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Photo Blankets

Transform your favorite memories into a personalized photo blanket that will make you smile and keep you cozy. Get inspired to create your own with these heartwarming blanket ideas from our customers:

My sister made one for me with my brand new identical twin granddaughters all over it and they're 4 1/2 now and it's the best blanket I own. The more I wash it the softer it gets!! So I made one for her. Every time we're together she loves to do selfies so that's what I put on her blanket. She lives in Chicago so I hope it keeps her warm too!!!! Thank you. — Collage Customer

I was looking for a Christmas present for my deployed husband and a photo blanket with the kids seemed like the perfect gift. It was something he could use on the ship and still felt personal. The blanket came out amazing and I couldn't be happier. I really wish I could be there to see his face when he gets it in a care package!! Thanks for a great product! — Collage Customer

I ordered this for my boyfriend and he loves it! He will always cherish it and remember special times with his family. The pics are clear, and sharp. The sherpa upgrade was a great idea. I had fun sneaking around to obtain the pics without his knowledge! I'll be ordering a few more for special Christmas gifts! A fabulous item, great quality, and makes a keepsake to cherish! Thank you so much! — Linda, Collage Customer

Celebrate special moments

Fleece Photo Blankets

Keep your friends and loved ones warm and cozy with Shutterfly's custom photo blankets. Design your custom blankets with beautiful color palettes, unique themes, and add your favorite photos, names, special dates, and messages. Fleece photo blankets make both practical and personalized gifts and keepsakes. Custom throw blankets make perfect housewarming gifts, unique gifts for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and any special occasion. Share the love and warmth and get a photo blanket that will be cherished for years to come.

How to Design a Fleece Photo Blanket

With Shutterfly, designing your own blanket is easy. Browse through our designs, upload photos, add text, and personalize your fleece blanket in a way that suits your style. Whether you're looking for a Disney-themed blanket or want to show off your best memories with a photo collage, there's a theme for you. You can also customize picture blankets with your favorite family portrait and add a family motto or your last name to make it your own. If you don't want to use a photo on your blanket, choose personalized blankets with fun designs that don't require an image so you can still get cozy in a custom gift made to suit you and your style. Shutterfly offers the best blankets for warmth and comfort in three different materials — sherpa, plush fleece, and fleece — so you can snuggle however you like. 

Personalized Photo Blankets Make Excellent Gifts

Are you tired of giving the same old gifts or gift cards to your friends and family each year? Do you want to try something new that shows you put the energy and time into creating a gift that actually means something? If so, Shutterfly is the ideal place to start. Our huge variety of photo gifts includes fleece photo blankets that allow you to curl up right under your favorite snapshots and memories. No need to sacrifice comfort for style and memory when you choose Shutterfly to create your personalized gifts. Keep your friends and loved ones warm and cozy with a unique photo blanket. A custom blanket is the perfect gift for anyone in your life — whether you're looking for boyfriend gifts, Mother's Day gifts, or gifts for kids. A personalized blanket is the perfect way to add warmth and comfort to any room, and your friends and family will appreciate the thoughtful gift made by you. Choose from multiple blanket sizes and materials to create a personalized gift that's one-of-a-kind. Along with custom photo blankets, complete the set with custom pillows. Personalized pillows make an excellent choice to celebrate memories and add more comfort to the home. 

Make a Custom Photo Blanket for Any Occasion

Our custom fleece blankets can be personalized to be cute and cozy or elegant and contemporary, depending on your preference. Machine-washable fleece blankets make a great gift for college students looking to decorate their dorm. You can choose your own options when it comes to color, theme, collection, and blanket size. Whether you're looking for personalized baby shower gifts, Mother's Day gifts, or gifts for birthdays, holidays, housewarming parties, or for your bridal party, you can't go wrong with a plush fleece photo blanket. Create personalized blankets for mom or a fun custom pet blanket with your furry friend’s face. Whether you choose fleece or woven photo blankets, it’s easy to figure out how to put a picture on a blanket with Shutterfly. We do all the work for you and make sure you have a stunning gift for yourself or others.

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Photo Quilts

Sizes for Photo Quilts

  • Cot, Crib, Mini lap (70 cm x 110 cm or 27" x 43")
  • Lap, Sofa Comforter (100 cm x 100 cm or 39" x 39")
  • Kids (100 cm x 148 cm or 39" x 58")
  • Classic Single (135 cm x 200 cm or 53" x 78")
  • Double (200 cm x 200 cm or 78" x 78")
  • King (220 cm x 220 cm or 86" x 86")
  • Super King (260 cm x 220 cm or 102" x 86")
Care: Dry clean only. Do not put in washing machine or tumble dryer. Surface wash with mild soapy water and a soft sponge. Follow these care instructions and your satin photo quilts will last a lifetime.

Photo Quilts Inspiration

Photo patchwork quilt

If you'd love your very own patchwork style quilt but don't have to time or materials to make one, design your own here for a quicker, easier and modern alternative. You can print a photo collage to look like pictures sewn together, or keep it classic with squares featuring a different pattern in a mismatch order. 

Photo quilts for Christenings

Create a gorgeous satin quilt in the cot size for your baby's Christening. This can be the blanket you hold them in whilst they're receiving the blessing. Not only is going to look great in all the pictures but it doubles up as a sentimental keepsake. When your children grow up, you can pass their photo quilts onto them to pass down to their babies. 

Holiday photo patchwork quilt

Get your photos together from all the best holidays away and make a novel memory quilt. As you snuggle up in bed or on the couch, you can reminisce of places far away, and it might inspire you to start planning your next adventure. 

Memory photo quilts for Dementia and Alzheimer

We discovered from our customers that this product has been a great help and comfort to families with family members having dementia, because the memories, printed as larger scale photos, help prompt them to recall events and family members.

Create an Heirloom quilt

These precious heirloom quilts are so amazing and superior in quality. Not only can they portray the family, like a family tree quilt, but they are also perfect for handing down the family. The long-lasting print and exceptional construction mean they can last for generations.

Click start design and begin creating your modern alternative to a personalised patchwork quilt.


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Photo quilts custom

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Quilted Photo Pillow Tutorial

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