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Mobile Strike is an exciting new action game of modern war that lets you build a base, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield!

Unlock cutting-edge assault vehicles, command powerful armies, and put your tactical mind to test against opponents across the globe in this worldwide MMO game!

- Join millions of players from around the world
- Build & customize an elite military base for defensive strength or offensive might
- Use tanks, helicopters, and modern military units to blitz your enemies
- Claim the title of Head of State to grant protections to your allies, and obstacles to your enemies!
- Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your perimeter
- Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower
- Command 16 types of troops with 4 lethal tiers
- Clash with rival alliances & rule the world in the #1 modern war themed MMO

Experience the rush of battle and conquest in the vast mulitplayer world of Mobile Strike.

Join forces with powerful players to create global alliances and conquer enemy territories in the immersive world of Mobile Strike!

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:
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* Supported iOS Versions: iOS 12 and higher
* Bug fixes.
* Stability Improvements.
* New content and events.

Ratings and Reviews

2 ans

Cela fait 2 ans que je joue et le jeu est très addictif. Très difficile de ne pas y revenir tous les jours même si après tout ce temps le jeu peine à se renouveler et perd de son intérêt.


Ik wil het in het Nederlands en het lukt mij niet

Money Pit

This is one of the Money-pit games.

Mobile Strike,, Clash of Kings, Vikings.. I’m sure the list is longer. The games are all exactly the same — the graphics are very nice indeed.

You get a base, a wizard will guide you through building resources and soldiers barracks. Upgrading castles, upgrading stables. A lot of timers and all the time, things can be sped up using gold.

Ultimately, the strongest player is also the one with the most gold. And that gold costs money — real money.

Once and again, an emergency will occur, luring the player to buy gold. The first time, that will give you A LOT of benefits — later on, that will greatly diminish, until all you get is gold.

In the game, very powerful players prey on lower players. I can only suspect, that some of them are payed employees. They will destroy your base, and you will want to restore it. The lure to buy gold is there all the time.

Careful folks.

The developer, Epic War LLC, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Purchases
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Purchases
  • Contact Info
  • User Content
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More


Epic War LLC



Requires iOS or later.
Requires iPadOS or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS or later.

English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

Age Rating
12+ Infrequent/Mild Realistic ViolenceInfrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy ViolenceInfrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humour



In-App Purchases

  1. Gold4,99 €
  2. Gold19,99 €
  3. Gold19,99 €


  • Family Sharing

    Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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Are y’all ready for this? One of my favorite things to see is memes relating to Mobile Strike! This month (February ) our event involves a Meme War in our Discord Channel and I am so excited that I want to preemptively bring you some memes and laughs with this article, a Mobile Strike Journey in Memes.  Take a walk with me on a journey from Mobile Strike newbie to a Mobile Strike Diehard or Addict. No matter what point you are at in your Journey you will relate!

In the Beginning 

Every story has a beginning and the beginning of this story begins with an App Store. At some point in time, all of us have headed to the App Store and downloaded Mobile Strike. We all have various reasons. Whether you saw an ad or a friend told you about the Game you opened your iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon App Store and you caved into the temptation and hit download. 


Once you download the game and open it for the first time the journey begins, will you make it past the newbie stages and become a Mobile Strike Diehard? Let’s get going! 

Opening the Game (The Addiction Begins) 

After you downloaded the game came the fateful day you decided to open the game. For me, I can download a game and it may be a few days or weeks before I decide to open it. With other games, I may open them as soon as the download process has completed. As you began to explore what this game was all about and started pushing buttons you discovered that you existed within a State and there were State Chats and Alliances with Alliance Chats. Maybe you found an alliance and met some people. 

You started chatting and making friends and the addiction began. Soon you discovered that these people were your people and you learned about Line and Discord chat rooms and became more and more drawn into the community and discovered that you had found your tribe. 

Mobile Strike

The Building Begins

Throughout all of this, you are building your base, completing research, and leveling your Headquarters, Hospitals, Farms, Banks, Commanders, and so many more features. You begin to explore the intricacies of the game and the addiction becomes deeper and deeper. You buy a 5 dollar pack, and then a 20 dollar pack… and well… must I continue? As you dive deeper and deeper you discover that there are things you absolutely need… this is a real need, people!!!


Engaging in Combat Begins

As you build your base and your confidence grows there is a fateful day where you decide to drop your shield. Whether you decide to venture out and attack other players or play the defensive side you are ready to head into battle!! 

off to battle

You go out and eventually you are hit. There are two things that can happen here:

  1. Victory&#; This is of course the ultimate goal and the outcome that we all hope for. However, that does not always happen especially when you are new to the game and often  you will see the second outcome,
  2. Defeat…. NOOOOOOO… I can not say it more perfectly than this meme:
    He Wasn't Ready

However, in this scenario, you must preserve your pride (we all know you are going back to the drawing board, but we will leave your dignity and give kind tips when asked). However, being the gamer you are, you are of course okay, but you could maybe use some RSS. 


The Addiction becomes Deeper

I am convinced that a loss is just as addicting as a victory. A loss gives us an opportunity to really dig in and start learning the strategy and figuring out where we can fix things. I love strategy, personally, so when I Iose, after I am done pouting, I dig in and start figuring out what I need to fix. However, that fateful loss sends us back to closely guarding our shields and if you have not woken up in the middle of the night in a panic over whether or not you remembered your shield, have you really played Mobile Strike? 


