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Sours: https://meet-seva.btp.ac.id/odd-taunt-druid-scholomance-academy-wild-hearthstone.xhtml

Scare to try a Druid deck you made?Let me play it for you


Game 1

First game kind of highlights what I thought that 3 drop would do. It made the mage spend resources on killing it. Nice win, sucks that Guardian Animals saw no play.


Game 2

A Mil Rogue really? Dude I thought this was gonna be one of the losses lol. How you managed to win highlighted to me, your skill with Druid a lot. Good games!


Game 3

This game though, like W.T.F.? A copy Priest really Blizzard? This guy got the dream matchup an I’d chuck this loss on BAD luck. He got more 0 mana creatures than you did. Big ooph.


Game 4

This is more expected to see. An Odd Paladin…ohh joy… This is the game I actually felt the most bad about the 3 drop. I thought it wouldn’t be that awful but in this game it was beyond useless.


Game 5

An the last game, Quest Priest. This was more than likely your best matchup. That 3 drop is not good though just by watching all 5 games lol.


So the Deck sucks really hard vs Agro or high tempo early game decks. Which is to be expected in wild, while slower games it alright, but there some things I would say are “bad” cards, Mainly Guidance and Package Runner.

I think oddly enough Divine Rager or Injured Marauder will be better cards in the minion place, as you rarely have 8 cards in your hand to make use of it early game, and it’s just a bad card, I think it was game 3 I would won if I could of attack with them.

As for Guidance it’s kinda a dead card and the pool is so bad in wild you’ll be offer some bad choices overall, Maybe Resizing Pouch would be a better option? Even a Marsh Hydra would feel better to have then Guidance.

But that’s my opinion on the deck, oddly enough didn’t see Mage or Warlock oddly enough.

Overall Deathy huge thank you for taking the deck, an giving it a spin in wild. A BIGGER thank you, for being honest in the criticism. I watched all 5 matches an seeing how bad Package Runner performed was a big let down. Maybe even a Wild Growth was just a better choice.

As for cards like Guidance, I was shooting more on cheap cards, that might give you X in any situation. That’s why I stuck Nature’s Studies in the deck too. As opposed to something true blue like Branching Paths.

I was also disappointed in how bad Animal Guardians was. I went with Beasts as you can tell, an it gave 0 value. I guess this is part of experimenting though. I learned 2 things tonight.

#1. You are a very good Druid player, you managed to win with this pile lol.

#2. I mistaked getting the quest done fast as possible with a bad 3 drop. An tried to replace good cards with chance cards. That just doesn’t work in the grand scheme of things.

If anything though Deathy, you must’ve made the opponents you had in wild feel somewhat fun. As no one is playing Jungle Giants. Thanks for keeping your word about playing the deck man.

Sours: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/hearthstone/t/scare-to-try-a-druid-deck-you-madelet-me-play-it-for-you/69106
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The Witchwood – Druid Deck Building Guide

Welcome back, travellers. With The Witchwood finally at our disposal and filling our collections, its time to deck build. Join us as we explore each class and see how the Year of the Raven will fair for each one. To start things off, we talk about Druid Deck Building.

Standard rotation

What cards will rotate out of standard play due to the Year of the Raven

Before we get into the crafting new decks for the next format, we need to talk about the cards leaving Standard. With the coming of a new year in Hearthstone, only the past two years worth of sets and adventures are used within Standard. If you like to use all cards at your disposal then don’t worry, the Wild format will keep you happy. The sets that will be rotating out upon The Witchwood’s release are Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetztan. So what does this look mean for Druid? Let’s take a look.

There are three main decks that are circulating at the moment in the competitive circuit and ladder. These are Aggro, Spiteful, and Jade Druid. Since the release of Old Gods, Jade Druid has been a major presence in high-rank play and has stuck around since then. Its entire Jade engine will be lost to the vines of Wild coming April 12th so, needless to say, the deck will be lost too. The days of infinite, every growing Jade Golems are coming to an end.

