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A power rack is an essential piece of equipment every home gym should have, especially for weightlifters, CrossFitters and powerlifters. (Looking for a new pair of lifting shoes? Here are the best, according to trainers.) A power rack (sometimes called a power cage) is the perfect set up to work on your bench press, overhead presses, barbell squats, deadlifts, and more. (Here are 15 of the best weight benches for your home gym to go along with your rack.)

Whether you like to train solo or with a friend (here's what you need to know about spotting), having easy access at home to your lifting equipment is a huge convenience, since you can use a power rack for so many exercises, and you'll need them for heavyweight moves like squats and bench press. If you're really handy or adventurous, you could even build your own, like this guy who built a half rack out of wood.

The best part about power racks? They are available at a variety of price points and include a range of features, from just-the-basics or all the bells and whistles. Some are built for outdoor or backyard use, while others are the perfect piece for your garage gym or even smaller spaces. It simply comes down to which features matter the most to you. Plus, most come with tons of optional attachments, so you can personalize it for your favorite workouts.

To start your search, we’ve rounded up 14 of the best home power racks on the market to get your home gym setup complete.

Eleiko XF 80 Half Rack


No room for a setup inside? This half rack from Eleiko is the perfect outdoor rack that is weather- and rust-resistance. It features pull-up bars, j-cups, safety arms and dip handles that are perfect for any outside gym workout.

PRx Performance Profile Squat Rack with Kipping Bar




This wall mounted folding squat rack is patented and was created by Shark Tank Company PRx Performance. It can hold up to 1, pounds, but is also super compact. It stands 90 inches tall and 22 inches off the wall when in use, and is only 4 inches off the wall and inches when folded up.

Rogue SML-2 Rogue 90


Rogue is one of the top rack brands out there, and this 90” squat stand is a great way to score their characteristic quality and function (although you will have to buy a bench, barbell and weight plate set separately). At 49” W x 48” D x 98” H, this rack is pretty compact, so you can easily fit it in your garage. Choose between a fully-integrated fat/skinny pull-up bar or a single ” pull-up bar.

CAP Barbell Deluxe Power Rack (FM-CBF)



No frills here. This CAP Barbell power rack stand is for the guy who’s looking for a basic piece of quality equipment that won’t break the bank. You won’t get a bench or any fancy attachments, but you’ll be able to practice squats (up to pounds) and pull-ups. Includes built-in bar and weight storage to maximize space.

Ollieroo Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Rack


This rack comes fully assembled and is super compact. It has a bracket height range 41" to 65", and a base range 31" to 49", and has a weight capacity of pounds.

uel Performance Deluxe Power Cage and Adjustable Utility Bench Set

Fuel Pureformancewalmart.com



This steel power cage is a no-frills model with both metallic and powdered finishes that comes with resistance attachments, customizable hook and safety catch placement, pull-up bar, and Olympic-sized plate and bar storage. Plus, it has a pound weight capacity for heavy lifts.

Amgym Power Cage LB Capacity with LAT Pulldown Power Rack


This heavy-duty steel rack is perfect for heavy lifters--it has a maximum weight capacity of 1, pounds. It also includes a pull-up bar and 26 adjustable height levels for the J-Hooks.

GRIND Fitness Alpha Squat Stand



This basic rack provides you with a low-footprint station for barbell exercises, pullups, and more. The rig can handle up to pounds, you can stow weight plates on built-in posts, and there's even room for an extra bar in a vertical holder. 

Marcy Home Gym Cage System Workout Station


This durable, multi-use cage combines the benefits of multiple workout machines in one. It comes with a pull-up station, a shiver bar, and a dips bar, as well as pulleys for resistance training with a maximum capacity of pounds.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Olympic Power Cage


This cage has 25 adjustable height levels and an impressive 1, pound weight capacity. It also comes with two chrome dual mounted safety bars and U-shaped stability bar for easy movement and safety, as well as adjustable dip bars and multi-grip pullup/chin up bars.

Force USA Folding MyRack Power Rack


If you're short on space, this Force USA Folding power rack is a super unique, fully folding power rack system that can be adjusted to fit any space. Along with the base rack, you get your choice of 10 attachments to personalize your training.

Sorinex XL Series Power Rack


This Sorinex XL Series Power Rack is made to order and constructed of 11 gauge steel with 4-way hole design that makes it easily movable and adjustable during your workout.

Rep Fitness PR Power Rack


The PR is super sturdy thanks to its 3” x 3” gauge steel tubing with 1” hole spacing through the bench zone and 5/8” pin holes. It also has a 1,pound capacity.

GETRX'D Powder-Coated Backyard Titan RMU Rig


This GETRX'D powder coated rig is designed with 9' and 12' uprights and can be galvanized to be outdoor-ready weather resistance. It also has 60+ attachments for all kinds of cross training, including obstacle course and ninja training.

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Emily ShifferEmily Shiffer is a freelance health and wellness writer living in Pennsylvania. 

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Unless you’ve converted the garage or basement to a home gym, you probably have limited space for workout equipment at home. So, if you want a power rack or squat rack, then you already know that these are large pieces of equipment.

Fortunately, there are a few power racks and squat racks that are designed to fit in small spaces. These racks with smaller footprints tend to fold for out of the way storage, yet still manage to be stable enough for your workouts.

They key is finding a space saving rack that is high quality and sturdy while having that small footprint. We can help you find the right small squat rack or power rack for your home gym.

Our Top Picks: 6 Small Squat Racks and Power Racks for Home

We’ve compared several of the rack options on the market right now and have found the models that we think are ideal for a small apartment, condo, or just a home with limited space.

This page contains some affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

1. Rogue Fitness S-1 Squat Stand

If you’re shopping for the best small squat stand for the money, then look no further than this model from Rogue Fitness. We think it’s the best small squat rack stand for the money.


If you’re looking for the best that money can buy, then we highly recommend this space-saving squat rack from Rogue Fitness. It is the ultimate in high quality home gym equipment.

Get It Delivered from Rogue


  • Made in the USA
  • 1, lbs weight capacity
  • A small 48″ x 48″ footprint
  • Sturdy and durable Gauge steel uprights

This version of the popular squat rack has an updated base that replaces the formed socket with the same bolted triangle plates used on our Monster Lite squat stands, improving the overall stability of the unit.

Buy at Rogue Fitness

This rack is ultra versatile and functions as an all-in-one work station for squats, bench, clean pulls, floor press, overhead press, and much more.

This is the only model we recommend that’s MADE IN THE USA. Check it out here now.

2. Fitness Reality XLT Super Max Power Cage

This is one of the smallest footprints that we’ve seen when comparing power cages that are small enough for tiny home gyms.

Fitness Reality XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional LAT Pull-Down Attachment and Adjustable Leg Hold-Down

A nice feature of this model is that it comes with an optional LAT pull-down attachment and adjustable leg hold-down. This power cage is ideal for people who want a large walk-in space so that you can easily move from side to side.

Get It Delivered on Amazon


  • Can be folded for storage
  • Two sets of safety bars
  • Sturdy build, 2″ x 2″ square steel frame construction
  • Safety bars are compatible with 7′ Olympic bars
  • Suitable for user height up to 6’4”
  • Multi-position over head chin up/pull up grip bars
  • pounds weight capacity

This power rack cage feels very durable and high quality, and it’s versatile. You can use it for squats, curls, pull-ups, shrugs, chin-ups, bench press, push-ups and more.

You can even attach a weight bench, dips bars, and other attachments.

Buy this power cage and have it delivered to your home from Amazon.

Dimensions: The rack has a 46 inch wide and 50 inch deep foot print. The top of the pull up bar is 83 3/4 inch off the floor. The sides are 78 3/4 inch. The working area is 42 inch wide between posts and 24 inch deep between posts.

Also see the newer model at Amazon.

3. Fuel Pureformance Squat Rack

If you’re looking for a traditional squat rack, then this right here is a good option for you. Minimalist and high quality at an affordable cost.

Fuel Pureformance Squat Rack

When assembled, it measures in at x x inches, making it perfect for small spaces.

Get It Delivered on Amazon


  • Made with with heavy-duty steel
  • Two plate-posts provide storage for weight plates
  • Can be used with with a Fuel Pureformance FID Bench (sold separately)

Do note that the weight limit for this squat rack is pounds. So, if you’re a heavy lifter, then it might not be ideal for you.

Buy this squat rack and have it delivered to your home from Amazon.

Overall, this small squat rack seems incredibly sturdy. It’s probably as sturdy as you can get without getting a full cage model.

4. HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower Squat Rack & Pull Up Bar Multi-Function Strength Training Equipment

If you’re looking for a smaller cage squat rack instead of a full power cage, then this option from HI-MAT is a good low footprint choice.

HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower Squat Rack & Pull Up Bar Multi-Function Strength Training Equipment Chin Up Push up Dip Station

A nice feature of this model is that the elbow rest and dumbbell stands are removable, which means that you can use it as a squat rack or a power rack.

Get It Delivered on Amazon


  • Power tower and squat rack in one machine
  • support up to lbs
  • Has a ’’x41’’ U style base and 4 non-slip foot sets in the bottom, more stable and durable

Overall, the build of this one seems to be sturdy and stable. And the back rest and elbow pads are a nice bonus.

Buy this squat rack and have it delivered to your home from Amazon.

We also love the versatility. You can do many exercises on this workout machine, such as pull-up, dips, push-up, knee raise, and do a squat.

5. Ironmaster IM Half Cage

Another great option for a space saving power cage is this model from Ironmaster, which is a half cage.

Ironmaster IM Half Cage

What’s great about this option is that you get the versatility of a power cage without needing all of the excess space required by most cages. It’s got a small footprint, but it’s still a full size training center.

Get It Delivered on Amazon


  • Works with full size Olympic bars
  • Super heavy duty powder coated structural steel frame
  • Built in chin-up bar
  • 1, lb capacity
  • 8 built in weight storage bars for Standard or Olympic weights
  • Footprint: 51″ x 51″ x ″ high

Secure construction and design allows suspension straps and ab straps to be safely used as well. The adjustable power band pegs give you advanced training capabilities with power resistance bands.

Attached rubber feet provide unmatched safety and stability. Unit can also be bolted down to the ground for added stability.

Buy this squat rack and have it delivered to your home from Amazon.

The IM is ideal for squats, bench press, shoulder press, dead lifts, shrugs, pull ups, chin ups and any other frame supported lifts.

6. AKONZA Adjustable Solid Steel Standard Squat Rack

Here’s another great option for anyone looking for a regular old school squat rack.  It’s just your basic, no frills rack.

AKONZA 2PCS Adjustable Rack Solid Steel Standard Squat Barball Free Press Bench Equipment Training Cross Fit

There’s not a lot to stay about these because they’re your basic two-piece squat rack.

Get It Delivered on Amazon


  • Sturdy and durable steel stand
  • Adjust from 39″ to 66″ high, include bar catches
  • Accommodates weight bench
  • Capacity: lbs
  • Dimension: /4″(W) x /4″(L) x 39″/2″(H)

The steel stand makes this a sturdy and durable choice for your home gym needs. And if you already have a weight bench, then you’ll be able to use it with this rack.

Buy this squat rack and have it delivered to your home from Amazon.

Overall, this rack is ideal for flat, incline, and shoulder bench presses, squats, curls, rows, and more.

Final Thoughts

As you shop for a good squat rack or power rack that will fit in a small space, keep in mind that folding racks tend to take up the least amount of space. This includes traditional two-piece squat racks that you can take apart.

And if you prefer something like a power cage, then keep in mind that you can find low footprint options (like the ones we recommend above) that are good options for limited space.

At the end of the day, focus on racks that are high quality, durable, and sturdy when you compare available models.

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The 8 Best Power Racks of

Final Verdict

The HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack (view at Amazon) is a straightforward pick that covers all your bases. You can use it as a pull-up bar, a squat rack, and a bench press (so long as you bring the bench). And since its weight capacity is pounds, you can use it to do some pretty heavy lifting. If you don’t mind skipping out on the pull-up bar, the F2C Adjustable Squat Rack (view at Amazon) is another awesome pick. It’s budget-friendly (for a power rack) and won’t take up a bunch of space, making it an easy addition to any home gym.

What to Look for in a Power Rack


Power racks can serve a few different purposes. You can use a power rack as a squat rack, a bench press, a pull-up bar, and more, depending on how it’s designed. Consider your typical workout, then find a power rack that suits your needs. If you don’t need the pull-up bar, you can save space by choosing a shorter rack. If you prefer more dynamic options, you can always splurge on a feature-packed power cage or a Smith machine.


Power racks come in different heights and sizes, and these characteristics should fit into your current workout routine. By choosing a power rack with adjustable parts, you can alter the rack over time to meet your strength training needs. 

Kelvin Gary, CPT, and owner of Body Space Fitness in New York City, says that a solid rack with continuous pieces is good for professionals or those with more experience, while an adjustable rack is ideal for small spaces and portability purposes.

Weight Capacity

If you’re looking to do some heavy lifting, check the weight capacity of a power rack before your purchase. This is important because your weight needs may increase over time, and if you buy a lightweight rack, you may have to find a replacement sooner rather than later. 

“If you plan on going heavy for the jump, it’s not safe to buy a lightweight rack,” explains Gary. While weight capacity can range from pounds to 1, pounds, Gary says it’s smart to find one with a higher weight capacity to fit your future needs.

Gauge of Steel

“Gauge of steel is the measure of the standard thickness of a sheet of metal,” says Gary. He says that the thicker the better when it comes to building a stable rack, and that you typically have to invest more out of pocket for a quality power rack. 

If you’re a beginner, the highest gauge of steel might not be necessary, but buying a rack with a high gauge of steel is a good choice if you plan on increasing your weight capacity down the road.


How do you build a power rack at home?

There are a wide variety of power racks on the market, so you should follow the manufacturer’s specific guidelines for set-up and maintenance at home. An important consideration is the amount of space you’ll need for the rack you choose. “Be sure to include the added length of the bar you will be using and that you give yourself enough room for loading and unloading the bar safely,” says Chris Gagliardi, ACE-certified personal trainer.

“Durability and stability are important features, and you want to ensure the rack itself can support the amount of weight you intend to use. Another important factor is to consider safety features, especially if you’ll be training by yourself,” he says.

Should you secure a power rack to the floor?

Most power racks don’t need to be secured to the floor, but are free-standing and designed to be stable while simply resting on the floor, according to Gagliardi. Wall-mounted racks are attached to a wall and may require professional installation.

What's the difference between a squat rack and a power rack?

Although the terms are often interchangeable, a squat rack and power rack do have some key differences. Both can be used to perform barbell squats, but a squat rack is open on the side you walk into and on the top. A power rack is more like a cage, with the bar enclosed inside the rack and the top enclosed.

Power racks are more versatile because they have safety features that allow you to squat or bench press without a spotter. Additionally, power racks have at least one, often two, pull-up bars that can be used to do pull-ups, chin-ups, or dips. However, they do take up more space and generally cost more than squat racks, so a squat rack is a more affordable, space-efficient option.

Why Trust Verywell Fit?

As a seasoned health and fitness writer, Lindsey Lanquist understands how vital quality product recommendations can be. She is careful to recommend products that are reliable, comfortable, and genuinely well-reviewed by those who’ve tried them.

Sours: https://www.verywellfit.com/best-power-racks

The Best Squat Racks for

We review free products that we receive and participate in affiliate programs, where we may be compensated for items purchased through links from our site.

See our disclosures page for more information.

The squat rack is the centerpiece of just about every home and garage gym in the world. As such, it should be versatile, durable, useful, and fit the space it will be used in. I have tested countless of today’s best options, putting them through heavy squats, bench presses, pull-ups (when applicable), and a number of other exercises.

Based upon my use, experience, and community input, I’ve compiled the best power rack, half rack, squat stand, and fold-away squat rack for most people—including recommendations for various budgets.

The Top 9 Squat Racks for Your Home Gym

Best Power Rack: Rep Fitness PR Power Rack

Top Pick
Rep PR Power Rack
Rep PR Power Rack

The PR is a heavy-duty, 1, lb rated commercial-grade power rack featuring 3x3” 11 gauge steel with 1” hole spacing through the bench zone and 5/8” pin holes. If you're looking for a "never need to upgrade" home gym power rack, or a centerpiece for your commercial facility weight room, this is it. The PR re-defines customizability: You're no longer stuck with a pre-configured power rack and overpaying for options. Choose the components you want from our large selection of stock inventory, and have them delivered to your door in about a week or less! Multiple color, height, and depth options combine with an ever-expanding list of accessories and attachments to create the only power rack system you'll ever need. Every rack comes with our top rear logo cross-member which serves as a convenient anchor point for future attachments you may want to add, and from there the rest of the rack is up to you. Our new painting process specially prepares your rack with the most high-end surface prep and care possible, including sandblasting to ensure superior paint adhesion, and a baked on powder coating that will last for years. 47" outside-to-outside width allows plenty of room to rack the bar without plates hitting the sides of the uprights, which is a common problem on competitors' 3x3" racks. This color is achieved by using a specially prepared steel combined with a metal grinder and a clear powder coat to give it a raw brushed steel look, while maintaining the rust-resistance of a powdercoat. In addition, the rack shows less wear over time due to the finish and clearcoat making it difficult to notice any imperfections. Standard 3x3" uprights with 5/8" holes ensures compatibility with REP attachments as well as most others on the market. 1" hole spacing through bench zone, and 2" spacing everywhere else. Front Foot extension for working outside the rack without bolting down. Allows you to add spotter arms off the front of the rack and have dedicated setups for benching and squatting without changing j-cup or safety height. Uniquely shaped base stabilizer removes the need to bolt down a 48" depth rack, and also serves as an anchor point for the pulley system and low row foot plate.


