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Review: Black River Tactical Covert Comp

I turned to the Covert Comp from Black River Tactical as a bit of a last resort. I tried several a handful of other linear compensators and found that, while they did direct the blast and flame forward, that is really all they did. The fireball created by the short AR-15 pistol barrels that I was using them on were nearly as large as they were with a bare muzzle. It just seemed like someone should be able to do better.

Black River Tactical claims that their Covert Comp, a linear compensator with a unique internal geometry, suppresses flash nearly as well as an A2 flash suppressor. I found that to be true on a 16″ barrel but the biggest surprise was the Covert Comp’s performance on an 11.5″ barrel.

BRT Covert Comp Angle

The Covert Comp is one of the most compact linear compensators on the market. It is just under 2″ in length which is significantly smaller than most. It weighs 2.2 ounces which is roughly the same as an A2 flash suppressor.

It also features a Melonite QPQ finish for durability and corrosion resistance. In my experience, Melonite finishes are basically corrosion-proof. You will have to go out of your way to get it to rust.

I should probably start by explaining what a linear compensator is for those who may not know. In its simplest form, a linear comp is a muzzle device with a cone-like internal shape that opens away from the shooter. This cone shape redirects the concussion and hot gasses that escape the muzzle forward and away from the shooter. This generally has a compensating effect on muzzle rise, slightly increases felt recoil (equal and opposite reaction), and reduces the PERCEIVED sound level to the shooter and those around the shooter. It does not actually reduce the sound. It just redirects some of it down range. Manufacturers of these devices will often add a sort of blast wall/baffle that can help mitigate the recoil enhancing aspect of a simple cone design linear comp.

These devices also tend to be very neutral in how the muzzle moves (no up, down, left, or right movement) since the muzzle gases are not directed in any specific direction but rather spread evenly around the bore and pushed forward. However, it is up to the shooter’s skill to completely capitalize on this performance. A capable shooter will find that the firearm basically just recoils straight back with little to no muzzle rise.

The largest downside to these devices is that they do very little to reduce flash. They generally produce impressive fireballs that nearly match the size an intensity of a bare muzzle. This is often accepted as the trade off for the slight reduction in ear splitting concussion at the shooter’s position.

BRT Covert Comp Side

That is enough about linear comps in general. Let’s dive into the Covert Comp itself. The performance of this device is great but until you actually try it, the most attractive feature will be its size. Many of the linear compensators on the market are absolutely pigs. They can be larger than a film canister (remember those?) and weigh 6 ounces or more in some cases. The one that I used previous to the Covert Comp is considered one of the more compact options available. It is a little more than 1/16″ longer and almost an ounce heavier than the Covert Comp. Suffice it to say, the Covert Comp is one of the most svelte devices of this type.

I don’t normally comment on how something looks because tastes vary so widely but it is appropriate in this case given the outlandish designs of many linear comps. Many of the linear comps on the market seem to be in a competition to see which can look the most like one of those jacked up Bro-Trucks. The Covert Comp is understated in both its Smooth and Fluted version. The Smooth version is a simple cylinder in appearance and the Fluted version just adds some small flutes to break up the profile. I appreciate that.

I test the Covert Comp with three different types of ammo (62gr 5.56 Lake City SS109, 75gr .223 Black Hills Blue Box, and 75gr .223 Prvi Partisan) and on two different barrel lengths (11.5″ and 16″).

I generally don’t think of using this type of muzzle device on anything other than a short barrel but my time with the Covert Comp may have changed my mind. The best way that I can describe the performance is in comparison to the A2 flash suppressor. If you can imagine a device that suppresses flash just as well as the A2 but has less muzzle rise and similar recoil, you would know what it is like to shoot the Covert Comp on a 16″ barrel. It is a very well rounded device, providing very neutral muzzle rise mitigation and very acceptable flash suppression with quality ammo. It changed the way I think of linear comps. I now see their potential as all around muzzle devices rather than just a niche item for short barrels.

The biggest surprise of the test came when I tried it on one of my 11.5″ pistols. On the 11.5″ barrel, it wasn’t just nearly as good as an A2. It was better! The previous linear comp that I used on this build did a good job directing the concussion but it still produced a roughly beach ball sized flash with every shot. The A2 seemed louder at the shooter’s position and still produced a roughly basketball sized flash. The Covert Comp produced a dull orange flash that ranged in size from grapefruit to volleyball. There was certainly still visible flash but the internal geometry of the Covert Comp was working some magic. In my opinion, this is incredible performance on a short barrel compared to any linear comp that I have tried… and many flash suppressors that I have tried.

BRT Covert Comp Interior

I started this review looking for a muzzle device specifically for shorter barrels. By the end of the review, I find myself wondering why more people aren’t using linear comps on longer barrels. The answer is probably that they haven’t used the Covert Comp yet. I am exceedingly impressed with how well rounded this device is. It has changed what I expect from muzzle devices of this type.