The Rage Quit

However, while you are figuring out your new strategy you awake to discover that you have in fact forgotten your shield, and you are zeroed. The feels you are having now are real… 


All your hard work is gone, and they farmed you for RSS (Friendly reminder: Never use the open all RSS button). You are frustrated and sad and just done and declare to the world that you are done with this game called Mobile Strike! 

Rage Quit

Separating the Cream from the Crop

This is where we truly begin to see the best of the best and the true Mobile Strike Diehards. After that first fateful zero and rage quit you either delete the app and never look back or you slide back into the game and act like the rage quit never happened and begin playing and building again. Are you a Mobile Strike Diehard? Well, question, just how deeply do you relate to the following statements:

Mobile Strike Addict

If you can relate to all of these statements you may be a diehard Mobile Strike player. 

Discovering Kill Events

Now that you have rebuilt and experienced your first zero, the bloodthirst begins. For our Rally leads, you begin to look at the world of Mobile Strike with a new perspective as you navigate which players are and are not good targets. 


Our defenders get a new perspective on reins and rallies set on them. With each rally comes a bit of trepidation as you wait to see the outcome, will this be the one that makes you cry? 


You discover the importance of a charger as you dive into battle and your phone battery quickly drains!! 


Bathroom breaks become Mobile Strike breaks to get in just a few more kills or fill a few more rallies. You tell anyone that wonders at your frequent long bathroom breaks that you have stomach issues of course and hope they buy it. 

Kill event

You discover the joys of State Chat during Kill events when you get to interact with outlanders that you would not normally encounter during daily gameplay but you still plan to kill them of course. 


The Addiction is Ingrained- You Are a Diehard Mobile Strike Player

After all of this, you are addicted. You love the game and the people who play the game, you can rage against the system with the best of them. You begin to feel these truth’s deeply: 

  1. No NAPs!!! It is a War Game!
  2. When people complain about you attacking them, your response is that for crying out loud it is a War Game!
    War game
  3. You really feel that people need to understand this truth and the fact that they will get attacked in a War game and so you send this meme to anyone that complains about being attacked in a War game

Mobile Strike crosses into Real-life Again

It is at this point in your gameplay that you can really appreciate memes that bring Mobile Strike into real life. Whether the meme is about your feelings towards different people:

Or brings current issues into play:
Real Life

Or just takes pop culture and sticks it into the middle of Mobile Strike: 


These memes resonate with you and you cannot help but laughing a bit or a lot when you see them. At this point, your journey will continue and at times you will repeat steps of this journey. My hope is that you can do so with laughter and I hope to see you out there, do not be surprised if I send you a meme about it being a War game ;-). 

What’s Next? 

We have tons of great content on the website to help you with strategy or just bring you a laugh! From Community to Strategy you will find it all here at MSHQ. 

Mobile Strike Addict

Now that we have discussed the journey to becoming a Mobile Strike Addict we have more ways you can discover whether you truly are an addict! 

Mobile Strike Addict

War and Community in Mobile Strike

Discover the different people you will meet within the Mobile Strike Community from nerds, girl gamers, and more have a laugh with us and find out where you fit in. 

War and Community in Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike High

Sometimes Mobile Strike can feel a lot like High School! Find out the different ways this applies and get some more laughs with us! 

Mobile Strike High 

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned for more great information from our MSHQ Team as the Mech Dimension continues to evolve.

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Mobile Strike App Reviews

By Epic War LLC

starstarstar_halfstar_borderstar_border / 5
Mobile Strike app review

Mobile Strike App Info

  • Ratings
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games
  • Updated: Nov 30
  • Version:
  • Size: MB
  • Seller: Epic War LLC
  • © Epic War LLC

Mobile Strike App Screenshots

Customer Reviews of the Mobile Strike App

Money pit


tagoms's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/6/18 PM

Do not play this game. Started out a great concept and actually used to take some thought. Greed has taken over mobile strike unless you can spare a couple thousand dollars you will not be competitive. Now they started a game in the game to double up on people who play. Customer service is scripted and probably computers. They could care less about what the consumer wants. Take this warning do not play. It gets worse everyday I have been playing for years and regret it everyday. Now don’t think it’s free just to be competitive they throw in $ only items that will destroy all you work avoid at all cost



Dee's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/4/18 PM

So I've been trying to update my commander for the past days and the game keeps crashing. This is getting on my nerves b/c I have over points to add. 😡😡😡😡 so now it's honing into November and the game still crashes!!! I have to delete and reload the game because it will not allow me to log on!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️



Walk in Black's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/3/18 PM

Games is frustrating and depressing anymore, developers progression is bent on more a month on packs just to be optimal enough to play once your levels surpass their infancy. Support doesn’t help as they the developers render everything you need in the game obsolete to keep you buying more. Don’t waste money on DBCs either. Just a ruse as levels progress the currency is rendered useless no matter how much you have purchased. Sad turn of events is the game was once great and required strategic settings that could outdo master high rollers with more money. Developers answer to the imperialist and c*** on the strategist. You will abandon play before too long and feel cheated in the end.

