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Alien memes erupt on Twitter after sonic boom in Bengaluru on World UFO Day

Today afternoon, residents of Bengaluru were surprised by loud sounds. The noise, according to reports, was heard in ISRO Layout, HSR Layout, Benson Town, Sarjapur, Ulsoor, south Bengaluru, east Bengaluru and JP Nagar areas of the city. The incident soon prompted people to take to Twitter to share all kinds of reactions. Amid all the posts, some shared alien memes as the world is celebrating UFO Day today. This day is celebrated every year on the second day of July.

“July 2 (Today) - World UFO Day and we heard sonic boom in namma Bengaluru this noon,” shared a Twitter user along with this GIF:

How can an alien-related meme list be complete without the mention of Jadoo from the film Koi … Mil Gaya:

Check out some more hilarious memes:

Last year in May a similar "sonic boom" was heard in some areas of the city. Later the defence ministry tweeted that it was caused by a routine IAF test flight outside of city limits.

Which of these memes made you laugh out loud?

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The Boom Box Post blog provides insights into the creative sound design process of Boom Box Post's owners and employees.

Character Design Through Foley

From its beginnings in 1920’s live broadcasts to “walking” with MIDI, Foley has always been a valuable form of character development, allowing viewers to learn more about a character through both visual and auditory cues. Whether we realize it or not, we can unconsciously assume more about a character by the sounds they make, as we did to first survive in the wilderness by detecting on-coming sounds as family or strangers. Foley artists can achieve unique footsteps that we learn to recognize in their own performances, but how have digital Foley techniques impacted character design? Boom Box Post’s Foley editor Carol Ma dives into the details of character design through digital Foley.


Is Pro Tools Ultimate Worth It?

In this blog series we will be surveying our Boom Box Post team on different audio tools and equipment in hopes to help you decide if the chosen products are worth it or not! Up first, Pro Tools Ultimate!


Designing A Telemetric Tone Row

When I hear telemetry, I’m reminded of the music of twentieth century Austrian composer, Arnold Schoenberg. He used a style called Serialism, which took a mathematical approach to developing melodies and rhythms and focused on atonality. He developed a technique called the tone row, which takes the twelve chromatic notes of a scale, and places them in a random sequence. The sequence is then manipulated by flipping it backwards and turning it upside-down. This develops into a chaotic composition with a melody that is difficult to follow, much like a typical telemetry loop in a sound library.


Lunch And Learn: Space Controller

Space Controller allows for a new way to pan sound sources instead of the traditional method of using knobs, joysticks, or a computer mouse. There is a separate app for mobile devices which allows the device to be used as a movement reader to pan the sounds according to the position of the device.


How To Design An Interdimensional Time Jump

From Back to the Future to Edge of Tomorrow, the concept and interpretation of “interdimensional time jumping” has been a key feature in sci-fi films and TV-shows. Such out-of-this-world story telling requires the support of creative and exciting sound design to immerse the viewer into the stretching of space. Read on to learn how Jessey builds a unique time jump sequence.


Audio Meme Battle!

Welcome to the battle of the memes! It is up to you, the readers, to vote a winner for your favorite audio post production related meme created by our Boom Box Post Team!


Sound Editing with Music in Mind

Before audio post-production was even a possibility, composers would incorporate the emotion and the action of what they saw on the screen into their musical scores. They played the role of sound FX editor and composer, with a technique referred to as “Mickey-Mousing” where the composer would exaggerate a character’s movements with specific orchestration and musical motives. Now that sound FX editors have taken this role in post-production, Mickey-Mousing is less common, so it’s key for sound FX editors to make cuts that work with the music in the overall mix for a film or tv-show. Here are some considerations and tips that our team shared on their approach to editing with music in mind.


L&L: Collaborating With Another Editor

Collaborating is a big part of our industry. Even in sound editorial, where we are usually by ourselves in a room when we work, we collaborate in projects with mixers, supervisors, Foley artists, and also share editorial with other sound designers/editors.

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Two Simple Workflow Shortcuts To Help Save Time!

We are all familiar with the saying, “You learn something new everyday!” Well, in hopes that we can all continue to learn and grow together, I would like to share with you a few super simple workflow “hacks” that had me questioning, “How did I not know this before!?”

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Using Localization Cues in Immersive Mixing

Whether you’re mixing for film in 5.1 surround or Dolby Atmos, it’s important to consider a key element of human auditory perception: localization. Localization is the process by which we identify the source of a sound. We may not realize it, but each time we sit down to watch a movie or TV-show, our brains are keeping track of where the sound elements are coming from or headed towards, like spaceships flying overhead, or an army of horses charging in the distance. It is part of the mixer’s role to blend the auditory environment of a show so that listeners can accurately process the location of sounds without distraction or confusion. Here are some psycho-acoustical cues to consider when mixing spatial audio.


