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Philip Pullman

“You are so young, Lyra, too young to understand this, but I shall tell you anyway and you'll understand it later: men pass in front of our eyes like butterflies, creatures of a brief season. We love them; they are brave, proud, beautiful, clever; and they die almost at once. They die so soon that our hearts are continually racked with pain. We bear their children, who are witches if they are female, human if not; and then in the blink of an eye they are gone, felled, slain, lost. Our sons, too. When a little boy is growing, he thinks he is immortal. His mother knows he isn't. Each time becomes more painful, until finally your heart is broken. Perhaps that is when Yambe-Akka comes for you. She is older than the tundra. Perhaps, for her, witches' lives are as brief as men's are to us.”
― Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass


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15 Short Poems About Butterflies and Death

The symbolism of death and butterflies isn’t surprising. Out of all animals in the animal kingdom, the butterfly’s developmental process is quite unique, and they are incredibly beautiful.

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Some people connect butterflies with their deceased loved ones. In fact, butterfly imagery has become popular with death-related products. Let’s dive into this phenomenon and learn more about where this connection started. We’ll give you several funeral poems about butterflies you may read for your own enjoyment or at your loved one’s service.

Why Do People Associate Butterflies with Death?

To understand why butterflies are often associated with death, you need to know the basics of their developmental process. A butterfly hatches from an egg and grows into a caterpillar. As a caterpillar, it goes into a chrysalis and undergoes a transformative process. It emerges from its chrysalis as a beautiful winged butterfly.

Many cultures look at this process with deeper meaning and compare a human’s spiritual life with this transformation. To many, the butterfly symbolizes renewal, hope, endurance, resurrection, and the transformation into a better being.

Funeral Poems About Butterflies

Death is a universal topic among poets. There are many poems about death from every time period and language. 

Here are some poems about death, butterflies, and the connection between the two. While some poems may speak of the claims that butterflies bring back communication from deceased loved ones, other poems use the insect as a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.

1. “As I Sit In Heaven” by Unknown

This poem doesn’t explicitly mention butterflies, but it talks about deceased loved ones sending back messages to those they left behind. Some like to surmise that those messages come from the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.

2. “I Never Left You” by Unknown

The deceased is the speaker in the poem “I Never Left You” and the speaker tells loved ones, “Death won’t keep us apart, for our love is forever. Just remember me in your heart, and one day we will be together.”

3. “Butterflies From Heaven” by Unknown

This poem begins with an explanation of how butterflies are often connected with the deceased. It begins, “When a butterfly comes to you, I’ve been told that it’s from someone in heaven. A past soul.”

4. “A Butterfly Lights Beside Us” by Aimee Maher

This short poem describes what it feels like to have a butterfly visit. It concludes with the lines, “We wish it could have stayed. We feel so lucky to have seen it.” This may describe how you feel about the deceased person in your life. You feel lucky to have been a part of his life, but you wish he could have stayed.

5. “Don’t Weep at My Grave” by Unknown

This poem surely was written in homage to “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Elizabeth Frye. This poem is a bit different, though. It includes the line, “I’ve a date with a butterfly to dance in the air.” Many death-related poems like this talk about how to connect with the deceased by spending time in nature.

Other Poems About Butterflies and Death

Memorial butterfly releases are gaining in popularity. You may consider using one of these poems to coincide with the event. 

While many of these poems are great, why not take the opportunity to put pen to paper to write your own verse as well, about butterflies and death? Writing your own poetry would allow you to share your exact feelings with others who attend the event instead of relying on what other poets have written.

6. “Messenger of God” by Kathryn Poland

This short poem includes the following lines,

“Oh, Little Butterfly,
Messenger of God,
When I see you in the sky
I cannot help but nod.
You bring me respite
From grief and despair
Every time I see you
Sailing through the air.
You renew my faith
In all God’s wondrous plan,
And I know it’s all in FAITH,
Not in what I understand.”

7. “As You Release This Butterfly” by Jill Haley

This poem was probably written specifically for a memorial butterfly release. You can order envelopes of butterflies online for your event. 

8. “Final Flight” by Unknown

Are you looking for another poem explicitly written for a butterfly release? Consider this one. The final stanza reads,

“As you release the butterfly, let me go,
There is something better, God wants us to know,
As the butterfly flutters with peaceful delight,
It represents my heavenly, final flight.”

9. “Miss Me But Let Me Go” by Unknown

You often see this poem written on the back of funeral programs. In it, we are reminded that life goes on, regardless of how sad we are to say goodbye to our loved ones who die.

10. “An American Indian Legend” by Unknown

The American Indian legend that we are referring to begins, “If anyone desires a wish to come true they must first capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it. Since a butterfly can make no sound, the butterfly can not reveal the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all.”

Although this is not written like a traditional poem, it does connect the butterfly to the spiritual world. Consider reading this before a butterfly launch.

11. “Butterfly Benediction” by Richard D. Breen

A benediction is a blessing. It is often said at the end of a Christian religious service. This benediction is butterfly themed. It says, “May the morning sun caress you, the rains of change refresh you, and the gentle breeze of his spirit lift the wings of your transformation.” 