Don’t bother playing



Reviewed on 9/27/18 PM

What’s the point where you lose mttt while killing only 2 units. Plus all units killed and none were in hospital.

Don't Download


Queen Chiwawa's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/20/18 AM

This game requires ALOT! Of money to play. Other games by this money pit developers are just the same Game of War and Final Fantasy do not download! Am waiting for a Lawsuit against these developers for ripping people off!

Purchases worthless after game changes


Sray's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/2/18 PM

Name of game should be Greed and Frustration. They continually change the rules to obsolete old troops and anything else you purchase. Run away from it. Run away fast!

Rip off. Not free


Hhudson's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/19/18 PM

This game is a ripoff. It’s not free. Troy have to spend money and lots of it in order to obtain needed items. On top of that now if you need something like a 30 day peace shield you have to score 30M loyalty points which is nearly impossible and so you het attached over and over having to rebuild everything you had making it even harder to get that peace shield. When contacted about it the mfg support says “oh we did that to make the game more fun”. Tell me what’s so fun about having to rebuild you troop strength every day because you can no longer buy the shields because you have no more loyalty points because you had to rebuild everything?

Worst game ever!


Sygvystvtbysygbsygbsygbgby's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/16/18 AM

Legit this was the most c***** game I’ve ever played

if youre not a millionaire then then dont download


kkcsdfvdfkv's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 9/14/18 PM

worst game ever

Very expensive!


copman's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/8/18 AM

Do not play in less you have a Lotta money to spend each week! If you’re able to spend $70 a week on the game then you can be competitive.

My review


Framed it's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/5/18 AM

I’ve played for months. Opened a clan. It was really fun until I hit level Now I can’t play a round without getting killed 15 times and maybe getting one kill. It’s horrible. I guess that’s the way they make money. It’s a pay to play I’m about to delete it. What a waste of time working my way to this level!!.. don’t waste your time.

My stuff is gone


Nextopolus's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/5/18 PM

Im playing the game and one day I tap on the app and all my stuff is gone

Nothing to see


Herblergh's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/3/18 AM

They had a good game but became too greedy. A game for whales. Play the free version in a new state and when you start to see large growth its time to quit. Solitaire is a better option, and its free!!

Money Rules


tagoms's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/29/18 AM

Do not play this game. Started out a great concept and actually used to take some thought. Greed has taken over mobile strike unless you can spare a couple thousand dollars you will not be competitive. Now they started a game in the game to double up on people who play. Customer service is scripted and probably computers. They could care less about what the consumer wants. Take this warning do not play. It gets worse everyday I have been playing for years and regret it everyday.



EstonH's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

Expensive to do anything

Good time waster


Be objective's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

I have played this game since it came out. Back then you could be reasonably competitive by spending here and there, but as others have said, it got to the point that whatever you bought only was of use for a few days or weeks. I still play but I don’t spend any money so I spend my time just farming and doing endless researches, which by the time I finish are obsolete.

It’s there way or No way


petecaso's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

Yeah it’s a pay to play game . They strayed a new dimension after they ruined the first. I dropped over $15k in first one. Decided to just play in the second dimension. As usual al , lame excuses for bugs a glitches . Most are almost intentional, guaranteed ! Had an issue in the game that kept me from accessing certain items in game that caused me to get ZEROED ! Contacted customer service and got a reply back four days later. Long story short . This was an on going battle with them and ultimately that pretty much blamed me. They were wrong I’m done with them. They also run GOW , I’ve got $20k in that one. About fed up with these fools , they know it but what do you do. Got to draw a line somewhere. It’s drawn .



Bill's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

I spent 50 dollars on it and asked for a refund. They responded sorry we won’t give you a refund. Thats a huge waist of money

Terrible Game


aldo yibbs's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

I played this game ever since it came out. This game is horrible and a complete waste of time. Don’t get it. The developers keep neefing things that makes it impossible to succeed without spending a lot of money. Even if you spend money you still get wiped out as soon as your shields drop. The developers needed the shields so it is impossible to afford. Don’t waste your time or money on this game.

Bes gam evr!


qogja's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

I rss my alicens menbers and ims happ

Money hungry scammers


Sepp 's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

🖕don’t spend penny on this game

Stay away not worth the pay


CHGDBYLUV's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

Greed should be the name on this game as well as, their other mmo games, stay away from them all, and watch out the sellers company name changes, although they’re under the same umbrella, these games are mini casinos wIth no bottom and you’re playing to lose!!!!!



Free Money!!'s Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

Has to be the biggest scam in the App Store. I’ll be happy if I can at least stop one person from spending a cent on this stupid game made by garbage people.

Pretty good


Lightning billy's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM


Don’t Buy


kzreklaw's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

Unless you rich don’t buy and even then don’t buy. I played for over a year and spent $17, on this game. Packs cost $ and to keep up you need to buy at least 10 a week. It’s a waist if it was $5 a pack it would be fun but your literally paying $ for colors on a screen. Don’t buy. Save you money get a car.

Mobile strikes


Champ50's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/28/19 PM

The Game is Ruined. Was good at level 21 and level 25 Know Trash. They ruined it They have ruined a good game. Players left and Alliances shut down. Cant believe they ruined it

No balance, no strategy, no fun.


