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The Winchesters: 10 Funniest Memes

Fans of Supernatural were shocked when Jensen Ackles announced the upcoming prequel series, The Winchesters. Set to tell the story of Mary and John Winchester, Jensen will return as Dean to narrate the series and will executive produce the CW show alongside his wife, Danneel Ackles.

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The show's announcement was met with mixed reactions. Some fans are thrilled by the prospect of the prequel, while others find the premise focusing on Dean and Sam's parents to be unappealing. But, no matter where fans' opinions land on The Winchesters, fans were all quick to make memes about it.

10 Reaction To The Show Being About John And Mary

Many fans waited in anticipation until Jensen announced Chaos Machine Productions' new project. However, some people were less than thrilled when Ackles revealed that the show will revolve around John and Mary, Dean and Sam's parents.

Many viewers don't like John and Mary as a couple, especially after the many revelations about their relationship. For example, their connection was preordained. In fact, Cupid is the one who caused them to fall for each other so Sam and Dean would be born. So, will their love story be about how angels manipulated them to get together?

9 It Won't Have Sam Or Cas

This meme uses a picture of Jensen Ackles walking out a door to respond to the absence of Sam and Castiel's titular characters. Because The Winchesters is a prequel series, fans assume that Sam will not be present, which is disappointing.

Additionally, Ackles hasn't confirmed if it will feature Castiel. While Castiel was alive during Mary and John's courtship, it's unknown whether or not he will appear in the series. However, Castiel's immortality means that a Misha Collins cameo isn't entirely out of the question.

8 Jared's Twitter Reaction

Perhaps no one was as surprised about the Supernatural prequel as Jared Padalecki. Jared responded to the news on Twitter, describing being "gutted," as he had no idea about the existence of The Winchesters. So naturally, this created drama between the two actors and led fans to create new memes.

This meme portrays Jared Padalecki, who plays both Sam Winchester and Walker, as a confused Princess Peach. Luckily, the two actors made amends the following day, as shown in this Tweet.

7 Misha Collins To The Rescue

After the drama between the actors, Misha Collins quickly cheered up fans in the following days. First, he posted a video about Gish while he sat in a tub with a dog. He also reminisced about his fellow Supernatural cast members and celebrated Cas on the last day of Pride Month.

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This meme jokes about how Misha won't let the Supernatural fandom be divided on his watch. To prove it, the tweet is comprised of all his previously mentioned tweets that display his positivity.

6 Neil Gaiman Delivers More News

Many fans of Good Omens watch Supernatural, as both shows have a similar tone. Each series features an apocalypse and a conflict between Hell and Heaven. So, Neil Gaiman announcing season two of Good Omens after the news of The Winchesters dropped feels fitting.

The tweet uses the "You guys are in a crisis. I'm on my way" meme. But instead, they switch "guys" for "gays," as many fans believe Castiel has feelings for Dean, and Aziraphale has feelings for Crowley.

5 Anger Towards John Winchester

A lot of the negative feedback concerning The Winchesters is because many fans don't like John Winchester. In Supernatural, he's portrayed as a neglectful and harsh father. So, viewers don't particularly want to see more of the character.

The meme is a message where someone is asking what the person has against John Winchester. In response, they say, "I'm glad you asked," and send an audio clip explaining why that's over an hour long. This meme is sure to make anti-John fans burst out laughing.

4 Return Of Sam's Wig

Fans loved seeing Sam having a normal life in the Supernatural finale. However, they didn't love his grey-haired wig. It inspired many memes after the finale's premiere and continues to inspire memes after the news about The Winchesters dropped.

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This Twitter user includes a meme of Sam in the wig, hoping it will make a reappearance in The Winchesters. While Sam will not be in the show, they suggest that other characters should wear his wig.

3 They've Seen Enough

Supernatural is one of the longest-running sci-fi/fantasy television series, having a total of 15 seasons. While it was successful, fans thought the show dragged on for too long. After time passed, it was no longer about "the monster of the week" and was more about Heaven and Hell.

