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Free Family Members Flashcards for Preschool

Learn more about the different members of the family through these FREE FAMILY MEMBERS FLASHCARDS FOR PRESCHOOL.

Teaching preschool students is a lot of fun. I really enjoy seeing them grow physically, emotionally and academically. 

And even though I have been teaching for 15 year now, I still get excited every time we reach the theme about family. 

I enjoy this preschool topic so much because of the following:

  • My students are extra motivated to do all the activities for this theme. It doesn’t take much prodding for them to do their best and finish their work.
  • Understanding my students’ behavior is easier because I get to see a glimpse of their home life.
  • Combining family theme with other lesson objectives comes naturally because it is so basic. 
  • Presentation time is a great way to involve the different members of the family. 
Free Family Flashcards PDF

As you can tell from my reasons above, the theme about family is a treasure chest full of learning opportunities. 

To capitalize on this, I make sure to provide my students different fun activities where they can also practice varied skills. 

Here are a couple of my favorites:

  1. Family Picture Display- as the name implies, I ask my students to bring a family photo to school and then we display them in the classroom. This one is simple yet very exciting as the children are just so eager to see each other’s family photo. 
  2. Family Tree- This one is another classic. My preschoolers get to see where they came from with this simple activity. This is also an effective way to show appreciation to grandparents. 

Click here for a free family tree worksheet.

3. Snack Time with ___- Everybody at school looks forward to this activity. We invite the different members of the family to come join us for snacks (and play time, too!) Spending time with family members outside of home is a novel experience to some of my students. That’s why I always push for this fun activity. It’s a sure way to create fun memories for everyone!

To further help my students learn about the different members of the family, I made these cute preschool flashcards. 

  • Free Family Flashcards PDF- Father
  • Free Family Flashcards PDF- Mother
  • Free Family Flashcards PDF- Family

These family members flashcards include:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Baby
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather

The cute and colorful pictures will definitely catch your students’ attention. And the bold black words at the bottom will greatly help early readers learn new words. 

And more importantly, these kindergarten flashcards are free!

Just click on the link below to download your free family members flashcards in PDF format. 

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Family Flashcards


This set has 15 cards for teaching the words for people in a family.

These cards are suitable for teaching young learners as well as beginner adults. When teaching young children, you may want to omit the cards for children, daughter and son 🙂

Three of the cards depict the word “family”, showing examples of families of different sizes: 3 people, 4 people + dog, and a 9-person extended family with grandparents.

Other Uses for Family Flashcards

Pair up the family flashcards with another set of vocabulary cards when you need subjects for sentence building activities. For example, pulling one card each from the family set and an action flashcard set:

Card 1brother

Card 2draw

Possible Sentences =

  • My brother likes to draw.
  • My baby brother can’t draw.
  • Does your brother draw?

Family Flashcards Word List

  • brother
  • children
  • daughter
  • family
  • father
  • grandfather
  • grandmother
  • grandparents
  • mother
  • parents
  • pets
  • sister
  • son
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  2. Fun bubble fonts
  3. 73 87 chevy

Download free printable family flashcards for teaching English vocabulary about members of the family. These members of the family flashcards are available in large and small sizes. Below, you will also find some fun printable board games to teach English lessons about family/members of the family.

Family Flashcards

Large Flashcards

ESL Flashcards - Family

This PDF includes 8 family flashcards. These are large flashcards and so are perfect for teachers to show at the front of the class or to place on the board. Family member flashcards include father, mother, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and aunt.


Small Flashcards

Small ESL Flashcards

This PDF has 8 small family flashcards for teaching members of the family in English. These are small enough for students to hold and so are great for classroom games such as memory games, find your partner games, etc.


Printable Board Games About Family

Board Game 1

ESL Board Game - Family

This board game to teach members of the family is best played in pairs and requires one dice. Students take turns in rolling the dice and moving their game piece. After landing on a square, students should make a sentence based on the member of the family in that square. The aim of the game is to arrive at the center star to win a point. After winning a point, the student goes back to the start and begins again. The student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. 


Board Game 2 – The Spinner Game

ESL Board Game - Family

This family vocabulary board game is best played in pairs. Each pair of students needs one pencil and one paper clip. Place the clip in the middle and place the pencil in the middle of the clip. Then flick the paper clip to make it spin and make a dialogue using the family member vocabulary in that area.


Board Game 3 – Race Around the World

ESL Board Game - Family

No Need for Dice! In this board game students play rock, scissors, paper and ‘race around the world’. One student moves clockwise and one student moves anti-clockwise. Every time the student moves to a new square they should make a sentence using the family member in that square.


Board Game 4 – Flick The Eraser

Famile ESL Board Game

This Board Game is best played in pairs. Each student needs one eraser (or something small and light they can flick). To play, a student should place his / her eraser at the bottom of the board game. Then the student should use his/her finger to flick the eraser. If it lands in one of the hexagons, then the student wins that area and colors it in. Next, the students should make a dialogue based on the family member in that area, and then it’s the next student’s turn. At the end of the game, the student with the most areas colored in is the winner.


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