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Shadow over Driftwood Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

1. Abandoned House Housefound

We came upon an abandoned house in Driftwood.

2. Abandoned House Dwarf Welcome

Go to Mordus' House and talk to Glenna Graeme. Tell her that Lohar send you.

*Inform her of your visit with Lohar. You need to get through the hatch.*

The result will be ...

At the abandoned house in Driftwood, we found a dishevelled dwarf blocking our passage to the cellars beneath. After mentioning Lohar to her, she allowed us to descend.

Abandoned House Dwarf Welcome

3. Abandoned House Dwarf Fail

At the abandoned house in Driftwood, we encountered a dishevelled dwarf by the name of Glenna Graeme. She refuses to let us pass her to enter the cellars beneath the house.

4. Abandoned House Dwarf Keeper Killed

We killed the dwarf protecting the cellar door. It seems as though she was no common dwarf. She was protecting someone - or something.

5. Abandoned House Entered Cellar

Open the hatch and go to the cellar.

We have gained access to the cellar beneath the abandoned house. We ought to search it thoroughly in case it hides any secrets.

6. Abandoned House Prisoner Dwarf Release

We found a pair of dwarven thugs trapped in a hidden chamber within the cellar. We allowed them to go free.

7. Abandoned House Prisoner Dwarf Kill

We found a pair of dwarven thugs trapped in a hidden chamber within the cellar. We decided to kill them.

8. Abandoned House Note Read

Find Row of Books, take Letter to Mordus and read it.

We found a letter addressed to Mordus in his chambers. It mentioned his attempt to assassinate Lohar at the behest of some unknown figure. It also mentioned some sort of ritual - 'Mord'Akaim'. Lohar will no doubt be interested in seeing this letter for himself.

Abandoned House Note Read

9. Abandoned House Note Delivered

Go back to Lohar and give him the letter you found in Mordus' house.

We have delivered Mordus' letter to Lohar.

9.1. Cargo Hint

Lohar implied that his associates 'acquired' something very dangerous from a Magister ship, and that it was being stored in their base of operations in caves outside of Driftwood.

9.2. Kill Mordus

The letter was enough to convince Lohar that Mordus is plotting against him. He has bid us to find and kill Mordus. He told us where he believes Mordus must be hiding - some coastal caves outside of Driftwood, that the dwarves had been using as a base. He marked their location for us on our map.

10. Abandoned House Note Delivered Second

It seems as though someone else managed to deliver Mordus' letter ahead of us.

11. Entered Wreckers Cave

Go To Wreckers' Cave. Enter the cave.

We entered the Wreckers' Cave. It seems as though something terrible happened here...

Entered Wreckers Cave

12. Found Terrified Dwarf

Talk to Quivering Dwarf.

We found a surviving dwarf amidst the carnage and bodies on display in the cave. She seems to have been driven mad with fear after whatever she witnessed - we can't make much sense of what she says.

Found Terrified Dwarf

13. Got Dragged Underground

Come to the corpse then try to move back. You wil be attacked by a Voidwoken creatures, and dragged deeper into the cave. Each character goes to different place.

We were attacked by a Voidwoken creature, and dragged deeper into the cave.

Got Dragged Underground

Got Dragged Underground

14. Found Mordus

Find Mordus (lvl 11) and start the fight. During the fight he will transform into Mordus' Akaim.

We found Mordus in the depths of the cave. He transformed himself before our very eyes into a Voidwoken, leaving us no choice but to fight him.

Found Mordus

14.1. Killed Boss

We fought and defeated Mordus' Voidwoken form. Mordus became himself once again - a cowering, undead dwarf.

Killed Boss

15. Mordus Spared

If you spared Mordus.

15.1. Mordus Told About Death Fog

Mordus told us that the Deathfog had been kept in the caverns for a time, but has since been smuggled to Arx.

15.2. Mordus Give Proof

He will give you Mordus' Amulet.

Mordus gave us his amulet. We can claim that we killed Mordus when we return to Lohar, and use this as proof.

15.3. Accepted S P

Mordus offered to help us deepen our grasp of Source power. In order to do so, we would have to consume the heart of a Voidwoken. We agreed.

15.4. Declined S P

Mordus offered to help us deepen our grasp of Source power. In order to do so, we would have to consume the heart of a Voidwoken. We refused to do such a thing.

16. Mordus Killed

17. Did Not Kill Boss

We arrived at the lair of the Voidwoken creature that was once Mordus, but it had already been defeated.

