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The idea of dragons not only appeals to young children, but people of all ages are also fascinated with them.

The peculiarity of this legendary creature’s appearance and the mystery about its existence are what make this legendary creature an interesting subject to draw.

However, their intricate details and patterns also make them very challenging to draw.

Fortunately, we have curated a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a dragon, summarized in 9 easy and simple steps.Drawing Dragon in 9 Easy Steps

You can apply these steps whether you want to draw a realistic-looking dragon or an animated one. Each step is accompanied with comprehensible illustrations that serve as your visual guide as you follow the instructions.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in drawing, we’re sure you can follow these steps effortlessly. What’s more, you can add your own style and improvise in every step.

Mix and match colors to personalize your artwork and make it unique. Feel free to let your imagination wander and unleash your creativity.

Have fun and use your artistic skills!

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How to Draw a Dragon — Let’s get started!

Step 1Dragon Drawing – Step 1

Starting at the upper left corner of your paper, draw an outline of the dragon’s face. The dragon can be facing either its left or right side, depending on which way you prefer.

Keep in mind to create enough space for the dinosaur’s significantly huge eyes, nose, and mouth. The outline must look relatively similar to that of a reptile.

Avoid drawing the head of the dragon in the middle of the paper to leave sufficient room where you can draw the dinosaur’s body. The body requires a much larger space than the head.

Step 2 — Sketch the Dragon’s FaceDragon Drawing – Step 2

Fill in the details of the dinosaur’s face. Start with a pair of huge circle shapes for the eyes, and then draw two parallel curved lines to create a distinctively large nostrils.

Remember, dragons share many physical characteristics with a reptile, so make sure that your drawing looks like a winged and horned serpent, lizard, crocodile, alligator, or iguana as much as possible.

Step 3 — Next, Draw the Dragon’s BodyDragon Drawing – Step 3

Draw the body of the dinosaur attached to its face. You can make its body as chubby or as thin as you want. If you want to make your dinosaur appear beefy, draw a bloated tummy.

On the other hand, if you prefer its body to be slim and lean, emphasize its muscular build. Sky’s the limit to your imagination; take advantage of it!

Step 4 — Now, Draw the Dragon’s FeetDragon Drawing – Step 4

Attach a pair of feet with three fingers to the dragon’s limbs. Dragons are typically portrayed having three toes/claws because the Japanese believe that Eastern dragons originated in their native homeland.

However, feel free to step out of the ordinary! Create as many fingers as you want your dragon to have. There are no limits to creativity!

Don’t forget to draw extremely sharp claws—it’s one of the distinctive physical features of a dragon!

Step 5 — Then, Add the Dragon’s TailDragon Drawing – Step 5

Add a tail attached to the lower portion of the dragon’s back. Similar to the body, you can make it thick or thin, and long or short.

Draw an upside down heart shape at the tip of the tail for a finishing look. In other illustrations of dragons, there are even sharp spikes encompassing the dragon’s entire tail. Don’t hesitate to customize the features of the dragon’s tail. After all, it’s your work of art!

Step 6 — Next, Draw the Dragon’s WingsDragon Drawing – Step 6

Draw a pair of wings connected to the dragon’s back. The wings of a dragon bear resemblance to that of a bat. Their wings share many physical features, including its skin-like surface as well as the layered patterns at the bottom of the wings.

Feel free to draw the wings however you want. Unleash your creativity and allow your hands to follow your imagination.

Step 7 — Add Features on the Dragon’s BodyDragon Drawing – Step 7

Now, it’s time to draw the features on the dragon’s body, including its horns, ears, as well as the patterned ridges at the top of its head.

The dragon’s ear can look like a smaller version of its wings, so you can draw the ear exactly how you have drawn its wings.

Draw two pointed triangular shapes that look like fangs at the top of its head to create the horns. You can make it as long or as short, and as thick or as thin as you prefer it to be.

