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Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a free and open source stream manager software download filed under video capture software and made available by Streamlabs for Windows.

The review for Streamlabs OBS has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.

Fast, reliable and feature packed streaming app for sites like Twitch

Streamlabs OBS is an easy-to-setup desktop streaming application built for professional streamers and a reliable open broadcasting software for live streaming.

You can import everything from OBS with just one click and go live within a matter of seconds.

Features and highlights

  • Professional grade streaming software
  • Full open source
  • Real-time troubleshooting
  • Virtual webcam output
  • Thousands of overlays
  • Face masks
  • Twitch and YouTube chat
  • Stream labels

Streamlabs OBS 1.5.2 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from video capture software without restrictions. Streamlabs OBS 1.5.2 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows. As an open source project, you are free to view the source code and distribute this software application freely.

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  2. Freeware Video Capture Software
  3. Open source and GPL software
  4. Major release: Streamlabs OBS 1.5
  5. Stream Managing Software

DownloadStreamlabs OBS 1.5.2 for Windows

Streamlabs OBS has been picked by our editors as very good.
Streamlabs OBS has been tested for viruses and malware.

We have tested Streamlabs OBS 1.5.2 against malware with several different programs. We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans.


Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a tool that lets you broadcast anything online: your gameplays, a project you're working on, even just a stream of yourself talking. You're looking at a potent app that's perfectly adapted for use with Twitch.

Setting up Streamlabs OBS to start broadcasting isn't complicated, but does require you to follow a few steps: get the stream key for your Twitch account (if that's where you're going to broadcast), set the resolution of the cast, do a few sound checks... It may sound complicated, but a good initial setup will save you a lot of headaches later on.

Luckily, Streamlabs OBS has various customization options and a very clear interface that helps you all the time. Unlock other apps like OBS here we have more than 1,000 different themes to do your casts in unmatched style. Plus it's got other features that make it stand out such as integration with Twitch and YouTube chat, customized video coding for games, and more.

Streamlabs OBS is an excellent app for broadcasting online with all sorts of resources handy. A terrific tool that also lets you locally save the content you create.
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Customizable Alerts

Tailor-make the look and feel of your alert by customizing the layout, animation, message, text, image and more.

Beautiful Themes

There are over 250 free themes available in Streamlabs. With Streamlabs Prime, our premium tool-kit for creators, you also receive hundreds of premium overlay themes created by the best designers in the business.

Integrated Chats

Keep track of all the chatter in your system. View your chat directly in Streamlabs.

Engaging Widgets

Over a dozen engaging widgets designed to increase viewer participation and improve monetization.

Low CPU Usage

Streamlabs keeps your CPU usage to a minimum. We automatically scan your internet speed and computer hardware to give you our recommended settings for your particular set up.

Selective Recording

Pick and choose the sources that appear in a recorded video of your live broadcast.

What's New:

  • Windows version (0.20.2) is final.
  • macOS version (0.1.0) is an open beta.

Streamlabs, a leading provider of live streaming tools and brand of Logitech, is announcing the availability and open beta of its all-in-one streaming and recording software, Streamlabs OBS, on macOS. Live streamers on Mac can now access dozens of features and deep customization tools to create professional broadcasts, engage with their audiences and monetize across platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook.

A concerted effort was made to build a powerful streaming software for Mac that combines a user-friendly interface with innovative features. Live streamers getting started can utilize Streamlabs’ Auto Optimizer to analyze their internet speed and computer hardware to get the best settings possible. What’s more, the import settings function in Streamlabs OBS allows live streamers to transfer settings from other broadcasting software in less than a minute.

“Our goal is to bring the best live streaming tools to everyone,” said Ali Moiz, General Manager of Streamlabs. “Creating tools for the growing community of live streamers, musicians, artists and teachers on Mac enables us to help them succeed while building out our product offerings on an even larger scale.”

Live streamers familiar with Streamlabs’ products can expect to see everything they need to help turn their passion for streaming into a career. Major features include:

  • Custom Donation Alerts: Tailor-make the look of on-screen alerts and encourage donations by customizing the layout, animation, message, text, image and more
  • Engaging Widgets: Over a dozen engaging widgets designed to increase viewer participation and improve monetization
  • Video Encoding Optimization: A machine learning system encodes video games, giving streamers the ability to reduce CPU usage by more than 20% while retaining the same video quality
  • Selective Recording: Pick and choose the sources that appear in a recorded video of your live broadcast
  • Cloudbot Moderation Tools: Protect from spam in the chat or add entertaining features like mini-games, polls, loyalty points and more
  • Premium Overlay Themes: Over 250 free overlay themes made from the best designers in the business
  • Integrated Chat: An integrated chat window within the software to help streamers keep track of all the viewer chatter on their channel
  • Merch Store: Streamlabs merch store feature gives live streamers the ability to customize an assortment of different products with their own logos and sell them on stream at no cost to them.

