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A load order dictates the order in which mods are loaded by the game you are using. They can sometimes be important in diagnosing technical issues with your game so it can be quite important to sort your load order out properly.

Before you start

Load orders will not fix everything, some mods will just not work with some others and some require special handling. There is no magic formula to a load order, just a set of general guidelines. If your load order works and you are able to play the game, it is right - for you.

Before you start messing with load orders:

  • Be sure you have patched to the latest version of the game - some mods will not work unless you do.
  • If any mod requires OBSE (Oblivion) or FOSE (Fallout) be sure it is properly installed and you start the game using these programs, not using the default game launcher.
  • Be sure you have the proper tools to change the load order, usually OBMM and BOSS

Any mod that changes something in another mod MUST be loaded after the mod it makes changes to. Such as patches to a mod.


Batch loading a bunch of mods without testing is asking for trouble. The time you think you will save will be more than made up by the time you spend in troubleshooting. Install one at a time, test that one, then after it is working install another one. This way your load order gets built one mod at a time. And you are never trying to 'fix' more than one mod at a time.

Note: these recommendations are based on Oblivion but can also apply to Morrowind and Fallout games.

For those who insist on making things hard for themselves:

At the end of the BOSS order, there will be some mods that it did not know where to put. Use OBMM to place them manually.

Here is a load order recommendation, originally by Dev_akm and modified by Bben46

  • Oblivion.esm - this MUST be the first thing in the list.
  • All other .esm files All .esm files MUST be before any .esp files.
  • Unofficial Oblivion Patch
  • Shivering Isles.esp
  • Unofficial Shivering Isles patch
  • Weather/Environment/Sound Mods
  • Minor Mods/New Items/Houses/DLC's (Post-Completion)
  • Note: any DLC patch should go directly after the DLC it changes, no matter where the DLC is located
  • Major Overhaul Mods (FCOM, OOO, MMM etc)
  • Any compatibility patches for the major overhaul mods
  • Mods that specifically conflict with overhauls and need to take precedence
  • DLC's (Pre-Completion)
  • Quests (these can be moved up after completion of the quest)
  • Compatibility Patches/UOMP/Merged Leveled Lists
  • Special handling mods - Streamline, Deadly Reflex etc.
  • Bashed patch (if bash is used)

After DLCs and quest mods have been completed they can be moved up. It is a good idea to have the quest you are currently working on near the end of your load order. They can be moved up when you start another quest.

After you have everything else working, add in the special handling mods (Stream line and Deadly reflex) ONE at a time.


Main article: Installation

Make sure you read the Article about installing Horizon probably first: Installation. Some mods are either incompatible or not needed at all because Horizon adds many features by itself. An incorrect Load Order can instantly destroy the Horizon experience.

  1. Follow the advises concerning Load Order explained in this Article
  2. Its highly recommended to use a Mod Manager to align your mods!
  3. ALWAYS load other mods BEFORE Horizon, and patches AFTER. There are reasons why this must be done. The patches patch Horizon to support those mods NOT the other way around!
  4. If your using other Mods and have Problems with Horizon, turn them off (except Horizon Mods) use a "Mod Manager" and see if your game runs flawless. If yes: Start toogling your Mods ON again, One-by-One and start your game after every new Mod toogled ON to find out which Mod cause problem(s). This will fix most problems already either by repositioning or by disabling the Mod.
  5. If you still find yourself facing problems contact the Horizon Community: Horizon Discord
WARNING Most Problems are caused because of incorrect Load Orders (LO)!
[...] Cleaning mods is a terrible idea, especially with Horizon, never do it. if the author has an ITM that doesnt belong, report it to that author or ask questions first! As far as ITMs, i put them in on purpose to block other mods from breaking things. im sure other authors may possibly do the same thing, so i never understood why some ppl want to clean ESPs, as if its magically making it better. [...] the thing about fo4 or any game, is there is developer intended limitations on the engine. both modders (and mod creaters) get in the habit of thinking because they can edit anything, they can. just beware that means more mess, and more save game problems
~ Zawinul on Discord

Load order[]

