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Exceptional Quality!

Your steps and railing system should fit the rest of your home aesthetically and safely. We provide the finest stair components to create a stunning, sturdy stair banister. These include Iron Balusters, Stainless Railing, Wood Handrail, Newel Posts, and Wood Balusters.

Our wood stair parts are manufactured with the best furniture grade hardwoods using only the best construction methods available, and stainless stair railing parts in both 304 grade and 316 grade � nothing is second best. You get the best quality parts at a great price.

Best Price Guarantee

We provide Free Shipping for qualifying orders. Stair Parts are heavy, so we require a small minimum order. However, with Stair Warehouse's best price guarantee, you only get the best stair parts, so your stairway becomes your royal road to anywhere in the house.

Contact us today and get free shipping on orders over $49!

Wide Variety

We offer an extensive selection of stair components from several manufacturers and importers. Most of our wood stair parts are manufactured right here in the USA. From Handrail, Newel Posts, Box Newel Posts, Balusters/Spindles to Treads and Starter Steps and more.

We have a full line of Modern Stair Railing Parts made of Stainless Steel if you want a contemporary rail system for inside or outside your home or business. We have a NEW Stainless Lighted LED Railing system and have recently added a new line of Modern Horizontal Railing that goes best with our Contemporary Wood Newel and Modern Wood Handrail.

Established Reputation

For over 15 years, more than 50,000 customers have been satisfied with our services. We take complete care of our customers. We'll walk you through from start to finish – choosing the right items, ensuring items are shipped on time, and making sure you are satisfied with the result. You'll find hundreds of great feedback from our happy customers at our testimonials and Stair Warehouse Reviews. Authentic experience from real people.

Cheap Stair Parts's profile photo is a nationally recognized online vendor of wood and iron staircase products. We were established in 2006 with a mission to provide stair remodeling products direct to the end user at low pricing, fast shipping and no hassle. We ship nation wide, direct to your door, within 3 - 5 days. All of our stair parts are shipped directly from our warehouse located in Houston, Tx. For those located in Houston area, we offer free local delivery to residents. We purchase all of our iron balusters from House of Forgings, which is the largest manufacturer of wrought iron spindles in the USA. These components are quickly becoming the industry standard choice for stair remodeling projects.

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What exactly are cheap stair parts? This is not as straightforward a question as it seems. Cheap parts can mean either the best value for identical products or an inexpensive alternative. This is a subtle distinction that can make all of the difference. So, let’s analyze these two virtually opposite ideas that are so often confused in this and many industries. offers the lowest priced stair parts online AND highest quality. Guaranteed!!!

Comparing two identical handrails, the lower priced of the two may be called “cheaper”. If they are both made from the same species and grade of wood and are manufactured to the same standards then the cheap version may be a good choice. The price difference here may be due to a better or more streamlined system, lower overhead, overstock, volume manufacturing and so on. Whatever the reason, cheaper, in this case, is better. Of course, there are always other considerations like time frame, service, guarantee, etc. But based on price alone the lower price is the best value.

The second variation of cheap is, unfortunately, more prevalent and rarely the best choice. This is because it implies a substantially lower cost which is typically not possible using the same quality of materials or manufacturing. Consider two box posts that look identical. One is manufactured from solid oak and has miter-locked corners using wood glue without nails to assemble it. The second post is made from veneered plywood with mitered corners that are glued and nailed together. Both posts look the same from a distance and even with close inspection, the visual differences are very small. However, newel posts are one of the most important structural components of a staircase. The solid post is not only stronger, better built and more durable but if damaged it can be easily sanded and refinished to be like new. The veneered plywood box post is not as strong and has nail holes along the mitered corners. These holes must be puttied and are virtually impossible to eliminate completely. If this post is damaged it cannot be sanded and refinished because the outer wood surface, or veneer, is less than 1/16″ of an inch thick. Of course, this second version is dramatically “cheaper”. Now, this really isn’t a fair comparison of price and if the lower quality post is represented as similar or even if the differences are not disclosed, it is very misleading to the customer. This is because these are in fact two completely different products. This would be like comparing a custom solid hardwood entertainment center with a Wal-Mart plywood veneered cabinet. This is not to bash on Wal-Mart but to illustrate that to make an honest price comparison you would have to be comparing the same product.  So, the lesson to take from this is to always ensure that you are comparing identical or relevant components. Otherwise, you will never know if you got the best deal or not.  If you are truly looking for “cheap stair parts”, perhaps for an attic or garage stair, then go ahead and Google that term but even then make sure your comparisons are of similar items.  If you are looking for the best value, it is better to leave the word cheap out of the search term altogether because we all know that it does have that negative connotation of lower quality and you will get more of those results.

There are several reputable online companies who specialize in stair parts. Of these, WoodStairs is an online leader. We have over 30 years of installation experience and we began over a decade ago pioneering the online stair parts industry. We are proud of the products and services we provide in helping our customers build quality wood and iron stairs and balustrades. We strive to ensure that our products are accurately categorized and described to ensure that our customers understand exactly what they are getting and can then compare “apples to apples”. This is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction because while from a distance the solid entertainment center may look similar to the cheap Wal-Mart version; if you are expecting them to be the same in your living room you will be sorely disappointed in the long run. Finally, there is one more important factor to consider when looking at stair parts, shipping. It is a sad fact that many online retailers, across all industries, are no-good, sneaky, con artists; and, that is being polite. While we as consumers are getting savvier it is still important to make sure that when you are comparing prices to look at the final total which includes tax, shipping and handling. offers a low price guarantee on all of our products. Because of this, we get calls daily from customers who believe they have found a better price on the same product. I’ll be honest, there are occasions when we do drop a price to beat competitors but almost 90% of the time when shipping is added to the price of the product our total is better. This is because, in order to entice people to buy, some companies will decrease the product price and increase shipping and handling to make up the difference. Usually, when we get a call where something is dramatically less, we approach it from the standpoint of “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

So, from all of this, what is the best way to ensure that your cheap stair parts are exactly what you want and at the best value? Well, do a little research and if there is any uncertainty at all, pick up the phone and call the company. Usually, just asking the right questions will get you to the facts in short order.


