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New Product Drop: Piece Water All Natural Bong Water Alternative

Looking for a fresh new way to keep your aqua bubbler, water pipe, or dab rig clean? Piece Water is the all natural formula here to help you shy away from the arduous task of cleaning your piece!

If you’ve ever used an eRig like the CloudV ElectroMini or the Dr. Dabber Boost, you’ll be able to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of this product. No longer will flavor be affected by stanky resin, Piece Water is here to help!

Piece Water

Developed and produced in the USA, the 12 FL OZ (355ml) bottle will fill a water pipe 6 times, with each tank lasting for an extended period. Some smokers say that even after forty hits flavor remains unaffected, so you can imagine what it’s like in a vape!

The secret solution is concocted from a bunch of all-natural vegetable, mineral and fruit extracts and is super efficient in keeping your glass piece squeaky clean.

Piece Water

I remember squeezing a lemon segment into my bong before ripping a couple hot ones back in the day to save cleaning the little bugger every couple of days. While the crude mix did help somewhat, it’s nothing compared to the preserving power of Piece Water.

The Piece Water solution is actually super cool to look at. Its level of viscosity is like a cross between water and glycerin, so a good shake creates a lava lamp-style effect.

Piece Water

To get cracking with your Piece Water, give it a good shake and pour slowly into your vaporizer or glass piece. You don’t require much of the solution, but make sure that there’s enough in there to splash around the walls a bit.

Above I’m filling up my Hydrology9 Portable Vape, a device that can be a little bugger to clean without a bottle of Piece Water.

Piece Water

When inhaling, you can slightly taste the citrus blend present in the mix, but there is almost no residual flavor, especially if you’re using a water pipe with a large zong.

Aside from being good for your bong and vaporizer, this Piece Water is good for you! Yep, this product is also consumable! But the makers do deter you from drinking your Piece Water and recommend you grab a regular filtered water bottle instead!

Piece Water

Dirty vape glass keeping you up at night? Looking to keep your aqua-bubbler squeaky clean? I think we’ve got the product for you.

Pick up a bottle of Piece Water and try it out!

Sours: https://blog.vapefuse.com/piece-water-all-natural-bong-water-alternative/

Piece Water

Been using this for a while and am really impressed. Cleans back to brand new state after geological ages with a rinse.

Another plus is that it removes stubborn resin stains. Even managed to get some white marks out somehow.
I had one in particular that would only fade, but never quite come off. It was on a vertical angle and even salt, both coarse and fine salt mixed together or even separately (or any cleaning product for that matter) would barely make a dent. Came out after first use.

Abysmal Vapor said:

Do you happen to know if this solution has any anti-bacterial properties

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I thinkwhat this stuff does is coat the interior of your bong. When there seems to be an angle, it doesn't stick, like on my Mobius Ion mouthpiece. But it does stay on vertical surfaces so IDK. I skake every day just in case.
If it doesn't stick it seems to lose any properties it may have.

I clean my mouthpieces every day or two, and its fine.
Otherwise I use a Mouthpeace and wash/rinse it. Even though I try to reduce silicone as much as possible, it is still a nice accessory to have. Especially for tubes with wide necks, which is the primary use I have for it.

Abysmal Vapor said:

piecewater gets smelly quicker then normal water. Is that also the case with vapor

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I may be able to reply to both, since my Hex was acting up on me and combusted a fair few times before it bricked...:zombie:
I mean, I'm not a smoker so when it combusted it still smelled disgusting to me. :ugh:

But regarding vapour, I don't really see a difference after a few hits. I'd even say it's the contrary, distilled water (even with RB/CE) loses its freshness after 4-5. Depending on how much you put of this stuff it will cloud faster or not but, since its mineral oil I find it tends to absorb smells better in the long run than water.
Although it's not a miraculous anti-smell liquid... It will get funky eventually.
The upside is that there won't be ANY smells left in the piece when you clean it.

That is a big plus for me:

When I use a piece with water regularly, they tend to keep a smell over time. It does go away if rotated, but then all my pieces get that old cranberry-vapoursmell at some point or another... Its very noticeable when they are clean and dry.

Hope it helps!


Sours: https://fuckcombustion.com/threads/piece-water.23262/
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[Updated] Old-School Bong: How to Make A Water Bottle Bong?

Every cannabis enthusiast comes across a moment where they have either run out of their stuff or don't have smoking equipment which can be used to consume the beautiful herbs. Whether it is because your friends ditched you at the last moment, or because you're stuck in a foreign city with just your nugs, or simply because you can't keep the smoking accessory at your home, these situations call for some creativity and improvisation. So here we are, teaching you how to make a water bottle bong.

Homemade bongs aren't a new thing! People have been finding ways to make an aesthetically pleasing and dope bong with just a few of the household items. Trust me, with DIY, your creativity is the limit. I have had friends who own a perfectly functional piece of equipment but yet indulge in this homemade stuff because it is more fun. So if you fall in any of these categories, have a look at how you can make a simple bong with everyday items. 