The next deck, which rose in popularity from Karazhan onwards, is Aggro Druid. Utilising early game minions and pressure combined with a plethora of buffs, this deck has been piloted by the best. The cards they lose include Enchanted Raven, Mark of the Lotus, and Mark of Y’Shaarj. The early game presence and follow up board buffs will be a hard loss for this deck. With only two 1 cost minions replenishing the pool from The Witchwood, it will be hard for Aggro Druid maintain its power.

The last deck that we are going to talk about is the fairly young Spiteful Druid. Utilising Spiteful Summoner and Grand Archivist, this deck summons big minions from Ultimate Infestation. But, it helps when the early game control is available. Losing Enchanted Raven and Mistress of Mixtures decreases survivability against faster more aggressive decks. Also, the useful ramp from Mire Keeper will no longer be a tool. But, this can be replaced by the Kobolds and Catacombs card Greedy Sprite. All in all, the deck still functions but, it might have to reconstruct the early game tactics.

Witchwood cards

Now we shall briefly discuss the tools and themes from the new set for the Druid class. There are two main themes that ring out for the class which are the Odd-Druiddeck and Hand Druiddeck. The former possesses a fair amount of ammunition to play with. With six new odd cost cards for the class, it will be fairly easy to construct something functional. Especially when combined with the multitude of cards from the rest of the standard card pool.

By loading your deck with 1 cost minions such as Dire Mole, and FireFly, the new Legendary Baku the Mooneater will allow you to support your even turn plays with a more powerful Hero Power. The following odd turns can make use of the new minions such as Druid of the Scythe, Gloom Stag, and Bewitched guardian to control the board and apply pressure to the opponent. Once you have a respectable board, finish them off with a Savage Roar or two. There are plenty of spots to fill in with this idea, whether for fun or competitive play.

For the Hand Druid deck, you can utilise all of your cards, not just the odd cost ones. The new cards Ferocious Howl, Forest Guide, Witchwood Apple, and even Raven Caller allow you to keep your hand a respectable size. This allows for easier use of Mountain Giant as well as bigger Bewitched Guardian threats mid to late game. Hand Warlock decks have been around since the beginning and they are a force to be reckoned with. There is no reason why Druid can’t join in on the action.

Decks to Try, Budget and Competitive

Considering everything we have discussed above, let’s put it all together. We shall briefly outline the core components for some new decks to try for both the new/casual and competitive players alike. Keeping with what has been mentioned above, let’s have a look at both versions of Odd-Druid and Hand Druid decks.

For the budget deck, we shall mainly be using Basic, Classic, and The Witchwood cards. This allows for easier acquisition for newer players and those who don’t play the game all that often. For those interested, this will equate to no more than 1000 Dust worth of cards. We shall also recommend the cards to get next once your collection expands with time. So, let’s get into it.

Odd-Druid Deck Building Information and Tips

As mentioned above, Odd-Druid has a lot of tools at its disposal regardless of whether it can’t use even cost cards. Consider early game cards such as Swamp Leech, FireFly, and Argent Squire. Establishing a board early will allow you to keep the pressure on and pave the way for more powerful plays. If you have pulled the new Odd-Theme Legendary, Baku the Mooneater, your even turns will be supported by an upgraded Hero Power. This will continue to provide excellent value trades for subsequent turns and protecting you with armour.

Moving into the mid-game and beyond, stocking your deck with tanky, pressure, and trade minions are helpful. Minions such as the new Druid of the Scythe and Gloom Stag, as well as Druid of the Claw from Classic, will allow for greater board control. Keep a mind on how much damage you have on board. Knowing the potential damage each turn is valuable information. Keep squeezing in damage when you can. This way, you can more frequently blast out a Savage Roar to seize the game. If not, then a well placed Witching Hour to randomly summon one of your Beasts that died could help you out.