17.1. Mordus Drop Proof

Mordus is dead for good now. We should take some sort of proof of death from his remains.

18. Hannag Letter

Find and read Letter with a large ink stain.

A letter found in the Wrecker Cave, seemingly destined for a certain Hannag. It mentioned that a Deathfog Delivery Device had been recovered and was being repaired.

Hannag Letter

19. Know About Death Fog In Cave

Find and read Ship's Manifest.

We found evidence of Deathfog in the caverns. It seems that the weapon was originally part of the manifest of a Divine Order ship, the Peacemaker. It was evidently stolen and kept in storage here for a time.

Know About Death Fog In Cave

20. Report Back to Lohar

Go back to Lohar after you deal with Mordus.

20.1. Showed Mordus Amulet To Lohar

Lohar should give you Lohar's Two-Handed Source Hammer (Two-Handed Mace), Letter from Lohar and the Key to the chest located on the second floor of Magisters' Barracks.

We showed Mordus' Amulet to Lohar as proof that Mordus is dead.

20.1.1. Quest Reward

Quest Reward

21. Showed Mordus Amulet To Lohar Second

Someone else showed proof of Mordus' death before we had the chance.

22. Got Lilian Hostile

Lohar knows that we betrayed him to the Magisters. He is our enemy now - we can no longer complete any tasks for him.

23. Lohar Dead

Lohar is dead. We won't be able to report our findings to him now.

24. Close Left R C

We left Reaper's Coast without fulfilling Lohar's request.


Divinity: Original Sin II Wiki Guide

  • Hitting it will free some people. They work for Lohar, so do with them as you please but make sure to ask why they were here to learn about their hunt for Mordus.
  • Before entering the room they come out of, disconnect your party so someone stays by the lever. Now go explore the room to get some items and ultimately trap yourself. There are some hidden documents in the North-East corner, you just need to move the boxes to reach them. Make sure to read them to learn more about Mordus.
  • Pull the lever to with your other party member to free yourself.
  • While down here, a high Wits character can find a skull on the North-West wall. Interact with it to trigger the A Taste of Freedom quest.
  • To further this quest, you can go far to the West of Driftwood. You will find a ruined castle filled with possessed dwarves. Kill them, then go to the cave behind them. Enter and explore, and you'll get drawn into a battle you can't win. Let yourself get captured by the void bugs, then you'll be dropped off deeper in the cave. Note: The last person abducted is who you play as in the next segment.
  • You're goal is this next section is to group up. There is a very easy way to do this. Click through your characters until you find the person who is standing beside a bunch of beds and paintings. Use this person to escape until you spot the Waypoint. Touch it, and now everyone can teleport here! From here, you can begin exploring as a group.
  • While exploring, you will find a dwarven scientist. Near her is a book called Ship's Manifest. Read it for a journal entry.
  • In the same area as the dwarven scientist is another note called Letter with a large ink stain. Read it for another journal entry.
  • After you've cleared the first floor of all the enemies, you'll have likely already come across a ladder that leads to the second floor. Here you can find Mordus who will want to fight you. If you beat him before he transforms, he can be used to obtain a Source point, which will progress the main story and Powerful Awakening. You can prevent his transformation by making sure to knock him down, stun him, or turn him into a chicken. After he teaches you the Source point, you can still kill him if you wish.
  • You can complete this quest by returning to Lohar and telling him what happened.
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Shadow over Driftwood

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Before starting this quest, it is strongly advised to finish “Strange Cargo” and to have started “Powerful Awakening” main quest, in order to learn Spirit Vision spell and to know the identity of Siva. If you have not yet done this during “Strange Cargo” quest, move near Driftwood port and discuss with the Magister Reimond who will tell you a little more about Lohar (picture1and2).


Then enter the Black Bull Inn and go down the stairs (picture3). It is in this basement where you find Lohar’s headquarters (picture4). Discuss with him to get “Shadow over Driftwood” quest, asking you to find the trace of Ensourceleur Mordus (picture5). Lohar will first tell you the location of his house.


This is located near the west exit of the city. It is not necessary to force the door to enter inside, a door located at the back of the house is open (picture6). Once inside, discuss with Glenna who keeps the hatch and select the option: “Inform her of your visit to Lohar. You have to take the hatch”.


Once in the cellar, you will have to activate a lever located on a pillar, above the barrels (picture7). By activating it, you will open a secret passage behind which you meet Earnan and Aileen.