Shop deal

Good for: Anyone looking for a safe, value-packed squat rack at an affordable price

My Favorite Things:

  • Customize height, depth and color options
  • Offers versatility through numerous accessories
  • High quality 3-in x 3-in gauge steel
  • Weight capacity of 1, pounds
  • Priced around $1,

My Callouts:

  • Comes with pin safeties; strap safeties cost extra
  • Rack should be bolted to the ground
  • Alternatively, purchase stabilizers

The power rack I suggest for most people is the Rep Fitness PR Power Rack. The PR combines excellent features, unlimited expandability, great quality, lots of customizability, and best of all, a great value. It looks and performs nearly as well as any rack on the market at a price that years ago would seem unfathomable. Dare I say that if you purchase the PR for your garage gym, it will very likely be the last squat rack you ever buy.

The PR is made with 3” x 3” gauge steel tubing with 1” Westside Hole Spacing through the weight bench zone and is rated at a 1,pound capacity. These numbers are standard for this price of rack. One of the things I really like about the PR is the ability to customize just about every part of it. With multiple colors, height, and depth options you can make this PR fit your space and training style exactly. Also, you won’t overspend on things you don’t want or won’t use.

Rep stole from the Sorinex playbook in offering a clear grind option for a $ upcharge. This is the option I chose for the Sorinex BaseCamp that currently sits in Garage Gym Built HQ and is without a doubt my favorite offering. It looks good and also hides imperfections really well due to the lack of uniformity in the grind.

On top of the incredible quality of the rack, there is an ever-increasing accessory list that will make it expandable in the future with other gym equipment. You can add free weights storage, a pull-up bar, safeties, and multiple J-cups at the time of purchase to add some versatility to your machine. There are also stabilizing and safety accessories such as the spotter arm, rear base stabilizer, and front foot extensions. When these are added, even more accessories can be piled on, like lat/low row attachment and later in the year monolift arms and jammer arms.

Almost any accessory you can think of either is or will be available with this power cage. The Rep PR has been making a lot of noise in the community, and for good reason—it’s a tremendous value.

Check out my full Rep Fitness PR Power Rack review here.

(If you want something similar with a bit better quality and is made in the USA at a slightly higher price point, I suggest the Rogue RMLC Power Rack or the Rogue Monster Series Power Racks.)

Best Half Rack: Rogue HR-2 Half Rack

Top Pick
Rogue HR-2 Half Rack
Rogue HR-2 Half Rack

Manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, the HR-2 features the same 2x3" gauge steel base and 48" x 49" footprint as the SML-2, but incorporates an additional pair of 3x3” gauge steel uprights and 17” crossmembers in the back of the unit. This gives the rack a huge amount of additional storage capacity and almost a foot and a half of inside depth for benching, rack pulls, and more. The Half Rack also offers a range of customizable options to best suit your needs—including the optional plate storage and pin/pipe safety sets, and a selection of different heights for the uprights themselves (90” or ” for the front; 70” or 90” for the back). IMPORTANT: If you already own a Rogue Monster Lite Squat Stand (SML-1, SML-2, or SML-3) and wish to convert it to an HR-2, we offer a Half Rack Conversion Kit that would include all the components and hardware you’ll need. Specifications: Made in the USA Steel Notes: 3x3" gauge uprights, 2x3" gauge base Footprint: 48" x 49" (1) Monster Lite J-Cup Pair included standard (1) 43” Single Skinny Pull-Up Bar Back Upright Height Options: 70", 90" – Front Upright Height Options: 90", " Optional Add-Ons: 16" Pin/Pipe Safety Set; Plate Storage Pairs Unit does not need to be bolted to the floor.


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Good for: Anyone looking for the best squat rack under $1,

My Favorite Things:

  • Doesn’t have to be bolted to the ground
  • Extremely stable
  • Customizable height options
  • Has a single “skinny” pull-up bar
  • Priced around $

My Callouts:

  • Upright steel is 2-in x 3-in gauge
  • Pin safeties cost extra
  • Paint coating reportedly scratches easily

The Rogue HR-2 Half Rack takes my favorite squat stand, the SML-2, and adds two additional uprights along with storage pins for plates to create my top pick for the best half rack. A half-rack feels awesome to train in due to its open nature. Add in some spotter&#;s arms and you&#;ll be able to perform the majority of lifts you would be able to in a full power rack rather safely.

The Rogue HR-2 Half Rack is one of Rogue&#;s best-reviewed squat racks. It&#;s a great rack that can fit anywhere, doesn&#;t have to be bolted down, is still very stable, and has a majority of the abilities of a more expensive and bulkier rack like the ever-popular Rogue R-3 Power Rack.

Rogue only has two half-racks in their arsenal, and the Rogue HR-2 Half-Rack is the better value. If you have the Monster Lite Series Squat Stand, you only need a $ conversion kit to turn it into the HR-2, which is a great option that will add plate storage and greatly increase the stability of the rack.

The first difference you will notice is that the upright steel is a little less robust at 2” x 3” gauge rather than the 3” x 3” you might see in the other racks, but the base of the machine has 3” x 3” measurements. Other than that, the quality of this rack matches any other half rack on the market and is highly customizable and versatile. It is considered “Monster Lite,” so while most of the Monster Lite accessories can be used, it will not have the same number of options as the HR or the Monster Collegiate.

The height of the HR-2 is customizable, it boasts Westside hole spacing throughout, and the rack’s footprint is 49 inches x 48 inches. As far as the quality and options for the price, you cannot beat the Rogue HR The professional quality and look Rogue is known for is just as present in this rack as its others. If you’re wanting to spend less than $1,, but still want a high-quality half-rack, then this is the one I recommend.

The Best Squat Stand: Rogue SML-2 Squat Stand

Top Pick
Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand
Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand

Now available in a wide spectrum of custom colors, the SML-2C Monster Lite Squat Stand delivers much of the strength and versatility of a power rack in an efficient, compact frame. Featuring 3x3" gauge steel uprights, an adjustable fat/skinny pull-up bar, and " holes in the Westside spacing pattern, it's an affordable hybrid of Rogue's S-2 and Monster SM-2 squat stands.The American-made SML-2C is equally equipped for squats, bench, pull-ups, clean pulls, floor press, and more, with a bolt-together, triangle-plate base designed for maximum stability. For these exclusive colorized racks, we've also introduced a new MG Satin Black finish on the base, along with black zinc hardware throughout.


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Good for: A high quality, free-standing squat rack under $

My Favorite Things:

  • Can easily hold more upward of pounds
  • Doesn’t need to be bolted
  • Works with Monster Lite accessories
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Priced under $

My Callouts:

  • Safety spotter arms cost extra
  • Monster Lite accessories can get expensive
  • Bolting or weighing down stand is necessary for kipping pull-ups

The Rogue SML-2 Squat Stand is the best value and the best quality squat stand on the market. Period. More than five years after purchasing, and using it since Day One, this still looks and feels brand new. In fact, it was the first squat rack I ever had and one of the first reviews I ever published. Many equipment reviews can only speak to features and initial quality, but this review comes from long-term experience.

If you are looking for a stand with great accessories, high-quality manufacturing, and that takes up a small amount of space then the SML-2 could be a great fit for you. Starting out at under $, this is a great budget alternative to the power racks and half racks that seem to be dominating the market. It can be used for CrossFit movements like kipping pull-ups rather easily if you weigh down the bottom frame.

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I’ve loaded upwards of pounds on the SML-2 without any issues. It is made from 3” x 3” gauge steel, which means it is top-of-the-line quality when it comes to squat stands. It is equipped for numerous exercises including squats (of course), bench press, pullups, and more. With a inch x inch footprint, it can fit virtually anywhere.

The “Monster Lite” accessories produced by Rogue are almost universally accepted by the SML-2 making it quite versatile and the different height levels and portability make it one of the most customizable squat stands out there. On top of that, you will find westside hole spacing through the bench area and 2-inch spacing everywhere else making it easy to choose the correct level for your lift.

See my full Rogue SML-2 Squat Rack review.