Before we start, a word of caution for the enthusiastic tokers out there; just remember that we are using a plastic bottle to make it, and it could entail some harmful particles that can find their way into your smoke. Use this method when absolutely nothing works.

Let's get started, get the creative juices flowing! Get ready to learn how to make a bong.

What will you need to make a water bottle bong?

To make a homemade bong, here are all the things that you would need:

  1. A pen with a metal tip
  2. An empty plastic water bottle
  3. A lighter/ Scissors
  4. Ground cannabis
  5. Gum/Tape

How to make a water bottle bong? - Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: 

The first step on how to make a bong out of a bottle is to create a downstem and bowl for your plastic bottle bong.
Now, this may seem like it's a lot, but trust me, it's the easiest way to construct a downstem. Start by taking a pen and unscrew all its pieces. Discard the ink refill and the end screw.

So now, you just have the body of the pen with its top v-shaped metal screw-on-top.


Get the idea that the body of the pen will be your downstem while the top screw will act as a bowl. Somewhat like shown in the picture.
So to complete the piece, just place the metal screw-on-top upside down, and push it into the pen's shaft just enough so that is tightly held by it.

There you have it, a simple answer to how to make a downstem!

Step 2:


Coming to the second step of how to make a water bottle bong, this one asks to attach the downstem and bowl that we made, into the bong, i.e, the water bottle. 

To begin, make sure your bottle is empty. Discard the cap and drain out any water. If you're using a soda bottle, make sure none of the sticky residues is left in it. 

Making a bong out of a plastic bottle is a very simple process.

Now imagine where the downstem and bowl are on a bong, and figure out space on your water bong. It is usually on the bottom of the bottle or the bottom third of it. You have the pen pipe, but to attach it to the bottle, we need to make a hole. Use a lighter and flame the bottom third of the bottle. Once the fire melts off the plastic, you can quickly insert the end of the pen inside it. Make sure the metal screw is outside the bottle, whereas the opposite end is inside. 

You might be unsuccessful on your first attempt as the bottle may not have craved an accurately sized hole. You can repeat the process until you have the pen pipe securely attached. I hope some of your questions regarding how to make a bottle bong are getting answered.
Let’s move to the next step.

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Step 3:

You have placed the pen-pipe, and made a perfect downstem and bowl, but, you still have to secure it. The reason for this is that until the hole and the pipe is tightly secured, you can lose a lot of smoke through the small gaps and render your efforts useless.The DIY bong takes a little more work than you expected.  

The best homemade water bong never has any leaks. To seal the gap, you may use glue, or duct tape to do the job. In my experience, a chewed gum works the best because it just sticks to it. (gross, but works)

Step 4: 

Here comes the fourth step to making your own bong water bottle.

This step calls for filling water into your bong. I get a lot of questions about how much water to put in a bong and here’s your answer.
You have to fill it to submerge the down end of the pen pipe and not more than that. If you allow the water to reach the meeting point of the pipe and the bottle, it may loosen up the glue. 

Step 5: 

If you would like to pierce a carb, you can do that using a scissor or a lighter. Make sure you do this on the opposite side from the downstem. It should be a small hole, don't pierce the scissors too hard into it.

Step 6:

There you have it, the last step of how to make an easy water bong.

Now pack the bowl (Pen metal screw-on) with your herbs, light it, and use the water bottle mouth as the bong mouthpiece. Inhale and have an awesome DIY smoking session. 


This brings us to the end of how to make a water bottle bong article. If you tried this, let us know your experience in the comment below. 

Till then, keep toking with Olivastu!

Sours: https://www.olivastu.com/olipedia/old-school-bong-how-to-make-a-water-bottle-bong

5 Ways to Make a Homemade Pipe w/ Stuff You Find Around the House

Wanna make sure you don’t need a Homemade Pipe?  Hakuna Supply will deliver to your house every month. Learn more right here.

Guest Post By: Evan Kaden

Sometimes all you want to do is kick back, pack a bowl full of weed, and blaze up… But that idea can be stopped right in its tracks when you don’t have anything to smoke out of. Whether you’re on-the-go without any paraphernalia or you can’t afford a decent piece of glass right now, there are ways to get high without the classic pieces and by instead making use of regular, everyday items you may find around the house. That’s why you need a homemade pipe!

As long as you’re willing to get a little crafty, the world is your pot-smoking oyster!

Here are five ways to create a beautiful homemade pipe for your smoking pleasure


1. The Apple Homemade Pipe

What You Need: an apple, a knife, a pen or pencil


This is a great homemade pipe for those stoners who love everything natural, and very simple to make. Start by using the knife to remove the stem of the apple, then use your pen or pencil to bore a hole through the top where the stem used to be. You’ll want to push it until it’s about halfway through the apple.