1) These mods load first in your mod order:[]

Z_Architect.esmZ_Horizon_Loot_Respawn.esp (world item rebalancing and respawn removal) Z_Horizon_Loot_Respawn_DLC.esp (world item rebalancing and respawn removal)

2) Non-Horizon Mods / Your Mods / Other Mods[]

Your mods load here:

Z_Horizon_Loot_Respawn_DLC.esp <..other mods> Z_Horizon.esp

3) All other Horizon mods load afterwards:[]

Z_Horizon.esp (must be loaded first - also requires Z_Architect.esm) Z_Architect_TEMP_1_8_Fix.esp (Fixes some issues with 1.8.7. Dont use when 1.9 releases.) Z_Horizon_DLC_All.esp (all-in-one DLC module - only use this if you actually own every DLC) Z_Horizon_DLC_Automatron.esp (these individual DLC modules can be used if you only own some DLCs) Z_Horizon_DLC_FarHarbor.espZ_Horizon_DLC_Nuka.espZ_Horizon_DLC_Workshop01.espZ_Horizon_DLC_Workshop02.espZ_Horizon_DLC_Workshop03.espDon't use the DLC_All and the individual ones at the same time.Z_Horizon_StrictCarryWeight.esp (optional carry weight alteration)Z_Horizon_Timescale.espZ_Horizon_DEFUI.esp (menu icons and component tags) Z_Horizon_Desolation.esp (optional: a hardcore survival addon) Z_Horizon_Diff_#######.esp (optional difficulty addon - don't use any if you want the default difficulty) Z_Horizon_Patch_#######.esp (optional mod compatibility patches) Z_BlurRemoval.esp (optional: removes the screen blurring effects while beeing injured and adds additional changes) Z_CameraAddon.esp (optional: camera shake removal) Z_Horizon_Optional_ShortNaming.esp (optional mod) Z_Extras.esp (optional mod) Z_Architect_Extras.esp (optional mod)

4) The very last 3 Mods in your load order:[]


5) Absolutely NEVER do something like this:[]

Z_Horizon.esp SomeOtherMod.esp <-- WRONG ORDER - NEVER DO THIS! Z_Horizon_Patch_SomeOtherMod.esp

6) Example of a good load order:[]



As for Load order, this is normally my starting point:
~ The Illusion on Horizon Discord
[Fallout 4 Masters] [CC Plugins] [Mod masters (.esl && .esm)] <UF4P> <XDI> <HUDFramework> <Framework mods (Doesnt alter vanilla forms)> <texture mods> <Everything else> [HUD Framework Mods] [Texture Mods] [Sounds] [Sim Settlements related] [Weapons] [Armor] [Locations] [Quests] [Horizon] <Horizon main plugins> <Horizon patches> {Items && Small mods} {Weapons and armor} {locations} {quests} <Horizon Extra's> <Horizon Enhanced Settlements> <Horizon Homeplate> [Load order manual fixes plugin]

Notes On This[]

The Load order manual fixes plugin is something you make to manual fix incompatibility issues that no patch fixes.
Use this to fixe worldspace issues, crafting recipe issues, ingestible issues (food, water, medical, chems, basically anything you consume), and other things like that.
Do no use this to fix leveled list issues unless you know what you are doing.

Installation and .esp files[]

  • Depending on your Installation some ".esp-files" will pop-up while others won't
  • F.ex. the "Z_Horizon_DLC_All.esp" will be available after selecting the "DLC (All-in-one)" option during Installation (Installation Menu 1) while
  • the "Z_Horizon_DLC_Automatron/Nuka/FarHarbor.esp" will be available due to selecting "DLC (Any or All)" during Installation (Installation Menu 2)

Steps to prevent breaking the mod or having issues[]

