling via the included mounted hooks, and apartment renters (or the drill-averse) may be able to get away with using these adhesive hooks that work on ceilings. If your needs are more decorative in nature, be sure to also consider this gorgeous geometric room divider as well.


A Chic And Modern Gold Room Partition

  • Dimensions: 72 x 71 inches

This beautiful room divider combines clean and classic lines with a satin gold finish that integrates seamlessly with most decorating styles, for a luxe accent that subtly elevates your space. The frame is built from lightweight pine with fabric panels woven to resemble traditional rice paper, so it’s easy to move by yourself (although some shoppers wished for more heft). "Absolutely stunning. My office looks amazing with this piece. It hides my clutter and provides the glam I was looking for," one fan raved. Not a fan of gold? It also comes in silver.


The Wildly Customizable Hanging Room Divider That Fits In Every Corner

  • Dimensions: 5 meters (197 inches)

It's hard to imagine where this thing can't go. A flexible ceiling curtain track can bend and curve around any floor plan that's “full of character” the landlord throws at you – hell, even use it in an RV. The 16 feet of track can be cut to size and comes with snap-on ceiling brackets, 40 track rollers, four end caps for a finished look, and all the necessary mounting hardware. "Exactly what we were looking for to create a flexible divider in a room. Easy enough to install and seems pretty sturdy especially for the price," a satisfied reviewer remarked.

However, do note that curtains are not included with this purchase, but you can can grab these fan-favorite blackout room curtains and you'll be good to go.


A Genius Room Divider With Built-In (Removable!) Shelves

  • Dimensions: 70.9 x 31 inches

This hand-woven wooden folding screen with built-in shelves separates spaces without sacrificing real estate for storage or decoration. "Really useful and affordable," one shopper commented, who was wary of the budget-friendly price and pleasantly surprised when it showed up, adding, "Not only attractive and versatile, but more sturdy than I hoped it would be. I can see getting a lot of use out of it." The shelves are completely removable for flexibility of use — and for less than $100, it’s a total deal since you're gaining more organizational space.


This Portable Room Divider That Can Even Be Used As A Door

  • Dimensions: expandable from 35 to 66 inches (width) x 84 to 120 inches (height)

A damage-free tension rod room divider is a lightweight and easily installable solution for small spaces. Use it as a door for your closet or to cordon off an entire room: the height adjusts seamlessly up to 10 feet, and the width can be expanded from three to a little over five feet. It also makes a great pop-up window curtain rod thanks to its wraparound angle that blocks out any light. "Super easy to assemble and install and I am horrible at doing stuff like that so I really appreciated the simplicity," one renter confessed. "I use this to separate my sleep and work space in my room and wish I would’ve bought this sooner!" Note: The curtain itself must be bought separately.


A Hyper-Functional And Lightweight Modular Storage Divider

  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches per cube(with 12 cubes included)

This budget-friendly alternative to the IKEA KALLAX shelf serves as an incredibly useful room divider with storage. Each shelf holds up to 15 pounds and fits up to an 11.5 inch storage cube for a totally concealed look. If you move somewhere and don’t need a full-scale shelf, it even breaks down easily into smaller components that are great for corralling toys or organizing closets, with one reviewer noting, "Didn't want to spend $3000 on built in closet organizer, instead spent $70 on a pair of these and it came out great." It doesn’t have the visual heft of a wooden bookshelf, but it’s a lightweight alternative that can really transform a cluttered space into an intentional one. Choose from black or white units.

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/p/the-6-best-cheap-room-dividers-22931399

Amazon wall dividers

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