Harbinger74's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/26/18 PM

The mini game ad that originally caught my interest in the game has ZERO to do with the actual game. That's false advertising. After playing Mobile Strike for over days I can safely say with some authority and knowledge that it is awful as games go. As someone wise once said "I admire your ability to get paid for this " Your game is flawed is so many fundamental ways that it is difficult to enumerate them nor will I try. There is no balance, skill, or strategy envolved beyond which alliances can afford to pour the most money in to the game. As with so many aspects of your game Harvesting resources is pointless since there is nothing to stop a high level base from tile hitting all the smaller deployments that may have actual need of the resources. A second reason why harvesting resources is pointless is because the scale at which resources are used (Billions, Trillions, Thousands of Trillions, Millions of Trillions, Billions of Trillions, Trillions of Trillions, ) it would be impossible to harvest on that scale. The scale of bonuses involved between building boosts, troop enhancements, the Stat shop, the various research trees, the uber equipment, equipment mods, equipment attachments, insignia, and on and on and on and now vehicles. There's no balance or skill, just people with lots of time and money to throw away. Good for your profit margin I supposed but a very poorly designed game. Some of the players I've talked to have spend several hundred, if not thousands, on the game because Mobile Strike is always releasing their newest gimmick to yet again add another boost of ridiculous scale what's next? The +10,,,,% (trillion) uber awesome ultimate nuclear unbreakable attack boost. You're almost there and your customers are the fools continuing to do so. The game doesn't make any attempt to provide a path to advancement, slow or otherwise, unless you buy your way to higher levels. The landscape is littered with dead and abandoned bases of the players who smartened up or went broke

Game was fun at first but got greedy


Jason M K's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/25/18 AM

Tons quit after daily research and builds coming out every other day other games better and not so greedy you know when commercials stop they aren’t doing good

Just Wow


DJT-Reks's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/25/18 AM

Potentially great game but if you are competitive, be ready to keep spending upwards of $. Its 4 star fun with a 1 star bs constant upsell

Terrible customer appreciation, total rip off, game-makers need to be sued


smtpal's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/22/18 PM

I don’t usually review apps, but this one needs to be done. The developers completely take advantage of their customers. There is nothing good about these people. I started playing the game and actually had a lot of fun. I had a good alliance with supportive friends that would protect me from the bullies that would play. I thought it was a s***** idea to ever buy anything. I avoided spending money like the plague. I had fun trying to level myself up without spending a dime. Eventually, the “packs” you could buy became more appealing. Not only would they help me grow faster, but buying a pack would help my alliance, too. I bought one and liked the results. I skyrocketed and could actually compete with the top dogs in my state. So I bought a couple more packs. I probably spent about 1, bucks total. Fast forward to today They LITERALLY give out free upgrades that automatically put the players at an astronomical amount of power. Completely for free. Which makes me completely obsolete, even though I spent hundreds of dollars. In any other market, 1, dollars could get me a quality product. In some, this would make me a VIP or at least get some special treatment. But not here. They take your money and then leave you in the dust. They could care less if a few months later you are struggling financially because you fell into their trap. I could have used that money to improve my life but instead it went to a money pit. They cheated me and thousands of other people out of (most likely) millions of dollars. This game, and any other game like it, deserve to be banned from the App Store. I would love to get a refund but I know that’ll never happen.

Awesome Game


Cool's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/20/18 PM

I love it!

Poorly Designed


Terrible's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/15/18 PM

The Commander skills don’t work right. I have 77 points and am only allowed to apply 16 of them. Terrible tech support. They say they working on fixing. Then they say it’s fixed. Then say we are working on it. I highly recommend a different game to spend time and money on.

Mobile Strike


izco's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/13/18 PM

If you want to learn the secretes of rallying, and controlling a CP, join my alliance. The most fun in this game is battling for Control Points. State : IZCO ELITES -TheBigZ 😎☠️🔥🔥😎☠️

Game has been ruined unless you are rich


Mr GritsnGravy's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/12/18 PM

Recently the game changed back to packs for dollars and shields use loyalty points which are impossible to keep up with. Responses are slim to none from support and there is no way to be competitive and enjoy the game unless you spend huge amounts of cash. One slip of a shield and you have lost everything. Was fun in the beginning, now they have destroyed the fun and there are better things to do in life than waste time with this app.

Don’t do it !


Webb's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/11/18 AM

This game would be also if it didn’t change every few days. All your money spent will soon be on gear that is out of date in a month. Don’t even try to be competitive unless your spending $ a week. When you have a glitch or an error, or the game hangs rest assured when you notify tech support they will blame it on you and your equipment. Even when your running the new Apple phone and a $ router. It’s never there server just pay pay pay and don’t bother them. It’s a said thing also when over the year all the money you spend doesn’t matter because everything is outdated and they’ve moved to a completely different playing platform. Or you wake up and 1/2 of you base is missing. Remember the $ you spent to upgrade all your buildings? Then 1/2 your base is missing yup. They changed the platform. I’ve played since this game started up years ago. I no longer play much and spend no cash. Keep a log of what you spend. You will throw up after the first year. Good luck 👎🏻

Just say NO!


