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This blog will explain and discuss what nakama power is and what I think of it. Nakama power mostly appears in shonen anime and is when a character (usually the main character) suddenly gains extra stamina and power after making a speech about his friends or watching one of his or her friends getting hurt or getting insulted. For background, the shonens I have watched and read are: one piece, Bleach, Naruto, HxH, fairy tail, toriko, soul eater, and magi. Nakama power ups can make fights feel cheated and makes the story less compelling. Most of the shonens have nakama power ups somewhere to some degree, and a certain amount in a certain degree is acceptable. For example, when naruto went crazy when Hinata was defeated makes some sense, as his anger fed the nine tails power. This was a constant theme in the series, however when erza from fairy tail can defeat a demon who took all her senses because of her guild is bs. I believe that even one piece has some nakama power, such as this manga chapter luffy went berserk because the enemy mocked his crew. Or when luffy beat rob lucci. But the difference between one piece and fairy tail us that one piece does it rarely and fairy tale uses nakama power to solve fights when the main character should have clearly lost. Tell me what you think, I just wanted to get my opinion out.

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whats ith the repetition

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I mean Erza won because she was simply a badass, she's a strong character and because the enemy decided to toy with her instead of ending her. I feel like most of fairy tail fights are justified because they still had more to offer in their fights and their enemies like most underestimate them.

I don't mind this so called "friendship power up" it happens in just about every shounen series in one form or the next. Goku going super Sayian, Naruto dishing out an extra attack, Luffy getting angry, it's all shounen power ups based on adrenaline rush that real people get.

Call it cheap or whatever, people love it and get a kick out of it.

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why are people double standard about natsu and erza nakama power ups?

Erza's fights that involved what the OP stated:

vs Aria: Legit win

vs Ikaruga = Clearly ass-pull at the end. Ikaruga's speed was so above Erza's that this wasn't even funny ... Yet she pulls out the win just because she goes full offensive with no armor? :notrust

vs Evergreen: Legit win

vs Midnight: Legit win

vs Edo-Erza: Draw

vs Azuma = ... Dudes ... Do I even have to say anything regarding this fight? Clearly plot fight.

Natsu's fights that involved what the OP stated:

vs Eligor: Legit win

vs Zalty(Ultear): Legit win ... This was an Ultear that was not using even half of her power.

vs Gazille: "kinda" legit win, although he need help but it was a good excuse for him to win since he had a little bit of the advantage until Gazille ate Iron.

vs Jellal: Legit win. Dragon Force mode (3x more powerfull than his normal self), he's a dragon slayer who ate Etherion, the effects should've gaved him power and they did gave him.

vs Laxus: Legit win, he was teammed up with Gazille and Laxus was already pretty messed up when Natsu ALONE faced him.

vs Cobra: Lucky win ... Still legit, but way to Lucky.

vs Zero: Same as vs Jellal except that here him gaining Dragon Force just because he ate Jella's flames? Needs explanation, otherwise this is an ass-pull. Same will be for vs Jellal.

vs One of Edolas commanders: Legit win.

vs Doruma Animo: Legit win.

vs Zancrow = Ass-pull ... Clearly, this was almost as "bad" as Erza's against Azuma.

Erza: 2 wins that were ass-pulls out of 6 battles.
Natsu: 1, potentially 3 wins that were ass-pulls out of 10 battles.

Erza has more "plot" than Natsu ...

BTW Hades battle doesn't count. They had a lot of help, Hades had his heart "destroyed" and they received magical power from TI when Ultear restored it. Was convenient but still acceptable.

If you guys wanna see plot fights then read/watch Bleach ... No manga compares to that when it comes to PLOT KAI OR PLOT ARMOR.


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Danpmss said:

IntroverTurtle said:
It's fine, just another theme. It matters how a series uses it.

I do not like it when it's being used to solve every fight though and it sorta comes out of nowhere(a couple of times is fine) and when it is the main character's reasoning for doing everything in the story(like Bleach).

Lol, Bleach has more fights involving secondary main (if that exists :v) characters than any series I ever watched. Ichigo didn't appeared for like... 35 episodes straight.
That's not what I'm talking about at all. I'm talking about Ichigo's motive. For every arc, for every action he takes, it's for his friends or family.

Gets powers to protect family, fights hollows to protect family and friends, loses powers protecting friend, gets powers back so he can save her, invades base to save her, trains to save her, saves her. Goes back to normal life while protecting family and friends from hollows on the site. Guy comes attacking people, he attacks them to save friends, trains to better protect his friends. He had no intention to go to Hueco Mundo or really mess with Aizen(IIRC) before Orihime was kidnapped and he learned of his plan to make the key which would kill his family and friends. So when she was kidnapped he decided to go, he dies, comes back because one of his friends calls for him, saves her, goes back to his town to save the whole town, etc.

The only thing different is it started to show that he liked to fight and wanted to seek out more fights but that wasn't touched on much.

In between arcs when someone hasn't been kidnapped he's normal and only takes action once their safety is threatened.

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Up nakama power

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