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Spawning items in Stardew Valley is not done via commands, but rather through a cheat in which you must set your character's name, or the name of an animal, to the item code of the item you wish to spawn surrounded by [ and ].

Spawn Using Animal Name

To spawn this item using an animal's name, visit Marnie's Ranch, speak to Marnie and purchase an animal (we recommend a chicken as it is cheapest). Name the animal [446] and press OK. You will then receive the rabbit's foot item.

Spawn Using Character Name

You can only set your character's name once, at the start of the game (when you create your world), for this reason we recommend you use the animal name method. If you do wish to use this method, first set your character's name to [446] when creating your save. Whenever you speak to a villager that says your name in dialogue (for example Gus at the Stardrop Saloon) you will be given the rabbit's foot item.

If you need more help with spawning rabbit's foot, we have a detailed guide on our blog - click here to visit that page.

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How to get a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game that has a ton of crafting. There’s also a bunch of relationship building and other fun to be had. And with all of that comes this rather creative element too.

You can tweak your farm with a variety of different crops and items. Whether you want to be more creative or enterprising, there are plenty of options in Stardew Valley. The approach you choose to take when building your farm will depend on your farm layout. But from there, you’re pretty open in what you can do. When building out your infrastructure, one of the many crops you can invest in is honey. But you aren’t just making money on your pretty farm. You can even get involved in magic and mysteries.

There are many different magic items in Stardew Valley. From enchanted weapons to unique items that give magical effects, there’s lots of weird things going on. With a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley, you get a very interesting effect. The primary use for the item is a powerful gift. Most NPCs like or love the item, except for Penny. And there is a unique negative outcome for the rabbit’s foot in the Group 10-Heart chain.

How to get a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley

Of course, you can get a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley with buying it. Going this route, you will have to rely on the Traveling Cart. This merchant will occasionally show up within the game world and trade you various items. The price of these items will vary a lot depending on RNG, but with the rabbit’s foot, expect to pay from 1,500G to 3,000G depending on the day.

If that way doesn’t work, or you don’t want to wait, there is an option. You can try raising rabbits on your farm. The spawn chance for the lucky item is dependent on how well you raise them though. Each day, if the rabbits have a high enough mood rating, they have a chance to drop one of these items. This will likely take a shorter time than waiting on the Traveling Cart as well.

The final method for getting a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley is to go down into the Skull Cavern. Hunt down the serpents nesting here and defeat them. Each mob taken out has a small chance to drop various items, including a rabbit’s foot. This is the hardest way of getting the item.

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Stardew Valley Rabbit Foot | Luck increase and location

For some Stardew Valley players, finding a rabbit’s foot is an unlucky challenge. Likewise, the in-game description isn’t exactly clear about what the rabbit’s foot does. Still, you will need one to upgrade the community center and avoid heartbreak during the Group 10-Heart Event. So, here is how to get a Stardew Valley rabbit foot and use it to increase your daily luck.

Does a Rabbit’s Foot Increase Luck in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Rabbit Foot

In the game, luck boosts drop rates and lowers the chance of negative effects, such as lightning storms or your spouse becoming jealous. For that reason, you won’t want to miss out on any chance you get to increase your daily luck in Stardew Valley.

On its own, the rabbit’s foot doesn’t affect your daily luck stat. However, it can be used to earn a permanent luck boost if you follow the clues for Secret Note #20.

The Secret Note #20 quest will lead you to a truck outside Joja Mart. Simply interact with the driver and he will request a rabbit’s foot. In exchange for the rabbit’s foot, the driver will give you a special charm, permanently increasing your daily luck stat.

What is a Rabbit Foot Used for in Stardew Valley

The rabbit’s foot has a few uses in Stardew Valley and there are many ways to obtain one.  For example, players will need a rabbit’s foot to complete the enchanted bundle, which upgrades the community center. Additionally, rabbit’s foot also allows you to continue dating everyone in the Group 10-Heart Event.

Likewise, everyone except for Penny loves the rabbit’s foot. As we know now, the solution to Secret Note #20 also requires a rabbit’s foot. So, there is always a reason to continue searching if you still need one.

Where to Find a Rabbit Foot in Stardew Valley

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few different locations that players can find a Stardew Valley rabbit foot. We’ve listed them all below and have provided some more information on the different locations that you can find them.

