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25 'Harry Potter' Memes More Epic Than the Savior Himself

If Hogwarts students had access to the internet, there’s no doubt they’d love memes just as much as everyone else. The Harry Potter universe has been ever-expanding since J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in , providing 20 years of content to work with. Because there are so many amazing, clever, and dumb Harry Potter memes out there, we thought we’d round up some of the best ones for you.

Most of these memes are pretty in-universe, poking fun at some of the characters’ most iconic lines and looks. There are also quite a few crossovers into real life since Harry Potter has become so deeply ingrained in fans’ psyches. Why not ask someone on a first date what their Hogwarts house is? And why not reread the entire Harry Potter series for the th time? Nothing’s stopping you. You’ll always love the world Rowling made.

Here are 25 of the best Harry Potter memes:

1. Sirius doesn’t think you’re funny, Snape

2. Funny or scary?

3. Lorde Voldemort. Get it?

4. No one puts Dumbledore in a corner

5. Ooh, burn

6. Hermione knows

7. Where’s the pool?

8. Or try to boil water

9. Why is the same photo here twice?

Harry Potter mixed with Diamond Joe

Obama proving he’s a true friend

I might catch something new!

Okay, but it’s an important question

I’m usually Harry

Better than a rubber duck

You’re a wizard, Harry

He was young, okay?

Uncomfortable but real

New definition of “cool big brothers”

Yeah, Dumbledore isn’t the best judge of character

Proper punishment

Draco totally belongs in Mean Girls

Find the Hufflepuff

What a nerd

Ravenclaws definitely snuck into the library too


Harry Potter is a favorite for a lot of people. It is a story of bravery, friendship, and adventure. It has a few laughs, but it is by no means a comedy. These memes show the funny side of the Harry Potter series. This post is for all of you Harry Potter fans out there having a bad day. If this post doesn&#;t make you laugh; no one can help you. Enjoy!


1. That moment when Harry questioned his decision to leave the Dursley&#;s&#;


2. This meme that shows Ron understands female problems&#;


Hermione&#;s face though, &#;Ohhhhhh.&#;

3. This meme that shows how Dumbledore truly feels about the Slytherin House&#;



4. This meme that proves Harry has a dirty mind&#;



Harry: hehe


5. And this meme that proves Harry is a badass&#;poet that is.



6. Not even Dumbledore is safe from being on the receiving end of a joke&#;



7. Almost everyone is a HP fan, even Spidey!



8. You have to be a true HP fan to get this one&#;



Good one Snape!

9. This simple, yet funny meme&#;



You have to defend your image when you are as famous as Harry Potter in the Wizarding World!

That moment in the movie when we all wanted to start a slow clap for Dobby&#;



#FreeElf #YouGoGirl

This kid who is #winning at math&#;



Well, it isn&#;t wrong.

That moment when you realize what an awful student Harry Potter is&#;



That&#;s okay though because he&#;s famous, and he has friends like Hermione to help him out! That&#;s what friends are for.

And this meme that proves Harry has no excuse for failing grades&#;



That hilarious moment when Harry was high on liquid luck&#;



Maybe Harry should spend more time on his homework and less time experimenting with potions!

No one could have predicted this&#;



But puberty really did do the cast well.



This meme&#;



You got that right!

This very true meme&#;


This awesome Quidditch pun&#;



The Unbreakable Vow&#;



Boy, pinky swears are the real deal nowadays.

The real reason Voldemort is so angry&#;



I&#;m a real villian!


And finally, my personal favorite, this Mean Girls themed HP meme&#;




And in the end, you just can&#;t beat the friendship Harry, Ron, and Hermione share.



Cause we&#;re the three best friends that anyone could have!


  1. Lowes bathroom cabinets
  2. Country malt group
  3. Yuria the witch
  4. Auto insurance meme
  5. Minato hokage hat

Harry Potter: 10 Hilariously Incorrect Memes That Are Too Funny

The Harry Potterfilms and novels give viewers access to an entire universe of incredible characters, creatures, magic, inventions, locations, and laws. For fans of the franchise, these details are easily recognizable, while for others, they might just blend into the various other fictional worlds.

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For creators of memes, the rich content in Harry Potter is a playground for funny and relatable content. Meme content can fuse fandoms together with crossovers, templates, and quotes, leading to accidental and intentional incorrect memes. Incorrectly putting a quote to a character that doesn't originate from them, mixing up characters who look similar, or putting characters in scenarios that they wouldn't usually be in.