Of course, while this benediction sounds as if we are blessing a butterfly, it is also appropriate to say when someone makes the transition from life on earth to life in heaven.

12. “I Am Always With You” by Linda Rogers

This poem doesn’t mention butterflies specifically, but we are reminded of these delicate, elusive creatures with this line: “Though you can’t see or touch me, I will be near. And if you listen with your heart, you’ll hear. All my love around you, soft and clear.”

13. Butterfly Release Poems by Jacqui Knight

This poet wrote two versions of butterfly release poems. One is appropriate for releasing butterflies in the spring and the other during the fall. Both poems celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

14. “The Butterfly Obtains” by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson wrote a great deal about butterflies and bees. While you may be excited to hear this and want to use her poetry for your loved one’s funeral, most of the poems aren’t connected to death, rebirth, or any other spiritual message. If you are looking for a poem that describes butterflies as merely beautiful, free creatures in nature, turn to Emily Dickinson.

15. “The Butterfly Upon the Sky” by Emily Dickinson

A common theme in Emily Dickinson’s butterfly poems is how the creatures are free from grief and pain that comes with living. You may consider using this butterfly poem if you feel that death released your loved one from troubles associated with being on earth.

Consider a Butterfly Launch to Celebrate a Loved One’s Life

A butterfly launch is a beautiful way to say goodbye to a loved one. Before you do so, make sure it can be done without harm to the native butterfly population. 

There are plenty of other eco-friendly tribute options. Consider planting a memorial garden full of vegetables and share your bounty with others who appreciate local produce. Blow bubbles at a ceremony and say a prayer as they float toward heaven. Invite family and friends to gather by a stream or a river and bring local flowers. As you say goodbye, throw the stems or buds into the flowing water. You could also purchase seed paper and give it out to the people attending the funeral. Ask them to plant the paper in honor of your loved one. 

Many of these acts can accompany the scattering of your loved one’s cremains in nature. They are lovely ways to say goodbye and would appeal to butterfly lovers everywhere. 

If you're looking for more on death, read our guides on dreams about death and how to talk to kids about death.


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Dealing with death requires the right approach in seeking comfort. These quotes about butterflies and death demonstrate the character that is built while experiencing grief.

“Alongside the practical thought something else struggled and, like an escaped butterfly, took wing: the assurance of something wonderful awaiting her. Just around the corner.”

“As with the butterfly, adversity is necessary to build character in people.”

“Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

“Butterfly was certainly a vehicle for me, and if it died, it still would have served its purpose, in spades. We never expected it to give me the visibility it has given me. It was just a small thing as a vehicle, and suddenly the whole world knew about it.”

“Even the pictures I was doing at college – a little narrative based on a butterfly catcher, or a chimney sweep – the images were always telling stories. They were all scenarios and moods which I storyboarded and worked through – it’s exactly what I do now.”

“Everybody knows what a caterpillar is, and it doesn’t look anything like a butterfly.”

“Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.”

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

“Going into auditions, there is a wonderful butterfly feeling in your stomach – an equal balance of being utterly terrified and exhilarated that this is your chance.”

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

“He said that we belonged together because he was born with a flower and I was born with a butterfly and that flowers and butterflies need each other for survival.”

“His talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust on a butterfly’s wings. At one time he understood it no more than the butterfly did and he did not know when it was brushed or marred.”

“Hundreds of butterflies flitted in and out of sight like short-lived punctuation marks in a stream of consciousness without beginning or end.”

“I discovered in nature the non utilitarian delights that I sought in art. Both were a form of magic, both were a game of intricate enchantment and deception.”

“I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.”

“I don’t really go out partying, but I’m definitely a social butterfly.”

“I have four or five ideas that just keep floating around and I want to kind of just let one – like a beautiful butterfly, let it land somewhere.”

“I like to read books and be alone; I’m not social butterfly person.”

“I’m still like a butterfly going from one job to another job. But it’s quite lovely – I hope to keep this freedom, to have fun.”

“In our day and age, global society has been saturated with the wrong teaching of false positivity. The denial of darkness never equates the abundance of light.”

“Just as the bird sings or the butterfly soars, because it is his natural characteristic, so the artist works.”

“Life seeks life and loves life. The opening of a catkin of a willow, in the flight of the butterfly, in the chirping of a tree-toad or the sweep of an eagle – my life loves to see how others live, exults in their joy, and so far is partner in their great concern.”

“Like a butterfly stuck in a chrysalis, waiting for the perfect moment, I was waiting for the day I could burst forth and fly away and find my home.”

“Making something and sending it out into the world and then people not only responding to it but adopting it for their own and making a separate thing for it, that’s beautiful. It just shows you how much you can affect other people… the butterfly effect of everything you
put out into the world.”

“Never touch a butterfly’s wing with your finger.”

“She said it was because one day I was going to have to go through a metamorphosis like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly and that scared me, so butterflies scared me.”

“Some things, when they change, never do return to the way they once were. Butterflies for instance, and women who’ve been in love with the wrong man too often.”