More than 20,000,000 streamers already trust Streamlabs to deliver reliable, well designed and feature-rich software. With the availability of its broadcasting software on Mac, Streamlabs is driving the growth of the creator economy as millions of live streamers on either operating system now have access to the industry-leading broadcasting software.

What's New:

  • Additional Modular Editor layout tabs.
  • New Prime UI Themes.
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations throughout the App.

Streamlabs: Live Stream Video Games, Go Live IRL

Streamlabs is the #1 free broadcasting app and streaming tool for creators. Whether you're playing mobile games or using your camera, go live with just a few taps to the largest social live video streaming platforms!

Chat with people all over the world as they watch you experience epic gameplays and broadcast everyday adventures in real-time. Take your stream to the next level with Streamlabs Prime subscription and unlock exclusive features like simultaneous multi-platform broadcasting and themes.

Unlike other apps that have you join yet another social live video streaming network, Streamlabs links to your existing channels so you can simply go live and chat with your fans whenever you want!

Freedom in what you stream and where. Swap between front and rear cameras to show what you are doing, who you are with, or what is happening from your POV or share your phone’s screen to stream mobile games. You can also select your microphone, your phone's internal audio, or mix different sources together on the app.

Customize your stream with our new mobile themes. Make your stream unique by adding beautiful overlays in a few easy clicks.

Simply select the widgets you’d like to include in your mobile stream and we’ll do the rest. Available widgets include Alert Box, Chat Box, Event List, Donation Ticket, The Jar, Donation Goal, and many more to come!

Get your very own private server hosted on the Streamlabs Cloud. This ensures if your mobile real-time stream gets disconnected, your stream won’t go offline and lose all your precious viewers. Unlimited bandwidth and private server included for free in Prime.

Get streaming in just a few taps and start sharing your experiences with the world using the Streamlabs Mobile App.

Join thousands of creators in using Streamlabs and go live now!

Your fans are waiting.

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Terms of Service:


Obs download streamlabs

Streamlabs OBS - Download free

Round 1 - Grasping the context

When you search for popular streaming tools around the web, one of the first ones in showing up is, with no questions, Streamlabs. You might be on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube, but what is for sure is that you will know from the start that this software offers you the whole package: host of services, overlays, donation management, custom notifications and many more distinctive features.

Now, we still have ways to go if we want to grasp the nature of the Streamlabs OBS a.k.a SLOBS, as it includes not only what was great on Streamlabs, but also what made OBS so interesting. So, what is OBS, right?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software Studio, a free piece of software that lets you record your computer, broadcast to a streaming platform or both at the same time. It allows you not to only use it for streaming but also to recording videos.

What happened here is that Streamlabs went ahead and took OBS`s source code, improved it and then released it. In a nutshell, SLOBS is the company’s attempt to put together a video recording and streaming platform that is everything that a streamer might want from its platform: user-friendly, reliable, really fast, feature-packed and top notch.

Round 2 - Still hesitant?

So, in truth, we are talking here about a specific category of program: Broadcasting Software. That is, a computer program that allows users to record and stream whatever it is on their screen and that simplifies the process of building an attractive video layout without requiring a lot of custom coding.

Let’s be honest, if you are a regular streamer, it is likely you will spend a LOT of your time working with a broadcasting software. So, it is not hard to see the importance of choosing one that is easy to use, highly functional and can be set up quickly for each time you stream. Moreover, again and again it proved to be damn efficient, allowing you to start your streaming in no time just clicking on the “Start Streaming” button.

Round 3 – The big guns are on!

Let`s talk about costs here. So, we are talking about a free download, so, I am not that good with maths, but, I am guessing that would be 0 cost. Right? In fact, you can even earn some money with Streamlabs by getting an affiliate link once you sign up. You will receive a $0.50 commission for each person that installs the software through your link.