The Best Squat Rack for Small Spaces: PRx Performance Profile Rack

Top Pick
PRx Profile Squat Rack
PRx Profile Squat Rack

Our patented wall-mounted folding Profile® Squat Rack with Kipping Barâ„¢ is the most convenient space-saving rack to hit the market today. The addition of the 42" PRx Kipping Bar to our standard Profile Squat Rack allows for kipping movements including bar muscle-ups and toes-to-bar. You can have the garage or home gym you've always wanted, but didn't think you had the space.Easily transform any garage, home, or small commercial space into a multi-functioning gym while sacrificing just 4"of wall space when not in use. All hardware for installation is included, which means no unexpected trips to the hardware store!Made in the USA! (Fargo, actually)Perfect for cross-functional fitness athletes, Olympic Weights, MMA, and anyone looking to Lift BIG in Small Spaces and stay fit.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION(2) 2x3 11 gauge steel uprights (7'6")42" Steel Kipping Barâ„¢gives you more than 3 full feet of clearance from the wall2x3 J-CupsPlastic foot plates to protect your floor(4) lb gas shocksWall Brackets (racks are 52" wide on the outside dimension)Mounting HardwareColor: BlackWeight Capacity: + lbsPatentedMade in the USARack folds out to stand 24" from wall when down and ready to usePull up bar height: 7'5" (bar may be moved to lower position if needed)Wall Brackets mount to 16" or 24" on center studs. If studs are unevenly spaced, a ledger board is requiredCEILING HEIGHT*90" Racks: We recommend 9' (") ceilings


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Good for: People seeking a very easy-to-use foldable squat rack

My Favorite Things:

  • Hydraulic system folds rack
  • Incredibly easy and convenient to use in a garage
  • Durable at upward of pounds
  • Option to add a kipping pull-up bar

My Callouts:

  • Priced around $
  • Uses 2-inch x 3-inch steel
  • 3&#;3 steel available on upgraded product

A fold-away rack is only worth having if you actually fold it away. Unfortunately, due to the number of adjustments required, most fold-away racks never actually get &#;folded away.&#; That is not the case with our top pick. The PRx Performance Profile Rack is by far the best fold-away rack on the market.

This is the most convenient and easy-to-use fold-away squat rack I’ve tested. If you have the money, I definitely recommend it over some of the cheaper, swing-style racks. Featuring an easy-to-use fold-up design that is made possible by hydraulics, you&#;ll have no issue parking in the garage and still having a full-fledged garage gym.

After being on Shark Tank (and getting an offer), PRx Performance has taken off and created a myriad of other pieces of equipment, although the Profile Rack is by far my favorite. I suggest the Profile version for most due to the lower price point, although the Pro Version with 3-inch x 3-inch steel and laser-cut whole numbers is a joy to have if you have the money in your budget.

This rack’s stability, foldability, and overall usability make it an even better rack for most people seeking a collapsible rack. The price is a bit high at around $ Although the components used in the PRx Racks aren’t superior to those used by Rogue and others, what separates them is the patented fold-away system. No other rack on the market folds away as easily and simply as PRx Racks, and they’ve literally built their entire business on this element.

The PRx Racks have the option to come with no pull-up bar, a standard pull-up bar, or a kipping pull-up bar. I would definitely suggest the kipping pull-up bar for its versatility and height. And, despite the racks not being secured to the floor, they are incredibly stable.

I loaded up over pounds on the rack and it didn’t even budge during unracking and re-racking. The same goes for when the pull-up bar is used. Whether my dainty wife or pound friend is using it, they enjoy the same rock-solid experience.

Read my full and in-depth PRx Profile Squat Rack review.

(If the Profile Rack is a bit out of your price range, I suggest taking a look at the Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Wall Mount Rack.)

Best High End Power Rack: Sorinex XL Series Power Rack

Best High End Power Rack
Sorinex XL Rack
Sorinex XL Rack

The Sorinex XL Rack & Rig Series was designed out of necessity. An evolution from the first Basefit rig, which was the GENESIS of the modern CF “Rig” with modular pieces that are customizable to fit any space and application. All copies and other companies’ RIGS are based on this design. First modular, easily shippable, the designed rack that could be customized and fit almost any room or application. This changed the game, linking lifting with gymnastics movements, PT, and accessory lifts. This allowed large groups to more easily run barbell circuits, pull-ups etc. Prior to this, CF’ers had a custom welded pull up rig, which did not have holes in the uprights for barbells movements (and the uprights were placed too far apart, 8 ft). Massive wastes of space and money, that was often unmovable if they wanted to adjust the room or move to a different space. People would wall mount chin bars, and use squat stands piled in the corner. Bumpers were stacked against the wall. Dip stands were separate. Basefit changed all of that. For the BaseFit Rig (2″ x 2″) – it gave the CF’er the option to start small in their garage, and grow/reuse their equipment into a business, larger business etc with no loss of hard resources. Military use was also a part of the design, to offer a deployable rack solution that the soldiers downrange did not have to leave once they left, and they could customize however they wanted, break it apart, add to it etc and get strong anywhere in the world. Both designs were at Sorinex HQ at Summerstrong 1 () and the Basefit Rig was first shown in mass to the public at the CF Games (2) in Aromis, California at Dave Castro’s family ranch. We actually had that first Basefit Rig powder coated black texture, tan and heat resistant OD green on that first order. Years later, the XL Series was born. Rest assured, with your purchase of an XL Series Rack or Rig, you are investing in your future. You are investing with the innovators and developers of fitness/strength training with racks and rigs as we know it. Features First 4-Way Hole Design Unlimited Bolt Design 3″ x 3″ Rack Sides 11 Gauge Steel 1″ Bolt Fasteners Custom Logo Options


Shop deal

Good for: The money-is-no-object crowd

My Favorite Things:

  • Exudes high quality
  • Endless accessory and attachment options
  • Amazing customer service
  • Large footprint at 47” x ” x 71”

My Callouts:

  • Shipping costs are expensive
  • Custom-made means shipping takes longer
  • Costs nearly $3,

If you have been around the weightlifting equipment game for any period of time then you know the Sorinex brand. Sorinex has supplied the Navy Seals, Denver Broncos, Oregon Ducks, and Los Angeles Lakers among others, and has become the premier name in high-end and incredible university weight rooms. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a bargain, look somewhere else, but if you are looking for a top-of-the-line power rack, you have found it in the Sorinex XL, which clocks in at just under $3,

The standard dimensions of the Sorinex XL are 47 inches wide, inches tall, and 71 inches deep. While these dimensions are fully customizable, they also work for most garage gym needs. It’s not too tall to fit under the ceiling (see our review of the Sorinex BaseCamp for that), and the width and depth give it the perfect footprint for not taking over the room but still providing adequate lifting space.

As far as accessories and attachments go, Sorinex is right in line with the Rogue RM-6 and slightly better than the Rep PR With cable systems, lat pull attachment, chin-up bars, bar supports, and anything else you can think of for a squat cage, Sorinex offers you the ability to do almost any exercise you want.

Sorinex is a smaller company than the ones previously mentioned, and that can have both its negatives and positives. The first negative is that shipping is often more expensive and takes longer than large companies like Rogue. It’s a simple matter of bulk shipping and discounts and increased capacity for a larger manufacturer.

On the flip side of that, Sorinex has incredible customer service and long year-warranty follow-up. It is the same principle that applies to retail stores like Walmart compared with family-owned businesses. You may get a better price and have more options, but you will never get the customer interaction and service that is found in companies like Sorinex.

In the case of the Sorinex XL, the quality of construction and versatility of the machine makes it worth every cent, if you can afford it.

Read my full Sorinex XL Rack review.

Best Affordable Power Rack: ForceUSA MyRack Modular Power Rack

Best Affordable Power Rack
Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack
Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

The Force USA MyRack is the most versatile power rack ever designed and can either be used freestanding* or when bolted-in to the floor to perform squats, bench presses, overhead presses, deadlifts, and more. Whether you train weightlifting, powerlifting, Crossfit®, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics or just want to build muscle or burn fat, the MyRack is % customizable so you can take your workout to the next level. Start with the bulletproof MyRack base unit forged with precision welded, laser cut 12 gauge steel. The MyRack features westside spacing with 54 different numbered adjustment points to perfectly position any size user for bench press, squats and more. The lower bench level heights have 1-inch spacing while the squat height levels have 2-inch spacing. Next customize your MyRack with 20 different optional attachments including chin-up bars, pull-up bars, dip handles, landmine rows, lat-pulldowns, J-hooks, safeties, cable crossovers, and even a monolift attachment to unlock 's of different configurations! Complete your power rack system with the versatile MyBench. Each MyBench features flat, incline and decline settings and comes complete with removable preacher curl attachment and separate leg developer. The MyRack has been engineered and tested to meet our rigorous safety standards and weight ratings. So you’re guaranteed the safest, highest quality power rack available. And, we stand behind every MyRack Power Rack we sell with our ironclad lifetime structural warranty. BASE RACK SPECIFICATIONS: Laser cut steel construction Height – 87″ Width – 47″ Depth – 55″ Interior Depth – 29" Extra-sturdy Steel Construction 12 GA Steel Uprights Westside spacing 54 adjustment points front and back 5/8" accessory holes " x " uprights Freestanding and bolt-in options Lifetime structural warranty Product Weight – lbs. Arrives in 3 separate boxes


Shop deal

Good for: Those on a budget who want a sturdy, safe power rack

My Favorite Things:

  • Priced under $
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Highly customizable
  • 20 attachment options
  • Weight capacity of 2, pounds

My Callouts:

  • All attachments sold separately (so you get what you pay for)
  • Bolting to the ground isn’t necessary (but I recommend it!)
  • Uses gauge steel, which isn’t quite as strong as other racks

The Force USA MyRack is not only one of the most customizable power racks on the market, but it&#;s also one of the most feature-filled for those looking for budget home gym equipment, but who still want a safe rack. I or one of my friends used this rack almost daily for more than a year. Despite the abuse that&#;s been placed on the rack and its many accessories (I tested all of them), it still performs as it did the first day I unboxed and assembled it.

