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Class mods are a great piece of kit to boost a character’s talents without spending skill points.

As you work your way through Borderlands 3, you’ve likely come across a handful of class mods. These equippable items give each of the four vault hunters an added boost to their skills. By using one of these mods, you’ll be able to increase the level of any of the skills in your character’s three skill trees. Just like weapons, class mods have rarities, and the rarer they are, the better the perks.

Class mods are character specific, so make sure to keep the ones that are related to your character and get rid of the rest. You can tell which class mod belongs to which character based on whose icon appears when highlighted. Each class mod will also upgrade one or more skills per talent tree, which you can differentiate based on the color of each upgraded skill.

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For instance, the class mod above will upgrade the Hive Mind skill one level in FL4K’s Master skill tree while also giving one level toward the Eager to Impress skill in their Stalker set of talents.

However, if you’re just starting the game, you can pick up class mods, but you can’t actually equip them yet. So how do you unlock class mods? Thankfully, you won’t have to progress too far into the game to use them.

How to unlock class mods

You won’t be able to unlock class mods until after you leave Pandora and head to the game’s second planet, Promethea. Once there, you’ll receive the Hostile Takeover story mission.

Once you beat that mission’s boss, Gigamind, you’ll receive your first class mod. At this point, you can equip any other class mods you find through the game. If you end up finding class mods that aren’t for your character, you can always sell them for a profit, which you can use for other important upgrades, like increasing your inventory space.


Borderlands 3 mods | Borderlands 3 mod Download

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Arms Story

Third Person Cheat Table

Borderlands 3 REDUX


FL4K Overhaul


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Borderlands 3 Mods

This is the github home to a collection of Bordlerlands 3 Mods. At the moment, all the mods stored here are made using the hotfix injection method of BL3 modding, which basically just adds custom hotfixes to the ones sent to the game by Gearbox.

Running Mods

The best method for running Borderlands 3 mods is using c0dycode's B3HM (Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger). B3HM is a tool which merges in custom hotfixes for BL3 to pick up. It's available either as a standalone EXE, or as a DLL which you can inject in a variety of methods. You can find B3HM in these locations:

The B3HM project has documentation right at its github page.

For the DLL version, it's recommended that you use FromDarkHell's BL3DX11Injection/PluginLoader to inject the B3HM into the Borderlands 3 process. For the EXE version, just download the EXE and give it a run.

See the B3HM documentation for further information about how to use the app! There's also an easy-to-follow HOWTO about running PluginLoader + B3HM, and a tutorial video, both by by FromDarkHell.

Other information (such as some info for Linux users) can be found at

Finding Mods

Obviously you can just browse around this github repo to find mods that you like, but since the mods are arranged by author, it might be difficult to know exactly what's available. Like for BL2/TPS mods, we've created a Borderlands 3 ModCabinet Wiki which categorizes mods by what they do, and will probably be much easier to work with.

Some mod authors might decide to store their BL3 mods somewhere other than here, of course. If any major hubs of BL3 mod distribution ever becomes popular, we'll link it in here. The Borderlands 3 section of Nexus Mods is likely to start accumulating these kinds of mods, once friendlier tools are developed to make use of them.

See for information on both writing BL3 mods, and contributing to this github (and associated wiki).


An addictive action role-playing game released in 2019, borderlands 3 focuses on a story that involves completing challenges, annihilating your enemies, and looting treasures and bounties for survival.

The customizations and options in the game are vast, allowing players to have access to one billion guns. You’ll never end up with the same gun twice.

The game received immense positive reviews from critics for its improved skill ranking system, player movement, and the vast variety of weapons it has to offer. However, the best part about the game are the mods as it further enhances the gaming experience without any hassle to achieve it.

Here is our list of the top 12 best borderlands 3 mods that you can install and elevate your gaming experience with new visuals, new customizations, and new scenarios.

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Best Borderlands 3 Mods

12. No Intro

Intros are great as they set the entire scene of what might be happening next. However, if you’re playing the game daily, you’ll slowly start to notice that some intros can’t be skipped at all. It can get really tiring watching the same intro over and over again. Save yourself some time with no intro.