Making A Magical Artifact - Centaurworld Edition

We are so excited to showcase our latest work in the new Netflix animated TV show, Centaurworld! In honor of the shows release, we asked one of our sound editors to dive into some of the magical sound elements she created for the show. Get ready to learn about how Katie designed the “magical artifact” seen in the trailer and first episode of Centaurworld!


Introducing Boom Box Post Verdugo

I am extremely excited to announce that Boom Box Post has officially broken ground on a brand new facility. Boom Box Post Verdugo will be 6,000 sq ft of state of the art post production sound space. Collaboration is of the utmost importance to us and we are thrilled to be able to house our growing staff under one roof.


Introducing Zanne!

We have a new Office Manager/Assistant Editor at Boom Box Post! It is our pleasure to introduce you to Zanne!


L&L: Less is More: A Lesson in Avoiding Over-Cutting

Over-cutting in your SFX editorial is a really easy mistake to make, but one that can be a real headache for your mixer. Today we’ll go over a quick tip to help you avoid adding too much to your FX builds.

When searching your library for interesting layers to add to a build, it’s very tempting to add every sound you hear that you think is appropriate and cool. But this can lead to bloated builds that make mixing pretty tricky. This is especially true if this build continues in a scene for a while, or god forbid, needs to be cut to perspective.


BBP Reviews: What We've Been Streaming From Home!

Something that was adapted during work from home was how the Boom Box Post team discussed recent film and series binges. These discussions prior to quarantine typically took place around the lunch table, but now they have shifted to a designated watch and listen slack channel. I’d love to invite you into the discussion and highlight a few of the films/tv shows we have been streaming recently.

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Congratulations to the Boom Box Post Emmy Nominees!

We are very excited to announce that we were nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards this year! Many of our team members were part of these nominations, and we are ecstatic to share their good news with the world!


BBP Recent Releases!

With only a week left in June, we crossover the halfway point of 2021 and enter the second half of the year. So far in 2021 we have worked on a handful of amazing new projects, all of which we are extremely proud of and excited to share with you.


L&L: A Crash Course In Toon Sound Design

From giant mecha robot fights, to ancient black magic or car chase sequences, the types of projects we work on as sound designers come in all different shapes and sizes. Animation particularly as a medium continues to surprise me, and you never know what to expect when you open up a new episode for the first time.

Through all of the genres, styles, and stories that we get thrown our way, one of the things I see editors consistently have a difficult time with is, you guessed it…TOON! I know that may seem surprising, and that on the surface the concept of “toon” might appear basic or juvenile. But the reality is toon is a tricky beast that can be tough to master. Whether it’s a toony series, toony sequence, or the occasional comedic accent, I want you to be ready if you ever find yourself working in the world of toon. So for this blog post, I decided to give a crash course on “The Art of Toon.”


Recording Challenge: WFH Sound Quiz

Quiz time!!! Don’t worry…there’s no need to stress out about it. We haven’t done a sound quiz in awhile and we know how much you guys love these so we figured why not!? If you haven’t checked out any of our sound quizzes thus far, we are putting some links at the bottom of this blog. Enjoy!


Designing a Balloon Nightmare!

It isn’t close to being Halloween yet, but there’s never a bad time for something SCARY! This blog has some very exciting sound design by one of our sound editor’s, Lalo. We hope you enjoy its creepiness as much as we do. Check out this scary balloon nightmare below!


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Boom Goes The Dynamite | Know Your Meme Classics