Main article: Troubleshooting

  • Do not rely on LOOT sorting mods, it does not work well with Horizon.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to make sure Horizon is loaded LAST in your mod "load order" after all other mods. Just make sure the Horizon_DLC addons are after the main file, and make sure the "AllCaravan" DLC is loaded dead last if you use individual DLC addons. Horizon difficulty addons/patches are loaded after these files.
  • Do NOT merge Horizon's ESP files (especially Z_Horizon.esp) into a new ESP file. This can ruin your save game data when you go to upgrade to a new version of Horizon. There's no reason to ever merge the main Horizon ESP file. Ever.
  • Don't install mods that are redundant with Horizon. Sorting mods will not work, and can break Horizon. Horizon has it's own sorting, and all of the sorting is setup specifically for the hundreds of item changes from vanilla. Horizon comes with custom DEF_UI and configs for it.
  • Mods that change similar gameplay data to Horizon are most likely either not necessary or not wise. The best way to prevent major problems, is make sure these mods are loaded before Horizon.
  • If you use "Everyone's Best Friend" make sure it's in the load list before Horizon. Any mod that edits the "HC_Manager" will break most of the survival changes in Horizon if it's loaded after Horizon.
  • If you manually install, make sure all of the files are properly installed. Make sure any DLC addons or patches are installed. Only choose 1 difficulty addon if you actually want one, otherwise don't install any of those ESPs. Some instructions are located in the readme file inside the ZIP file. I strongly recommend just using the NMM installer though.
  • Make sure your FO4 install is setup properly for modding. Horizon (like many mods) requires Fallout 4 to load "loose" files (meshes and scripts.)
  • Make sure the mod is fully installed and working before you start to venture too far into your new playthrough. You can tell if it's working when you choose your SPECIAL stats in the beginning, in that it will allow you to choose 29 points, instead of 21 (more on this below.)
  • Did I mention Horizon should be loaded last in your mod load order? Only load something after Horizon if you know for sure what it does.
If you wish to test out some of the new recipes and perks before starting a new game, you can use an existing save game to scope out the mod first. But just realize that many of the mod's changes absolutely require a new game, and that using an existing save to play the actual game is not recommended (or supported) at all.
  1. Blonde havana twists
  2. Rc boost osrs
  3. Center pocket charts
  4. Check stub maker

References to "I" or "me" are because I, Trisscar, the author of this modlist guide, finally got off my ass and went in to add explanations and flesh out the guide, as before it was short and terse due to Discord's character limit. Credit to Felinoel, Chevalier XLIV, and everyone else from Rim of Magic, Madness, LotR, and a few other servers who helped me figure out (and post) this entire mess of a guide, and the intricacies of modding with Rimworld in general, over the course of like.... two and a half years. Ya'll are awesome.

If you have not done so recently, I highly recommend that if you use Steam to run Rimworld, that you go into your library, right click Rimworld, Properties, Local Files, Verify File Integrity or whatever it's called. This makes sure everything downloaded properly and tends to solve a lot of issues pretty much instantly.

--If the mod list tends to make your eyes bleed, one possible helpful tip: go to your mods folder in your computer's files, path (if on Windows);

☀C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods

And make a bunch of empty folders named the various categories in a flashy and attention grabbing manner.

Examples: "++++=Items=++++" "69xxxRACESxxx96" "L__quiet-in-the-LIBRARIES__L"


Useful out-of-game mod sorter if you hate load times (No, it does not sort it for you): (This may work better on 1.1 than 1.2, if you encounter issues there are other offline mod list accessibility options such as Rimpy)


Unless stated otherwise, categories further down override categories further up.
(e.g., If a mod is adding both map gen AND pawns, it goes in Races [races being the latter]; if it adds items but it's a faction mod, it goes in items [items being the latter category]; etc.).

Note that Vanilla Expanded is a set of mods that tend to follow their own rules to some degree, for instance Van. Faction Exp. wants to go below the sets item mods if you want the factions to use said items.

