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TS!Underswap [Undertale Fangame] Free Download, also known as Underswap, is a fan game created to explain the ubiquitous AU, Underswap role swap. First developed in March 2016, the game retains its inherent appeal. However, the game was originally based on the classic Underswap, which causes the characters’ personalities to change when the characters are swapped. The creative team attempted to edit the effects and create a more comprehensive feature system for TS! Underswap players.

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Despite being an fan, TS!Underswap [Undertale Fangame]is completely unrelated to Undertale. The story in Underswap is about a human passing through the Underground with different searching purposes. Those are the game characters with a lot of different personalities and will be controlled by you. In that underground world, many challenges and obstacles are waiting for players. You need to solve puzzles, dodge encounters with the same mechanism as Deltarune or pass them safely to the final destination. Besides, a lot of new quests will appear throughout the game. All characters, quests, and locations that have been passed will be recorded.

The characters in TS!Underswap [Undertale Fangame] still retain their personalities and actions. That not only preserves each character’s original personality but also expands their role to a broader extent. Therefore, the processing phases in this Fan Game are completely different and new from traditional AU Undertale. Many differences bring many new and exciting experiences for you at Dr. Underswap. There will be a TS!Underswap [Undertale Fangame] Free Download version available at our website. Please look forward to joining the adventures of the underworld.

TS!Underswap [Undertale Fangame] Screenshots

By: Team Switched Official @teamswitched

Download TS!Underswap [Undertale Fangame]

Sours: https://fnaffangame.com/tsunderswap-undertale-fangame.html

... is an unofficial fan-game of Toby Fox's UNDERTALE, by made Team Switched (TS).

It is a re-imagining based on the premise of swapping character roles, and adding original content, to create new scenarios.

The official DEMO features the first area, Ruined Home! It's available for free on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

(Estimated playtime for first run: 1-3 hours.)

Website | Discord | Tumblr | Twitter | Reddit | YouTube | SoundCloud | Official Wiki

Explore a brand new world inspired by the works of Toby Fox.

  • A re-imagined Underground based on swapped seasonal representations, and expanded areas rich with original content.

Expanded gameplay mechanics, new features, and quality of life improvements both original and DELTARUNE-inspired.

  • A JOURNAL for keeping track of monsters encountered, side quests, and collectable items.

  • Brand new puzzle and mobility mechanics.

  • DELTARUNE-inspired overworld dodging and inventory quality of life additions.

  • Extra colored sprites options and trophies.

Battle monsters new and old, with re-imagined versions of returning enemies and bullet patterns.

  • Enemies can be nonviolently pacified through interaction, though you can still destroy your foes. The world will react depending on your choices.

  • Choose your own path, with emphasis on player choice and replayability.

Encounter a cast of returning characters in new roles, alongside completely original characters.

  • Heavy emphasis on attention to detail to provide fans of UNDERTALE with something familiar, yet brand new.

Features original artwork inspired by the visuals of UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE, while having its own identity.

An original soundtrack with remixes of familiar tracks, and brand new compositions.

In Memory of Offtopic.
You brought joy to so many people. Rest in peace, friend.

Cover art by SuperKirbylover

UNDERTALE © 2015 / DELTARUNE © 2018 by Toby Fox, Temmie Chang & Co.
Thank you for creating these wonderful games. You've inspired us to follow our passions and create something new.
Underswap AU by the community


Sours: https://gamejolt.com/games/tsunderswap/160094
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Video Game / TS!Underswap


Hello. Before you start your adventure, let me tell you a tale from long ago.

Howdy! My name is ASGORE DREEMURR.
I come through here every day to tend to the flowers.
However, today seems as if it will be an exception.
Rise, child. I shall guide you through these ancient halls.

Asgore to Chara

TS!Underswap, or Team Switched!Underswap, is a fangame of Undertalethat is currently under development by Team Switched. It's based on their own version of the extremely popular Role Swap AUknown as Underswap.

