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Replacement Stihl MS261 MS271 MS291 Carburetor

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Carburetor Carb Motor Parts for STIHL MS261 MS271 MS291 CHAINSAW

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Stihl MS 271 (carburetor) help

i got a stihl MS 271 that has ran great (~60 hours) for me since buying it used from a dealer. Just days ago in the middle of cutting a ~3' ash on the ground for firewood, the saw bogged and shut down. I'm having a difficult time getting it going again. The carb is hard to identify and remove - haven't yet! Got it running on starter ether and made adjustments and now it runs with the L idle set super rich and cut nice for an hour. If i back out the L much more than a full turn, the saw shuts down. I did twiddle the other adjustments and definitely amateur mechanic here.
Seems the carb is clogged and not reliably delivering fuel via the L port? Runs good at high idle and seems a bit gutless in the cut, but it worked nice.
Then played with adjustments more, and saw idles Low nice super rich, and wants to shut down when i start to squeeze the throttle; though if i feather throttle thru the low-mid RPMs it runs up pretty good (and half gutless).
So, any simple advice on how to actually get to and remove and clean the carburetor?
Or an advice on how to set up the carb to make it happen?




Adjusting the Carburetor

Basic information

The carburetor comes from the factory

with a standard setting.

The carburetor has been adjusted for

optimum performance and fuel

efficiency in all operating states.

Preparing the machine

Switch off the engine


Check the air filter – clean or replace


it if necessary

Standard setting



Turn the high speed adjusting


screw (H) counterclockwise as far

as possible (max. 3/4 turn)

Turn the low speed adjusting


screw (L) clockwise as far as

possible – then turn it 1/4 turn



Setting the idle speed

Make standard setting


Start engine and let it warm up



Engine stops when idling

Turn the idle speed adjusting


screw (LA) clockwise until the saw

chain begins to rotate – then turn it

back 1 turn

Saw chain rotates at idle speed

Turn the idle speed screw (LA)


counterclockwise until the saw

chain stops turning – then turn

another full turn in the same



If the saw chain continues to keep

rotating in idle even after adjustment,

have the chain saw checked by a

servicing dealer.

Speed erratic when idling; poor

acceleration (despite standard setting of

low speed adjusting screw)

The idle setting is too lean.

Carefully turn the low speed


adjusting screw (L)

counterclockwise until the engine

runs and accelerates smoothly – but

no further than the stop

Whenever the low speed adjusting

screw (L) has been adjusted, it is usually

also necessary to readjust the idle

speed adjusting screw (LA).

Correcting the carburetor setting for use

at high altitudes

The setting may have to be marginally

corrected if engine performance is

unsatisfactory at high altitudes:

Make standard setting


Let the engine warm up


Turn the high speed adjusting


screw (H) slightly clockwise (leaner)

– max. up to the stop


After descending from a high altitude,

restore the carburetor setting to the

standard setting.

If you make the setting too lean it will

increase the risk of engine damage

through lack of lubrication and


MS 271, MS 271 C, MS 291, MS 291 C


Ms271 carburetor stihl

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Correct Way To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Chainsaw

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