When looking for a budget power rack, there are many options available. However, what you&#;ll find is that most have a low weight capacity, use too thin of steel, lack accessory options, and are frankly, a bit unsafe to use. Seriously, there aren&#;t many racks on the planet that can compete with the number of accessories the MyRack has, and for the price, the rack excels.

The MyRack excels in that it combines many budget-friendly features like thinner steel and painted-on-hole numbers with higher-end accessories. This provides a rack that should not only last but is enjoyable for even the strongest who train at their home. And, most importantly, you should feel safe while using it.

In use, the MyRack is sturdier than expected. Thanks to the lower and upper braces, the MyRack sways very little side to side when racking and re-racking weight. Although it would definitely benefit from being bolted to the floor (as all racks would) it isn&#;t completely necessary. You can purchase optional plate holders for rather cheap to weigh it down.

Read my full Force USA MyRack review.

(For another cheap power rack, check out the Titan T-2 Power Rack.)

Most Versatile Half Rack: Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack

Most Versatile Half Rack
Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack
Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack

Built with 90" uprights at the back of the unit and " uprights in the front, the Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack utilizes new angled crossmembers to produce a finished look at the top of the rack with added height in front for pull-ups. We've also included longer 30" front feet, which provide additional stabilization and allow athletes to perform band work without having to be inside the rack itself.The Monster Half Rack features the same 3x3" 11 Gauge Steel construction and 1" hardware as our standard Monster power racks, and it's available here in two formats, each designed with the space efficiency needs of a high school or college training facility in mind.Single Monster Half Rack: Compact unit for individual athlete use. 24" inside depth. 62" x 53" footprint. Includes (1) optional pull-up bar, (4) band pegs, (8) plate storage posts, (1) laser-cut Rogue nameplate in red.Double Monster Half Rack: 2-in-1 unit with connected, back-to-back Half Racks and storage in the middle. Allows two athletes to train at the same time. 24" inside depth on both sides. " x 53" total footprint. Includes (2) optional pull-up bars, (8) band pegs, (8) plate storage posts, (1) laser-cut Rogue nameplate in red.Both versions of the Monster Collegiate Half Rack are made in the USA and finished in our MG Black Powdercoat. They're also compatible with a wide range of Monster Series add-ons and accessories. From pull-up bar style to J-cup type, you can customize your Monster Half Rack by comparing the options below and making your selections from the dropdown order menu.


Shop deal

Good for: People who have the money for an incredibly user-friendly half rack

My Favorite Things:

  • Sold as a double or single rack
  • Compatible with Monster attachments and accessories
  • Rated for 1, pounds
  • 3-in x 3-in gauge steel
  • Powder coat black finish

My Callouts:

  • Can cost upward of $1,, depending on accessories
  • Spotter arms sold separately
  • No Westside hold spacing

The Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack is the Cadillac of half-squat racks. If you can spend around $1, (or more depending on options and accessories) and are planning to use your half-rack on a consistent basis, then you should stop shopping and researching right now and purchase this rack. This half-rack can be used with almost any of the Rogue Monster accessories, making this the most versatile and customizable half rack on the market by far.

Made with 3-inch by 3-inch gauge steel and powder-coated black finish, the quality is top-notch and allows a rating of 1, pounds. It can be purchased as a double or single station half rack and comes with a pull-up bar that can be upgraded at purchase, four Monster band pegs, eight Monster plate storage pins, and two standard Monster J-cups that can also be upgraded to sandwich cups.

The Monster spotter arms are available for separate purchase, and I highly recommend you add them to the rack for safety when lifting alone (I’m tired of seeing people get hurt due to a lack of precaution.) Also, this rack doesn’t include Westside hole spacing (no racks with this large of hole spacing have it).

The Rogue Monster, with a footprint of 62 inches x 53 inches, is the perfect size for most garage gyms. It makes great use of its space with the plate storage pins and inch front feet for stability and band work. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t have to be bolted down so it can be moved when needed. As a double rack, it can be an even better space saver if you are purchasing for multiple users.

Anyone who’s purchased a Rogue product in the past understands the quality and peace of mind offered by the company. The Monster Collegiate Half Rack has the same quality and many of the same available accessories as any power rack on the market. Granted, I don’t think most people should purchase a rack this expensive, as it’s simply more than what most need, however, if you have the money, you won’t regret walking into your garage and seeing this rack staring back at you.

Best Squat Stand for the Money: Fringe Sport Garage Series Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

Best Squat Stand for the Money
FringeSport Garage Series Squat Cage
FringeSport Garage Series Squat Cage

You'll never feel like just rat in a cage with our Garage Series power rack. In fact, you might feel like you've walked into the Thunderdome instead and that your barbell has become an oversized war hammer. This freestanding power rack boasts our trademark durability, ruggedness and sturdiness. Once you step inside this power rack moonlighting as a construction elevator, you'll give yourself a lift, and go right to the top of your game.Comes equipped with 2 welded plate sleeves for added stability.Includes pair of J-cups and pin/pipe safetiesTwo different diameter pullup bars - one standard " and one "fat" 2" diameter.The footprint on this cage is roughly 4ft by 4ft - great for smaller spaces.Our solid Garage Series power rack serves functional fitness users, lifters and builders equally well with a small footprint (47 1/2" L x 53" W). With its small footprint, this power rack will work well in compact spaces.


Shop deal

Good for: Those looking for a basic squat rack at an extremely affordable price

My Favorite Things:

  • Priced under $
  • Accessories more affordable than those from other brands
  • Free shipping
  • Comes with a pull-up bar
  • Great customer service

My Callouts:

  • 2-in x 3-in gauge steel
  • Spotter arms sold separately
  • One-year warranty

The Fringe Sports Garage Series Squat Rack is a cheaper, more basic squat stand than our other picks, but it works. Coming in at about $ and with considerably cheaper accessories, this is the ideal stand for the budget-minded trainee.

Add to that the free shipping that is consistently offered at Fringe Sport, and you have a great bargain. (Also, Fringe Sports&#; customer service is exceptional. Shoot them an email after your order and tell them Coop sent you and they’ll likely throw in a free banner.)

Now that you have heard about the terrific price, you are probably wondering about safety and quality. The Fringe Sport is made with 2-inch x 3-inch gauge steel which, though lower quality than the previously mentioned stands, is more than enough strength for virtually any garage gym (if you’re a powerlifter, I wouldn’t suggest a squat stand anyway).

It comes with a pull-up bar, and dip horns and spotter&#;s arms can be bought separately. I suggest both, and if you’re going to bench, please do not do so without spotters’ arms. The main thing that you want to be aware of when looking at more budget-friendly exercise equipment is the safety factor. If you spend less money, does the quality of the equipment go down so far that it is no longer worth the purchase? In the case of the FringeSport Squat Rack, the answer is no. There are available spotter arms, J-cups, high-quality steel, and sturdy construction that make this not only a budget-friendly rack but also a safe one.

(Another cheap squat stand is the Cap Barbell stand on Amazon; I’ve used it and tested it, but I’m not crazy about its limited weight capacity and overall construction.)