Check out the Covert Comp at Black River Tactical. It is available for a variety of common calibers.

(SOLD) Black River Tactical Covert Comp 7.62

Postby MisterHelix » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:45 pm


Black River Tactical Covert Comp
7.62, threaded 5/8x24, smooth version
Lightly used (<50 rounds)

Excellent blast reduction muzzle device for .308/300blk/6.8spc, only selling because all my rifles wear suppressor mounts now.

PM for pictures via text or email

$40 shipped

Manufacturer's verbiage:

The Covert Comp provides a unique combination of low blast, recoil compensation and low light performance not found in other muzzle devices.
The unique design directs blast downrange and away from the shooter.
It moderates felt recoil, allowing for faster follow up shots.
It provides low light performance nearly as good as the common A2 style muzzle device.

The Covert Comp is a great general purpose muzzle device and make shooting more enjoyable.
Made from Tungsten Enhanced Chrome-Moly steel and through hardened for maximum strength and toughness.
Finished with corrosion resistant Melonite treatment.
Includes wrench flats for easy installation.
Compatible with the GEMTECH HALO suppressor.
Measures 1.950” in length and .8635” (22mm) diameter
Weighs only 2.35 oz, the same as the A2 flash hider
FLBS-2-762 and FLB-2-762 are designed for use with firearms chambered in 7.62mm / .308 caliber and smaller with 5/8-24 threads.

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For Sale: New Black River Tactical Bolt Carrier Group

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Black River Tactical

When it comes to correcting overgassing issues on the AR platform, there are a few approaches you can take involving springs and buffers, but one company offering another solution to overgassed rifles is Black River Tactical. We recently sat down with its owner, Clint Lupton, to talk about overgassing and how his company’s products can potentially help builders.

Q: Clint, can you talk a bit about how your company started?

Clint Lupton, Black River Tactical – I started Black River Tactical back in 2009.  Our first product was the Covert Comp, which is a low signature muzzle device.  It makes the rifle really nice to shoot.  Most things that are similar in size have more blast that this one produces.   It’s ideal for short barreled rifles, and I find that it’s nice for both the shooter and for those at the range who are around them as well. 

Black River Tactical

It’s technically a linear compensator.  It does not have any ports on the sides like most traditional brakes which send blast off to the side.  All openings on this are forward and everything goes out the front.  Our Covert Comp does a really good job of flash reduction as well. Almost as good as an A2.  

Black River Tactical

Q: One thing that Black River Tactical is known for is your products that can assist builders with gas issues…

Clint Lupton, Black River Tactical – I think a lot of manufacturers, perhaps for reliability, tend to make the gas port larger than it needs to be. What that allows is customers to run low powered ammo, and then perhaps have other out-of-spec components. So, if you run poor quality components and run bad ammo, if you over gas the gun by having a large gas port, it will still work. That seems like a good thing…and for those people that want a cheap gun with cheap ammo, it works. 

The problem lies when you have people who are a little more “switched on” and they have all of the best quality components in there, and they are running full powered 5.56 ammo. With that same gas port set up, they find that the gun is now way overgassed.  It’s just too much.  Unfortunately, I think the majority of barrels that are on the market have gas ports that are probably larger than they need to be when they are set up properly.

Q: For our readers that may not be familiar, what are the symptoms of an overgassed gun?

Clint Lupton, Black River Tactical – You’ll get excessive cycling speed…that can be hard to tell, but it will give you more recoil, it will kick a little harder than it should due to cycling and it bottoming out into the receiver extension harder than it should.  

Also, the ejection pattern of the brass will tend to move forward.  With a properly gassed set-up, you’ll get ejection at 3-4 o’clock-ish, depending on your ammo.  As the bolt carrier speeds up, the way the case bounces off of the case deflector tends to bounce the cases a lot further forward to the 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock downrange direction.

Those are mild examples. With further overgassing you can get into actual malfunctions where you might have an extractor slip off of a case and have a case stuck in the chamber, or cases don’t fully eject…they get half way out of the ejection port and you get a stovepipe.   When it comes to overgassing, it’s like anything else in that there are shades of grey.  

Q: Can you talk about some of the solutions that your company offers in regards to overgassedARs?

Clint Lupton, Black River Tactical – Our Custom Tune Gas Port came from the idea that you can’t drill a hole smaller. (laughs). Once it’s too big, you’re kind of stuck.  The traditional solutions are to add a heavy spring, add a heavy buffer…those are not great solutions. 

Black River Tactical

They’re great for tuning small adjustments, but the amount of actual adjustment you can actually do to slow a gun down by adding heavy weights or springs is much less than what a large gas port providing extra gas can do.  Another way to say that is you can be way more overgassed than any amount of buffer can actually correct.  

I started really looking at the problem, and I figured out a way to get a smaller port, not in the barrel, but right outside of it, inside the gas block.  There’s a gas transfer port right inside the gas block, so we have an insertable port that goes in there, and that port has a calibrated orifice that restricts the flow of the gas and corrects it as if it was properly sized in the barrel itself.

