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Wansview Wireless P Security Camera

Wansview Wireless P camera is an HD home security camera with a *P resolution at 15fps. This versatile surveillance camera can be installed wherever a close and continuous monitoring is required. Its live streaming can be accessed via iOS/Android mobile Phone, Windows PC, Apple Mac Software, and third-party soft wares supporting ONVIF, like Blue Iris and I Spy. Here are some of the many features that makes this camera worth the buy:

Remote access

It also supports remote access via mobile apps from any location throughout the day. Even when you are away from home, you can view your loved ones through the camera and be assured of their safety.

Wi-Fi connectivity

It has got a reliable G Wi-Fi connection which can be set up easily via “Wansview Cloud App” which is available on both Playstore as well as Apple store.

Access to recorded footage

The camera comes with a Micro SD card slot with an expandable capacity of GB. In a LAN network, the videos can be saved and replayed on the app, without taking the card out of the camera. If the camera is lost, the videos can be accessed through cloud storage.

Viewing options

Wansview Wireless P security camera has got a wide viewing angle with a horizontal degrees Pan, a 76 degrees vertical Tilt, and a 4x digital zoom function. There are 4 presets to zoom and view selected places in the house.

Clear 2-way communication combined with night vision

Using this camera, you can talk and listen up to 20 feet, even in darkness using the mobile app with the help of an IR LED night vision.

Motion detection

When the camera senses a movement it instantly sends to your phone a secs alarm video.

Wansview P Setup and installation

After your purchase, follow the steps below for easy wansview p camera setup and installation:

  • First of all, you need to enable the ONVIF feature and verification on the settings page on the Wansview cloud app and the app will automatically generate your username and password. You can change your user name and password later.
  • Hit the + button so that you can add the Wansview P camera on Blue Iris
  • Input IP address of the camera like http://:
  • Then input your username and password as given on the Wansveiw cloud app.
  • You will get an option to fill port on the Discovery or ONVIF port.
  • Input the port that you set on Wansview
  • cloud app and press the inspect or find option.
  • When you click the find or inspect it will automatically search the path. If you are shown ch0 it means a different stream. Also, you can change into ch1 as needed. All the other information cannot be changed.
More Steps
  • Press the OK button and the camera will get connected directly. Also, ensure that the camera is compatible with the microphone and night vision on the blue iris.
  • Now to download the Wansveiw cloud app on your preferred and supported device, you will have to scan the generated QR code.
  • Then power on the camera with the provided power supply and keep it nearby your router.
  • Now after launching the Wansview app press the add button and it will take you to add a camera page where you select the option of adding cameras via Wi-Fi mode.
  • Check whether the blue light of the camera is flashing slowly, and if that is the case then tap on the button ‘’Blue light is flashing slowly’’, after that to name the camera scan the bottom of the camera and give it a name.
  • You can keep admin as your user name and as a default password. Once the wi-fi configuration is successful you can modify the user name and password according to your preferences.
  • If the camera shows online you can install the camera on any other place which has a good Wi-Fi signal. In case it does not connect to the wi-fi then to set up the camera you can connect it with ethernet camera and tap ‘’ Add camera via wired method’’
There are some points to keep in mind after the setup.
  • For example, change the default password.
    Press the button ‘’>’’ and you will get access to Edit Camera Page.
    Now go into advanced settings and then ‘’User Setting’’, where you can change the default password and tap the right button to save.
  • The night vision may stop working sometimes, in such a case you can turn on the IR light by tapping into the icon given on the right side of the screen. Similarly, you can turn off the night vision.

How to give your Wansview wireless P security camera a factory reset?

In case you’ve forgotten your password or want to give your camera a factory reset, follow the steps below-

  1. Hold the reset button for 15 to 20 seconds, by doing this the camera will be back to factory default.
  2. Now, your default username should be admin and the default password should be
  3. Enter the credentials and don’t forget to configure the wi-fi again.

What do the Wansview P Cam different LED light statuses mean?