+1Beer's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 8/11/18 PM

The game starts off like all the others of this type. There is a lot you can do for free, but it has a limit. Soon, you ha e to spend real money to do even the most mundane things, otherwise all your efforts will simply feed the next big spender as he zeroes your base. Now you have to spend even more to rebuild. Alliances no longer help, and the developers finally figured out that if they make long-term shields impossible to obtain, everyone will be forced to log in more (to get assaulted with their constant advertisement for money), actually SPEND your actual money, or simply quit (that’s me). Dead bases litter the landscape in every state. Now it might be worth putting up with this c*** if the gameplay was worth a darn, but it’s not. No action at all. Might as well go back to text based Dungeons & Dragons. As the computer realized in the War Games movie, “The only winning move is NOT TO PLAY!” Shush

Greed at it’s worst


Webhd's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/9/18 AM

Unless you can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on playing this game, it’s not the game for you. The only way to stay competitive is to spend money and lots of it. The game has lots of glitches that never get fixed. Most are only mildly annoying, but MS only cares about fixing things so that they can force you to spend more in order to continue playing.

Do not even try this


H0N3ST0's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/9/18 PM

Hello to all well, first let me inform you that, it is not fun at all, I know that you will find defenders of this game but the real truth is obviously since when you start for the first time this game. Anyways at this time it is worse than before. Avoid headache. If I could place cero star I’ll do it. Be prepare to spend more money if you decide to try it, and to much time too. Hola primero déjame decirte que esto ya no es divertido incluso si desde un inicio estás consiente que es solo por diversión, se qué hay muchos que defenderán este juego, pero la verdad es obvia desde que tú inicias el juego por primera vez. Como sea a empeorado mucho más que antes, evítate dolores de cabeza. Si yo pudiera calificar con cero estrellas lo haría. Prepárate para gastar mucho dinero si decides probarlo, además de mucho tiempo también.

Total garbage!


Bshan75's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/9/18 AM

I’ve played this game for years the developers have gotten greedy and s**** the players! It’s next to impossible to keep up with the new stuff and now they’ve added needing to buy $99 packs for a second base to keep playing! So instead of maintaining 1 base now you have to maintain 2 to keep up! All packs are $ or more! They recently had a “glitch” as thy called it and we were able to obtain a lot of gold to help develop the new bases then they took it all away from us! Find a better game that doesn’t jack with its players! Most of us long time MS players have been playing War Games Commander! It’s how the game was and should have stayed! Don’t waste your money on this garbage!



dont spend money on this game's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 PM

This is a game that just wants to to spend hundreds of dollars a day and in return they take back stuff you have collected. So the big spenders can destroy your base with out loosing any valuables and in return for the stuff they take from your account they return to you useless things. So Don’t play this game if you can’t spend $20, or more a year

Old MS vs New MS


Doug's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 PM

My first encounter with the game was okay but I left ! Missing the friends I have made during the game I came back and restarted January 1 ! Big Big mistake ! I know this is a pay for play game but it was so full of glitches that it was never right ! I bought gold packs that changed in the middle of the purchase and was told that I should be more careful or I should pay more attention , whatever ! But recently MS made a mistake and just took the gold back from the players who did not use it up fast enough ! Be aware , MS does not care about the players even if you are a spender ! They will make you out to be the problem ! My two bases are now in State ! Just look for OldDogRet and OldDogRet2 ! Don’t start the game or quit as soon as possible !

MS just zero’d out everyones’ paid currency


Poofybird Design's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 AM

For a moneysink game you’d think they’d be wiser, but no. They just revoked everyones’ paid in-game currency. They’re not just figuratively a scam, they are literally a scam. I’ll be contacting Apple about this shady business practice.

Money Pit With No Real End Gane


Corsair's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 AM

This game was enjoyable when it first came out. The social aspect and value in alliances to learn the game and get help made it a great diversion. However it has become apparent that there is no definitive end game in site - what’s top level today is obsolete tomorrow. Since the advent of cybernetics - where they essentially reset the game and made everything pre-cyber worthless - the publisher has become greedy to the extreme. Before cybernetics they would offer packs at various price levels so even casual/fiscally conservative players could be reasonably up to date. Now there are no packs less than USD available. I don’t mind publishers making money - as a developer myself I understand it’s a business. They have to keep an infusion of cash to continue to publish, maintain and improve the game. But they would do well to understand that $20 packs would earn them more than one $ pack and increase the player base. It feels as though they’ve betrayed the original players with the cyber reset and want to milk as much money as they can rather than provide an entertaining strategic game. I will not be buying any new packs until or unless the publisher changes their practice. Install, play, and spend money as you see fit. But for now I’m done. I’ll maintain my base, but the publisher will not get any more of my money under their current business plan.

You need more money than common sense to win this game.


Poffroad's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 PM

I started playing this game almost two years ago. It used to be a great game, but now it's purely a pay to play app. If you spend a lot of money you might be competitive this week, but next week they add a few more zeroes to all the possible stats and if you don't spend the money again your quickly left in the dust. No strategy needed for this game, just money. If you have more money than common sense, this might be your lucky day. Frankly, there are much better games out there. Games that don't require deep pockets, but skill and brains. Those are good games, this is not one of them. Update In an effort to keep the money flowing they have now started the game over in a “second world”. Ironically enough this a reboot of the original is played by glitches and flaws that of already been solved in the original. Not sure what six-year-old is running the show over at MS, But this is still not a game worth starting or continuing to play in all reality. Clash of clans is still a much better choice and requires actual strategy, not just a credit card.