For the competitive circuit, you will have more freedom with a greater card pool, naturally. Consider an Azalina Soulthief to replenish your hand with powerful tools from your opponent’s hand. It might give you the last push in the right direction going into the late game. Also, Elise, the Trailblazer, the Druid Deathknight, Ixlid, Fungal Lord, and Zola the Gorgon are all powerful Legendary minions to fill in the gaps which are all odd cost. For consistency, Nourish is a must to keep the cards coming. In addition to this, Countess Ashmore can also provide much delight as you replenish your hand with powerful Rush, Lifesteal, and Deathrattle minions.

Hand Druid Deck Building Information and Tips

Onto Hand Druid now. Working from the budget side of things, you might not have the resources to splash out on a pair of Mountain Giants. But, don’t despair, there are a plethora of cards to supplement such choices. From the looks of the new Druid cards, Hand Druid can be quite versatile in terms of construction and tactics. By using Witchwood Apples and Raven Caller, you can allow for big board swarming turns, cheaply. This provides opportunities to Savage Roar some brutal turns.

Keeping your hand count high is also not a problem. By playing cheap, both mana cost and dust, minions such as Phantom Militia, Walnut Sprite, and Fire Fly, you can keep the pressure on whilst enabling your other cards. Cards such as Bewitched Guardian and Ferocious Howl. Dropping a 5 mana 4/10 with Taunt seems too good to be true. It’s not, even for those on a budget. If you pulled the Druid Legendary, Splintergraft, from the three free packs on launch, which a Legendary is guaranteed, you can add a 10 cost 10/10 copy of the Guardian to your hand. This equates to a possible 10/20 Taunt minion. That’s insane.

For those on the ladder, there are many improvements and additions to this deck, aside from the obvious Mountain Giant. This also depends on the state of the meta upon release and beyond. Baleful Banker, a 2 cost 2/2 from Witchwood, will add a copy of a friendly minion to your deck. Want another Mountain Giant, sure, there you go. How about another Azalina Soulthief or The Lich King to keep the good times flowing? I don’t see any problem with that. Other than that, Nourish and Ultimate Infestation are obvious choices for the deck.

And there we have it denizens of Gilneas. Keep checking back as we shall provide more deck building with the release of The Witchwood. Next up will be the Hunter class. Also, please check out our previous Hearthstone articles if you haven’t done so already. Until next time, smile and game.

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Sours: https://videogamesuncovered.com/wiki-guides/hearthstone-heroes-warcraft/druid-deck-building/

Odd Druid deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)

Our Odd Druid deck list guide features the best Rastakhan deck list for Season 57 of Hearthstone (December 2018). Our Odd Druid guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Odd Druid is a Hearthstone deck that makes use of the improved hero power from Baku the Mooneater to out-value opponents, while taking advantage of bonus effects from playing Odd-cost cards to create a wall of high-health minions.

It is somewhat underplayed in the current meta due to the prevalence of other stronger Druid decks, although it has the potential to be improved even further with new cards from the upcoming Rastakhan’s Rumble set.

If you’re considering getting ahead of the curve before the release of the new expansion, however, we’ve put together this quick primer on playing Odd Druid. It’ll not only cover the cards to include in the deck, but also offer some advice on how to get the most out of the deck right now.

As we move closer to the release of Rastakhan’s Rumble, we’ll be sure to return here to update this guide, with a launch-ready deck list and further insight into how to get the most out of the archetype.


To help you get started with Odd Druid in the first few days of the new Rastakhan meta, we wanted to highlight a very early list that’s subject to a lot of change. It was created by popular streamer Regiskillbin.

Odd Druid deck list - Rastakhan’s Rumble launch

2 x Claw2 x Dire Mole
2 x Spirit of the Raptor2 x Fire Fly
2 x Crypt Lord1 x Mind Control Tech
2 x Druid of the Scythe2 x Tar Creeper
2 x Gnash1 x Void Ripper
2 x Savage Roar2 x Cobalt Scalebane
1 x Wardruid Loti1 x Zilliax
2 x Druid of the Claw1 x Baku the Mooneater
2 x Gloom Stag
1 x Gonk, the Raptor

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID:AAECAZICBt4F/eoCrtICoIADwYYDnvgCDJoIi+UC68ICmIYDkdACi+4C/M0C5gXKwwLKywK0BdjsAgA=

Please keep in mind that the rest of this article refers to a previous version, and all content will be comprehensively overhauled once the busy launch window is behind us!