  • Core
  • Royalty (If available, 1.1 and up)
  • HARMONY (1.1 and up) (also: I know Brrainz has said that he wants it above Core, afaik that's due to people likely deciding that another mod that also wants to be at the top takes precedent, which would break things more often than not. As long as Harmony is the highest MOD on your list, you should be fine. Generally better to put it above Core though.)
  • SRTS (if you load after Hugslib then the ships will show up in a colonist's inventory)
  • Hugslib
  • Jecstools
  • Humanoid Alien Races
  • Prepare Carefully or Character Editor, not both unless you have a very good idea of what you are doing
  • Libraries -Core file packets (If something says it has no content, just code for other mods to build from, that's a library). Examples include Misc Core, Turret Extensions, and a few others.
  • Terra Core goes here. It's also an overhaul mod, so if you are using it with a large modlist you'll probably get a lot of red errors and things breaking. You have been warned.
  • THEN immediately after libraries, What the Hack (this mod is a silly one that way) and then
  • Giddy-up Core
  • Giddy-up Addons
  • Doors Expanded
  • Third Age
  • If running Combat Extended, it is theorized that it should go right above Third Age, patch to both goes right below both.

CE is a compatibility mess that can more than double your modlist based on patches for mods, and then patches for those patches, alone. It's a cool idea, I just wish it's execution was better. Or at least less destructive. If you want to use it cool, but I highly recommend building the rest of your modlist first and adding CE and it's patches at the end of the process.

Also note that people are starting to make mods that do things CE does, without the coding issues; you are not locked to CE just because you like a thing it does.

(I should note that CE itself is not overly to blame for the "patches for your patches" bit, as the first set of patches is usually done by other people who might not know exactly what they're doing. I'm still annoyed that CE overwrites vanilla bases to do what it does however.)

  • Rimworld of Magic goes here. So does Medieval Times. Mostly because both tend to break things a little if they aren't up here. Also Rimwar.
    - Despite what the mod page says, it's been reported that Rimhammer-The End Times needs to go here or various things will break, this is assumed to be due to the fact that End Times does tech restricting things. Try this if you use it and things are being silly.
  • Tiberium Rim by Telefonmast (or Maxim) may want to go here.


  • Map Generation -Anything that adds biomes, messes with how maps work, or changes how the world map generates. Grand Rivers and Archipelagos go here. Mods that add new stone types to mine should probably go here as well.


  • Factions -Anything that ONLY adds new factions, not new races or types of pawns. Faction Control goes here. This category is mostly unused at this point due to most faction mods also adding races or items, so you probably won't see many things going here.
  • Traits -Rainbeau's made a few of these. If it just adds traits, or adds slots, it goes here.
  • Androids, Android Tiers, Misc Robots, any other mod that adds robot-style colonist pawns. This is due to a conflict with a medical mod or two.
  • Medical -Yes this includes those that add new bionic parts, medical bills (not the money kind), and new surgeries. No it does not include mods that ONLY add medical items. EPOE and Rah's and A Dog Said and Archotech are examples of medical mods. Do not run both EPOE and Rah's together, they conflict because they do basically the same thing. Pawnmorpher may want to go here. Apothecary may want to go here.
  • Fun Part: There are some mods that are for lack of a better word, tetchy. They'll fight with other mods for seemingly no reason and break things consistently no matter where they go. This can usually be predicted by going to the Github page for AllYourBase and downloading/enabling that mod, then looking at what it prints to your console log, but for ease of reference here (deep breath);
-Psychology, Hospitality (Now wants to go at the bottom of the list according to mod author, check mod page for changes to that idea), Prison Labour, Dubs Bad Hygiene, Simple Sidearms.
This is not a comprehensive list, they are simply the most repeated offenders to one degree or another.
  • Game Behaviour/Mechanics/UI Mods -While You're Up/Hand Me That Brick go here, but ALSO mods like Steel Isn't Flammable, Fewer Inferno Cannons and Greenworld, anything that changes how pawns, items, buildings, or events behave or (only) their textures. Storytellers as well. Mods that change the textures of other mods, as opposed to the textures of the base game, are basically patches and should go under the mods they are affecting. Emphasis on GAME behaviour.
  • Items -Clothing, hair, buildings, walls, hats, weapons, Vegetable Garden, nuclear power plants, Rimfactory, Climate Control and Advanced Bridges. Anything that is something that you can build or make or find as a quest reward goes here.
Vanilla Hair Expanded goes just above Races due to some weird mod interactions, otherwise you can get stuff like pink boxes instead of colonist heads occasionally. They have some more troubleshooting stuff in their mod description, make sure to read it carefully.
  • =====Race/Animal Mods!!RACES GO AT THE BOTTOM THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! -Includes Animal Collab, Arachnophobia, Werewolves, Vampires, and other mods that make massive changes to pawns just by being loaded. Anything that adds pawns (this MAY include mods that add robots, but for now throw em up above medical till it's determined one way or another) goes here.=====
  • 'Level This' needs to go below Werewolves due to a health patch they do in a slightly different and minorly conflicting fashion. Something like "one does additive, one does multiplicative".
  • Facial Stuff, and a few others that require that they're at the bottom for reasons. This includes a certain NSFW mod and possibly mods that add children.
  • Dubs Performance Analyzer and RocketMan probably want to go here for patching reasons.