The mod removes all intros that can’t be skipped helping gamers save time and get them right into action. This is one of those quality-of-life mods that everyone should have.

11. Level 50 Zane

Level 50 Zane

Operative class character Zane can be buffed with level 50 zane. The mod offers three options to gamers where they can select Zane in three different forms; basic twinked and ball buster. If you’re up for a challenge, then select “ball buster,” which would give you Zane with no inventory at all.

The way Zane should be played. However, twinked Zane comes loaded with an inventory filled with all the goodies that will help you clear the stages easily. If you like playing with Zane and want to see its true potential, then level 50 Zane should be top on your list of mods.

10. Super Saves

Looking for the best adventure of your life without all the prep work? Super saves is one of those mods that will have you coming back for more. The mod is filled with 100 save files that gamers can access and enjoy.

These save files have the best inventory, superb skill tree mods, and more stepping up your gaming experience without making any effort. You need to check it out if you’re not in the mood to acquire these items yourself. Skip all the efforts of nurturing your character and simply enjoy the fruits.

9. You’re A Wizard FL4K

Want to play with the best wizard builds? You’re a wizard FL4K will make your dreams come true. The mod has 4 different main builds with optional files for further addons.

If you’re one of those people that enjoy wizard builds and would love to see your enemies drop dead, then this mod will do wonders for you. Play with the best builds without having to make an effort of collecting the right gear and skills. Wizards all the way!!

8. Clean Reshade Preset

Clean Reshade Preset

It’s only fair that if you’re improving the gaming experience with mods, then you should up the visuals as well. You know us, we love some visual upgradation mods, and clean reshade preset is our favorite.

The mod ensures a clean, crisp visual by working on deblur, curves, tonemap, and more. Trust us, the mod will improve your gaming experience exponentially.

7. All Vault Hunters

There are certain classes in the game that only get unlocked when you complete the game once. However, not all of us have the time to play the game over again just to experience a new hunter class.

All vault huntersunlock TVHM and mayhem mode with 2 vault hunters leveled at 30 and 65. Choose the mode that you want to enjoy and the character you want to play without all the hassle of completing the game once. Check it out if you enjoy playing with vault hunters.

6. Character and Items Gamesaves

This mod literally sees the game completed multiple times. Character and item game saves is a mod that includes all character save files where the main story mission is completed, while gamers can have access to a plethora of items that were collected while completing the character storyline.

There is even new gear from the arms race. This is like the ultimate trainer mods for many games but in the form of save files, how cool is that.

5. Bloody Harvest Update

Bloody Harvest Update

Tired of playing Zane and want to try your luck with the vicious Amara? Bloody harvest update is a game save where gamers can play with Amara with all the anointed gears. There are guardian perks available and lots of cosmetics unlocked.

New terror anointed weapons are also added to the mix, making Amara a deadly character to play with. Fans of Amara shouldn’t miss out on this.

4. All Red Text Weapons

Want to have all red text items in your bank? All red text weapons make that possible. Gamers can expect new weapons and shields in bank with all the items updated to mayhem 10 and level 65.

All skins, heads, and all vehicle parts available without any hassle. There are a total of 33 new weapons that players can choose to wreck mayhem on those that try to stop you.

3. Demolition Moze MH10

Take control of the badass mechanized infantry Moze with demolition moze MH10. It’s the perfect save as players get to play level 60 mayhem 10 Moze with all the right gears and anointments. Moze now has infinite grenade spawns and no need for reloading with BBB and cloning maddening tracker.

The character has a 50% increase in elemental damage and loads of cool guns to choose from. Moze is really fun to play with, but the mod helps up the ante by providing a bit more firepower to Moze.

2. Giant Weapon. Invisible Weapons

Giant Weapon. Invisible Weapons

Anything that you ever imagined getting your hands on in borderlands 3, “Giant weapon. Invisible weapons,” will help you achieve nirvana (everything that you could ever hope for).