Q: Installing a port like that…would you say that is something that anyone could do?  

Clint Lupton, Black River Tactical – The port itself needs to be installed inside your existing gas block.  It works in front site bases as well.  When it comes to installing these ports, you do want to have decent armorer’s skills to accomplish it. 

As such, we also created the MicroTUNE Gas Block.  That’s our gas block with the port pre-installed into it.  It’s a bit easier to do because it’s just like putting in a regular low-pro gas block. 

Q: You also offer a gas tube, correct?

Clint Lupton, Black River Tactical – Correct. The third option we have that just came out recently is the EZTUNE Gas Tube.  We made this because there are several cases where changing out the front sight base or gas blocks isn’t possible or desirable.  Generally it’s when you have a pinned muzzle device, or a pinned gas block that you don’t want to change out to something else…

The EZTUNE Gas Tube is great because it is easy, and it works great.  It’s a gas tube and it has the reduced port size inside the tube itself. 

Q: So, is there any adjusting that you do once you install?

Clint Lupton, Black River Tactical – All of gas control products…you can put it in air quotes…they are “adjustable”,  but they’re really just a fixed adjustable. Most of the other products that are adjustable will have either a dial or a click or a screw.  Those can work and they are nice because you don’t have to know anything beforehand and you can just try them out, and click away until you get the results that you think are right. 

All of our products take the opposite approach. Ours have a fixed orifice size. We have done extensive calculations so we can accurately calculate the size required for basically any configuration of rifle that you might have.  So, then we can pick the port size you need, and it’s done.  You then have a fixed port with nothing to adjust, nothing to go wrong, and nothing to forget.  It’s as close as bulletproof as you can get.


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after our loved ones cross over, they are very anxious to let us know they are okay and are aware of what is going on in our lives. if we are not able to feel them around us, they will often give us signs that we cannot ignore. the person who is given the sign usually knows he or she is receiving a message from the other side. i always tell my clients that they do not have to look for signs – the signs will come to them.

the signs our loved ones give us most often are:

1) they come through as an animal. our loved ones are able to use their energy to go inside of an animal, such as a butterfly, ladybug, bird, or dragonfly – for a brief period of time. the animal does something it usually would not do, such as land on us, peck at our window, scream at us, etc.


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3) they give off fragrances. we can often tell our deceased loved ones are around us when we smell their perfume, flowers, cigar or cigarette smoke, or any other familiar smell they had. there is usually no logical explanation of why the smell is there.

4) they make songs come on at the perfect time. we know they are around when their favorite songs come on at the right time with the exact words we need to hear. often the same song is played in many different places.

5) they come to us in dreams. one of the easiest ways for them to come through to us is in our dreams. all we need to do is to ask them to come, and they will. however, we should ask them to wake us up after they come, or else we will not remember the dream. a dream that is a true visitation will be very peaceful and we will know it is truly our loved one. we will remember this type of dream in detail many years later. (on the other hand, a subconscious dream may be frightening or feel bad. this type of dream is not your loved one.)


who was in your dream?


6) they show us the same numbers over and over. they loved to give us numbers that are relevant to them or you, such as birthdates, anniversaries – or repeating numbers, such as 1111, 2222, 3333, etc. these numbers may appear on clocks, billboards, or any other familiar place.

7) they allow us to feel peaceful for no reason . when our loved ones are in the room, they usually make us feel so loved and at peace. it usually happens at the most unsuspecting time, so there is no logical explanation for our sudden bliss.

8) they place thoughts in our head. because they in spirit form, our loved ones don’t have an audible voice. therefore, they give us messages telepathically. pay attention to thoughts that just “pop” into your head. we can tell the difference between our thoughts and theirs by backtracking our thoughts. if you can find the thought that triggered the thought of your loved one, it is probably your thought. if something your loved one would say just pops in your head for no reason, it is probably him or her speaking directly to you!

9) they love to play with electricity. they turn electricity on and off. they like to flicker lights, turn the television and radio on and off, and make appliances beep for no apparent reason.




10) they make buzzing noises in our ears. because our loved ones speak to us on a different, higher frequency, we may hear ringing in our ears when they are trying to get our attention. this is a sign telling you to listen to what they are saying.

the list can go on and on, but these are the most common ways they let us know they are around. if you haven’t received any of these signs, simply ask your loved ones to come to you to let you know they are okay. tell them to come to you in a dream and to wake you up after the dream.

. the more you are aware of the messages they are giving you, the more they will continue to allow you to know they are present. be patient and persistent, and i promise that they will give you the signs you have always wanted. they really are okay and want you to be too!

karen noe is a psychic medium, the author of “the rainbow follows the storm – how to obtain inner peace by connecting with angels and deceased loved ones,” “through the eyes of another: a medium’s guide to creating heaven on earth…,” and is the founder of the angel quest center in ramsey, nj. learn more at

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