This tweet claims that Supernatural has ran its course. The meme shows an image of someone trying to hand a man a bible, and he responds that he's not interested in eternal life, as he's "seen enough," just like some viewers have seen enough of Supernatural.

2  The Impala Lives On

One of the most recognizable characters on Supernatural isn't actually a person — it's a car. The Impala, nicknamed "Baby" by Dean, is a fan-favorite element of the show. Since John previously owned the Impala, fans are excited to see it back in action again in The Winchesters.

This post uses a meme from New Girl, where Cece proclaims, "You can't keep a good woman down." The praise for the car and its longevity makes this meme incredibly hilarious.

1 Mood For The Prequel

This meme perfectly captures the multitude of emotions people have about the prequel. The first picture is of Cas rolling his eyes, and the second and third are Dean with his eyes closed, overwhelmed. The last is a blurry still of Misha Collins screaming, which many people did after learning about The Winchesters.

While not much is known about their series, there's plenty of opinions about it. It has caused a lot of heated debate between fans. But, This Twitter user eases the mood by making fans laugh.

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10 Hilarious Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Memes Only Fans Would Understand

If you've lived under a rock for the past decade and a half, you probably don't know the legendary actors that have been on our screens for over the past 15 years now playing in the infamous TV show Supernatural.

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Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are well known not only for their acting skills but also for being incredibly funny and charismatic. We gathered up a list of 10 famous and hilarious memes that you will love, especially if you've been a fan of these two for a while now!

10 The "What are you doing with your life" Meme

We recognize the hilarious faces the character played by Jensen has made throughout the 15 seasons of the show. We've seen him mad, sad and funny, so this meme couldn't be more relatable. It truly depicts what we feel from time to time, right?

The bottom line is that we might not know where our life is going and maybe we don't have everything figured out, but we have to maintain the same optimism that Dean is embracing the life with, right?

9 The Apocalypse

If you're familiar with Supernatural and the infamous movie 2012, then you probably know why this meme is so relatable and funny at the same time. It was believed that the end is near and that not only will bring the world to an end but also make it completely devastating.

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We've seen Sam and Dean facing so many intricate situations before, facing God, the Devil and stopping so many evil creatures, so why not believe that they may have saved our earth= That's some sort of food for thought, right?

8 He Will Never Have a Girlfriend Meme

Another reason we completely adore this show (and the actors Jensen and Jared), is due to the incredible facial features both actors have. They are handsome and extremely charismatic, and that is why this meme is hilarious.

Truth being said, we believe that Jensen was a very cute baby but he grew up to be talented and handsome at the same time and we couldn't be more grateful for having him on our screens for more than 15 years now! Needless to say, he ended up being adored by the ladies and married beautiful Danneel Harris in 2010.

7 The family photo meme

This particular meme includes Misha Collins, another important actor on the show that plays Castiel. These three have been some sort of magical trio throughout the show and have been together in both funny and dangerous situations.

They either had to pretend they are relatives, they had to fight one another, due to various celestial reasons or even had to drift apart for some seasons. We admit that there is no Sam without Dean and Castiel, no Dean without his 2 peers and Castiel wouldn't learn how to be "human" if it weren't for his two partners!

6 The Appreciation Look

Yes! Yes! We all love and admire these two and it is heartwarming to see how much respect and appreciation they have for each other! Every time there is an opportunity, we have noticed that they show their full support, both by words and looks!

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Just look at how this cute meme depicts the fans' feelings that go towards Jared Padalecki. Supporters love seeing them and hearing them talk, so the picture above is 100% true!

5 The Pie Meme

If you've seen Supernatural, you are most likely used to Dean's particular appreciation for pie. The famous lines, such as "Love me some pie" or "I read pie, I love pie, the rest is just blah, blah, blah" are both funny and relatable.