Lastly, add a few ridges on the surface of the dragon’s head for an extra detail, making your drawing look more realistic.

Step 8 — Complete the Dragon’s Facial FeaturesDragon Drawing – Step 8

Add shading to the eyes and nose to create an illusion of depth. You can leave out two bubbles of white space in the dragon’s eyes to create a “gleaming eyes” effect. The eyes give a hint of expression and emotion to the dragon.

Draw parallel lines on the dragon’s horns, ears, and wings for a more realistic effect. Also, don’t forget to draw a set of sharp teeth to make your dragon look ferocious!

Step 9 — Fill In the Details and PatternsDragon Drawing – Step 9

Incorporate the similar parallel lines pattern from the previous step to the dragon’s belly and on the bottom of its tail. And while you’re at it, draw several circular patterns all over the dragon’s body to complete the look!

As you can see in this image, the artwork is nearly complete! The only thing it is missing is a dash of vivid and vibrant colors!

Finally, here is the most exciting part—filling in the colors for your awesome drawing! This is the part where you can show off your artistic skills and your ability to mix and match various colors.

Dragons come in a wide range of colors across different cultures. There’s a gold dragon, a blue dragon, a black dragon, and many more! Basically, dragons exist in nearly every color there is.

Have fun playing with colors and watch as your dragon ultimately comes to life!Dragon Drawing – 9 Steps

Your Dragon Drawing is Complete!

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a dragon. With this guide, you can draw and color a dragon along with its complex features and elaborate details in no time.

And the most fun part is, you can customize its physical attributes and play with various colors as much as you like! While you’re at it, why not try using different coloring tools as well?

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, we’re certain you must be feeling very proud of yourself—as you should be!

Completing this dragon drawing is definitely fulfilling. Make sure to show off your work of art and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest. We’re sure it looks amazing!

We can’t wait to see your very own unique version of a dragon!How to Draw a Dragon in 9 Easy Steps


Sours: https://iheartcraftythings.com/dragon-drawing.html

How To Draw A Dragon Hand

In this video i will walk you step by through techniques need. Video clip from "drawing power.

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Please read the description for answers to frequently asked questions.

How to draw a dragon hand. Learn how to draw a dragon head with the help of our drawing lessons. I made cool as guide for create simple drag. Is quite drawing and i am sure kids goi.

With michael moodoo, vol. How to draw dragon step by easy in this video we are going learn a for kids. This is a tutorial on how draw dragon hands.

Become one of my. Learn how to draw a dragon for kids easy and step by step. Awardwinning dvd series has w.

How to draw a dragon easy and step by step. Wizards, castles & dragons" dvd. This cute following lesson.

With this easy dragon head drawing ideas, you can learn how to draw a easily.

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Description: In this next and last tutorial for the day I will be showing you a new way to draw dragon legs arms and talons. I have submitted tutorials in the past on this exact subject, but since the previous drawings were done when I was fairly young, I figured “hey it’s time for a new one”. When drawing dragon legs and hands you have to remember that these enormous beasts are cousins to the reptile family. That means they are very much shaped and created like dinosaurs, snakes, lizards and birds. Dragons have many traits of all those species combined in one package. When I draw dragons, I usually like to create a new way to draw the legs and the positioning of the arms. Their legs and feet are very massive and muscular. This is because that body part has to hold up this beast, so you can imagine how much muscle mass and tissue a dragon leg must need to do such a thing. The foot of a dragon has to not only hold up the body, but they have to keep the dragon balanced and level at the same time. The claws on their feet are thick, hard and incredibly strong. They are used to clamp on trees, grab food from the ground, clamp on mountain tops as they hold themselves high, and to scratch themselves. Their hides are intensely strong and hard almost like a thick leather times 20. The dragon arms and hands or talons are also very masculine as well. They use these limbs to battle with, clutch onto food as they eat; keep balance as they fly, and other useful techniques that are only known by the incredible dragon anatomy. The claws of the hands are also very strong and thick. The only difference from the claws on the feet to the claws on the hands is that the feet needs to have more strength because they travel on the rough temperature changing ground as well as crawl, climb, and scratch their nails a whole lot more than they would with their hands. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw dragon legs, arms and talons. You will easily be able to accomplish this drawing because I break down the steps in a simple way for you to understand. The first step of the tutorial is just your basic break down on the claws or talons. I know you dragon lovers will be clicking on this tutorial all day. I will be back tomorrow with more fun for you all. Peace out people and remember, stay creative.