--Sometimes two mods will conflict, and might be fixed by putting one of them above the other when it otherwise wouldn't be. An example of this is VGP and Glowing Healroot, where healroot will sometimes null-texture if GH is not below VGP. Try this if you have done everything else here and the error still occurs.


Some explanation as to why this guide orders itself the way it does, and how mod order should actually be working assuming no major errors in mod code:[]

Aight first off, this guide is basically, as one coder has termed it, hoodoo. I personally as the writer of it consider it to be more like Greek philosophy, but eh. ;)
The base idea of this guide is the idea that your order is mildly based on what you interact with in the game in said order. So you gen the world, then do pawn stuff, then have items come into play, etc.
Buuuuutt that's not likely to be how the code actually loads things (usually), and also Races always work better at the bottom despite it seeming like they'd be second or third with this method.
I still suggest people sort stuff, partially because it actually does help in some regards due to all the special rules that have been found, most if not all of which are included here.
Also because it makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to spot conflicts between similar mods and/or find ones that are commonly just broken. If you're running Nature's Pretty Sweet for example, that mod as of writing this is currently a major save killer, and it's easier to spot it if it's with all your other map generation mods near the top, instead of halfway down between Androids and VGP.
However, having your modlist order be based exactly on a mod by mod guide is probably an exercise in frustration, since mods keep adding new stuff all the time and sometimes stuff wants to swap places to work correctly for no apparent reason because it happens to be on YOUR computer instead of someone elses. Hence the in-joke that modding is black magic. ;)


An explanation of how this works code wise;[]

"Keep in mind that not all mod conflicts will be solved by shuffling load order around. Sometimes mods are just incompatible until the mod authors put in effort to fix their mods.

Sometimes mods will just be incompatible.

As with most things, the truth is a bit more fine-grained. It's true that "Core, Mod 1, Mod 2, Mod 3" is the load order, and the last mod "wins", but the actual load order is a bit different.


- xpath

- C#

The game first loads all XML (defs, mostly) from Core, Mod 1, Mod 2, Mod 3

Then it applies all xpath patches from Mod 1, Mod 2, Mod 3

Then it loads the C# from Mod 1, Mod 2, Mod 3

Core doesn't use xpath or load any C#, so they're not in that list. The C# for RimWorld is already loaded by that point, roughly speaking.

So if Mod 3 overwrites something in XML, but Mod 2 overwrites it in xpath and Mod 1 overwrites it in C#, it's Mod 1 that wins -- even though Mod 3 and Mod 2 come after it in the load order.

There are a few things that matter with load order:

- Does the mod require a different mod? Examples of that are mods that require HugsLib, Proper Shotguns, Turret Extensions, Alien Races, JecsTools, whatever. If you are missing a dependency, you'll notice: You get a nice red error saying something like
and missing a dependency like that will put the entire game in a corrupted and unplayable state.

And then there is another insidious thing some XML mods do: overwrite (abstract) bases. For that, I refer you to This is something that's still unfortunately very frequently done, and it can cause havoc.

The C# summary slightly diverts from the truth. It even depends on how they instantiate the mod; there are two or three possible hooks and they happen at different times. Most mods that mess about with Defs will all have to do it in the second or third hook.