Best Budget Folding Power Rack: Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack

Best Budget Folding Power Rack
Titan T-3 Fold Back Wall-Mounted Squat Rack
Titan T-3 Fold Back Wall-Mounted Squat Rack

The Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack is ideal for anyone with limited space! Start bench pressing, squatting, pull ups, and other creative exercises within minutes after attaching the rack to your wall. Now includes our version 2 uprights featuring 6" side hole spacing throughout the entire uprights to add more T-3 accessories and versatility to your rack!The Titan T-3 Series Power Racks use 2" x 3" 11 gauge steel tubes with a 2" diameter pull up bar. Our pin and hinge system allows you to quickly remove the pull up bar and simply fold the rack up against the wall. Features: - Now includes our version 2 uprights featuring 6" side hole spacing.- T-3 Series Folding Power Racks use 2" x 3" 11 gauge steel tubes with a 2" diameter pull up bar.- Folds flats against wall to conserve as much space as possible. - Laser cut for a precise fit and a heavy powder coat for a durable finish.- 4 J-Hooks included!Specifications:- Material: 2" x 3" 11 Gauge steel. - Rackable Capacity: 1, LB. - Height: 82"- Width: 50"- Depth: 41"- Weight: LB


Shop deal

Good for: People in small spaces looking for an affordable power rack

My Favorite Things:

  • Priced under $
  • Free shipping
  • Two heights to choose from
  • Folded, it only takes up 5 inches of space from the wall
  • Westside hole spacing

My Callouts:

  • One-year warranty
  • Customer service isn’t the greatest
  • Although shipping is free, it is sometimes problematic

The Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack is a well-liked squat rack in the community. It uses the same steel and hardware as Titan’s other great racks, but this adds in the ability to fold the rack away when not in use. This type of rack has become extremely popular and for good reason: it simply works extremely well and can be done at a good price point.

RELATED: Titan Fitness T-3 vs. Rogue Fitness R-3 Power Rack

The T-3 Folding Rack from Titan is the best-priced fold-away rack currently on the market. They aren’t the only company making this style of rack, in fact, there are others that likely have the same rack made in the same factory as Titan (see the FringeSport Retractable Power Rack as an example).

Although I’m a fan of American manufacturing and have had issues with Titan’s shipping and customer service in the past, it’s hard to not be enticed by the price. The T-3 Folding Rack will get the job done if you’re on a budget, no doubt.

Benefits of Using a Squat Rack

Squats are one of the best exercises you can do for overall strength and power building. A dumbbell squat is great, but a barbell squat and other barbell exercises can be even better. However, a squat rack is used for much more than simply squats. And there are a number of reasons to consider buying a squat rack:


Above all, my favorite thing about quality squat racks is that they help make exercise safe. When lifters are moving hundreds of pounds, whether they are new or veterans, it’s imperative to be safe. Doing bench press or squats alone could leave you in a bad spot if you fail a lift. A squat rack with safety bars keeps the weight from crushing you – literally.


It’s called a squat rack, but you can perform a large number of exercises just with the uprights and J-hooks: front squats, back squats, overhead squats, overhead presses, bench press, weighted good mornings, just to name a few.

However, some of the top squat racks on the market have a large number of attachments to add even more exercises. There are dip bars, cable attachments, land mines, lat pulldown add-ons, pulley systems, and more. Your power rack could essentially be a complete home gym if you are willing to spend the money.


For nearly every human being, there is a setting on most squat racks that should work for you. The holes in the uprights house the J-hooks, which are adjustable for your height. Therefore, you can put your Olympic barbell at whatever height you need. Some squat racks actually have uprights that feature adjustable heights, though these aren’t typically as sturdy.


Let’s face it: You’re looking at buying a squat rack because you want to get stronger. You can safely add more weight to the bar when it’s racked because of common sense. If you have to pull a bar off the floor, clean it to your shoulders and then put it on your back, you won’t be able to have as much on the bar as if you have to simply take it off the rack.

Considerations for Buying a Squat Rack

Some of the best power racks can cost in the thousands-of-dollars range. So spend your money wisely by factoring in the following:


Do you need a power rack (which is like a cage), a half rack, a squat stand, or a rack that folds? Each style has its benefits.

Power Rack

For most people, the best squat rack type I suggest is the power rack, thanks to its availability, versatility, and most importantly, its inherent safety features. The power rack, also known as the power cage, is our most often recommended squat rack. It sort of looks like a big box you stand inside when lifting the barbell. But those four posts make it the safest option, as well as giving it the most versatility.

Half Rack

A half rack is essential, as the name suggests, half a power rack. Despite the half-rack being less safe than a full power rack, it&#;s still extremely popular due to its open nature, lower price, and space-saving ability. Also, the half-rack still has a higher level of safety than, say, a squat stand. I&#;ve used and tested many different half racks at all different price points.

Squat Stand

Squat stands are free-standing squat racks that don’t necessarily need to be bolted to a wall or the floor (though in some cases, it may be recommended).

Although squat stands have been around for a while, in recent years they&#;ve begun getting quite popular thanks to their increased instability and addition of a pull-up bar. There are many squat stands available, but we&#;ve found this particular product category to be fraught with ultra-cheap products that are unsafe and not enjoyable to use.

Fold-Away Squat Racks

Fold-away squat racks are a newer type of squat rack that has cropped up due to the large number of people starting garage gyms. In most cases, they&#;re as sturdy, if not sturdier than power racks. Although they often only have two posts, they have a lot of customization options available and there&#;s a variety of different ways that the rack fold-away. All of this said the most legitimate reason to have a fold-away rack is that you want to park your car in the garage.

Weight Capacity

Look, most of us are only going to have a few hundred pounds on the rack at one time. And most racks are weighted for + pounds. But, if you’re superhuman, you can find racks out there that are weighted for upwards of 1, to 2, pounds. Also, if you do lift heavy, even if you don’t lift THAT heavy, you might like the peace of mind knowing that the rack won’t wobble when you’re unracking or re-racking the weight.

Safety Features

I think I’ve said safety about a billion times already in this article. But I’ll say it again: SAFETY. If a rack doesn’t come with an option for safety bars, pins, or straps of some sort, I have to question its safety. And your sanity.

Injuries are avoidable if you use the safety features, so take advantage of them! Most racks will charge you extra for the safety mechanisms, but I’m willing to bet that they are far cheaper than a hospital bill for a mistake made during bench pressing.


Racks can be just a few hundred dollars or upward of $2, You can easily find budget options, but keep in mind that something incredibly affordable is also probably not the highest quality. I don’t recommend many racks for under $ for that reason.

And, of course, the price of your rack will go up with the more attachments you want to add to it. Many racks can multi-function as a home gym once you start putting the add-ons in your cart. I recommend setting a budget ahead of time before getting lost in the accessories.

Footprint and Portability

Power racks tend to take up a considerable amount of space, both on the floor as well as floor-to-ceiling. Your typical power rack – which is like a cage, for lack of a better description – will be around 4 feet by 4 feet. That’s 16 square feet of real estate on your garage floor. Half racks and squat stands will take up even less room, and a foldable rack will literally fold into your wall.

Also, consider that the bigger racks should be either mounted to the wall or bolted to the floor, so those aren’t moving at all. If you have a platform for deadlifts or the Olympic lifts, you may want to position the rack in conjunction with the wood. A squat stand, however, might be more portable.


In the world of heavy-duty squat racks, gauge steel is pretty much the standard. Now, that’s a heck of a lot stronger than most of us really need from the metal on a squat stand, but your best racks are going to use it. You can still have a perfectly good rack that uses gauge or higher (which is actually lower-grade steel). But if you’re looking at durability, gauge is a good place to starting place for heavy-duty steel.

There are some other specifics to get into, like the hole spacing. Industry-standard is Westside hole spacing, which means that near the bottom of the rack, the holes are closer together (25mm) and near the top of the rack, the holes are spaced about 50mm apart.

Also consider that some racks have the holes numbered, either through etching in the steel or with stickers. This is incredibly convenient when it comes to placing the J-hooks for squats or bench, as well as placing safety pins or other attachments.


The list here is pretty endless, but I’ll give it a shot. Most notable brands offer racks that come with attachments so your rack doubles as, well, just about anything else. You can find attachments or add-ons for:

  • Dip stations
  • Cable attachments
  • Landmines
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Flywheels (yes, flywheels)
  • Various pull-up bars, like multi-grip pull-up bars
  • Band pegs
  • Utility seats
  • Gymnastics rings


If you’re using a barbell, you’re using weight plates. Maybe even bands and chains and all the fun extras that add variety in your strength training. Some rack stands come with weight storage options, both for plates and your barbells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a squat rack worth it?

If you’re powerlifting, weightlifting, or just straight-up want to move some weights, then yes, a rack is worth it. It offers safety, versatility, functionality, and straight-up allows you to lift some major pounds. As I always say, however, it only works if you use it, and it’s definitely only worth it if you plan on using it.

What is the best squat rack for home?

The best squat rack is the one you use. I love the REP Fitness and Rogue rack options more than most. Titan Fitness offers some great products at a cheaper price, but they aren’t the quality of Rogue or REP.

How much should I spend on a squat rack?

This is very much a personal preference. Some choose to buy $1, racks while others make their own. The biggest suggestion I can give is to buy the best you can afford. A squat rack is, by nature, a long-lasting piece of equipment, and it offers a lot of functionality.