Do not start playing this game. Scam.


tomeboy/'s Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 PM

Yes, the app is free but the game is not. Pay to play is the only way to describe. Or bait and switch. Played for a long time and made in app purchases until it became gambling. You might get something and then not. The packs are over priced. $ Then they basically reset the game by negating any purchases made before cybernetic troops came out. They stole my work in the game. Yes it is their game, but it is a scam. Customer service is horrible and condescending. Update 7/8/ Stop playing and stop paying. The new MECH world is even more expensive and they have become even more greedy. Smaller packs same price same worthless virtual junk. Read their terms of service. They owe you nothing. Do not play this game.

Stay away from this game


Manse Jolly's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 PM

The makers of Mobile Strike are greedy and will take your money without any regard for your enjoyment of the game. They lead you to think one thing then say, oops we made a mistake. It is a time waster and a money pit.



@#waist's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/8/18 AM

It was fun when first came out. Now all they want is money and people to pay. They can’t fix the problems that they have in the game but want people to pay to move on without fixing the problems. Recently they took good earned away from players that earned it to say it was an error and they wanted fair play. How is that everyone in the game had the same opportunity to earn and now you say nope you worked hard to earn that but it’s not yours. Also keep track of all your bonuses and awards they frequently forget to put them into your inventory. What started out fun and great is going into a money draining nightmare. The game has such great potential until the designers got greedy.

Money Pit / No Service


0 Twisted 0's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/6/18 PM

This game is an extreme waste of money. You need thousands of dollars to keep up and play. Customer service is a joke, they will respond but fail to answer any of your questions. They alway have a reason they cannot help.



faceofdeath's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/6/18 AM

This game is money hungry that’s it do not look out for the player believe me

Worse game


Xxx 's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/6/18 AM

Do not SPEND YOUR $$$. The game keeps evolving and everything you ah e spend goes down the drain. Customer supports only gives you vague answers of the changes of the game or why they are slowing the game. It is not worth the timelots of players are upset!!!! Money hungry game!!!!

Move along nothing to see here.


cjkmom's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/5/18 PM

Updated They have developed a new dimension to travel to. It looks great it’s like going backwards in time. However, they have built in multiple ways now to get your money. You can now buy $ packs in both worlds and not achieve anything. The developers have no soul and don’t care about retaining players. The service reps that respond to you operate off scripts and have no power. Your better off donating your money to a casino. This game at one point was fun. There was strong groups playing together. Since that time MS has gone absolutely profit hungry. You will spend two days setting up the latest gear and it will be out of date the next week. Setting you back $s of dollars each week. Many players have quit leaving abandoned bases that are in the millions all over the playing field. Currently they are subtracting resources without giving you a way to reproduce them unless you buy a pack. Good luck if you decide to play but, ensure you have plenty of room on your credit card. It will be spent in no time at all.

Arms Race


MS is pure greed's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/4/18 PM

There is not strategy except out spend your opponents. Every $99 pack gets you the latest gear for at most a day. Then you will need to shield or buy another $99 pack. Play only if you are willing to spend thousands a month.

Biggest rip of game should be zero stars


loom for a new game's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/4/18 PM

This game was fun for the first 1 1/2 years I was playing. You had plan a strategy with your alliance to rally a player or take a capital this was fun and every one was pretty much equal. Now they are so greedy and always adding new stuff every week so they can take you money. I have heard players spend $ week to play. This game is all about who has the most money will win. There no strategy and has be come a graveyard of dead bases. It used be be almost states now it down to 20 or more so what does this tell you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another problem I came across today. This game is a fraud. I have bought bunch of 30 days shields through packages of the years. Now the change it telling my I have to buy them a different way and then they stole them from me. Those shields was bought with my money. They are thieves don’t trust them.

Addicting in a bad way! Evolves way to fast.


HooterMaster's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/4/18 PM

Game is addicting. Game is massively expensive already poured more than $ into the game and my base is worthless. Game evolved way to fast. Only way to keep up and stay relevant is to play huge hours on it everyday and spend couple hundred bucks a month on it. Bait and Switch big time! It is a part-job just to keep up!!! Don’t fall victim.

One very large problem


Shfgsiuc's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/30/18 PM

Since my last review, this game has changed a lot and not for the better. Base upgrade limit has gone from 21 to over and I don't even know the max. The game has become so pay-to-win it's barely a game anymore. If you enjoy actually progressing, avoid this game.

Mobile Strike


JusticRules's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/29/18 AM

I’ve been playing this game since it came out! It’s a great game and I love it . I’ve had my own alliance and played the politics. I was once most powerful in the state . But get real you got to stop using money and research slow down and let us play! Most people can’t keep up unless they have a lot of money. The money is in small buys $5,$10,$ Not $ What I’m trying to say is iv our so much time and effort only to find out that I’ve lost everything because you mobile strike decided to chance up every thing to where my shield doesn’t mean anything. Why? Because my shield no longer is valid all the shields I bought with my real money to keep me safe so I could do what you said and wanted me to do by building my empire . But no I have to get the new stuff that requires more money and getting my commander back . Not cool mobile strike !! As much money as I’ve put in now my gold is worthless my every thing is worthless . This was my life now this is my black hole ! Fix it JusticeRules