Then you’re going to bore a second hole just below the base of the apple and push the pen or pencil at an angle so it meets up with the first hole in the center of the apple. This hole will be the hole you inhale from.

On the side of the apple opposite from the hole you just made, bore a third hole right in the middle of the apple towards the center. This will be the carb.


Finally, you’re going to carve a bowl out of the hole you’ve made at the top of the apple. It’s up to you how big you make the bowl, just be careful not to slice all the way through the apple!

After this is complete, your apple pipe is complete. You can be assured that no matter what strain you drop in the top of your new piece, it will have a nice apple-y flavor.

If apples aren’t really your thing, it’s possible to make pipes out of just about any fruit or vegetable. There’s even a fairly easy way to make a pipe out of a banana.

If you want a really big hit, try out this pumpkin bong!



2. The Water Bottle Bong

What You Need: a plastic bottle, a paper clip, a lighter, a hollow pen, aluminum foil, duct tape

Start by making a hole a couple inches from the bottom of the bottle using the unfurled paper clip. If you heat the paper clip with the lighter for a few seconds beforehand, making the hole will be easier. Make the hole big enough so that the hollowed-out pen can fit snugly inside.

Insert the hollow pen in at a downward angle and use the duct tape to tape around any open space left at the hole. You want it to be airtight so that no smoke escapes from the hole.

Create another hole on the left or right side of the bottle that will serve as your carb.

Next, take some aluminum foil and craft a bowl that can sit atop the hollow pen. Punch a small hole in the bottom of your aluminum foil bowl. If you’re worried it might not stay on the pen, use a little duct tape to secure it at the base of the bowl.taphomemade-pipe-bong

Finally, fill the bottle with water so the end of the pen is fully submerged, but not so filled that it can spill out of the carb hole. Viola, an excellent homemade pipe is born!


3. The Pen Homemade Pipe

What You Need: a pen with a metal tip

This one is super quick and easy to make. All you have to do is unscrew the pointy, cone-shaped metal tip of the pen (it needs to be metal, not plastic or else it will melt), take the innards of the pen out, and insert the pointy end of the tip of the pen into the end of the pen.

Load the little cone-shaped bowl and you’re ready to blaze with your super easy homemade pipe! Bonus: this crafty piece of paraphernalia is small enough to fit in a book safe, so if you want to be discrete in public this is a great option.

4. The Candy Pipe

What You Need: soft candy (Starbursts work best) and a pen


If you want a sweet and fruity smoking experience, this is the DIY homemade pipe for you. While any soft candy that you can squish together will work, Starbursts are the easiest candy for this operation.

Start by squishing the Starbursts together in a rectangular shape, then squishing one on top towards one end of the rectangle (this will serve as your bowl). Stick your pen through the top of the Starburst that will be your bowl and about halfway through the Starburst underneath it. After you’ve created that hole, you can use the pen to carve a little bowl out of that top Starburst.

Then take your pen and push it from the opposite end of the squished-together Starbursts to meet the hole you’ve made for the bowl. Pack your bowl, and you’re ready to toke!

5. The Gravity Bong

What You Need: a plastic bottle with a lid, a pitcher, aluminum foil, scissors, a thumbtack


Note: If you don’t have a pitcher, a larger bottle, bucket, or jug will work fine.

The gravity bong is a classic piece of equipment that every stoner should have a go at using in their weed smoking career. The grav bong can be made any size, so long as your plastic bottle can fit inside of your pitcher without touching the walls of the pitcher.

When you find a plastic bottle suitable for this operation, cut off the bottom with a pair of scissors. Then take the cap of the bottle and stab a hole through the top with your scissors.

Next you’ll cut out a square of aluminum foil that’s about a couple inches on each side and form a bowl over the top of the bottlecap. Push the aluminum foil through the hole in cap (the cap should be right side up) and wrap the aluminum foil around the edges so it sits securely on the cap. After this, use the thumbtack to poke some holes in the bottom of the bowl.

Screw the cap back onto the bottle, put the bottle inside the pitcher, and fill your pitcher up with water until it just about submerges the plastic bottle. If you’re having trouble visualizing what that looks like, WikiHow offers a helpful frame-by-frame guide.

Fill up your bowl with herb, give it a light, and slowly pull the bottle out of the water as it fills with smoke. When you’re ready to hit it, carefully unscrew the cap and inhale. Just don’t inhale so hard that you suck water up into your mouth! That bong water is nasty.

The gravity bong can be intimidating to use at first, but once you get the hang of it you will be encouraging all of your stoner friends to use it.

And there you have it! There’s five easy an awesome ways to make a homemade pipe. Enjoy getting blazed.

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Sours: https://brokeassstuart.com/2017/08/28/5-ways-make-homemade-pipe-w-stuff-find-around-house/

Piece water homemade

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