Ideally, you&#;d be able to buy a squat rack and never have to upgrade, unless you wanted to. So, buy what you can afford, and don&#;t forget that a squat rack alone will not make you stronger, using it will.

Rogue Fitness vs Titan Fitness?

I get asked to make this comparison quite a bit. I certainly prefer the quality, customer service, resale value, and overall build that comes with Rogue fitness equipment. However, Titan is much cheaper in most instances and as such is a popular option. In my opinion, I think Rogue is superior. Titan is honestly good enough for most people.

If a squat rack is cheap, does that mean it&#;s unsafe?

Not necessarily. Racks have been getting cheaper and cheaper over the years due to the number of buyers. These more affordable racks still have a steel frame, and many still come with the attachments I like, like safety catches and pull-up bars.

A cheap rack does not automatically equate to it being an unsafe or &#;bad&#; rack. However, in most cases, the more you spend, the safer and &#;better&#; a rack will be.

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After testing dozens of sandbags from top brands includingRogue,REP Fitness,Onnit,Brute Force, and more, I’ve come to realize what makes a good sandbag and what, quite frankly, makes for a lousy one. Once I got my hands on the Hyperwear Sandbell PRO, I realized what I was holding wasn’t like any other sandbag I’d used before.RELATED: Read My Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite Weighted Vest ReviewWhy You Should Trust Us I spent a lot of time with the Hyperwear Sandbell PRO. I chucked it, slammed it, dropped it, dragged it, and did essentially anything you could think to do with a sandbag. I used it for squats, deadlifts, presses, crawls, throws, lunges, and more. Between my use of the product and my expertise in fitness equipment manufacturing and textiles, I can make a solid recommendation for who should buy the Hyperwear Sandbell PRO and who should choose a different product. Read more

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Amazon squat rack

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Rack Power Cage EXPIRED

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Amazon has Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Rack Power Cage for $. Shipping is free.

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About this product:
  • stars out of 5 overall based on + reviews on Amazon
  • Steel construction
  • Weighs lbs
  • 6 resistance band pins (3 per side)
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  • HEAVY DUTY FRAME: Constructed with premium quality steel construction, this power rack supports up to an incredible lb max weight capacity barbell.
  • ANGLED PULL UP BAR: The pull up bar is adjustable and reversible with 8 different positions and angled for both wide and narrow grip pull ups.
  • SPOTTER ARMS: You will always have a spotter in the Power Zone with safety latches for ease of mind and safety assurance when squatting with heavier weights.
  • OLYMPIC PLATE STORAGE: With safety clips, organize weights on racks while adding extra stability when utilizing the machine. (Weights NOT included)
  • OLYMPIC BARS: Fits up to 7 ft. Olympic bars.
  • RESISTANCE BAND POSTS: 6 resistance band pins (3 per side) to increase versatility and add extra resistance to your lifts and squats.
  • NOTE: When using resistance bands, weight plate storage should be fully stacked to prevent tipping over.
  • Included Components: Squat Rack, User Manual, Tool, Hardware


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Home Gym Squat Rack From Amazon in 2500 and its worth it !

Best Squat Rack – Step-Up Your Gym Game

Best Squat Racks Buying Guide

Now that we have gone through the top 5 picks, it is time to discuss some technical details. Honestly, the market is currently flooding with hundreds of squat racks, but not all of them are the right pick for you. There are a lot of factors you need to consider according to your needs and preferences before making the purchase. Don’t worry, this easy peasy buying guide will help you identify those factors!

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Sqaut Rack?

If you are still not sure whether you need to buy the best squat rack or not, here are a few benefits to help you make up your mind. However, consider one thing: a squat rack is not only for performing squats but offers plenty of other uses as well. 


The one thing about these racks that we can blindly vouch for is their safety. Also, there is no denying that lifting hundreds of pounds can be a dangerous exercise, and that is where the best squat rack enters. Its safety bars offer added protection to minimize the risk of any accidents while performing squats and other exercises. 


As we briefly mentioned above, don’t let the name of the equipment fool you – it is much more versatile and multipurpose and not just for performing squats. You can perform several exercises with a squat rack like bench presses, overhead presses, front squats, overhead squats, back squats, simple weight lifting, and much more.

Moreover, if you get a squat rack with low and high pulley systems, you will be able to perform rows, leg exercises, ab exercises, and triceps extensions. In short, this equipment alone will become a complete home gym for you. The more you are willing to invest in it, the more you will get!


No matter what type of squat rack you buy; affordable or high-end, nearly all of them come with adjustability features to match the J-hooks with your height. That being said, you will surely get a comfortable, convenient, and customized workout experience with a squat rack.

Buying Considerations for the Best Squat Rack

Here are a few critical factors that you always need to keep in mind before buying the best squat rack in

Style and Type

Squat racks come in 4 different styles and types: a power rack, a folding rack, a half rack, and a squat stand. Each of these types has its own functionality and uses, and you just need to figure out which is best suited to your needs.

For instance, a power rack is a full-fledged home gym and the safest option, a half rack is a compact and budget-friendly option, a squat stand is a less safe option, and folding squat racks are for people short on space.

However, the power squat rack is the most popular, efficient, safest, and versatile compared to all the options.

Weight Capacity

The next important factor to consider is the weight capacity of the squat rack you are going to purchase. The weight limits of squat racks start from lbs and end at up to lbs or more, with obvious price variations in between. So, you need to figure out how much weight you are planning to lift, and then buy a model according to your requirement.

Protection Features

The thing you should never compromise on is your safety. Make sure the squat rack you are going to buy offers the required protection features like safety pins, bars, and straps. You will be able to avoid several possible injuries with the presence of these safety features. We know that these features will cost a bit more, but better than paying hospital bills, right?


The next thing you need to make sure of is that the build and construction of the squat rack you are going to buy are durable and strong enough to support the amount of weight you will place on it. Also, keep a close eye on the material it is made of to ensure it will last you a long time. 


We know that almost all the squat racks take a noticeable amount of space, except the folding ones. Still, it is better to look for options that are efficient in terms of portability, especially when you plan to move them around often. You should look for options that are easy to mount so that you can move them conveniently when needed.

Weight Storage Options

Some squat racks come with extra storage space to store weights and other gyming accessories you might need. Also, you can even store extra bands or chains in that space. This is a bit of an “extra” feature, so if you are not tight on budget, go for it!


As we said before, the more you will pay for a quality rack, the more additional features you get. But that doesn’t mean you can not find a good and efficient model at an affordable price. Squat racks start from as low as $ and go all the way up to a whopping $ If you are tight on budget, you can easily find an efficient model for $ But we don’t recommend buying anything cheaper than this.

Also, we have tried to cover all the price ranges in our list above, so you can rest assured that you will surely find the best one for your needs!

Final Note

Now that you have gone through our picks for the best squat rack, we hope you are fully ready to make your first purchase. These gym racks will be one of the most important investments of your life, so make sure to do it the right way. Just follow all the tips we have given above, and we promise that you will be able to find the best squat rack for your needs. Also, we have recommended all the products in our list after thorough research, so you can rest assured about their quality. No matter what you choose, make sure it is the best for you.

Squat Rack FAQs

Are squat racks worth buying?

If you are a hardcore weight lifter and love gyming and powerlifting, then yes the best squat rack is worth every dollar you spend. It is safe, efficient, and the most versatile weight lifting equipment that you will ever purchase for your home gym.

How much should you spend on a squat rack?

The answer to this question totally depends on your budget and requirements. If you are tight on budget, we would recommend you to spend at least $ to buy the best squat rack. On the other hand, if you have an open budget and are looking for something extravagant, $ - $ would be enough!

Are cheap squat racks unsafe?

Not really. The safety of the best squat rack doesn’t rely on its price but on its quality. Sometimes the most expensive of things can turn out to be low-quality. So, don’t let the price tags fool you – only focus on the build quality!