There's , which happens before Defs are loaded. Generally mods can't screw around with Defs in there.

There's the annotation which happens after Defs are loaded. This is where mods would screw around with Defs, for the most part.

Finally there's Hugslibs' , which is exactly like a , but it runs after the utility is done.

and fwiw: that's just the Defs side of the equation

I won't even mention the harmony conflicts (which are way harder to detect) or runtime conflicts (which sometimes get logged, but not nearly always)

take the mod: I can't remember which page it was, but basically if you click somewhere and from there on you get redirected to 's version of whatever the next screen would've been.

There's like.. almost zero chance of detecting that programmatically"


The below picture is an image to use as quick reference. It is not a replacement for the guide if you have not read it yet.

Mod order example image.png

Logical Load Order


9 times out 10 your crash is being caused by a “dirty” mod. These are mods that have been improperly imported from 32bit to 64bit and weren’t cleaned in xEdit. Even mods made in 64bit need to be cleaned! Changes from the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) should always carry over even if USSEP isn’t a requirement. There are no ifs and ands or buts about it- we Mod Author's (MA's) and Original Mod Authors (OMA’s) must clean our mods!

The first step is to understand that Conflict is not the same as Crashing. You can have a "conflict" by which it is resolved depending on where a mod is placed and it will cause no crashing. The lowest mod wins the conflict in the load order.

Example: Mod A moves a bush in Dawnstar and mod B also moves that bush. Whichever mod is lower will have the edit to the bush loaded into your game. That is a conflict resolution.

Your placement of mods matters. I have simplified the understanding of different areas of the game we're allowed to edit inside the Creation Kit. By codifying what's being done behind the scenes, you are armed with more knowledge at your fingertips.


Understanding Sections in the LLO

Once you've downloaded your LLO you will find several tabs at the bottom (scroll down it). The first tab is all the technical information about how to download mods, how to remove them, how to update them, etc. The second tab explains the section definitions so you can better place your mods. . This is the most critical part of placing mods. You need to understand how the game loads mod data and how to place those mods in the right order.

Once you're comfortable with the section definition, read your mod description page. If there is not enough info on the page for mod placement, ask yourself why you're downloading the mod. Does it just have a nice title? Does it claim to be immersive and so you think you need it? Are you going by the star rating alone? Don't. You should be downloading mods that you want to use in your game. Plan your playthrough and find the mods to cater to your idea of the world.

Watch out for dirty mods!! Some mods have wild or dirty edits which can cause crashing into other parts of the game.

1. Wild Edits- This happens when the Creation Kit (CK) thinks it needs to save data and it shouldn't. This can include "ITMs" (identical to master) edits which have been documented for years as a source of crashes. It's very simple and very easy to clean out. Another way we can have a wild edit is that if we were in a cell looking at placement of items and the CK felt it should cause an update on information. We , again, as mod authors have to clean it out.

2. Dirty Edits: Dirty edits occur when a mod author edits something they know they shouldn't. A dirty edit can be a badly managed navmesh. We have guides from Arthmoor himself about how to properly navmesh and there should be no excuse not to know how to navmesh and clean it up. Another dirty edit is when someone has a texture mod but decides to place a bunch of statics in the world. Those are two types of edits that should not be used in the same mod, especially if you don't document the changes. Deleted items will also cause crashing and it is a 100% dirty edit that must be fixed. There is no excuse for deleted items in the CK, either. It's quite simple to change or move something instead of deleting it.

How can you tell if a mod is dirty? On console you can't. That's why the MA's at the Tarsh Gaming discord will open up mods and check them directly to see what's going on. We have a personal database on those mods and try our best to update it if we see a mod author has fixed a wild or dirty edit. In some cases there are wild edits after CC content was released and a mod author hasn't had time to adjust their mod. In that case, we try to find the best placement for the mod if it is otherwise a stable mod and then explain placement accordingly.


LO Testing 101
As written by OMB

LLO Info & Link

Please copy The Logical Load Order into your own google drive and edit appropriately. Make sure you download the Discord app so we can help you polish your Load Order when you are finished.