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”

“The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”

“The cynic finds love with the idealist. The rebel with the conformist. The social butterfly with the bookworm. They help each other balance their lives.”

“The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.”

“The trouble with most comedians who try to do satire is that they are essentially brash, noisy and indelicate people who have to use a sledge hammer to smash a butterfly.”

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

“This magnificent butterfly finds a little heap of dirt and sits still on it; but man will never on his heap of mud keep still.”

“Well, I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.”

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.”

“When a small child, I thought that success spelled happiness. I was wrong, happiness is like a butterfly which appears and delights us for one brief moment, but soon flits away.”

“When I was a girl I would look out my bedroom window at the caterpillars; I envied them so much.”

“You can only chase a butterfly for so long.”

We can not control if we die but we can make sure our needs and our family are taken care of in the aftermath.

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Many people associate the appearance of butterflies with messages beyond death. The significance of butterflies as signs of life after death is a worldwide belief.

What Is the Significance of Butterflies and Death?

When a person suffering from the loss of a loved one has this kind of unique experience with a butterfly, they feel it is their loved one communicating with them. They interpret the appearance of the butterfly as a message that the deceased is okay and continues to live in another realm.

Related Articles

How the Butterflies Interact With Those Grieving

In their book, Hello From Heaven, Bill and Judy Guggenheim explore the After-Death Communication (ADC) people report having with butterflies. People report butterflies landing on them and staying on them while they move about. Others report a butterfly fluttering around them and encircling them several times. Each report reveals how the person felt a connection with their loved one through the butterfly.

Butterfly Appears Soon After Death of Loved One

Those who feel they've had a direct sign and communication from their deceased loved one through a butterfly report the event happens soon after their loved one died. Those who have a visitation from a butterfly immediately feel relief, joy, and comfort. They feel as though their loved one has reached out to them from beyond the veil that separates the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Significance of a Butterfly Visitation

It isn't by chance that people report having mystical and spiritual interactions with butterflies. The butterfly is generally recognized as a symbol of rebirth or resurrection due to its metamorphosis process from caterpillar to butterfly.

Magnificent Transformation and Rebirth

The cocoon stage is much like a death for the caterpillar as it basically decomposes through enzyme interaction to completely restructure and transform into a beautiful butterfly. It evolves from a land-bound crawling caterpillar to a winged, elegant butterfly that is often very colorful. What better symbol for life after death could there be?

Different Meanings and Messages for Butterfly Colors

The different colors of butterflies have specific meanings to those in-tune with spiritual meanings, signs, and omens. These range from simple messengers of death to specific messages of hope.

Black Butterfly

Folklore describes black butterflies as either a negative or positive omen. In some cultures, seeing a black butterfly means death. Whose death it is often is left up to the person witnessing the butterfly's flight interpretation. It could just as easily mean the death of a job or a relationship. The message of rebirth is often associated with a black butterfly.

White Butterfly

A white butterfly is usually viewed as a positive omen of good luck and prosperity. However, some culture believe a white butterfly fluttering around a person means the individual will soon die. Other cultures view a white butterfly as purity and the soul of their loved one or an angel.

Brown Butterfly

A brown butterfly is often said to be the actual spirit of the deceased. Some folklore states it is an ancestor spirit that arrives to warn of misfortune, such as death.

Green Butterfly

The green butterfly is a symbol of love and prosperity. Seeing a green butterfly soon after the death of a loved one is a message of not just love, but that the deceased is prospering in heaven. It delivers a message of great hope and joy!

Orange Butterfly

If you see an orange butterfly soon after your loved one passes, then you've just received a vital message of love. The orange butterfly is believed to carry the message that there is life after death and that death is but a transformation like that of the butterfly.

Yellow Butterfly

A yellow butterfly appears on the scene soon after a loved one has passed with a message of hope. The hope of reuniting in the afterlife is made with each fluttering of this happy sunshine colored butterfly. The promise of a new life through rebirth is delivered by the yellow butterfly.

Blue Butterfly

A blue butterfly may be the perfect spiritual message. It's considered a message from your loved one since you're no doubt feeling blue and sad in your grief and longing. A blue butterfly is a symbol of life and acceptance. It conveys the transformation from physical to spiritual.

Purple Butterfly

Purple butterflies aren't very common, and this rarity makes their messages immensely powerful. This highly spiritual color is truly profound when gracing the wings of a butterfly. If you are lucky enough to receive such a messenger from your loved one, you can rest easy knowing they are at peace and happy in the spiritual realm. If you let it, this angelic messenger can give you healing through spiritual love.

Red Butterfly

The arrival of a red butterfly soon after the death of a loved one is often the messenger of someone who was very powerful and passionate in life. The message is one of happiness, love, and that life continues after death. If you're angry over the loss of your loved one and can open your heart, the red butterfly can offer you release from those emotions.

How Butterflies Are Messengers After Death

Many people believe that butterflies are messengers sent by loved ones who have died. There are many cultures that ascribe meanings to specific interactions with butterflies as well as the meaning of colors and their messages to those grieving.

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