Gameplay hazzard


RoyalEclipse's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/29/18 AM

This game deserves a 5/5 but with this new upate of going to level and having everything played out for you is a no go. I used to play this game and it was fun and simple, now I have no idea how to even understand this. I wish it went back to the old times.



nitodo's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/28/18 AM

Este juego nada de bueno . Inviertes y luego te daña el juego . Estos evitan que sea un buen jugado y además muy caro $ dólares para jugarlo . Alguien que me diga cómo reportarlo a las autoridades por fraude .

base missions


Lexus was here :)'s Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/28/18 PM

none of the base missions will load in which i cannot collect from any of them. at this point, i’ve tried restarting my phone. still not working. i’ve tried deleting the app and logging into my account again as well. still doesn’t work. it’d be great if you could fix this, thanks.



fallout76willLag's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/27/18 PM

This game is really competitive and fun, but in order to compete you have to pay thousand$$. It is completely not worth getting into, it’s sad that so far, this is the only game of its kind with as detail graphics and gameplay mechanics. Still not worth it DO NOT PAY MONEY. Games like this MUST DIE. They do not have the players interested at heart. This is a bigger scam than a Las Vegas casino. Do not buy.



mobile strike is dead's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/27/18 PM

If you are not rich don’t even download this game

Do not download


CornerStone's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/25/18 AM

I repeat do not download. You have to pay heavy amounts regularly to maintain and win

Just don’t


Jcast87's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/24/18 PM

You can’t remotely compete in this game without spending money. Spend your money on anything else. You would be better served by lightning a $ on fire.

Buggy and Expensive.


Rabbitdave's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/20/18 PM

Plan on spending $ a week to play this game at any competitive manner. While you spend $1,’s enjoy constant crashes, and spending another $ to fix a bug. Oh then when you ask for support on the bug, expect a form letter response that does not address your concerns. Stay away from this waste of time and money and spend your money on something that works better.

Total Waste of Time


Myron2's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/20/18 AM

The graphics are the same engine from similar games over 10 years old. They are nothing like the commercials, not really even graphical. It’s one of the few games that requires huge payments just to play. They’ve done away with lower priced packs, so unless you buy $99 packs you basically can’t accomplish anything. Spend thousands to compete and if you ever miss replacing your peace shield for 5 minutes you will be attacked and wiped out. They don’t want anyone that doesn’t spend 5, just to start. And I’ve seen them take equipment away from my inventory with no explanation. Their new Mech Dimension is just a way to get you to pay for two games. And they’ve made shields impossible to obtain there so you are sure to lose and have to start over. Corruption and greed. Save yourself from the stupidity.

This game is ripping you off


MYSTERY MAN OF VEGAS's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/19/18 PM

This is not a game, but a ripoff. All they do is ask for money. Every time you log in, they offer you s***** stuff for money, and the amount increases every time you buy. Do not get unless you want to lose all your money. This is NOT a war game.

Total Money Pit


Mazz80's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/19/18 PM

If you have 10’s of thousands of dollars to spend in order to be relevant in this game by all means get it. A drug or alcohol addiction would be cheaper than this game. Save your money, life, job etc. DO NOT get this game.



Nyg fan11's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/19/18 AM

Save your money and time! Spend $ for a pack and half the time your don’t even get what they say is in the pack! MS is just priced the average player out of this game. STAY AWAY

Ever seen that SouthPark episode..?


ASrlga's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/18/18 PM

Have you ever seen that South Park episode that explains micro transactions with apps to lure people to spending mad cash to reach progression in a game that you'll never be good enough at? This is that app.

Game used to be much better


T o k 3's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/18/18 PM

Game used to be lots of fun, but now seems to have became a last ditch money grab before everyone quits Mobile Strike. Last packs I bought either didn’t work or were quickly made worthless by small glitches or worse, outright poor programming. Some things work for some and not others. Also seems like most the staff has gone off to work on other game titles from this company and so support for players when they encounter and issue is nearly doesn’t exist anymore. I think they have about 10 people currently supporting, half of who are just bots who send back programmed messages. But if spending money on a game for things that are too glitchy to work sounds like fun to you.. well still go find another game lol, because this one just ain’t the one. It’s awful, just trust me on that. Oh and if you’re expecting to play for free HAHAHAHAHA that’s not gonna work out for you very long but good luck you’re gonna need it!

Terrible game


Bart Man1's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/18/18 PM

Their only objective is to extract money from the players not $5 or $10 but a $ at a time. If their profits aren’t what they want they change the rules to try and get players to pay more to stay in the game I was a member since they introduced the game now they are effectively forcing me off



rud y's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/17/18 PM

The creators are money hungry and the game is not worth the expense. I started playing this game years ago and at first you spend a couple bucks and your feeling great. Your able to upgrade your base, improve research, build up your troops, and etc. next thing you know new items are released and everything you accomplished instantly doesn’t matter and now you have to spend hundreds to catch up. Its a repeat cycle and just like that it’s no longer competitive rather who is willing to spend. If I could give negative stars I would. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

This game


Flanagan Jim's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/14/18 PM

This game is fun in beginning but quickly turns into a game where you must spend money to play and not a little bit of money lots - the game makers became very greedy when they saw the money coming in

Alright game, it would be nice if you could restart


bigsexy_'s Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/14/18 AM

Just saying, it would be hella nice

This game is a big money pit


JenieO22's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/12/18 AM

This game only plays well with you investing a lot of money. Even if you pay to play you still can’t seem to ever catch up.