The most important swapped roles will include:

  • Frisk and Chara
  • Flowey and Temmie
  • Toriel and Asgore
  • Dummy and Mad Dummy
  • Napstablook and Mettaton
  • Sans and Papyrus
  • Undyne and Alphys
  • Monster Kid and Asriel

One major difference from vanilla Underswap is that TS!Underswap aims to swap the characters but not their personalities, along the same lines as fellow Undertale role swap fan projects Storyshift and Inverted Fate. Meant to be "a brand new experience for fans of UNDERTALE," TS!Underswap also tries to switch things up by using expanded and reimagined areas and introducing new characters and original plot elements. Something else to note is that there are four routes instead of three;

  • Neutral route
  • Pacifist route
  • Genocide route
  • Aborted Genocide / "Evacuation Neutral" route

The game started development in Game Maker: Studio in 2016, and swapped to Game Maker: Studio 2 in 2019. An official demo was released on December 23, 2020 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android for free. You can download the demo and follow the game's progress on Gamejolt here.

Team Switched announced that they currently plan to release a new demo featuring the next two areas once they're completed.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: All the monsters in Old Ruins love Asgore for helping them with their daily lives. When a monster attacks you when he's around, Asgore will simply say hello and tell them that he's in the middle of something with Chara, with said monster apologizing and going away.
  • Adaptational Badass: In Genocide, Asgore puts up a much better fight in the TS!Underswap demo than either Toriel or Asgore did against the player character in Undertale, despite both player characters being about the same LV. Especially impressive since he is physically older than his counterparts from passing his life-energy onto Asriel.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Asgore makes a genuine effort to kill Chara and stop them from killing his people in Genocide, whereas both Toriel and Asgore in Undertale's Genocide were mowed down in one hit without realizing how dangerous the player character was until it was too late.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The first area has more areas to explore compared to Undertale, including new puzzles and an entire new city. You can talk to way more monsters in the Ruined Home overworld, there as more minibosses for the area, and new features (like the journal you can keep notes about monsters in, and sidequests to earn extra gold) to dig into.
  • Adaptation Name Change: In the Demo, Mettaton is changed to Mettacrit, while Burgerpants is changed to Bugerpant.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Bugerpant. He's still quite cynical and he still resents his job as a Burger Fool, but he's a bit more optimistic than his Undertale counterpart and acts much calmer and more polite at his job. It's probably because he met Flara, who honestly cares about helping him with his problems.
  • Adorably Precocious Child: Chara. They have a dry and sometimes sassy running commentary, take notes in their journal on the monsters they encounter along with illustrating the monsters with crayon drawings, and their sprite has open eyes but a neutral expression like Frisk's, giving them an earnest, serious look at all times, even when sitting on a bench and childishly swinging their legs back and forth. It gets extra adorable if you equip the Cowboy Hat that Chara is under the impression makes them "look tough", since they wear it in the overworld too and make a point of carefully taking it off for naps and putting it back on when it gets knocked off their head.
  • Age Lift:
    • Asgore and Toriel are a downplayed example. Since Asriel is still alive, they've continued to age. Asgore now wears a pair of glasses for his worsening eyesight.