Goes to Dynamite is a story of a young Ball State freshman who took a job filling in for the regular sportscaster on his campus news and earn himself a place in internet meme history. Nineteen-year-old Brian Collins was a communications major who volunteered to fill in with the usual sports anchor from Ball State's news link at nine cancelled. The Nets won the last Sunday's match up ninety-four to eighty-five which left the Pacers one game behind the Chicago in the seventh series spot. Let's check out the highlights. Brian the nice guy that he is volunteered to fill in having never actually done a sportscast before and while he started off good, eventually, things go tragically, humiliatingly wrong. It seems less weak player on, it seems every week that you have a player, he mumbles. Oh, no. Stumbles. The Indiana Pacers are looking for a measure of revenge tonight and seems about the words, I'm so sorry. And at one point, tries ever so hard to reclaim his confidence with a half-hearted delivery of the iconic catchphrase that would soon catapult this video into internet history. Later, he gets the rebound, passes it to the man, shoots it, and boom goes the dynamite. While undoubtedly mortifying at the time, Brian probably had no idea what was soon to come. Okay, great. Thanks a lot for that look in the sports, Brian. Yeah. The clip was posted to the controversial internet website, Ebomb's World and soon it was being passed around through email links and forms worldwide. But like all good stories, Brian Collin's mortifying experience caught the attention of the real-world media, cementing his certification as internet gold. Ladies and gentlemen, here's Brian Collins. Here he is, Brian Boom goes the Dynamite Collins. Hey, tell me where did the catchphrase come from? You know, college people like to have fun and things and one thing that we do is we have Mario Kart tournaments. Part of that is you create catchphrase. Later, he gets the rebound, passes it to the man, shoots it, and Boom goes to Dynamite. Meanwhile, the world caught on making Boom Goes the Dynamite a regular catchphrase. Boom goes a dynamite. Dynamite. Even Hollywood picked up on it with mentions on the television programs, Family Guy and Veronica Mars. Boom goes the Dynamite. Support came from everywhere including ESPN Sports Center anchor, Scott Van Pelt, who sent an email to Collins, reassuring him, if this is the worst thing that ever happens to you, life will be good. Van Pelt went on to adopt Boom Goes the Dynamite into his own repertoire. And Brian, well, he overcame his initial experience to become the Ball State News Link at nine weatherman. In the spring of 2,000 eight, Brian graduated from Ball State with his communications degree and moved to Waco, Texas where he now reports for ABC affiliate KXXV. In an interview about the experience, Brian once said, quote, the one thing I was proud of, I didn't just get up and walk out. I didn't die. I took it until the end. We should all be so strong cuz in the end, All Dynamite goes. Will be the game three at 3 PM Switching to Ball State Men's Tennis. It seems last week player on. It seems every week that you have a player, the Indiana Pacers are looking for a measure to revenge tonight and end up doing poorly. Oh no.

Boom Done: ALBUS: Got Dementors to  protect Hogwarts this year. They  suck souls out! Indiscriminately!  KIDS: ...  STAFF:.  ALBUS: I can't control them.  8/7/16, 8:45 AM  1,995 Retweets 3,593 Likes  HEALTH & SAFETY: What's in  there?  FOUNDER: Oh, that's the uh...  Chamber of... Safety.  BASILISK: Ssss...  H&S: What's that?  FOUNDER: Ssssafety  8/6/16, 2:43 PM  FILCH:  ALBUS: You look like the LAST  person I should let work with kids.  FILCH:  ALBUS: You can be in charge of  making sure they're in bed.  8/7/16, 1:11 PM  1,175 Retweets 2,171 Likes  SNAPE: You've raised Harry like a  pig for slaughter.  ALBUS: Honestly, I never had a  plan. It's a miracle he's still alive.  SNAPE:  ALBUS:  8/7/16, 2:39 PM  1,720 Retweets 2,748 Likes  OLLIVANDER: Voldemort did  great things. Terrible, but great!  HARRY:  HARRY:  HARRY: Feel like I'm the last  person you should say that shit to  8/9/16, 10:09 AM  1,544 Retweets 2,912 Likes  HAGRID: I WAS KICKED OUTTA  HOGWARTS AND I CANT DO  MAGIC BUT I GOT A BROLLY  AND A BIG SCARY SPIDER  ALBUS: You are so  fucking hired  right now.  8/18/16, 1:04 PM  1,201 Retweets 2,360 Likes  HAGRID: I GOT A DRAGON EGG  AND A CERBERUS AND A  MOTORBIKE-  ALBUS: Yes, YES, fuck this  school up.  8/18/16, 1:09 PM  982 Retweets 1,981 Likes  LUPIN: I'm a werewolf.  ALBUS: Hired. On the spot.  SNAPE: Headmaster, please-  ALBUS: All we need now is a  Frankenstein.  8/25/16, 3:15 PM  374 Retweets 821 Likes  ALBUS: We've had trouble with  Defence Against The Dark Arts  teachers  MAD-EYE: Day one - I teach em  all to kill. Boom. Done.  ALBUS: H-I-R-E-D  1/16/17, 1:35 PM  228 Retweets 513 Likes  PINTHEMALL.NET This seems like conversations I've been hearing on In Review. Can't wait to see how the rankings conclude (though I agree with Andy, Azkaban is the best)

This seems like conversations I've been hearing on In Review. Can't wait to see how the rankings conclude (though I agree with Andy, Azka...


Meme boom done

You tensed, slightly arched your back, suddenly screamed and, pressing my head with your hands, began to rhythmically move your hips along my mouth. I rise to your face, kiss your lips tenderly, at the same time I introduce my friend. Your pussy accepts it, but I stop, inserting only the head, and continue to play with your tongue. Gradually, I enter my penis all the way and stop again.

In exhaustion, you try to make forward movements towards him.

[Meme] •Boom...• -- Gacha Club --

Dima commanded, and quickly moved to the ass. It was evident that Misha was slightly taken aback. All the same, not many women take a member in their mouths. Who's been in their ass.

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Lenka sighed convulsively, it suddenly didnt hurt. Igor removed her hands from her buttocks, lay down on her with his whole body and fucked, whispering tender words. In his ear.

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