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Did you know ...... ? Mary Maxim has now added lots of new items to our Kids Crafts Department to help keep those smiles even bigger and those little hands busy. We've extended our Puzzle Dept and our Diamond Dotz wall is FULL of great designs!

Upcoming Classes, Paris and Our Quilt Shoppe: Did you know that Mary Maxim has a Full Service Quilt Shoppe and a variety of classes throughout the year?

Mary Maxim Retail in Paris, ON offers a variety of classes and specialized services that you won't find anywhere else. Watch for our new Class Schedule that is posted here and on our About page. Our Paris Store also houses a Full Service Quilt Shoppe bursting with fabulous fabrics, accessories, tools and a whole array of other services. We are especially proud to offer our customers the service of Long Arm Quilting! Please make an appointment in advance with our knowledgable associate, Mac, if you'd like some extra help or if you'd like to use the Long Arm Quilting service!

Welcome to the Mary Maxim Retail Site

Welcome to our Canadian Retail Site with lots of information on the products, classes and professional advice from Paris, ON. We are looking forward to keeping you better informed about what's happening at Mary Maxim. Please watch for our New Arrivals section and Company News to know of any changes that may be happening or any upcoming events. Any products that contain links will take you directly to the online catalogue purchasing site where you can learn more about our products and make online purchases.

Please note that on the About Us page there is a link to our quarterly Newsletter. Please click on the links under the menu Newsletter and More to download or print the newsletter. The Newsletter will include any additional information about Mary Maxim, classes and more. Enjoy!

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Mary Maxim

Mary Maxim is the largest privately held craft and needlework mail-order company in North America.[1] It has offices in Port Huron, Michigan, and Paris, Ontario. We specializes in selling crafts, knitting and other hobby related items.


Mary Maxim's roots can be traced back to Sifton, Manitoba, Canada, where Willard and Olive McPhedrain purchased Spinwell Manufacturing Co who had been manufacturing and selling spinning wheels. Willard soon began a mail order company titled "Sifton Products." In 1954 Willard began to search for new locations for his business and ended up in Paris, Ontario.[2] The name was changed to Mary Maxim, after a store employee: Mary Maximchuk. Willard decided to take Betty Crocker's example by naming the company after a girl who helped around the household. Mary's name was shortened and the store name: Mary Maxim, was born.[3] In 1956 after recognizing the customer potential in the United States, Willard's son Larry established an office in Port Huron, Michigan.

Mary Maxim was first recognized for their quality knitting yarns. In the late 1950s they became increasingly popular for their bulky, knit sweaters with designs influenced by North American Wildlife. The first sweater pattern was designed in 1951 by Stella Sawchyn.[4]

Celebrity attention[edit]

Mary Maxim today[edit]

Currently, Mary Maxim employs over 120 people in the Port Huron area and 60 people in Paris, Ontario. Ontario accounts for 15% sales from retail stores and 85% from the catalog division.[9]

Mary Maxim has looked to the internet to increase profits. They can attribute 25% of their sales to internet selling.[10]

Mary Maxim is now owned by the third generation of McPhedrains: Rusty and Jane. Rusty became vice president of operations in 1987 and president in 1995.[11] Mary Maxim celebrated their 50th anniversary in June 2006.


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Mary Maxim closing Port Huron retail store

After announcing its closing, Mary Maxim is hosting a store closing sale until all items are gone.

Kim Heering learned how to crochet at Mary Maxim in Port Huron, along with a slew of other children her age. She's sad to see the store closing.

"I started coming when I was young," said the 50-year-old Clyde Township woman. "I learned how to make a ceramic tree here and how to crochet ... Its closing will eliminate a place to get these products, they were high quality and unique."

Allison Hischke, Mary Maxim yarn department manager, explains the various yarn options to start a knitting project to a customer in 2015.

Mary Maxim announced on Thursday that it will be closing its Port Huron store. 

"This was an extremely difficult decision," Mary Maxim President Rusty McPhedrain said in a statement. "The retail store has been part of the Port Huron community for over 50 years. Mary Maxim operates a thriving catalog/internet business in North America and we will continue to concentrate our efforts in expanding that part of the business." 


Pretty in pink: Mary Maxim bags go couture

The Knitting Ladies a Tuesday staple at Raven Cafe

Vantage Point Farmers Market is in full bloom

The catalog and internet operations will continue to be located at 2001 Holland Ave. There are currently seven employees at the Port Huron retail store. They will be encouraged to apply to the online and catalog division. 

Samantha Horning, Mary Maxim store manager, has worked at the Port Huron location for 13 years. She said staff was informed Wednesday of the store's closing.

"Our catalog division and our warehouse, which are both already here in this building, will stay here," Horning said. "So we will still be here, but we just won't have our retail store." 

While the retail store is closing, Mary Maxim will continue to operate their catalog and internet operations out of their Port Huron building

The closing period began Thursday and will continue until inventory is gone, according to the statement. 

Horning said while there is not a final date set, she expects the store will close in three months.

Gay Venia, 62, of Marysville, said she began shopping at the store as a child in 4-H. She would stock up on fabrics and yarn for her projects.

"It is sad to see a store that has been around for so long, that's an icon in our community go," Venia said. "I am a knitter and this is where I buy all of my yarn. They have more high-quality yarn and needles, and more of a selection than other craft stores." 

Venia, who is a member of the Raven Knitters, a knitting club that meets at the Raven Cafe, said nearly all 20 members come to Mary Maxim to stock up on supplies. She said the group would celebrate when a member turned 50 years old because that meant they could be inducted into Mary Maxim's 50-and-over discount club.

Mary Maxim employs more than 130 people in Michigan and Ontario. The retail stores in London and Paris, Ontario, will remain open. 

The company is exploring leasing out space in the building. Hart Medical has been leasing retail space within the building since May 2016. 

"Everyone at Mary Maxim would like to thank the community for their support over the years," said McPhedrain, the fourth generation of his family to run the business. 

Contact Liz Shepard at (810) 989-6273 or [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @lvshepard. 


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