Odd Druid deck list and strategy

This is very much an off-meta deck at the time of publishing this article, but here's a version created by Brian Kibler recently which will help you get up to speed with the archetype:

2 x Lesser Jasper Spellstone2 x Crystallizer
2 x Druid of the Scythe2 x Fire Fly
2 x Savage Roar1 x Mind Control Tech
2 x Druid of the Claw2 x Tar Creeper
2 x Fatespinner1 x Vicious Fledgling
2 x Gloom Stag2 x Void Ripper
1 x Ixlid, Fungal Lord2 x Cobalt Scalebane
2 x Ancient of War1 x Harrison Jones
1 x Zilliax
1 x Baku the Mooneater

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID:AAECAZICBt4FkAefwgKj5gKe+AKggAMMtAXmBYsI68ICysMCyssC98wCmNIC/eoC2OwCi+4C+v4CAA==

Odd Druid tips, combos and synergies

These are some of the potential combos that exist in this version of Odd Druid. You should find many of these very useful to achieve the deck’s full potential.

-Baku the Mooneater will improve your hero power to deal two damage and gain two Armor, which can make a lot of early trades easier and safer.

- Don't forget that the extra damage provided by Savage Roar is applied to your hero as well. Worth keeping in mind when calculating your damage potential.

-You should find it a lot easier to upgrade Lesser Jasper Spellstone with your improved hero power, in order to reach its maximum damage potential. Gain three Armor while this is in your hand and the damage is increased to four. Gain another three Armor and the card tops out at six damage.

-Gloom Stag is a decent Taunt minion as a 2/6, but as this deck only contains odd cards it gets buffed to a 4/8 for five mana. That can be a huge problem for your opponent to deal with cleanly.

- If your opponent has four or more minions on the board, Mind Control Tech will choose one at random and add it to your side of the board when played.

-With all the chunky minions you’ll be playing in this deck you can create a significant board presence with Ixlid, Fungal Lord, as it will create a copy of them on the board when summoned.

-Another way to gain armour incredibly quickly is through Crystallizer. You’ll sacrifice health, but the Armor is far more useful to you.

-Odd Druid can usually outlast most opponents with all its huge health minions, but Void Ripper can also turn that plan on its head and allow you to swing for some huge surprise damage.

- Hit End Turn and your Cobalt Scalebane will choose another friendly minion at random and grant it three points of Attack. If the Scalebane is the only minion you have it will not buff itself.

- If your opponent is holding a weapon at the time he's played, Harrison Jones will destroy it and draw you cards equal to the Durability value of that weapon.

- When it attacks the other hero, Vicious Fledgling goes through the Adapt process. You'll have to choose one of three buffs drawn at random from the following pool. Note that if you pick Windfury first time, you get to attack and buff again!

Sours: https://www.metabomb.net/hearthstone/deck-guides/odd-druid-deck-list-guide-hearthstone-38

Deck odd druid


Shadow Priest Deck5 spells, 25 minionsmetastandardfull-guideaggro

5,340 Arcane DustAug 08 2021

Aggro Shaman Deck3 weapons, 9 spells, 18 minionsmetastandardfull-guideaggro

5,340 Arcane DustAug 08 2021

Pirate Questline Warrior Deck3 weapons, 5 spells, 22 minionsmetaaggrostandardfull-guide

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Deathrattle Demon Hunter Deck4 weapons, 26 minionsmetastandardfull-guidedeathrattlemidrange