    • Asriel himself, since he missed the fate his Undertale counterpart met as a child. He is stated to now be a young adult.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Downplayed with Flowey in the demo because his motives in the game have yet to be revealed. It's made pretty clear he's still not a sweet and innocent flower even in this world, between him hinting that Chara will need to kill to survive, Temmie thinking he's put Chara up to their actions in Genocide and admitting to envying him as a rival in that ending, and in Neutral him not perturbed in the slightest if Chara betrayal-kills Asgore, still saying that Chara is like him and admitting to being no better than the Temmies sometimes. Still, he chases the Temmies off before they can gang up on Chara when he didn't need to, makes no move to attack Chara and take their SOUL himself, and instead is set up as an ally to them and an enemy to the Temmies for the full game. Since his ultimate goals are unknown, it's not clear if Flowey is biding his time playing a longer con on Chara than his Undertale counterpart pulled on Frisk, or if he will be a sort of morally lax ally leaving the active villainy up to the Temmies.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Whether it is the player or Frisk compelling Chara to leave Ruined Home. Since Chara and Frisk are swapped, it would make sense for Frisk to have more of a presence in Neutral and Pacifist like how Chara has more of a presence in Genocide, but statements from Team Switched indicates the player may be an In-Universe force and since we want to progress the game by leaving...
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Just like in the original Undertale, falling through the floor enough times during the "Don't step on the leaves" puzzles will have the whole floor turn solid.
    • When you reach the end of the puzzle gauntlet, there will be a door that takes you back to the beginning of Ruined Home. Reaching the City of Old will make another door available as well. These serve as a way to visit earlier areas without having to backtrack all the way through Ruined Home (especially since the bridge to the city gets broken).
    • The game actually bothers to tell you that you can slow down Chara's soul by holding X, making particularly dense bullet patterns easier to dodge. The fight with the Ruined Knights is meant to teach you this if you don't know it already.
  • Bedsheet Ghost: Mettacrit, since he is still in his original ghost monster body in this game. He still manages to stand out as flashy as ever with his pink-and-yellow coloring, styled hair, and floating gloves.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Asgore will not hesitate to kill you on a genocide run, and if you spare him and then try to enter his house, he'll angrily yell at you to Get Out!
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: One of the reveals from the demo. You thought just one sadistic, manipulative megalomaniac after your SOUL was bad? You remember how there's a whole village of Temmies in Undertale? Yeah, now you've got SEVEN evil little fuckers after you. Good luck!
  • Big Damn Heroes: Asgore accidentally saves you from Temmie when they try and kill you, forced to flee when they hear him coming, and when seven of them try to gang up on you, Flowey pops up to defuse the tension by threatening to call Asgore on them. In Genocide, the Temmie that didn't flee tries to kill both Chara and Flowey, only for the flower to effortlessly one-shot them with a pellet and knock them away.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Papyrus and Sans at the end of the demo's post-credits sequence, where Papyrus lampshades that people would've expected to encounter him instead of Sans (referencing how vanilla Underswap has Papyrus replace Sans in meeting the human first) and assuring fans that waiting for the full game to come out will be worth it.
  • But Thou Must!: Played for Horror when Chara is scared by how they are railroaded into asking how to leave Ruined Home when they just want to stay.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Possibly Chara. They can do some pretty odd ACTs with monsters (like Frisk), stack a glass of water and minimart items on top of their head instead of carrying them in their hands, and the Mad Dummy hears them mumbling their check of them if you choose to Check the Mad Dummy instead of saying goodbye in the tutorial, which could mean Chara is saying all their narration out loud under their breath.
  • Combination Attack: A new gameplay feature—certain enemies can perform special attacks if they're encountered in the same battle. For example, a Loox taking a bite out of a Vegetoid and spitting the chunks at you.
  • Cool Old Guy: Asgore, now a older boss monster wearing glasses and a little ponytail. He plays guitar as a hobby, has a 100% Adoration Rating from the monsters, and is a really gentle and sweet guy who just wants to take care of Chara. He is also still very much a badass.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: Seems to be the case with Chara, influenced by LV and under the control of the player, in Genocide.