When the status of the LED is red the words shown are:
  • OFF- When the device is not powered
  • LAMBENT- This shows that the device is powering
  • SLOW- There is no network connection
  • STEADY- Connected successfully to the wi-fi
  • QUICK- Started to reset or upgrade successfully
When the wi-fi LED is blue the meanings of the words are:
  • OFF- The device has been powered for five minutes but not yet connected to a wi-fi network
  • SLOW- When it is not connected to a wi-fi network
  • QUICK- Now the device is getting connected to a wi-fi network
  • STEADY- Already the device has been connected to a wi-fi network

How to completely power off the Wansview P camera?

There is no option for the camera to be completely powered off remotely. Although you can reboot the app but it will come back online after the reboot. The camera can be completely made power off when you physically unplug it.

What to do if the Wansview P wireless camera is showing &#;no available play source&#; when viewed on chrome by mode 2?

If such an error is displayed when you are viewing the camera on Chrome by mode 2, follow the steps below for solution-

  1. Firstly, enter the cameras page and press &#;Not Secure&#; on the top left side.
  2. Then click on the site settings and Allow &#;Flash&#;.
  3. After that go back to the camera page and refresh the web page.
  4. Now, the video will automatically load.

How to use multi-view on the web page?

Only the IE browser and mode 1 is available for multi-view. Also, make sure that all devices for multi-view are of the same series as the X series. In order to use multi-view on the web page, follow the steps below-

  1. Access one camera&#;s web page and click on setup.
  2. Now, click on Multisetting and then search.
  3. Now choose the other camera&#;s IP and click on ‘2nd device&#;.
  4. You’ll be asked to input the camera&#;s information and then setup.
  5. Go to the live stream page and click the multi-view button.

How to fix the low sound of the microphone?

In case you are facing low sound of the microphone, follow the steps below-

  1. Begin by selecting Start and go to the control panel.
  2. From the Control panel go to Hardware and click on sound.
  3. Now click on recording and select an HD USB camera.
  4. Then go to the properties where you will find the sound levels. Here you can adjust the volume of the speakers and everything is set.
  5. Now click Apply.

How to change electric Hz for the Wansview P?

To change electric Hz for the camera, follow the steps given below-

  1. First of all, plug in the webcam to the computer and wait for it to install the driver.
  2. Then download and install the Pot Player software from https://potplayer.en.softonic.com/ and after that click open and select.
  3. Now open the webcam or another device.
  4. Select preferences and switch to Device or Webcam page.
  5. Now select the icon on the page and you can thus change the Hz of HD USB webcam on this page.

How to connect Wansveiw Cloud cameras to Alexa?

If you want to connect your Wansview Cloud camera to Alexa, follow the steps below-

  • First, open the Alexa app and log in to your Alexa account. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll have to create one and proceed to the next step.
  • When you log in, the App will ask you to complete your personal settings. A detailed guide will be given on the page and you can follow the guide to easily finish your settings.
  • Now click on the home page of the Alexa App and select menu.
  • Now, select Skills& Games, and after that click on the search icon and search Wansveiw Cloud.
  • Click on the Wansveiw cloud and choose Enable to use.
  • Now log in to your Wansveiw cloud account and your account will be linked with Alexa.
  • Then go to the Device page of the Alexa App and click ‘’+’’ to add a device or choose the device. Alexa will display all the cameras that are connected to your Wansveiw cloud account.
  • Now you can add all your found cameras on Alexa, but only one camera can be added at a time to Alexa.
  • After it is added you can click Devices and All Devices to check all the cameras. Now you can connect and set up your devices in the living room, office, or any other place.
  • After the connection is done, you can command Alexa Echo Spot or Alexa Echo show to show your cameras at any time.

How to disable the built-in camera on your PC and enable the USB HD camera?

To disable the built-in camera on your PC and enable the USB HD camera, follow the steps below-

  1. First of all, go to Device Manager and find ‘’ Integrated Camera’’ under the imaging devices to display your camera.
  2. Then right-click on it and select Disable. You may be asked for confirmation.
  3. Select yes and therefore, you will be able to disable the built-in camera on your PC and enable the USB HD camera.

How to get access to the Wansview P camera’s web page via PC software?

To get access to the camera’s web page via PC software follow the steps given below-

  1. Make sure that the camera and computer are connected via LAN.
  2. Tap the add button and search the IP address via ‘’IP’’ and double click your camera IP address and it will skip to the default browser on your computer.
  3. Now to log into the webpage, input the camera’s username and password.

Note &#; The edge browsers are not supported by this camera.