Who doesn't love pie? Exactly, almost everyone does. According to Dean, even when it comes to somebody's anniversary - there should always be pie on the table.

4 The Gilmore Girls Meme

If you grew up watching the Gilmore Girls and right after that you noticed that the character Sam, played by Jared Padalecki looks extremely familiar, that is because he played Dean (funny how his brothers' name in the show Supernatural was Dean right after - coincidence?) - Rory's boyfriend.

This meme is so funny because it integrates two shows and the fans of Supernatural couldn't relate more. And after 15 seasons of this amazing TV-show, we can only agree with this GIF - The show is a lifestyle indeed, a religion we may add and if someone's a fan of this type of shows and didn't get a chance to watch it yet, this is your sign!

3 The Salt Bae Meme

Another superb integration of a meme into the life of Jensen and Jared! The infamous Salt Bae guy is used here to depict how well we've learned how to use our "supernatural" skills after watching so many episodes where they fight the evil.

We must say we are prepared for everything that may come and perhaps we will be able to use one or two tips they have given, when the lights flicker or when we see a weird shadow - but fingers crossed that won't happen anytime soon. Anyhow, it is interesting to realize that a series that approaches a dark fantasy genre can have such a realistic input in our lives, and all of this thanks to the wonderful actors!

2 The Look

Jared Padalecki is happily married to his former colleague from the show Supernatural, Genevieve Cortese and they have three beautiful children together - Odette Elliott Padalecki, Austin Shepherd Padalecki, and Thomas Colton Padalecki. And truth be told, when your dad is this handsome, talented, hard-working celebrity, how can you possibly not look at him this way?

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We definitely relate to Odette Elliott as this is how Jared's true fans would probably look at him too! With that being said, it shows what a great person and dad the actor is as well as an inspiration for all of his supporters.

1 The List

Yes, we've already concluded that Jensen Ackles is truly a symbol when it comes to handsomeness. It's not us who's telling it, but all the memes we have found while surfing on the World Wide Web.

A recurrent joke is that the perfect man has to be handsome, tall, funny, has beautiful big eyes, an amazing smile and that he must look like Jensen Ackles. Ladies? Have you found your Jensen yet? If not, don't worry, there is no actual standard when it comes to beauty, as we have to admit that it lies only in the eyes of the beholder.

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The all known Supernatural and future The Boys star Jensen Ackles just shared in his social media profiles a funny photo of his wife for her Birthday.

Here’s what he said -“To my BIRTHDAY girl.
A posed, pretty, “thirsty” picture is easy (and boring). But I know how beautiful you are. What I love…is how real you are. And catching you in our kids bathroom in whatever you call this outfit, with plunger in hand, taking care of business…is, the best kind of, real. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! @danneelackles512
I love you. 🥳
p.s. you might wanna check our toilet. 😏”

You can find the photo below:

Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov

Redactor at Tvseroeswelove

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.

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Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.

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15 Facts About Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki's Friendship

The hit CW series Supernatural is currently in its final season. Sam and Dean are making their final stand and fans are upset to see the last of their favorite monster hunters. Their brotherhood drives the show, and in real life, actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are just as close as Sam and Dean.

They have developed an amazing friendship behind the scenes for the past fifteen years that fans obsess over. Jensen and Jared, or “J2”, as fans have dubbed them, are always goofing off around set, making fun of each other in interviews, and supporting each other’s endeavors outside of Supernatural. They truly act like brothers on screen and off.

The two are definitely friendship goals. Here are 15 Facts About Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s Friendship.

15 They’ve Been Friends Since Day One Of Supernatural

Jared and Jensen have shared a bond since they met. They’ve been friends since the show started back in 2005.

They joked with each other during their first meeting and have both talked about their first impressions of each other. Since then, they’ve been by each other’s side through weddings, the birth of their children, and so much more.

14 They Were Once Roommates

Just like Sam and Dean, the two actors once lived together. Jared and Jensen were roommates when the show was in its early seasons.