Enter the secret room and get down the stairs. At the bottom of the area are two chests and two crates. Move the crates to discover a hidden library in the wall (picture8). By interacting with this one, you will collect a letter (picture9). Read it to know Mordus’ intentions.


When you leave the room, if you stepped on the mechanism, the wall will close. Interact with the altar with Duna’s effigy and select the phrase “Press the button” to open the Secret Passage again (picture10). Get out and chat with Lohar to make him aware of your discoveries (picture11).


Leave west of the map, as shown in the picture below (picture12). You will find the entrance to the cave indicated by Lohar (picture13). Once inside, go north to find the sign of Mordus, which you will have to confront (picture14). Note: During your journey, you have a strong chance of falling into several groups of enemies. If the difficulty is too high, feel free to leave this area and return a few hours later after winning several levels.


Choice No.1 – Save Mordus:

After winning your fight against Mordus, you will have the choice between saving him or killing him. After giving your word to Mordus not to kill it, you will be able to choose the option “You need to learn more Source. If he helps you, you may let him out of this cave…” (picture15). This will give you a Source point, allowing you to continue “Powerful Awakening” quest.


Choice No.2 – Kill Mordus:

After confronting Mordus, you can kill him directly or ask him to give you the extra Source Point and still kill him, this will not influence the rest of the events. Note: After releasing or killing Mordus, you will get the Mordus’ Amulet (picture16), which will allow you to perform “A Taste of Freedom” quest.


Get out of the cave and go back to see Lohar in the basement of the Black Bull Inn in Driftwood to put an end to this quest (picture17). You will need to choose your reward (picture18).


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An Existential CrisisA Taste of Freedom


Shadow over Driftwood

Suggested Level10+
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Shadow over Driftwood is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



Shadow over Driftwood Objectives

  1. Find out what Mordus is up to and report to Lohar.



Shadow over Driftwood Walkthrough

Lohar, a gang boss at the Undertavern, asks you to search Mordus's house. His house is the one west of the tavern. Tell the dwarf sleeping there you were sent by Lohar and she will let you open the hatch beneath her. If you attempt to convince her with any other form of dialogue, she will simply turn you away.

At the basement of Mordus's house, you will notice two dwarfs trapped in the other room. There's a secret handle located on the column next to the staircase. Walk close to the stairs and you will find it. After you activate it and open the stone door, the two trapped dwarfs will leave and allow you to scavenge this area.

If you walk to the lower end of this room, the stone door will shut again, and you will not be able to open it until you read the instructions for how to do so. You will then need to move some crates to find a Row of books hidden behind the chest. Inside the Row of books (besides some loot) you'll find:

  • The instruction to open the door, which will reveal that there is a button behind the shrine; this will open up a new dialogue option for you, allowing you to escape the room. (There is another quest here as well: see A Taste of Freedom for more details)

  • A note instructing Mordus to assassinate Lohar. After you report to Lohar with the note, he will want you to kill Mordus, who is located at Wrecker's Cave.

Way to Wrecker's Cave

Wrecker's Cave is on the west side of the map, near the bridge where the troll is.

Along the way between Driftwood and Wrecker's Cave, you'll be ambushed by possessed dwarfs at least twice. The first time, the spell they're under can be cleared with Mystic. Alternatively, you can just sneak (stealth and/or invisibility spells) past all possessed dwarves you encounter on your way to the cave or in the cave, if you want to save their lives. (They'll be healed after clearing the cave, even though there's no XP or extra reward for this.)

You can use Spirit Vision to talk to possessed dwarves you killed (after the fight) and they will just seem confused. Eventually you'll find a camp with dead dwarfs on the high ground, and clicking on a nearby cave you can talk to Warron, an associate of Lohar, who was hidden there with a female dwarf while voidwoken were killing their partners. Passing a speech check you can convince them to help you make it to their "cove".

Before you enter the main entrance of wreckers cave, a scripted event with a talking voidwoken will occur. If you attack him fast enough, you can draw him into battle to, otherwise he will leave.

Wrecker's Cave

Inside the Wrecker's Cave, you will find a survivor, but there appears to be no way to explore further. Cast Spirit Vision and you will see many ghosts in this area; talk to them to learn what happened here. However, when you investigate the end of the cave, four storm wing voidwoken will appear, attack and kidnap you. You and your team members will be separated and taken to the lower area, the depths of the cave. The goal in this section of the dungeon is to reunion your party members again and then explore this area.