  • Deluxe Coop
  • Traveling Cart
  • Skull Cavern

First, once you own a deluxe coop, you need to adopt rabbits (8,000g each) from Marnie’s Ranch. After you purchase the rabbits, pet them, let them eat grass, and lock them inside before 6 p.m. every day.

This combination helps the rabbits maintain high friendship and mood. Both stats are necessary for them to drop a rabbit’s foot automatically. Remember: Daily luck also increases the chance of the rabbit’s foot dropping.

Stardew Valley Rabbit Foot

Next, you should visit the Traveling Cart whenever possible for a chance to simply purchase a rabbit’s foot. If the cart has one in stock, the rabbit’s foot will cost 1,695-2,825g. The cart’s items are random, so visit it every Friday, Sunday, and daily during the Night Market event (Winter 15-17).

Lastly, serpents in the Skull Cavern have a 0.8% chance of dropping a rabbit’s foot. Unfortunately, luck buffs from food don’t affect the rabbit’s foot drop rate. So, your best bet is to bring a burglar’s ring for double the chance of loot.

Now that you know how to find a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley, start your search and complete Secret Note #20 for an even better chance of finding more!

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Have you found the Stardew Valley rabbit’s foot yet? In Stardew valley, there are some things that you need to collect in order to earn from them or use them in any other way that will be beneficial to you. Some of these things can be found in a specific place, and when they seem to be so difficult to find them, you can use another method to acquire them. One of these things is the Stardew Valley rabbit’s foot which is obviously an animal product. Rabbit’s foot is usually obtained from a rabbit. In Stardew valley, a rabbit is simply a small farm animal that can often be bought at Marnie’s ranch. A rabbit usually goes for only 8000g. You can always get a Stardew rabbit’s foot from a rabbit that has sufficient friendship, luck, and mood. If you have trouble finding it, also note that the rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley can be bought from the traveling cart for only 1695 – 2825g. However, purchasing the rabbit foot from the cart can be a bit frustrating since the cart is usually very rare to find. They can also be found in the skull Cavern where they are often dropped by serpents.

Stardew Valley Rabbit’s Foot

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A rabbit usually goes for only 8000g. You can always get a Stardew rabbit’s foot from a rabbit that has sufficient friendship, luck, and mood. If you have trouble finding it, also note that the rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley can be bought from the traveling cart for only 1695 – 2825g. However, purchasing the rabbit foot from the cart can be a bit frustrating since the cart is usually very rare to find. They can also be found in the skull Cavern where they are often dropped by serpents.

As you might have realized, a rabbit is not the only animal that you can come across in Stardew Valley. There are also a lot of other animals that will often give you their own products which are unique and can be used in various ways. A rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley is a unique item which is always beneficial to the players as it can be sold for a much better price and it is also a requirement for completing the community center bundles. Well, the Stardew rabbit’s foot might be available in Stardew Valley, but it might not be that easy to find. The more sure way of getting a rabbit as stated before is by purchasing it from Marnie’s ranch. This is also not an easy task. You will first need to upgrade a deluxe coop which also comes at a cost. For you to upgrade the deluxe coop, you will need to upgrade the big coop first. Upgrading the big coop will cost you 10000 coins, 400 wood, and 150 stone. Once this is done, you also need to shell out 500 wood, 20000 coins and 200 stone to the carpenter’s shop. This will help you to upgrade your deluxe coop, and it will also help you by unlocking the rabbits. Only when the rabbits are unlocked is when you can be able to purchase them from Marnie at her ranch.

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How to get the rabbit foot in Stardew Valley

We have already seen how you can get the Stardew rabbit’s foot by using different methods. Some of these methods might not be as easy as they seem to be and sometimes can really get you frustrated. So the only sure way is to buy the rabbits and get these products from them. However, it is not guaranteed that if you have the rabbits, you will automatically get the Stardew Valley rabbit’s foot. There is a process that is usually involved. You will need to work your way with the rabbits and earn their friendship. You will need to get the required maximum hearts which will now enable you to get the rabbit’s foot dropped from your own friend, the rabbit. You can see it is not easy, but definitely it’s the surest way.