How can I use Wansveiw cloud IP cameras over ONVIF with sinology NAS?

Here are the steps to connect cloud Q3S/W5 to QNAP &#;

  • Go to the Wansveiw cloud app and enable Onvif. Make sure that the port is
  • Now, you can enable the verification and change the username and password according to your choice.
  • Now on the QNAS software, select the camera configuration and then tap the add button to add a camera.
  • Then tick on the option of “Search cameras automatically” and the search type will be “Onvif”
  • Select the searched camera and after that input the camera’s RSTP port i.e.
  • Provide the Username and password. It should be the one that you have provided on the Wansview cloud app.

How to adjust the unusual Wansview P camera image or color?

If you are getting an unusual camera image or color then visit the pot player and follow the steps given below-

  1. Go to the Setting icon and select the video tab.
  2. From here you can adjust the brightness, saturation, color, and contrast according to your preferences.

Upon plugging the USB cable to the computer, the webcam is not being detected. How to fix this problem?

If Upon plugging the USB cable to the computer, your webcam is not being detected there is a possibility that there may be a driver-related issue within the operating system. To fix this problem follow the steps below-

  1. Go to your device manager and check whether the webcam is successfully installed or not.
  2. Furthermore, if you see a warning icon on the screen that reads HD USB camera, it conveys that either your UVC driver is not installed properly or the driver is missing.
  3. To solve this problem, you need to download driver-booster on your computer from https://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php

What to do if the webcam image is too blurry?

If you are getting blurry images on your webcam, follow the steps below:

  • There could be a possibility that the camera lens is out of focus. In such a case screw the camera lens to fix this problem and make the images clear.
  • There may be a possibility that the camera lens got out of focus during transportation. To fix this issue rotate the lens counterclockwise many times until the camera image gets clearer in the Wansview app.
  • Make sure that you have not enabled the resolution option to P on your software.

How to solve some of the common error codes of Wansview Wireless P Security Camera?

To solve the common error code of your cloud camera, follow the steps below-

If you are getting request denied, please check the network proxy error code of and then:
  • You should check whether your phone is set to a network proxy or connected to a proxy wi-fi
  • You may use 4G cellular data or use another wi-fi
If you are getting an Error code of then:
  • Check whether the phone time is set correctly and sync the phone time with the network time.
If you are getting a connect fail error code of then:
  • It means that the request to play the camera video is currently timed out, please reboot the router or try again later.
If you are getting a connection failed error code of then:
  • There is no response to playing the camera video. You need to reboot the router and try again.
When you get connection failed error-code of then:
  • It means that the camera video is failing to play, please reboot the router and try again later.
The request failed so please check your internet connection error code of 54 then:
  • Please reboot your camera and then try again.
  • Or delete the camera from the Wansview cloud app and reconfigure it again with your wi-fi.
If you get the expected URL Scheme ‘http’ or ‘https’ but no colon has been found i.e. error code of then:
  • Reboot your camera first and then try again.
There is a Java empty string error and is not connecting there is an error code of then:
  • Reboot your camera and try again
  • Close the app from the phone background and log in again after opening it.
When you get an invalid parameter error code of then:
  • Try deleting the camera from the Wansview cloud app then reconfigure it again with your wi-fi
  • After rebooting your camera try again to fix this issue.

What happens if the camera fails to test FTP?

If the camera fails to test FTP then-

  • Firstly, make sure you have built an FTP server successfully. For this, you can input the FTP address in the Resource Manager to check it.
  • Now please check if the FTP account has the right of creating as well as deleting a file.
  • Then check and confirm that the given FTTP information is correct. For example, the path should input information starting with ./ such as &#;. /Wansview&#;

What happens if the camera indicates a wi-fi connection failed during the setup?

If the camera is indicating Wi-Fi connection failed during the setup then-

  1. Please ensure that the wi-fi SSID and password is correct then reconnect your phone to the wi-fi again.
  2. Please make sure that the distance between the camera and the router is not very far.
  3. And finally, check that the connected wi-fi SSID is not 5GHz wi-fi band but it is the wi-fi band of GHz.

