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DND Gel Nails Winchester Beauty Salon

Introducing Daisy DND Gel Nails at Sparx Winchester Beauty Salons

We’re loving our new range of Daisy DND Gel Nail colours, now available at our Winchester beauty salons.  

Daisy DND is an American brand of gel nail polish, developed together with Salon Owners and Beauty Therapists.  These high quality, state-of-the-art polishes come in a gorgeous range of over 300 colours and they are continuously developing fresh new colours.

They offer a high gloss shine that lasts for us to 21 days without chipping or peeling.   They can be soaked off completely in only 10 – 15 minutes.

Book an appointment in one of our Winchester beauty salons to see our full range and get your set of gorgeously glossy nails!  Call us now on  01962 878979, book online or via our App.

Best Gel Nails in Winchester at Sparx


Colden Common




Chandler's Ford

Sours: https://www.sparx-beauty.com/news/dnd-gel-nails/

Daisy DND was established in 2011 by Loc Duong, CEO and Founder. Prior to this development, Loc Duong ran a successful Nail and Beauty import and distribution business which sold to thousands of salons worldwide.

Through this beauty import business, Duong gained a huge wealth of experience in product development whilst visiting his manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. What Duong noticed was that while countries like China and Japan had become efficient in product manufacturing, there was still a void in understanding the actual nail businesses in the United States. It was at this point that Duong created Daisy DND, where the full focus was centered around salons as a business. Daisy nail varnish was an immediate success, then came the gel polish and the rest is history.

In the United States, you would be hardpressed to walk into any nail salon and not see DND gel polishes on display.

DND now occupies its own facility in the United States with a support team of over 300 employees across the globe. Many of which, were salon owners, therapists themselves which is why DND truly understands product needs. By focusing on product development instead of expensive brand awareness, DND has been able to develop products that are both superior and competitively priced. DND has released over 400 gel colours, none of which have ever been discontinued.  DND is constantly looking at innovative ways to further develop the product range and yet to this day, Loc Duong can still be seen at the warehouse checking quality control or visiting salons for feedback on his products.

Sours: https://dndgel.com/our-story/
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Daisy Duo Gel Polish Swatches

Daisy Duo Gel Polish Swatches by Chickettes.comI have a few Daisy gel polish swatches today.  These Daisy Duo sets come with a gel polish and a matching regular nail polish (RNP), and they can be purchased at Esther’s Nail Center.  I selected three colors that I thought would be fun for spring, which is wishful thinking since we’re currently buried under a foot or more of snow here!  I gave all of the colors a really good shake with my Robart before applying them.  These aren’t brand new shades in the Daisy line, so I wanted to make sure they were well mixed.  This is always a good idea for the best application results.

First Impression is a very pale lavender shade.  I applied three coats in this swatch because it still seemed a little spotty after two coats.   This color didn’t match up completely with the accompanying RNP – it’s more pale in comparison.  The RNP version has more of a lavender tone, which I like a little better and was hoping for with the gel.  It’s still a lovely shade though.

Daisy Duo First Impression Swatch by Chickettes.comFiery Flamingo is a really medium-to-dark pink shade.  This one is really fun for summer, and I love the name… it’s very suiting.  It seemed a little thick and could have benefited from a couple drops of gel polish thinner to make the consistency a little smoother.  This is also three coats.

Daisy Duo Fiery Flamingo Swatch by Chickettes.comFuchsia Star is a dense glitter polish in a clear base.   This swatch is only two coats.  I was surprised at how great the coverage was because I have previously swatched some similar Daisy glitter gels and didn’t get much glitter out of the bottle.  I think they probably needed a really good shake like this one got.  The base was a little thick, but that helps with getting consistent glitter coverage on the nail.  I love the color mix in the glitter – it’s primarily pink, but you can see little pops of blue and some holo glitters.  It’s very sparkly in person!

Daisy Duo Fuchsia Star Swatch by Chickettes.comThis is just a quick side-by-side shot of the swatch sticks that compares the gel polish colors to the accompanying regular nail polish shades.  The top two are pretty close, but the lavender shade is a bit off as I mentioned.

Daisy Duo Swatches by Chickettes.comThe Daisy Duo sets retail for $12.95 at Esther’s Nail Center.  That’s a great price point for a two-in-one set!  What do you think of these colors?

Sours: https://www.chickettes.com/daisy-gel-polish-swatches/

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