If you are still not convinced, you should also know that Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) makes adding its elements easy to a live stream or video recording. You can directly import your alert box, goals and other integrations from the Streamlabs website to the software without opening a web browser.

Round 4 – Heavy hitter

Taking a general look at the Streamlabs OBS software, we can see the following:

+ It is ease of setup and use;

+ You have all in one program;

+ It manages all your settings in one program;

+ You will find a Twitch chat pane baked in;

+ OBS`s best features, but with a better package;

+ You will have hundreds of themes for free ready to be used;

- It might crash once in a while;

- The earlier versions cannot have more than one active webcam per scene;

Round 5 – Close to the K.O.

If you want us to tell you why you should have Streamlabs OBS on your computer, well, it is quite easy. You will be obtaining a stable method of streaming without the need of spending a ton of money on software that might not even comply with your expectations in the end.

The Decision

The experience is great, the whole tool is awesome, the features that are built into Streamlabs are insane and the sensation is real. It really does make you feel like a pro-streamer when you use the same tools as the ones on the big leagues. So, if you're a streamer or you have ever thought about being one, it is a MUST checking the software out. Who knows? It could just be your next best friend in the world.

by Augusto Baldi


Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBSis an easy to setup desktop streaming free program, built for professional streamers for Windows PC. Level up your stream with reliable, easy-to-setup PC desktop streaming softwarebuilt for professional streamers. It allows you to view multiple windows like a chatbox, video editor, Stream labs OBS for PCdashboard, etc in one place. This walkthrough will show you exactly what each window provides and how to utilize the window to improve your stream. The app will automatically take you to the editor window after the initial onboarding process, and when you first open the app. The editor window allows you to make changes to your scenes, sources, and mixer and you can see how the broadcast will look like in the video preview. Thousands of streamers love Streamlabs OBS for Desktop. Now’s your turn!

The dashboard window is extracted straight from the website. Once you log in through SLOBS, you will be automatically logged in on your dashboard. You can access everything on the window from widgets, alert profiles, donation settings, account settings and more. You can see the preview of the overlays in the "library" and click on the themes to install them. These overlays (regular and animated) are FREE! Each art frames are adjustable and removable. You can further customize them in the editor window. Live Window (Recent Events) This window is your Recent Events window on the website. You can see the most recent stream events, redemptions, giveaways & polls, and the overlay extension music playerin this window. You can pause, mute, and skip alerts whenever you want with the control buttons on the top right corner.

Features and Highlights

Face Masks - Alerts 2.0
Boost channel revenue by enabling users to trigger Snapchat style facemasks with their donations.

Super Easy Setup & Go Live in 60s
Import everything from OBS with just one click and go live within a matter of seconds.

Four Screens into One
Save 25% CPU and RAM by combining multiple windows like Streamlabels, Twitch Chat, Twitch Dashboard/Video, Dashboard, OBS, etc into a live view.

Up to 2x Better Video Encoding
Reduce CPU usage by more than 20% while giving you the same video quality OR make your video look 2x better with the same CPU usage. It has optimized game-specific x264 & Nvenc encoder settings.


How much does Streamlabs cost?
"Streamlabs for PC is free to use, we do not charge any fees and there is no monthly price. Please note that some services such as Paypal or Stripe charge their own fees that they collect separately. We do not charge you any additional fees on tips & donations."

Which streaming platforms do you support?
The Streamlabs OBS for Desktop platform now supports Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook, with more coming soon including Hitbox.

When I receive a tip/donation, where does the money go?
When a tip is made to a broadcaster, the money is processed directly through the payment option from the donor to the receiver. The funds never actually touch on end, so if you have issues with receiving funds or chargebacks you will need to contact the payment processor directly.

I don't stream with a computer, can I use it on my console?
While you can use still use the software 2021 latest version to raise money from your viewers, it is not currently possible to embed widgets directly into your console. To fully take advantage of the platform, you will need to stream through a computer using popular streaming software.

StreamlabsOBS High CPU usage in Idle
  • Make sure all drivers are up-to-date and are matching 64-bit versions of your system.
  • Almost every source you use uses CPU to be functioning properly. The more you have the higher the total CPU usage would be.
  • Downloaded animated overlays can cause high CPU usage due to the webm video files used as overlays.
  • Using many different browser sources can cause high CPU usage, try limiting them or create references.
  • You can delete the program browser source cache that can cause high CPU usage

Download Streamlabs OBS Latest Version


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