Carlosm's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/11/18 AM

I made a purchase this morning and right after I made it they switched the pack I had purchase to a lower one. All day I’ve been sending messages with no replies back



BenPow's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 7/11/18 PM

The creators of this game are thieves! I can’t use gold to buy most stuff like long peace shields to name one anymore. Our farming system is slow. Forget it, don’t bother getting this game.



TiberiusBC's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/7/18 PM

I'd say it's pay to win, but there's no wining for anyone except Epic War. Horrible graphics, constant pop up ads offering in game purchases, tedious button clicking. Game updates every days which introduce new items that completely negate any previous items. Almost zero strategy involved. It's not even about how much money people have, but how often they're willing to spend it. Someone could've spent thousands of dollars on their base and troops. Someone who spent zero can then spend $ when the daily 'update' takes place offering up some ridiculously named higher level commander, troop, building, gear etc, and instantly level up everything else. That dollar spender can then attack a base some poor chump wasted 1k+ on and completely wipe out all of the troops. If you love 90's graphics and think spending $ to level someone's virtual base who just got evicted from their RL mobile home because they spent all of their money on MS is fun, then this addict riddled game is for you! For everyone else MS will almost assuredly be a waste of your time and money!



rvtvrvvrvr's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/6/18 PM

The game wont update



beeshard's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/6/18 PM

It’s a money pit. All they want is money every other day to play. So if you don’t have every other day please don’t play. Sad

Beyond buggy


Firedogg00's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/30/18 PM

Now I can’t even write in the chat without the game locking up. The new “Mech Dimension” is just another thing to spend $ for packs on, basically another reboot just like cyber was. EW, start spending our cash on a less buggy version by trying your upgrades before release!

Bad Customer Service


Granney's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/26/18 PM

They don’t care about you. Don’t play. Bad customer service. They can’t answer easy questions or give an explanation of why something doesn’t work. Don’t bother even trying. Ive e-mailed several times about the same issue and they keep answering a question I never asked. THEY ARE EITHER IDIOTS OR DON’T CARE.

We did it folks!


trumpsevil's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/20/18 PM

I have scoffed at MZ and their greedy antics for over a year, and I still do. But look. Due to the complaints we have driven the total profit of MZ far down this was once in the top 10 grossing, now it isn't even in the top ! However, there are others like it that are just as vile as its predecessor. Only when this rotten trend is removed from the face of the earth will the App Store be free of corruption.

Not good anymore


bfyjvvft's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/20/18 AM

Bad to much money

The sad truth is


Traceyuuy's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/18/18 AM

I absolutely loved this game until the developers ruined it and turned it into a completely different game. Met a lot of great people and had a ton of fun. I had no problem spending on this game when it was still fun. It’s a sad thing to see how the developers have destroyed something that was once so great.

Try it!😎


Farmed to Oblivion's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/17/18 AM

It's simply too addicting and I can't put the phone down!😧😭😭😡😡🤔😂👍

Money money money


Mermyster1's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/14/18 PM

So long as you can spend spend spend. The game is complicated and glitchy. I’ve played since the start and can never catch up. Too much money to stay competitive. Just when you get caught up they add more to the game. Basically it’s like changing the rules as you go. If you have money to burn it’s probably going to be the game for you. But beware it’s so glitchy that sometimes you can’t play the game correctly. I’ve contacted them many many times and always seem to get the same lamb answers. “Reboot your machine often” seems to be their favorite answer. Correct the problems and leave the game alone. That’s what I say. Looking at from the business end I understand they have to make money, but they charge a lot for the upgrades of which most of the new stuff included in the packs you have already bought before. I can see wanting to have an edge in the game, but not totally destroy in one attack everyone else’s base. What good are the lower tier troops. What was it that I actually bought in the beginnings of the game. All BS in my opinion. This comes from a seasoned veteran of the game who tried to believe it was a good game. In closing this letter I have to say the customer support is a joke and sometimes can even be disrespectful. Play if you want but heed my warning it’s a s****** up game and you will be disappointed.

Too expensive


jose's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/13/18 AM

This game is literally about money. If you don’t spend you have no chance at keeping up to stay competitive. If you end up in the right alliance it’s good. If the developers chose to balance the game out it could be fun again.

I’m a OG player


Zman😂😂's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/13/18 AM

Yes I’ve played since it came out, and take it from me DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! As soon as you download your under a curse, and only you can free yourself from it..(not a joke)

Worse ripoff game


Protector 86 's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/11/18 PM

I wanted to really love and enjoy this game, but the need to always buy packs literally every week became insane. You think you’ve reached a level of safety but then developers decide they need more money, so they increase the levels and add more junk. It would be an amazing game if everyone had the same opportunity. Make the game a paid app and let people work for their levels instead of having to buy packs. I spent about $, then deleted it. Worse ripoff. Don’t get s***** in. Don’t even download the app. Spend your money on a platform.

Could you be more greedy


Chungchingchang's Review of Mobile Strike

Reviewed on 6/11/18 PM

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Meme mobile strike

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Mobile Trump

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