Sours: https://dragoart.com/tut/how-to-draw-dragon-legs-arms-and-talons-833

Drawing dragon hands

How To Draw A Dragon Easy

How To Draw A Dragon Easy. For simplicity start with a rectangle to mimic the dragons head wider at the base and thinner at the nose. You want to leave enough room to finish the body later. The pose is ready so now lets add some body to this bare skeleton. Erase lines inside the legs. Margherita Cole My Modern Met. This dragon drawing is simple in structure and a great starting point for beginners and budding artists. Fantastic creatures may not be real but that doesnt mean they cant be drawn realistically. The step-by-step tutorial includes illustrations for each step text instructions and an informative video. The top scale should fill in the empty space at the top. To do this use basic shapes and lines to measure out the proportions of your dragons body.

Pin On Arte

Fantastic creatures may not be real but that doesnt mean they cant be drawn realistically. Now we skip the rest of the face and move down to do the hands. How to draw an Easy Dragon. To begin using your HB pencil map out the basic anatomy of your dragon. Erase lines inside the legs. This dragon drawing is simple in structure and a great starting point for beginners and budding artists. Use a connecting line to form the basis of the spine and tail. Erase the gray line shown. For simplicity start with a rectangle to mimic the dragons head wider at the base and thinner at the nose. Draw circles where the head belly and thighs of your dragon will be.

Use circles of varying sizes to simulate joints like those of the wings.

With the help of lines outline the wings tail and leg of the dragon. Draw 2 circles for the head and body of the dragon join these shapes with help of 2 lines forming the neck. How to draw an Easy Dragon. Draw it with a light hand and easy strokes. However a dragon with one wing would look weird so feel free to add a part of the other one. This dragon drawing is simple in structure and a great starting point for beginners and budding artists. Let us go over some strategies for achieving the perfect proportions in your dragon drawing. Easy step by step how to draw Dragons drawing tutorials for kids. For thousands of years dragons have been involved in the arts and mythologies of cultures around the world. Add the mouth teeth eyes and ears. You can also draw a line to map out where your dragons tail will lie.

Sours: http://m.cbs3duluth.com/cbs3/how-to-draw-a-dragon-easy.html
How to Draw Dragon Tattoo on Hand in Simple Way - Best Dragon Tattoo Design

Five handprints combined with some paper shapes (cut out using our template) produce this fantastic, fierce dragon - a fantastic craft for Chinese New Year or a China theme, a fairy tale theme, or even St George's Day or St David's Day.

Handprint Dragon

You will need:

Coloured paper
Handprint dragon template (below)
Small white circle stickers
Black pen
Large sheet of paper

Print our template out onto card. Cut out and use it to draw and cut out a head, mane, tail and two legs from coloured paper.

Draw around your hand 5 times on coloured paper, and cut out. Glue the handprints in a line across your large sheet of paper to form your dragon’s body, referring to the photo above for positioning. Stick on the mane and the head. Add the tail and two legs. Stick on the two stickers as eyes and with the black pen draw on the pupils, nostrils and teeth.


1. Instead of cutting around your child's hand onto coloured paper, make handprints with bright coloured poster paint on white paper. When dry, cut out as before.

2. Make this dragon as a classroom project with as many hands as you like - just give him an extra long body!

Sours: https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/handprint-dragon

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