The mod unlocks all the weapons, all the armor and gear, all characters and modes, boss items, and more. Grenades, shields, and artifacts with all skins, all stats maxed out, and a million keys are also available!!

1. All Items Game Saves

This is another mod that unlocks all the items. It’s different than the other mods mentioned earlier as all items game saves have unlocked all the items at level 65.

All the characters have a different class with their particular weapons, making them a superior build than just pouring all the items onto a character. Main campaign and DLCs are completed in this mod, however, players can venture into completing challenges and side quests.

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3 mods borderlands

As you progress through the story in Borderlands 3, you’ll steadily unlock new tools. This ranges between new weapon slots, to powerful upgrades like Class Mods. Class Mods can be applied to your character to boost certain skills and abilities, though you’d be forgiven for wondering how you unlock them in the first place. In this Class Mods Guide, we’ll take a look at unlocking Class Mods in Borderlands 3. We’ll also be explaining what Class Mods are and how to earn more of them.

How to Unlock Class Mods

When you start up Borderlands 3, you won’t have access to Class Mods yet. Instead, you’ll need to progress a fair way through the story. First, you’ll need to reach Promethea, and complete the Hostile Takeover story line. This will award you your first Class Mod and unlock the option to equip them. Just head into your inventory to do so.

How to Get More Class Mods

Once you’ve earned your first Class Mod, the sky’s the limit! You’ll start to get random drops of Class Mods for defeating enemies, and from opening crates. The Golden Chest on Sanctuary will start to spawn them too, and you’ll be able to buy them from vending machines. You’ll need to keep an eye out for them while playing, and make sure to check them before discarding.

What Are Class Mods?

Class Mods will boost a certain set of skills from your skill tree. This means you can actually start to put points into skills you’ve yet to unlock, and can level them past the maximum level shown in the Skill Tree. Examining each Class Mod will tell you which skills it boosts, so you can choose which one will suit you. Given the nature of Class Mods, the Item Score is largely irrelevant , so just choose one that boosts the skills that you use most.

You Can Pick Up Class Mods For Other Vault Hunters

While playing Borderlands 3, you’ll notice that you might be picking up a Class Mod that doesn’t apply to your character. You can sell these for a fair amount, so it’s worth bringing them back to Sanctuary if possible. You cannot trade items between different character saves.

NEW Borderlands 3 Save Editor! - Full Tutorial \u0026 Walkthrough (Skip Through The Story!)

Borderlands 3 Modding

Borderlands 3 Steam Logo

As of late December, 2020, we finally have some user-friendly methods of running Borderlands 3 mods. The functionality we have now is roughly the same as what we had in the pre-SDK days of BL2 and TPS, so writing a mod like UCP is entirely possible in BL3 (though a BL3 UCP does not yet exist, nor is one currently in development).

We’ve arranged the BL3 Modding information here into a couple different pages depending on what you’re interested in doing. Click through for more info!

  • Running Mods: How to run Borderlands 3 mods, using c0dycode’s B3HM application.
  • Finding Mods: How to find Borderlands 3 mods to use in your game.
  • Writing Mods: Most of the detailed information about writing mods is hosted elsewhere, but this page will at least give you some pointers to that information.

For support with running BL3 Hotfix mods, you can ask on the B3HM Nexusmods Page, or possibly at the Borderlands 3 Modding Discord, though that server is more geared towards item/save editing.


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Borderlands 3: 13 Best Mods That Change The Game

Borderlands 3carries on the series' tradition of pulse-pounding action, zany characters, and witty dialogue. The game has received 4 DLC's and numerous updates from Gearbox adding new content to the classic Shoot and Loot adventure. As well the new features added by the developers, Borderlands 3 also has a rich modding community for those who want to spice up their game even more.

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Most of the mods available for Borderlands 3 are downloadable save files that simply unlock existing high-level weapons and items. However, there are still a variety of more creative mods that will shake things up for veteran players by altering weapons, enemies, and loot drops throughout the game. There are even humorous joke mods that make the already bombastic world of Borderlands 3 even more hilariously surreal.