Note: If you killed the voidwoken before they kidnapped you, just teleport yourself to the lower area (alternative route) or (with high enough wits) dig up a hole to descend.

Alternative routes:

  • You can walk around the troll bridges and use the teleport spell to move a party member to the beach near the way-point and go into the cave from the back to avoid having the party split.
  • Alternatively, use the entrance near the Wrecker's Cave - Cove waypoint to enter the area. Or sneak through the cave to the far north and use teleport to reach Mordus without fighting any other battles. These shortcuts will lead to an immediate fight with Mordus without being able to clear the dungeon normally. 

Main route (with separated party members):

One of your team members (the main character) will be locked in a place without enemies; explore the surroundings and you will find some letters regarding the quest Shadow over Driftwood and The Law of the Order. If you talk to the dwarf in front of the strange device, you can also advance the personal quest for Ifan Ben-Mezd. The door to other areas is locked; you will have to lockpick the door to get to other companions (or find the tunnel hole if you can't pick locks).

If your character can't lockpick, find another companion who starts in a bedroom. The private chamber key is in this area. However, this character needs to defeat several possessed dwarfs and voidlings to get the key.  (If you want to leave this area now, try to find the hidden hole that will transport you to the entrance of the cave. Shovel or lizard is needed to dig the hole).

You can use the teleporter pyramids to reunite the party faster. If you have difficulty getting the keys when your party is separated in the cave, remember that you can destroy doors by attacking them. Most of the doors in the cave have relatively low health and will go down after a few attacks.

The third party member is trapped in a cave full of voidlings. Unless that character is incredibly good in combat, use your other characters or a teleport pyramid to save him/her. (Through a cave in the same area you find the key)

If the big eggs hatch, the Voidwoken coming out of those will award no EXP, but loot instead, so this place is great to stock up on greater fire essences, and a quite bit of money loot.

In the depths of Wrecker's Cave, you can find some letters and a ship manifest, mentioning that a Deathfog delivery device was stolen. 

After you have gathered all companions, you can proceed to the next area through a ladder in a shipwreck. You will find Mordus in this area, he will attack you with his possessed henchmen. 

Battle with Mordus:

Killing Mordus will end the fight but you will lose out on the EXP from the other dwarves that joined him in this battle, they will die without you getting EXP.

  • If Mordus manages to transform to a stronger form during the fight, he will not be worth more EXP.
  • Once you strike him down, the battle is over. You can decide to let him live or not.
  • Also, if you kill Mordus before going through the whole cave, the possessed dwarfs you'd have to fight all around will be friendly (and you will be missing on EXP).

Mordus can teach you source for Powerful Awakening. If you want more Source, eat the Voidwoken heart which he will offer you. If you force him to tell you who exactly he's afraid of (who is his master?), he will be ripped apart.

Report your findings to Lohar:

  • He will give you a key for a reward. (for a chest on the second floor of magister's barracks)
  • If you have Mordus's amulet in your inventory, Lohar will take the amulet and give you Lohar's Two-Handed Source Hammer.
  • Killing Mordus will end the fight but you will lose out on the EXP from the other dwarfs. Also, if you kill Mordus before going through the whole cave, the possessed dwarfs you'd have to fight all around will be friendly (and you will be missing on EXP).
  • If you bring Mordus's amulet to Lohar, then the royal letter to the magisters, then return to Lohar again, he will reveal that he knows you betrayed him, but he owes you, so he won't start a fight. In this case you can then kill him for the magisters quest without the entire undertavern turning on you.



Driftwood shadow over

Shadow over Driftwood [Worst Quest ever?]
Hey all,

So far I've enjoyed the game very much. But what the actual f*ck is wrong with this quest?
My party got split up, so far so good, funny idea. BUT...

- One is by the dwarf alchemist. Okay no problem. Talked to her blablabla, tried to lockpick the door. Okay not possible, his adventures end there.

- One in a room full of mobs and is dead after 1 I press "end turn".

- One was by the drunken dwarf ghost. I navigated trough the cave system and whoosh! Another one of those insect likes mobs spawns out of nothing and is just to powerfull for my mage. Tried it often but I can't beat it. So right now she stands where the thing will spawn and does nothing. Adventure over for her too.

- The last one has woken up in combat too, but only in front of 4 low level things which where killed quickly. But I explored "her" cave system completely, there is nothing left. I'm "stuck" in there.

What am I missing?

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Divinity Original Sin 2 - Honour Walkthrough: Law of Order \u0026 Shadow over Driftwood - Part 42

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