9,600 Arcane DustAug 06 2021

Miracle Rogue Deck21 spells, 9 minionsmetastandardfull-guidecombo

5,280 Arcane DustAug 05 2021

Questline Druid Deck28 spells, 2 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrange

5,460 Arcane DustAug 05 2021

Face Hunter Deck2 weapons, 14 spells, 14 minionsmetastandardfull-guideaggro

8,040 Arcane DustAug 05 2021

Handbuff Paladin Deck2 weapons, 4 spells, 24 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrange

15,600 Arcane DustAug 04 2021

Questline Warlock Deck2 weapons, 22 spells, 6 minionsmetastandardfull-guide

4,140 Arcane DustAug 04 2021

Elemental Shaman Deck4 weapons, 4 spells, 22 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrange

5,520 Arcane DustAug 04 2021

Questline Mage Deck30 spellsmetastandardfull-guidespell

4,740 Arcane DustAug 03 2021

Secret Paladin Deck2 weapons, 14 spells, 14 minionsmetastandardfull-guideaggrosecret

9,120 Arcane DustJun 06 2021

Token Druid Deck28 spells, 2 minionsmetastandardfull-guideaggrotoken

3,000 Arcane DustJun 06 2021

Clown Druid Deck16 spells, 14 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrange

8,280 Arcane DustJun 06 2021

Spell Mage Deck29 spells, 1 minionmetastandardfull-guidemidrange

8,640 Arcane DustJun 06 2021

Aggro Demon Hunter Deck2 weapons, 8 spells, 20 minionsmetastandardfull-guideaggro

5,280 Arcane DustJun 06 2021

Celestial Druid Deck24 spells, 6 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrange

10,080 Arcane DustJun 03 2021

Broom Paladin Deck2 weapons, 10 spells, 18 minionsmetastandardfull-guide

11,040 Arcane DustApr 01 2021

Rush Warrior Deck2 weapons, 6 spells, 22 minionsmetaaggrostandardfull-guide

12,360 Arcane DustApr 01 2021

Control Warlock Deck13 spells, 16 minions, 1 hero cardcontrolmetastandardfull-guide

14,100 Arcane DustApr 01 2021

Watch Post Rogue Deck10 spells, 20 minionsmetastandardfull-guidecombomidrange

8,640 Arcane DustApr 01 2021

Spell Priest Deck1 weapon, 26 spells, 3 minionscontrolstandardfull-guidemdf

10,080 Arcane DustApr 01 2021

Beast Hunter Deck3 weapons, 12 spells, 15 minionsmetastandardmidrangefull-guide

12,600 Arcane DustApr 01 2021

Classic Aggro Shaman Deck2 weapons, 12 spells, 16 minionsfull-guideaggro

4,860 Arcane DustMar 30 2021

Classic Worgen OTK Warrior Deck2 weapons, 17 spells, 11 minionsfull-guidecombootk

1,200 Arcane DustMar 30 2021

Classic Freeze Mage Deck20 spells, 10 minionsfull-guidecombo

5,920 Arcane DustMar 29 2021

Classic Face Hunter Deck2 weapons, 15 spells, 13 minionsfull-guideaggro

2,620 Arcane DustMar 27 2021

Classic Aggro Paladin Deck2 weapons, 6 spells, 22 minionsfull-guideaggro

4,620 Arcane DustMar 26 2021

Classic Control Paladin Deck2 weapons, 9 spells, 19 minionsfull-guidecontrol

6,680 Arcane DustMar 26 2021

Classic Control Priest Deck18 spells, 12 minionsfull-guidecontrol

6,280 Arcane DustMar 26 2021

Classic Midrange Shaman Deck1 weapon, 13 spells, 16 minionsfull-guidemidrange

4,920 Arcane DustMar 26 2021

Classic Midrange Combo Druid Deck12 spells, 18 minionsfull-guidemidrangecombo

9,040 Arcane DustMar 25 2021

Classic Miracle Rogue Deck19 spells, 11 minionsfull-guidecombo

6,700 Arcane DustMar 25 2021

Classic Handlock Deck7 spells, 23 minionsfull-guidecontrol

10,400 Arcane DustMar 25 2021

Classic Control Warrior Deck3 weapons, 11 spells, 16 minionsfull-guidecontrol

12,440 Arcane DustMar 25 2021

Classic Zoo Warlock Deck4 spells, 26 minionsfull-guideaggro

1,440 Arcane DustMar 25 2021

Lifesteal OTK Demon Hunter Deck2 weapons, 20 spells, 8 minionsmetastandardfull-guideotkmdfcombo