Wrought Iron Balusters for Stairs

We are an official supplier of House of Forgings brand Iron Balusters, the leading stair part supplier in the United States. All iron balusters meet all building code standards and come lead and mercury free.

From Traditional to Modern, we have iron baluster styles and finishes to match any home style. Installation is easy and most D.I.Y. customers can complete their iron balusters installation in a single weekend.

Additional Info about Wrought Iron Balusters

Hollow vs. Solid Iron Balusters

One of the most asked questions we receive is about the difference between hollow and solid, as we have variations of both in our top selling lines, the Twist and Basket and Versatile series balusters. Hollow balusters are becoming the #1 seller for a few reasons. Hollow iron balusters are lighter to ship which means lower shipping costs. They are easier to install because they are lighter, easier to handle and easier to cut. They also look exactly the same as solid iron balusters once installed as they have the same measurements and same specs. Hollow iron balusters are also just as strong as the solid variation because it is made out of a higher grade of steel. The only noticeable difference comes on the Satin Black finish, where the solid variation has a slight iron texture where the hollow is machine smooth. If you are on the fence about which version to get, I recommend the hollow.

Choosing the Right Iron Baluster Style

The next most asked question we receive is about what style of baluster you need for your home. This is a harder question to answer as every home’s decor and style is different, but we do have enough styles to match just about every home decor setup. For Traditional styles, we have the Twist and Basket, Ribbon, Round and Designer series. For those with a more Rustic style, the any Hammered series will work for you. Aalto and Versatile are the best choices for those with a more modern / contemporary option. Once you chose your baluster style, next choose a finish. Satin Black is the most basic finish and goes well with just about any style. Oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed copper and copper vein also work well in Traditional styles and Rustic styles. Ash Grey is are #1 selling modern / contemporary finish.



Stair parts cheap

CHEAP stair parts


Simply add any product into your shopping cart and then enter your email in the box that pops up. You will be given a 20% OFF coupon code that is valid for a limited time only!

You can also save big on hundreds of weekly special items. is the LARGEST, most reviewed, #1 rated staircase remodeling store in the world. We are an official supplier of House of Forgings brand stair parts, the leading stair part distributor in the USA. We offer the highest quality products at affordable prices and we will even beat competitor pricing by 5%. When looking to replace stair railing, we supply all parts of a staircase required for remodeling and new construction projects.

We ship out all stocked orders within 24-48 hours and delivery takes only 3-5 days in the US. No order is too big or too small for our team and we look forward to serving you for your next staircase remodel.


Our best selling styles are available to you are competitive prices. Shop now.

We only carry House of Forgings brand iron balusters, which are known for their high quality, unique finishes and exclusive designs.

Iron Balusters for Stairs

We are proud to be the #1 supplier of wrought iron balusters in the United States. We are an official vendor of House of Forgings brand stair parts, which are known for being the highest quality available world wide. All of our iron balusters are wrought iron and meet all building code standards. The powder coating and faux finishing is 2nd to none! With more updated designs and premium finish options than most other suppliers, is the best store online to purchase your iron balusters for your next stair remodel.

The majority of our red oak parts are stocked and shipped from Houston, Tx. Our exotic custom wood are created right here in the USA by skilled Amish craftsmen and shipped directly to your door.

Wood Stair Remodel Parts

We have wood stair parts for all of your stair remodeling needs. We stock all of our red oak wood stair parts. Our red oak parts are made of solid red oak, are free of defects and come ready to stain. Our custom wood parts (maple, cherry, and other exotic species) are made in an Amish wood mill by skilled craftsmen. All of our wood handrail come in industry standard profiles and we carry handrail fittings for most railing configurations. Our box newel post are the best selling newel in the nation and our RetroFit Tread Kits are quickly becoming our number 2 best seller!


We are proud to be the largest, most reviewed, #1 rated staircase remodeling store in the world. But don’t just take our word for it. We have over 1000 positive, verified reviews from real customers. See why they say our customer service and product quality is the best in the industry.

Simply Amazing!

This company is simply amazing! Their communication was superb and they beat any price that I found! I would highly recommend them for your stair projects!


We are the only stair remodel store to qualify to be apart of the Google Verified Review program!

Read more Google Verified reviews like this Click Here.

Great Experience!

Great experience with Cheap Stair parts. I ordered an 8’ railing and was able to get it faster than I would have from the big box stores and the price was about 15% cheaper!


We joined the Trust Pilot review program about a year ago and already have more positive reviews than our competitors on the same platform, and higher rated!

Read more Trust Pilot reviews like this Click Here.

Quality Product

I updated my staircase by replacing wood spindles with wrought iron and it looks beautiful! I have received numerous compliments from family and friends.


With 5 service awards and 4 community badges, we are proud to be a part of the Houzz network!

Read more Houzz Community reviews like this Click Here.

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