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So excited for Gorou to finally become a playable character !
🐍 Slytherin 🐍
🦁 Gryffindor 🦁 . Starting a new series of drawings of the Hogwarts Houses!
Klee !
⚡ Dedenne ⚡
Venti surrounded by cecilias
I wanted to color one of my old inktober drawings for practice
Mondstadt, the City of Wind and Song

The Queen of Flowers


Lyn, also known as Lyndis is a protagonist from the Fire Emblem series by Nintendo. She debuted as one of the three main characters in Fire Emblem (2003) for the Game Boy Advance and returned in Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012) for the 3DS as a downloadable content.

Lyn is also a Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl. (2008) and the upcoming Smash Bros 4 for 3DS / WiiU.


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Lyn from the Fire Emblem Games: an Overview

Charactername:Lyn also known as Lyndis  Developed /Created byNintendo / Intelligent Systems
Gameseries:Fire Emblem  First seen on: Game Boy Advance
First Game:Fire Emblem (2003)  Year first seen in: 2003
Last Game:Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012) as DLC  Birthplace:
Role(s) and Characteristics:Protagonist  Weapons or Martial Arts Style:Swords
Additional Tags: Similar Characters:
Has Relations to: See also:


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Lyn Fire Emblem Awakening Game Art

Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012)

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Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012)

Lyn Fire Emblem 2003 Game Art

Fire Emblem (2003)

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#lyn fanart Tumblr posts

So as it turns out, I really deeply adore backstory aus. You know, where the outcome is still the same but the background of a character or characters is different?

I may or may not have made five of those.

Meet the boys!

I’m making ref sheets for all the other characters that get affected in these aus as well!!! Papyrus is the first on the chopping block because, as my favorite character, he ended up being one of the main focal points of these. I’m also planning on making ones for Alphys, Sans, and Gaster from these same aus (probably in that order ^^)

In this post, however, we will focus on what each au is all about, and also Papyrus’s specific role is in it!!! Again, all of these end up in the same place as he is in Undertale, just with varying circumstances leading up to this point (which is why they’re all kids ^^)

Also, I guess you could still count these all as babybones aus????? Idk???? Anyway, Let’s get started ^^


- 12 y/o

- He’s basically the default when it comes to my headcannons, and what I tend to lean for ‘classic’ Papyrus.

- Listens to My Chemical Romance and makes that one of his defining personality traits.

- Seriously though, he’s just a kid with a less than stellar home life that’s lashing out in the only way he thinks he can.

- Which is a lot of crime.

- Mostly of the vandalism variety

- Only owns punk-esc clothing

- Imagine Papyrus with the power level he’s implied to have but with none of the control.

- Needless to say, he gets in trouble in school a lot.

- Under the edgy exterior, he actually has a heart of gold. UwU

- Most things about him could actually be found here, as I already wrote most of it down in a previous post ^^ :


- 11 y/o

- Full name is Wingdings Gaster and you better remember it cuz he’s gonna make the history books

- Very intelligent but also no common sense

- That lab coat he has was actually a gift from Sans (given with the promise he’d grow into it eventually)

- Dings added the spikes and dyed it black, just to communicate how cool he is.

- Yes he has tinted glasses because that’s what the cool kids have.

- Velcro shoes because who has time to tie their shoes when your revolutionizing the scientific field?

- He terrified an entire school of children by trying to bring a dead frog back to life for the science fair.

- It uh. It did not go well.

- He was actually inspired by reading ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelly.

- No, he did not finish it. Why, does something happen in the end?

- He’s got this great idea for how to make the snowstorms in Snowden less intense, and how to bring electricity further into the underground.

- He likes to call it ‘The Core’.


- 12 y/o

- Okay this one’s gonna take some explanations.

- The original concept comes from my sibling @squarefriend btws, so credit to her for such brilliance ^^

- Okay so this is a Dadster au.

- Things p much carry out like most Dadster shit: goofy papa with his two kids, a little busy most of the time because of his super special science job.

- Eventually there’s an accident and G-man yeets himself into nonexistence with only one of his sons remembering him.

- And that’s where things differ from the status quo.

- Because it’s papyrus who remembers him, not Sans.