And that's all you need to do to make a copy. If you are on mobile then for editing simply click the row data, press it and enter your information. Your mod space limit and mod counter increment are calcuated as you go.

LLO Document Link

Order mod load

Skyrim Special Edition Blog

Mods at the top of the list are loaded first. They are considered higher in the mod load order. Some mods will say they require to be the highest mod, or at the top of the load order. On the other hand, mods at the bottom of the list are loaded last. They are considered lower in the mod load order. Some mods will require to be the lowest mod, or at the bottom of the load order.

If you are ever in doubt about a mod, go to the Nexus Mods website and search the mod title. If the author has been around for a while, you’ll find his mod there. Usually on Nexus Mods, you can find a more detailed description of where to put mods in the load order. Hopefully with this guide, you will better understand some of the terminology. I want to thank the many mod authors who are actively at work to bring us some truly amazing content. Bethesda as always is fantastic as well.

Below is a mod load order structure that has been borrowed from reddit’s Aleithian and his research. This has also been tested by myself as providing a smooth gameplay with minimal crashing (only in Lake View Manor) and occasional harmless freezing while traversing the land of Skyrim.


  1. Bug fixes (e.g. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch)
  2. Structure and UI Mods;
    1. Overhauls (e.g. Campfire and Frostfall)
    2. Mission and content correction (e.g. Cutting Room Floor)
    3. Difficulty/level list mods
    4. Race mods
    5. Perk mods
    6. UI mods
    7. Cheat mods
  3. Missions/Quests;
  4. Environmental mods;
    1. Global mesh mods (e.g. SMIM)
    2. Weather/lighting mods
    3. Foliage mods
    4. Sound mods
  5. Buildings;
    1. Mods that add distributed or worldwide content (Dolmen Ruins or Oblivion Gates)
    2. Mods that add or expand settlements
    3. Mods that add individual buildings
    4. Mods that modify building interiors
  6. Items;
    1. Item packs
    2. Individual items
  7. Gameplay;
    1. AI mods (e.g. Immersive Citizens)
    2. Robust gameplay changes (e.g. Marriage All, Alternate Start)
    3. Expanded armor (e.g. Magic Books, Pouches)
    4. Crafting mods
    5. Other gameplay mods (e.g. Rich Merchants, Faster Greatswords)
  8. NPCs;
    1. Overhauls (e.g. Diverse Dragons)
    2. Populated series
    3. Other additions
  9. Appearance mods;
    1. Hairdo mods
    2. Adorable Females
    3. Face mods
    4. Body mesh mods (e.g. Seraphim, Beautiful Mistresses, Dimon99 and Maevan2 Female body)
    5. Natural Eyes
    6. Other appearance mods
  10. Texture mods;
  11. Patches;
    1. Patches for earlier mods (e.g. the Apocalypse-Ordinator Compatibility Patch)
    2. Patches that alter content
    3. Patches that disable content or purport to improve performance
  12. Mods that mod creators request should appear last (e.g. Go Away Clouds!).

I truly hope that this guide benefits all players who decide to use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re on PC, Xbox or PS4. I want to thank redditor Aleithian for providing me with the best help I have gotten to solidify the load order structure. I wish you guys the best of luck on your load orders and Skyrim Journeys!

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VORTEX - Beginner's Guide #4 : Plugins and Load Order

Setting the right load order for your TES III: Morrowind, TES IV: Oblivion, Nehrim: At Fate's Edge, TES V: Skyrim, TES V: Skyrim Special Edition, TES V: Skyrim VR, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 4 VR mods is a crucial step to enjoying a stable modded game. The Load Order Optimisation Tool (LOOT) can help with that, by providing automated load order sorting that's simple to use and fully customisable.

While sorting, LOOT checks for load order errors (such as incompatibilities and missing requirements) and notifies you of any issues that it detects. It also provides thousands of plugin-specific messages, such as usage notes and bug warnings, to help keep your game healthy.

While we welcome user feedback, please check the FAQs in case you have a question that has already been answered. If you wish to report an issue, please read the How To Report Issues Helpfully page for instructions.


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