Updated By Beau Low on July 11th 2021: The Designer's Cut for Borderlands 3 added a range of new features, including the Arms Race mode. With this update came a wave of new mods, finding ways to tweak the new features and allow players to enjoy them even more. As well as creating new content, modders have also updated old mods to be compatible with the latest version of the game. Players can customize their experience not just by adding new skins or fresh challenges, but also downloading save files that include high-level characters and legendary gear. This now includes new mods, as well as tools for aspiring modders looking to create their own hotfixes for Borderlands 3.

13 The Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger

There are only a handful of mods available for Borderlands 3 on Nexusmods. If players want to access more complicated content, they will need to download and install the hotfix merger.

The Borderlands 3 hotfix merger allows players to tweak and alter hotfixes added to the game by Gearbox. This tool has its own wiki page with useful instructions on how to install it.I It's an essential download for any player who wants to install mods or create their own for Borderlands 3.

How to Install Mods Using The Hotfix Manager

  • First players, will need to locate the folder their game is installed in. For Epic Games users, go to Local Disk C:/ Program Files (x86)/ Epic Games/ Borderlands 3. Steam Users can simply right-click on the game in their library and select browse local files.
  • In order for the Hotfix Manager to work, players will need to install this Plugin Loader. Download the and copy the contents into  ...Borderlands 3/OakGame/Binaries/Win64.
  • Download the for the Hotfix Manager and copy the contents into the newly created Plugins folder.
  • With the Hotfix Manager now installed, players can access it by booting up their game. The manager will appear in the hidden icons section of their taskbar.
  • Adding mods is incredibly simple. For many of them, players will only need to find the Github page for their chosen mod and click on the B3HM- compatible link. This will open up a page of source code. Copy the link for this page.
  • Opening up the Hotfix Manager, click on add URL and paste the link for the mod.
  • When players next open up Borderlands 3, their chosen hotfix mod will be activated.

12 Edit Your Profile With Ease

While most of the mods available for Borderlands 3 have been rigorously playtested, problems can still occur. A frequent issue with downloadable save files is that they change the player's stats in their main profile, altering their guardian rank or other important achievements.

Should players need to restore their profile, or just want to fiddle with their stats to unlock new skins without grinding, they can use the BL3 Profile Editor. This tool does just what it says on the tin. It allows players to alter their Guardian rank, unlock new skins, and more.

11 A True Melee Build For Amara

There are no melee-only weapons in Borderlands 3; the game instead chooses to focus on adding awesome guns to blast enemies apart. Weapons with spikes on them will augment a player's melee attack, but hand-to-hand combat is still far from viable in the base game.

Amara is the best Vault Hunter for a melee build, and this mod makes her even better. With the cooldown on Blitz reduced to zero, and powers like Personal Space and Forceful Expression applied to all attacks, this mod makes true melee builds not only possible, but lots of fun to play.

10 Level Up All Vault Hunters

Normally in order to unlock Mayhem mode, players will need to have already completed the game once. One of the best things about having a level 72 Vault Hunter is that players can go back through the game in Mayhem or the new arms race mode, and test their skills against tougher enemies.

Some players don't want to keep replaying the game to max out all of the vault hunters. Thus, there is a mod for downloading save files where they are already leveled up. This mod, created by CaptainHappyTimePie, offers 8 saved games with each character at level 30, or at level 72, as well as instantly unlocking mayhem mode. No skill points have been allocated in any of the saves, allowing players to choose their own Max level build.

9 A Cheaper Eridium Economy

Borderlands 3 is like its predecessors in that most of the gameplay entails grinding to get the best loot. This isn't an inherently bad thing. The combat is fun, and the work put into getting legendary items makes them all the more special.

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For those who don't want to grind, though, there are mods to make items, upgrades, and repairs cheaper. These may crash the Eridium economy; however, they are great for players who want to play or replay the game while minimizing the amount of grinding necessary to progress. This mod also lowers the price of all slot machines in the game.