6,420 Arcane DustJan 27 2021

Mozaki OTK Mage Deck24 spells, 6 minionsaggrometastandardfull-guidedr

6,760 Arcane DustJan 23 2021

Aggro/Tempo Mage Deck13 spells, 17 minionsaggrometastandardfull-guidedr

9,240 Arcane DustJan 23 2021

Basic Warlock Deck8 spells, 22 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustJan 23 2021

Murloc Paladin Deck2 weapons, 4 spells, 24 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemurlocaggrodr

4,880 Arcane DustJan 22 2021

Prime Quest Warlock Deck16 spells, 14 minionsmetastandardfull-guidequestcontroldr

12,220 Arcane DustJan 22 2021

Stealth Rogue Deck3 weapons, 11 spells, 16 minionsaggrotempometastandardfull-guidecombodr

6,480 Arcane DustJan 22 2021

Evolve Shaman Deck2 weapons, 8 spells, 20 minionsstandardmetamidrangefull-guidemdf

6,360 Arcane DustDec 06 2020

Highlander Priest Deck13 spells, 16 minions, 1 hero cardcontrolstandardfull-guidemdf

19,660 Arcane DustDec 04 2020

Highlander Hunter Deck2 weapons, 11 spells, 17 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrangesecrethighlandermdf

9,640 Arcane DustDec 04 2020

Guardian Animals Druid Deck15 spells, 15 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrangemdf

7,340 Arcane DustDec 02 2020

Pure Paladin Deck14 spells, 16 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemdf

8,320 Arcane DustNov 18 2020

Totem Shaman Deck2 weapons, 11 spells, 17 minionsstandardmetaaggrofull-guidemdf

5,640 Arcane DustNov 18 2020

Soul Demon Hunter Deck4 weapons, 11 spells, 15 minionsmetastandardfull-guidecontrolsa

6,320 Arcane DustNov 17 2020

Dragon Priest Deck15 spells, 15 minionscontrolstandardfull-guidemdfdragon

7,780 Arcane DustNov 17 2020

Secret Rogue Deck15 spells, 15 minionstempometastandardfull-guidecombomdf

7,600 Arcane DustNov 17 2020

Control Warrior Deck2 weapons, 12 spells, 15 minions, 1 hero cardcontrolmetastandardfull-guide

15,280 Arcane DustNov 17 2020

Malygos Druid Deck19 spells, 11 minionsmetastandardfull-guideotkcomboquest

10,740 Arcane DustSep 10 2020

Basic Rogue Deck2 weapons, 12 spells, 16 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustAug 25 2020

Basic Mage Deck10 spells, 20 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustAug 25 2020

Basic Priest Deck10 spells, 20 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustAug 25 2020

Malygos Quest Warlock Deck11 spells, 19 minionsmetastandardfull-guideotkcomboquest

12,620 Arcane DustAug 07 2020

Quest Shaman Deck5 spells, 24 minions, 1 hero cardstandardmetaquestmidrangefull-guidesa

13,240 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Aggro/Tempo Rogue Deck4 weapons, 10 spells, 16 minionsaggrotempometastandardfull-guidecombosa

5,160 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Galakrond Tempo Rogue Deck12 spells, 17 minions, 1 hero cardmetastandardfull-guidecombosa

10,640 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Midrange Demon Hunter Deck4 weapons, 9 spells, 17 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrangesa

10,080 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Midrange Hunter Deck2 weapons, 12 spells, 16 minionsmetastandardmidrangefull-guidesa