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Your chances of getting the rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley will mostly depend on your relationship with the rabbit also known as Stardew Valley friendship, the rabbit’s happiness, your daily luck and probably your luck level. The luck level doesn’t really have that much impact though. Through the game updates, the game is always able to decide if you can get the rabbit’s foot or not. Assuming that the rabbits are at their maximum happiness, you might have almost 100% chance of getting the product from the rabbits. The Stardew rabbit’s foot can be used in the enchanter’s bundle on the bulletin board. The game is designed in such a way that how you interact and take care of your rabbits will determine whether you will get the rabbit’s foot or not. First, there is a limit of happiness where you will need to reach for you to increase your chances of getting the rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley.

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In Stardew valley, the relationship between you and the rabbits is also one key thing that you will have to take care of, also for your chances to increase. You will need to interact with them in a friendly manner and treat them with a lot of care. For instance, you are not supposed to leave them outside at night; you are also not supposed to force them to go outside when it is raining and many other things. If you are careless with them, it will become difficult for you to get the much needed Stardew rabbit’s foot. Your luck level also plays an important role in your quest for trying to get the rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley. This increases your chances by about 3%. This can also be boosted by eating the lucky food. Your daily luck is able to increase your chances by giving you a boost of about 7 – 10.1%.

It is said that the maximum possible chance that you can get per rabbit is around 40.3% and this is only when you maximize on the level of their happiness, their relationship with you and also when you are able to get possibly the best daily luck.

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With all this being said, am sure you will now be able to find a way of getting the rabbit foot given that it is a requirement to finish up some of the bundles. Just like other animals, rabbits can also be of profit. Not only do they give you the rabbit’s foot as their produce but they will also give you wool. Well, you can also get the rabbit’s foot from other places as mentioned before but it will be a bit difficult for you when you choose to pursue them. Buy your bunnies from Marnie, take care of them and let them take care of your needs in return.

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Stardew rabbit foot

I have everything for the community center except for a sunflower and a rabbit's foot. I am about a day or two away from having my sunflowers finish growing so that isn't an issue, but I am in Year 2 Fall beginning with 5 rabbits in my deluxe coop who are all at around 1 heart. Am I going to be able to reliably get a rabbit's foot from these rabbits by the end of the year if I make it my sole focus?

I also know that there are rabbit's foot that drop with about a 0.8% chance from the flying serpents in the skeleton cave, is that the only way I can definitely get it, by just doing nothing but mines and killing those serpents until I hopefully get one? Thanks for the help any tips are welcome.

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Stardew Valley: In the powah of the lucky rabbit foot /(˃ᆺ˂)\

How to get a rabbit's foot in Stardew Valley

A rabbit
the foot can be a difficult item to obtain in Stardew Valley. It is necessary that
have a rabbit's foot to complete a golden scroll to restore the community
center and can be used as a gift that a large majority of people will love
(everyone except Penny, who hates it). There are a few other uses for the item,
including a negative result in the 10-Heart Event group. There is a little
routes to get this item by luck. Here's how to get a Stardew rabbit's foot in

get a rabbit's foot in Stardew Valley

The first
and the safest way to get a rabbit's foot is to buy it. Sometimes the
The traveling cart will have it for sale for 1-695g. If you meet
struggling to drop a rabbit's foot from the other methods in this article,
look to see if the travel cart has it in stock.

You can
Also earn rabbit's foot by raising rabbits on your farm. Treat them well and
raise their happiness and mood so that they drop one in the morning. Just walk
in the henhouse where they reside, and he will be lying on the floor. It is
rather a rare drop, but this is probably the safest way to assume that you
possibly get one.

Finally, a
rabbit's foot is very unlikely to fall when beating snakes
Skull cave. There is only 0,8 chance that the snake will drop the object
death, so the other two methods are probably more reliable, although not guaranteed
and expensive in one case.

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The first is to name your character the IDs of the items you would like to spawn, everytime you speak to a village who says your name.

For example, you could name your character [434][163][166] to spawn Stardrop, Legend Fish, and Treasure Chest. The second way is by naming an animal (one that you buy from Marnie) the item IDs you would like. This method only works once per animal.
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When you buy an animal from Marnie, name it the IDs of the items you would like to spawn. Note that this works only once per animal!

To spawn Iridium Milk you would need to name your animal [803]. Be sure to include the brackets, [ ] in the name.You can use up to three item IDs per animal. For example, [166][163][688].

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For example [163][166][688] for the second animal OR you can append an extra character, such as a space between the brackets or adding random letters or numbers to the end.

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