Wansview P Wireless Camera Review

Wansview Wireless P Security Camera comes with multiple features that make it an ideal choice as a surveillance camera. This camera with a*P resolution at 15fps is helpful to keep an eye on your baby, pet, nanny, or elders remotely even when you are outside of your home. Four persons can view at the same time using the Wansview app on android or iPhone, PC, or tablet. Thus, making it a popular choice for remote surveillance. Also, the setup and installation procedure of this camera is easy, and hassle-free and clear instructions in the manual make it convenient for the user.

This camera also provides you with a two-way audio and night vision. You can now listen and talk remotely through the mobile app in complete darkness with the IR LED night vision that is up to 20 feet. Due to its effective motion detection technology, this camera also sends an instant alert to your phone with a 10s alarm video in case it detects something suspicious so that you don’t miss any important information. This wi-fi IP camera gives a wider viewing angle with a horizontal degree Pan and a degree vertical tilt and has a 4X digital zoom function so that your room can be covered completely without any corners left. Overall, Wansview Wireless P Security Camera a great security camera setup with various features enabled on it that makes it a great choice for surveillance.

Sours: https://camera-setup.com/wansview-wirelessp-security-camera-setup/
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wansview’s p outdoor security camera falls to new low at $22 (45% off)

Update 6/14 @ PM: The price has fallen to $when you clip the on-page coupon and apply code V5BHY9OH at checkout. This marks a new all-time low at 54% off the usual price.

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To add an extra set of eyes indoor as well as out, this highly-rated Teckin cam is just $18after you clip the on-page coupon. The wide-angle degree lens streams in p video with night vision for all day baby monitoring or housesitting. You can check the stream from anywhere via the smartphone app, as well as access the two audio. So whether you’re on the road or in the home office, you’ll never have to miss a goodnight call to the ones that matter most. Rated /5 stars from over 3, customers.

If you’re currently invested in the Alexa smart home ecosystem, then these Blink outdoor cameras might eb the perfect fit for your family. There’s a wide variety of kits on sale, and for just $10 extra you can pair an Echo 5 smart display. And no matter where your loyalties lie, there are tons of other ways to upgrade tucked away in our smart home guide.

wansview p smart security camera features:

Wansview outdoor camera W4 is equiped with 2MP HD lens which provides crystal clear picture. When are you out, you could check your home anytime on your smartphone, once there are any movement in the monitored area, you could get instant alert notification and you could check what is happening immediately.

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How to add the online camera to another phone?

One camera can be viewd by 4 devices at the same time.
1. Just download App "Wansview" from App store or Google Play, then follow below steps to add the camera to the second phone:

2. Open the app tap [Add IP Camera] tap [Add already connected network camera] there are three ways to choose :

a: If the second phone and the camera are in the same WiFi network, user can tap [LAN Search] to search the connected camera.

b: User can tap QR code button to scan the barcode on the camera.

c:  User can manually input the camera’s DID number (All Capital), username and password to add it.

Then please tap the check mark. The camera will show "online".

What do the indicator lights mean on Wansview cameras?

Below details are for the Wansview indoor cameras’ indicator status :

How to check if wansview camera is getting power?

For Wansview indoor camera, the red light will be blinking slowly and Pan and Tilt will automatically move up/down/right/left for one circle to self-check when it is powerd on.

For Wansview outdoor camera,it doesn't have indicator light, we can place the camera in the dark place and cover the photo resistant to check if the IR LED are working :
If the outdoor camera is getting power, you can see the IR LED being red as below pic.

There is no Blue indicator on the camera?

1. For indoor camera
1)  For Wansview indoor camera such as K2/Q3, before WiFi configuration, please check if you configure WiFi to the camera within 5 mins after powering up the camera;otherwise, the blue light will disappear and we should reboot the camera and have a try again.

2) For Wansview indoor camera such as K3/Q3S(RA), we should push the reset button for about seconds to make the blue light work first.

3)Please check if you input the wrong WiFi password during the WiFi configuration, if yes, the blue indicator will disappear. Then we need to reset the camera to factory default by pushing the "Reset" button for about seconds and re-configure WiFi to the camera again by using the correct WiFi password.

2. For Wansview outdoor camera such as W2/W3 camera, there is no blue light on camera.

Sours: https://wansview.com/acpll/index.aspx?page=12

Camera wansview 1080p

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Wansview Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Review \u0026 Setup 2021 - Wansview Camera Manual, Installation

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