Both actors married their wives in 2010, so they don’t still live together today, but there was a time when they were practically inseparable, even at home.

13 They Do Charity Work Together

The actors have supported each other’s charitable campaigns on multiple occasions.

For instance, Jared is passionate about mental health, and Jensen teamed up with him to help the cause. They sold “Always Keep Fighting” t-shirts and the funds went to the nonprofit To Write Love On Her Arms, which helps those struggling with depression and addiction.

12 They Prank Their Other Co-Stars

Pranks are all too normal on the set of Supernatural. While the whole cast tends to get involved, Jared and Jensen are some of the main pranksters.

There are plenty of bloopers over the seasons of the pair messing with their co-stars during takes, purposefully trying to mess them up. The two also threw a pie in Misha Collins’ face.

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11 Their Wives Are Friends, Too

J2’s wives are just as close as they are. Genevieve Padalecki and Danneel Ackles are both former CW stars and are friends in real life.

Both women have starred on Supernatural alongside their husbands and walk red carpets together. Their families hang out as well and all their kids are friends.

10 They Constantly Goof Off On Set 

With as much as Jared and Jensen goof off while filming, it’s a wonder they ever get any work done on the Supernatural set.

The bloopers every season are fairly long but they’re always hilarious. Between making goofy faces, adding crazy lines, and fart jokes, there are so many chaotic outtakes.

9 They Were Groomsmen In Each Other’s Weddings

Jared and Jensen attended quite a few weddings in 2010, including each other’s! They married their wives only a few months apart from each other that year.

Jared and Genevieve were married in February and Jensen and Danneel married in May. Both of them were groomsmen in the other’s ceremony.

8 They Watch New Episodes Of Supernatural Together

Fans love to live-tweet new episodes of Supernatural, but the stars of the show are no different. Jared and Jensen frequently watch episodes with each other and tweet about it as they do it.

Jared posted a photo to Twitter as they viewed a new episode. They looked just like Sam and Dean while they drank beer and watched television together.

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7 They Have Each Other’s Backs

Just like Sam and Dean, Jared and Jensen always defend each other. Even when one is down and out, the other is there to help them back up.

After Jared had a serious run-in with law enforcement, Jensen was quick to support him. He attended a con without Jared after the incident and told fans to send him supportand love.

6 They Both Live In Austin, Texas

You can take the boys out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the boys. Both Jared and Jensen are from the Lone Star State originally and have found their way back.

Their families both reside in Austin, Texas, where Jensen recently opened up a brewery called Family Business Beer Company.

5 They Agree That Supernatural Needs To End

Jared and Jensen both adore playing Sam and Dean, but they agree that it’s time for Supernatural to come to an end.

They want the show to go out on top rather than fizzle out. The longer it continues, the lesser quality it will end up having. They wanted to bow out before they ran out of creative and entertaining ideas.

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The actors are both extremely sarcastic, witty people, and that definitely translates to their social media presence. They’re constantly messing with each other on Twitter.

Jensen and Jared will post unflattering pictures of each other and poke fun while they do it, they’ll make fun of each other’s acting, and will even gang up on Misha.

3 They’re Total Dorks During Con Panels

Supernatural conventions are iconic for fans of the show. They’re an unforgettable experience where viewers can really get close to the stars, and Jared and Jensen always show them their goofy side.

They’ll tell funny stories and then the other will proceed to make fun of the other, will crash each other’s panels, and will dance like absolute dorks.

2 They Dress Alike All The Time

They say great minds think alike, and that definitely applies to Jared and Jensen. The two have joked a few times about dressing the same on accident.

They have coordinated suits, wear the same colored shirts to panels, and have even swapped the same t-shirt back and forth.

The two play brothers on the show, but it doesn’t take much acting. Both actors have said they truly consider the other their brother.

During a convention panel, Jensen once revealed that Jared is “a brother, on and off-screen” and Jared said they’ve “more than grown up together”. That’s definitely friendship goals.

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