8 The Infinite Slide Mod

For fans who have already finished Borderlands 3, joke mods are a great way to have fun with the familiar setting and play around with ridiculous features. This mod does what it says on the tin, and massively increases the length of the player character's slide animation.

There are plenty of vehicles that players can use to traverse the map in Borderlands 3, but this mod adds a new hilarious way for vault hunters to travel with speed. It should be noted that the mod does not make the player's slide actually infinite, just 4000x longer than it originally was.

7 A Mod For Making Enemies Fight Each Other

The wasteland of Borderlands 3 is a hostile place with plenty of vicious enemies and powerful boss fights. Monster infighting is a rare mechanic to find in games, especially in first-person shooters, as it tends to substantially reduce the game's difficulty.

The infighting mod sets all enemies in the game to the "enraged Goliath" team, which means that they will just as readily attack each other as they will the player. If players don't mind the lack of challenge, the mod is great for players who are curious about who would win between a Skag and a Spiderant. The mod even makes some of the DLC3 enemies attack their own mounts.

6 The Silences Sellout Pistol

The  Hazardous Sellout pistol is certainly one of the more unique weapons in Borderlands 3. This gun is obtained during the Sellout mission and will talk to the player, often in a very condescending tone, whenever it is equipped.

While for most fans the Sellout Pistol's mocking jibes are the main reason to use it, other players may find being constantly berated by their weapon slightly annoying. The silenced sellout modremoves the voice lines from the pistol and allows it to be used as a normal gun. It's great for players who love the Sellout but have heard its petty insults one too many times.

5 Changing The Size Of NPC's

Also available through the Borderlands 3 hotfix merger are the sizemods. These allow players to enlarge or shrink all friendly and hostile NPCs in the game.

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There are five variations of the sizemod, allowing players to choose between tiny, small, big, huge, and giant. This mod is purely for comedic effect, although taking on a giant raider that towers over the landscape is pretty epic. Even the game's charismatic, somewhat nonsensical, main villains Troy and Tyreen are much less intimidating when they barely come up to the player character's shins.

4 More Customisable Vehicles

There are three different vehicles players can find and control in Borderlands 3 and each one has a variety of skins as well as other customizable features.

The Vehicle Unlocks mod makes all skins and parts available for a vehicle as soon as it is unlocked, meaning players can customize their cars however they want much earlier in the game. This mod also affects enemy vehicles, randomizing the skins and accessories applied to them. This way, they no longer have a set design depending on the area they are found in.

3 Randomizers For Enemies, Weapons, And More

For those who have played and replayed Borderlands 3 multiple times, randomizers are a good way to keep the game fresh. These mods mix up locations of enemies, items, and more. The Hotfix Merger has a collection of randomizer mods that allow players to control which part of the game they want to change.

The main benefit of randomizers is that they can make the game unpredictable and more fun for players who have already beaten it. The only downside is that they have the chance of making the game incredibly easy as. With one of these mods, it's entirely possible to get one of the best weapons in the game right at the beginning.

2 A Mod For Making The Game Third Person

There are 4 vault hunters for players to choose from in Borderlands 3 and a variety of powerful builds available for each one. For players who want to admire their chosen character, there is a mod to make the game third person.

This third-person mode is more of a cheat than a mod. Still, players will find it useful if they want to try the gameplay in a different style or have a wider camera angle to appreciate the game's stylized landscapes and scenery. This mod is, like many of the others, only available on PC as it requires accessing the developer's console.

1 Borderlands 3 Redux Mod

Borderlands 3 is full of unique weapons, quirky characters, and weird side quests. However, this didn't stop a small group of dedicated fans from making a complete overhaul mod called Borderlands 3 Redux.

To try and list all of the changes this mod makes would take too long. That said, the main tweaks and alterations include the replacement of anointments with better weapons, a better Eridium economy, and the ability to land critical hits in melee. With all of these changes and many more, redux is the biggest mod currently available for Borderlands 3.

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