Sora Tanaka
Sora has always been a fitness guru, and loves to try different foods and drinks. She is fond of varying her workouts and believes everyone should participate in some sort of physical or mental activity at least three times per week! Ms. Tanaka is thrilled to bring her fitness and nutritional expertise to the Product Reviews Team, and promises to bring you nothing but the best of the best.
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Squat racks can be one of the most important pieces of fitness equipment in any gym. Ollieroo Multi-Function Barbell Rack Height Adjustable Dip Stand Gym Family Fitness Squat Rack Weight Lifting Bench Press Dipping Station Barbell Plate Rack, Height Range '' … out of 5 stars 6, Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin … After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Amazon's highest-rated squat rack comes with ten adjustable height differences and can take up to kg — slightly more than the standard options — with a stable steel structure. F2C Max Load Lbs Pair of Adjustable 40"" Rack Sturdy Steel Squat Barbell Free Benc… 2. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Arrives before Valentine's Day . FREE Delivery on your first order of items shipped by Amazon. Rogue SML 2c Squat Stand – Best Budget Squat Stand. CDN$ CDN$ Its walk-in space makes it ideal for … Amazon.fr: rack squat. Sans rack à squat, il va vous être très compliqué de placer cette barre sur vos épaules. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © , Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. What about half racks? Il est conçu par l'assemblage de deux modules power rack de base. Amazon.it: rack squat. C’est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez ! They don’t provide the safety of a true 4 post squat rack or power rack. Skip to main content.us. $ $ AED AED (Color : Yellow, Size : 58 * 88 * cm) CDN$ CDN$ . CDN$ shipping . It features a pair of quality stands to hold your barbell set while you do your squats or deadlifts. Fitness et Musculation Rack à squat Rack de développé couché pliable Lit d'haltérophilie à domicile Réglable Lit à haltères Portant kg Bancs de musculation ( Color : Black , Size : **cm ) 99 CDN$ … Rogue SML 2c Squat Stand – Best Budget Squat Stand. Avec un réglage en hauteur possible et une largeur compatible avec le placement d’un banc de musculation, il permet également de faire plusieurs types d’exercices. CDN$ CDN$ Son solide châssis en acier avec des montants de x cm calibre 11 lui confère une … What about half racks? Cart All. Strap in; it’s about to get academic in here. Squat rack d’occasion. Half racks are squat racks … out of 5 stars Chacun des deux racks comprends un solide châssis en acier, des … Great product and excellent service from SDE Online too. Amazon.fr: rack squat. £ coupon applied at checkout Save £ with voucher. This Adjustable Amazon Squat Rack or Power Rack can also double as a curl bar or EZ curl bar rack. Power racks can give you the same benefits but can also help you to diversify movements like … C’est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez ! Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar for Weightlifting and Power Lifting | Various Specialty Bars, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. out of 5 … Doeplex [ Upgrade Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Rack Exercise Stand - Pound C… Amazon's Choice for "squat rack" Yaheetech Adjustable Heavy Duty Squat Rack Stand Power Weight Bench Support for Curl Barbell Olympic Barbell Free-Press Bench Black. CAP Barbell Plate Rack, 1", Black. Qudodo Squat Rack Bench Press Multi-Function Barbell Rack Load Lbs Adjustable Height and Width Used for Gym/Home Gym Portable Squat Rack Height '''' Width 20'' … Description du produit « Double power rack » Pour les entraînements intensifs, seul ou en groupe. Get it by Tomorrow, February 2. More Buying Choices $ (5 used & new offers) UBOWAY Barbell Rack Squat Stand Adjustable Bench Press Rack LBS Max Load Multi-Function Weight … If you need a basic squat rack and want something sturdy, then this one will work great, and it doesn’t hurt that there are extra features that will help complete your all around home gym. Accélérez votre recherche . Profitez de notre sélection de cage à squat avec poulie Polyvalence d'exercices et sécurité. Description du produit « Power rack extensible » Avec une capacité de kilos, ce power rack est conçu pour recevoir les charges les plus lourdes. Accélérez votre recherche . Squat racks are very specific pieces of home gym equipment, and as such, we’re about to go in-depth about each of them, their benefits, the muscles they work, and why 90% of men are using them incorrectly and prolonging muscle growth and overall health stimulation. C’est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez ! Connectez-vous avec votre compte Amazon et essayez la commande Express. Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack – Best Budget Power Rack 3. Squat rack, pulley system, pull-up bar, weight plate pegs – you name it, the Valor Fitness rack has it. Le rack à squat est une version simplifiée de la cage à squat. arrow_forward_iosarrow_forward_ios Utilisez votre compte amazon. Mikolo Multi-Function Power Rack- Exercise Squat Stand Rack with J-Hooks, Dip Bar, Exercise Bands Attachment, and Other Accessories ( Version), Fitness Reality Multi-function, Adjustable Power Rack Squat Stand with J-Hooks, landmine, and weight storage attachment (), WUYISHAN [Ship from USA] Adjustable Barbell Rack Squat Stand, Heavy-Duty Dumbbell Racks Solid Steel Squat Stands, for Weight Lifting, Home Gym Fitness Workout, Max Load LBS, HOMIER Foldable/Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack, Squat/Push-ups/Home Gym, tonchean Barbell Rack Max Load Lbs Adjustable Gold's Gym GGBE XRS 20 Squat Rack, POROPL Adjustable Barbell Rack Squat Stand Sturdy Steel Holder Station Gym Weight Bench Press Max Load LBS for Home Gym, Body Champ BCB Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl, Leg Developer and Crunch Handle, Dark Gray/Black, Qazqa Pull-up Chin Up Bar, Power Tower Free Standing Dip Station, Multifunctional Horizontal Bar Weight Reduction Frame Bench Press Squat Rack, Home Gym Fitness Exercise Strenth Training Equipment, bridawn Barbell Pad for Squats Hip Thrusts Upgraded Bar Neck Pads Workout Foam Weightlifting Cushion Fits Standard Olympic Bars with a Carry Bag, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Dumbbell Squat Racks, Adjustable Squat Rack Multifunctional Household Power Cages Strength Training Pull-up Fitness Weight Lifting Cage. Utilizziamo cookie e altre tecnologie simili per migliorare la tua esperienza di acquisto, per fornire i nostri servizi, per capire come i nostri clienti li utilizzano in modo da poterli migliorare e per visualizzare annunci pubblicitari. K-Sport: Barbell rack up to kg, squat rack for barbell training, dumbbell rack for effective muscle training, squat stand, professional fitness equipment for home out of 5 stars 7 … You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Vous pouvez l’utiliser pour bien des exercices tout aussi fondamentaux que le squat. out of 5 stars 1, 87 … CDN$ 1, CDN$ 1, Trouvez Cage squat squat sur Leboncoin, eBay, Amazon et autres. Fitness Reality Multi-function, Adjustable Power Rack Squat Stand with J-Hooks, landmine, and weight storage attachment () Visit the Fitness Reality Store. The menu here includes all squat stands and racks currently available through Rogue, from our economy Echo Stand to the beefed up Monster Series stands. Selezione delle preferenze relative ai cookie. Amazon.it: Squat Rack. CDN$ CDN$ FREE Delivery. Squat stands and half racks have two upright posts rather than 2. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © , Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Strap in; it’s about to get academic in here. $ $ Fitness Reality Super Max Weight Bench. Ollieroo Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Rack. Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin … $ shipping . 0 @ Amazon" 29 Jan, pm. Fitness Reality XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down $ The Best Squat Rack FREE Delivery by Amazon. 98 CDN$ CDN$ Fitness Reality XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment and … RMLF Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack – Best Overall Power Rack 2. Dumbbell Squat Racks, Adjustable 42"" Barbell Rack Holder Sturdy Steel Squat Barbell Fr… This rack comes fully … Selezione delle preferenze relative ai cookie. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Amazon's highest-rated squat rack comes with ten adjustable height differences and can take up to kg — slightly more than the standard options — with a stable steel structure. Le rack à squat n’est ni plus ni moins qu’une cage à squat en version simplifiée, il s’agit ni plus ni moins de deux piliers verticaux servant à poser les barres en toute sécurité. Squat stands and half racks have two upright posts rather than 2. THE ULTIMATE BODY TRAINING: Yes4All Barbell Squat Rack is versatile and can be used to perform squats, bench presses, pull-ups and many more exercises, ideal for personal training and even a home gym HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made of solid steel material, our squat rack is capable of holding up to lbs of weight and will guarantee peak performance for a long time THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The rack h Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Feb 4. Trouvez Squat sur Leboncoin, eBay, Amazon et autres. Squat racks are very specific pieces of home gym equipment, and as such, we’re about to go in-depth about each of them, their benefits, the muscles they work, and why 90% of men are using them incorrectly and prolonging muscle growth and overall health stimulation. AED AED Trouvez Rack squat sur Leboncoin, eBay, Amazon et autres. out of 5 stars 1, … Amazon's Choice for "Squat Rack Stands" Yaheetech Adjustable Heavy Duty Squat Rack Stand Power Weight Bench Support for Curl Barbell Olympic Barbell Free-Press Bench Black. Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack … FREE Delivery on your first order of items shipped by Amazon. I'm pleased with the bench (see separate review) but I'm delighted with the squat rack! 0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package + Resistance Bands - Collapsible Resistance Bar, Handles - Full Body Workouts for Home, Travel or Outside, Ollieroo Multi-Function Barbell Rack Dip Stand Height Adjustable Barbell Stand Weight Lifting Rack Gym Family Fitness Squat Rack Weight Lifting Bench Press Dipping Station, wangjing Multifunctional Barbell Rack Adjustable Height Fitness Stand Gym Home Fitness Squat Rack Weightlifting Bench Press Impregnation Station.

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