- ( @blaiddsumu actually came up with a similar idea and it was super cool. I swear sometimes, our brains are synced to form similar ideas in the same time frame :,))

- Well, at least Papyrus is the only one who WANTS to remember his Dad.

- Having idolized Gaster most of his life, the loss of him is a crushing blow to Sans.

- Faced with this, combined with nobody remembering his dad, it’s just to much for the poor guy.

- Sans ends up going full denial mode, convincing himself that they never had a dad to begin with.

- This is understandably upsetting to his little brother, who is CERTAIN Gaster did in fact exist, and was their dad.

- He tries DESPERATELY to get Sans to remember, most of which only succeeds in pushing said skeleton into deeper denial.

- Papyrus ends up being the only one to attend his father’s funeral (which does not involve scattering dust, because there’s none of that to be found, but instead burying some personal items under a grave marker of some kind (something he read humans did, and was the only thing he could think of))

- So yeah, Homeboy’s understandably grumpy.

- (And yes his nickname’s an offshoot of ‘Lydia’. Dead Mom from Beetlejuice was one of his inspirational points. So yeah.)


- 7 y/o

- Holy fuck that is one creepy ass kid

- Isn’t very vocal

- Usually keeps to himself

- He doesn’t really have any friends in school (they think it’s weird that he’s always looking just over their shoulders and not directly at them)

- It’s okay though. He’s not completely alone.

- He’s got a friend that Sans likes to call ‘Imaginary’ when he thinks Papyrus can’t hear him.

- Which is very untrue, to be frank. His friend isn’t imaginary at all.

- He’s very real.

- His name’s Gaster.

- So yeah. As it turns out, having a something that does not actually exist hanging around you, which in turn constantly forces your mind and body to try and comprehend the void of nothingness crammed into one being, if not good for your health.

- He’s pretty much zoned out all the time, and has a lot of memory/sensory issues.

- Homeboy’s straight on the path to possession territories which is not fun for anybody except maybe Gaster.


- 8 y/o

- Unlike the other four, I have actually never drawn anything to have to do with Spike.

- Like seriously, everybody else has at least some content for them SOMEWHERE except for homeboy over here.

- Mostly because I don’t know how to draw Gaster Blasters :P

- Anyway!

- Yeah, this is a blaster au. I’m a slut for those. Fight me.

- When stressed out (or on his own accord) this little guy can turn into a big puppy dog.

- He mostly uses his power for good!!

- (His own good, that is ;))

- Yeah, Him and Sans were kinda the ‘Beasts of New Home’ for a bit.

- Tiny fingers are Ideal for pickpocketing after all!!!

- And in Blaster Form, one can both dig through dumpsters AND fight off street dogs at the same time!!!!

- With the absolute rampage these two went on, it’s no wonder there’s still urban legends about them.

- Eventually they became un-feral enough to figure out what society is and how to interfere into it.

- Which is why Papyrus only learned how to talk relatively later in his life than most (which there is nothing wrong with Btws!!! ^^)

- Up until he was a preteen, hun and his bro p much just communicated through chirps, barks, hoots, chuffs, and flat out body language.

- But yeah, he’s a cutie and I love him.

Wow this got long!!!! I’ve been working on this i between Alexander and Requests, so expect both of those things to be done p quick!!! Imma try to get at least one update for Alexander out each week, and then work on requests when I’m not working on that! ^^

Thanks for reading folks!!! ^^

Want to know more about your favorite characters and how they translate into these aus? Find them here!!!

Papyrus: You are Here :D


Undyne: Coming Soon


Sans: Coming Soon

#if you haven’t been able to tell #I really like designing outfits #I am also unwilling to admit how much I base Papyrus’s chop thing on how I WISH I could have dressed in middle school #(and still now to kinda fuck off) #anyway. #this is already hella long so imma just start with the usual tags #undertale#papyrus#undertale fanart#aus#undertale aus#paps#dings#Lyn#kiddo#spike#babybones#Gaster blaster#baby blaster#Gaster#sans#Alphys#tw death#tw eyestrian#tw crime#spectrophobia au #curtain call au #The Thing in the Closet au #Beastly au#TTIC au


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Fan art lyn

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Lyn Soul FIghter (Blade and Soul fan art)

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