6,820 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Spell Druid Deck27 spells, 3 minionsmetastandardfull-guidetokensa

3,760 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Reno Highlander Mage Deck13 spells, 16 minions, 1 hero cardmetastandardfull-guidecontrolhighlandersa

19,140 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Highlander Demon Hunter Deck2 weapons, 8 spells, 20 minionsmetastandardfull-guidehighlandersa

14,140 Arcane DustAug 06 2020

Zoo Warlock Deck4 spells, 26 minionsmetastandardaggrofull-guideao

3,560 Arcane DustJun 07 2020

Control Priest Deck14 spells, 16 minionscontrolstandardfull-guidemeta

11,760 Arcane DustJun 06 2020

Galakrond Control Warlock Deck11 spells, 18 minions, 1 hero cardmetastandardfull-guidecontrol

10,800 Arcane DustApr 15 2020

Handbuff Zoo Warlock Deck4 spells, 26 minionsmetastandardfull-guideaggroao

3,560 Arcane DustApr 09 2020

Combo Demon Hunter Deck2 weapons, 20 spells, 8 minionsmetastandardfull-guidecombo

8,080 Arcane DustApr 08 2020

Dragon Mage Deck12 spells, 18 minionsdragonmetastandardfull-guide

8,640 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Quest Paladin Deck2 weapons, 5 spells, 23 minionsmetastandardfull-guidequestmechdeathrattle

6,920 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Embiggen Druid Deck8 spells, 22 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrangeao

5,200 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Quest Wall Priest Deck16 spells, 14 minionsmetastandardfull-guidequest

9,460 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Galakrond Zoo Warlock Deck2 spells, 27 minions, 1 hero cardmetastandardfull-guidegalakrondaggro

8,320 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Dragon Paladin Deck2 weapons, 2 spells, 26 minionsfunstandarddragonfull-guide

8,300 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Pirate Warrior Deck5 weapons, 25 minionsmetaaggrostandardfull-guideao

6,080 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Bomb Warrior Deck2 weapons, 7 spells, 21 minionsmetastandardfull-guidecontrolmech

6,740 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Dragon Hunter Deck2 weapons, 7 spells, 21 minionsmetastandardfull-guidemidrange

3,880 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Galakrond Pirate Warrior Deck5 weapons, 4 spells, 20 minions, 1 hero cardmetaaggrostandardfull-guidegalakrond

6,940 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Murloc Shaman Deck5 spells, 25 minionsmetastandardmurlocfull-guideaggro

3,720 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Control Shaman Deck14 spells, 16 minionsmetastandardfull-guidecontrol

12,160 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Galakrond Shaman Deck8 spells, 21 minions, 1 hero cardmetastandardfull-guidegalakrond

12,520 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Quest Druid Deck19 spells, 11 minionsmetastandardfull-guidequestao

9,240 Arcane DustApr 07 2020

Shuffle Warlock Deck10 spells, 20 minionsfunstandardfull-guidecontrol

15,500 Arcane DustSep 02 2019

Basic Warrior Deck4 weapons, 4 spells, 22 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustNov 20 2018

Basic Shaman Deck5 spells, 25 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustNov 20 2018

Basic Paladin Deck2 weapons, 6 spells, 22 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustNov 20 2018

Basic Druid Deck12 spells, 18 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustNov 20 2018

Basic Hunter Deck11 spells, 19 minionsbasic

0 Arcane DustNov 20 2018
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Odd Druid is not that bad...

Masha was sucking on Misha at that time. Now both of you are 69. On the floor. Masha deftly lay down, the exhausted Tanya was placed over her. Stas ordered and again took the camera in his hands.

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Please stick your fingers deeper in me. I blushed myself from my own request, but no longer myself Controlled. Say: "Fuck my lustful half-fucked whore cunt", he took my hair, pulling my head to him, Well. Speak, damn it. Otherwise I won't continue.

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