10 Fred and George?

This meme compares Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter to brothers Faramir and Boromir from Lord of the Rings. Many memes have been made comparing any ginger pairing or mischievous twins in literature and film to the Weasley twins.

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Another pairing within the Lord of the Rings universe alone is that of cousins Merry and Pippin. Merry and Pippin are also always associated with each other as the Weasley twins are constantly mentioned together, while Harry and Ron, and Frodo and Sam are separate.

9 Wrong Universe

This imgflip confused Gandalf meme shows Gandalf trying to remember what the killing curse is, except he realizes he doesn't need or can even use Stupefy or Expelliarmus. Dumbledore and Gandalf are oftentimes compared to each other due to their similar appearance, power, and wisdom, which means they can also be used to replace one another in memes such as this one. For those who don't have an interest in either fandom, it's easy to confuse the actors and characters, and for those who do, it's a joke that never wearies.

8 Harry Potter & Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hogwartsninenine combines Brooklyn Nine-Ninequotes with moments in the Harry Potter series to create interestingly accurate inaccurate memes. This particular quote is spoken by Jake Peralta in season 2 episode 'AC/DC'.

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In the crossover scene chosen, Ron takes Peralta's line as he sits in the Hogwarts' hospital wing in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The reactions on Hermione, Harry, and Dumbledore's faces fit perfectly in the scenario.

7 What Unfortunately Didn't Actually Happen

Although many would love this sassy Dumbledore occurrence to have actually happened in the book, it didn't. Floccinaucinihilipilificationa has created an instance where Dumbledore takes Harry to a court hearing as a translator. Why? Because Dumbledore can't talk to snakes but Harry is a Parseltongue.. and anyone standing against Dumbledore must be a snake. The court hearing calls into question Dumbledore's Headmaster methods and staff choices, and although it's justified, Dumbledore isn't taking any of it.

6 An Alternate Hermione

If this meme was right, Hermione would be the true villain of the Harry Potter series. As a new wizard entering the Wizarding World, Harry was very trusting of those around him, especially when he had just as many enemies as allies. If Hermione was not a kind and moral character, she very easily could have been an unsuspecting force of great power for the Dark Arts. However, this luckily isn't the case, with Hermione simply fixing Harry's glasses with her magic.

5 The Life Of Kylo

Kylo Ren is a dark warrior and a Master of the Knights of Ren in the Star Wars universe. It is in this meme that Kylo Ren is compared in physical appearance, mainly the dark hair straight hair, chin, and eyes, to a possible younger and older version of himself. The younger version is Mike, one of the main characters in the television series Stranger Things, and the older version is Potions Master Snape from Harry Potter. The meme takes their varying ages to create a timeline of Kylo's life.

4 Voldemort's Table

Voldemort is a dramatic person and it wouldn't be a great leap for him to say "you can't sit with us," as this meme shows. The quote is taken from the moment in Mean Girls where Gretchen tells Regina she can't sit at their table because of the rules. But Voldemort is also someone who welcomes allegiance to the Dark Arts as shown during his recruitment speech in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II. 

3 You're A Jedi Harry

This meme from 9GAG  takes the wrong fandom to the extreme, mashing together four different universes to make an incorrect yet oddly understandable meme. The original quote, "you're a wizard Harry," spoken by Hagrid from Harry Potter has been changed to "you're a Jedi Harry," by Mr. Spock.

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Jedis are from the Star Wars universe while Spock is from the Star Trek universe.  This quote has been paired with a photo of Frodo Baggins wearing glasses and a Gryffindor tie while holding a lightsaber.

2 Get In Loser. We're Going Shopping!

Tayyyyyyblog has combined the classic Mean Girls Regina George quote, "get in loser. We're going shopping," with the window rescue scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This comparison works perfectly with the situation as the Weasley brothers - Fred, George, and Ron, all drive up to an unsuspecting Harry's window to save him from the Dursleys. The true natures of the characters from each fandom are vastly different despite their commonality of welcoming someone new into their existing circle.

1 Red Shirt

We-do-it's meme combines the Harry Potter universe with Star Trek logic, which unfortunately doesn't spare Cedric Diggory's life. In the Star Trek universe, those who are killed off in episodes and seen as expendable are often wearing red shirts. When a situation needs casualties to show how serious things are becoming, a red shirt is often the one who doesn't make it to the end of the episode. In the Harry Potter universe, however, Harry is wearing a red shirt while Cedric is wearing yellow, but it is Cedric who dies.

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