    Checking the mirror:Never felt better.

  • Death by Adaptation:
    • Frisk and Monster Kid, dead from events before the game by virtue of having their roles swapped with Chara and Asriel.
    • Can be considered Riverperson's fate as well, since they will be swapping with Gaster.
  • Defeat by Modesty: To spare Aaxel, you need to have him flex his jacket off, ruining his "coolness".
  • Demonic Possession:
    • Chara's dialogue options in Neutral and Pacifist show they want to stay with Asgore and are confused and scared when the dialogue keeps changing to them pressing him on how to leave, with them trying to plead for help by the end. Regardless of whatever the possessing entity's intentions are, it's clear that Chara is frightened all the same.
    • This may be happening in Genocide as well. Chara's face becomes shadowed like Kris' when we are controlling them, and this response on Tumblr indicates that the team sees the player as responsible for Genocide, not Frisk. Since we are now controlling Chara, they may also be controlled by the player in-universe for Genocide.
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: The Justice SOUL and implicitly the other fallen humans. Chara finds the Justice SOUL's Cowboy Hat and Toy Gun in Ruined Home instead of the Patience SOUL's items, when in Undertale the Justice SOUL's items were found by Bratty and Catty in the dump at Waterfall. Obviously Justice didn't make it that far in their journey across the Underground in this world.
  • Down the Drain: There is a mini sewer level under the City of Old, which Chara falls into and has to find a way out of. You also find the Toy Gun there.
  • Evil Versus Evil: Temmie wants to work with Genocide Chara just like Flowey did in the original game, only here they find out a lot quicker that Chara isn't interested in being friends.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: Chara's face becomes covered by a shadow once Genocide is triggered, with their eyes hidden. In an aborted Genocide run, Chara's eyes become visible again but their face remains eerily shadowed, creating the appearance of them having a Thousand-Yard Stare.
  • Faking the Dead: You can "kill" Mettacrit, but it's blatantly obvious from what we know from the original game and what a show Mettacrit puts on as he does it that it's just an act. In a neutral run, he'll even tell you that ghosts are immune to your attacks, but in a genocide run, the journal will list him as dead even though he faded away rather than dusted, and you didn't gain any EXP from it, implying that Chara believes they really killed him.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Temmie. They like to mess around by playing cute and dumb, but they're just waiting for the perfect time to drop the act and steal Chara's SOUL.
  • First-Person Smartass: Team Switched uses the Narrator Chara theory from Undertalenote the theory that Chara's spirit is providing you/Frisk the flavor text and checks in all routes, but keeps Chara as the narrator for the game despite Frisk taking their place. As in the original game, Chara can get very snarky in their narration.
  • Funetik Aksent: As shown by one of the naming Easter Eggs below, Alphys seems to have a French or German accent that she didn't have in Undertale (although she seems to drop it when she says you can't use her name, implying that it might be an act).
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: We still get the opportunity to name Chara despite the role swap, and this time around it's a straight example because now they're unambiguously our player character. Like Undertale, the game has some special responses to certain names. Here's a list.
  • Horrifying the Horror: When Genocide Chara makes it clear that they have no desire for a partnership, all but the un-shadowed Temmie retreats, who doesn't think that Chara's that bad. Had it not been for Flowey popping up, they might have regretted those words.
  • Jerkass:
    • The Mad Dummy. They attack Chara no matter what they do during the tutorial, and even cause trouble for other monsters offscreen just to get Chara alone to attack them.
    • The Greasers, but specifically Aaxel, who goes out of his way to make Bugerpant's life hell for no reason other than believing that he's trying to make moves on Flara.
  • Kidnapped by the Call: Happens to Chara in the Pacifist and Neutral routes, with them forced by a force controlling them to leave a happy life with Asgore in Ruined Home.
  • The Leader: Asgore. He may not be the official mayor of Old Ruins, but his unfaltering kindness in helping monsters with their problems, as well as said monster's makes him this.
  • Living Shadow: If you return to the sewer under the City of Old, you'll discover several shadow people on the walls. They're kinda creepy, but just as friendly as all the other NPCs.
  • Monster Compendium: One part of the journal is dedicated to the monsters that are encountered in the game, with the information changing depending on what you do. For example, if you flee from the first type of enemy you encounter, there won't be much information until you encounter another one and don't flee from it right away, and if you're playing a neutral run then any monsters you kill will have their status as "killed", but if you're doing a Genocide run it will instead say "eradicated". Some monsters that aren't fought when you first meet them (or even at all) will also have entries added.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The Mad Dummy takes a few cues from Undyne in Undertale, making Chara fall off a bridge in Ruined Home and chasing them with projectiles in a Call-Back to Undyne chasing Frisk with spears and making them fall off a bridge in Waterfall. They are also just as unreasonable in hating Chara no matter what they did in the tutorial, the same as they were with whatever Frisk did in the tutorial with their cousin and like Undyne justifying her attacking Frisk with different excuses depending on the route.
    • In the City of Old, Asgore owns a flower shop named Flower King like in Deltarune.
    • Selecting the use option on the cell phone has a few secrets from dialing random numbers, one of which is the "Hotline for Idiot Babies", also from Deltarune.
    • Chara's shadowed face in Genocide might reference up to three! Their face is hidden this way in flashbacks showing them from the front in Undertale, in the debug build of Undertale there exists a sprite that looks like a cross of Frisk and Chara with a shadowed face who you can make show up instead of Frisk's reflection,note Especially interesting considering the run this shows up in for TS!Underswap is that the debug build sprite is commonly theorized by fans to have been a scrapped feature where Chara (or this faceless mishmash of Chara and Frisk) would've replaced your reflection after you completed Genocide and sold Frisk's SOUL and Kris has an almost perpetually shadowed face when you're controlling them in Deltarune.
    • When fighting Asgore on a genocide run, his final attack is taken from one of Toby Fox's earlier ideas as seen in the artbook, as is the terrifying face he makes during it.
  • Nightmare Face: Temmie follows in Flowey's footsteps by busting out a few of these, complete with evil cackling.
    • Asgore makes a scary face during his final attack on a genocide run, as a reference to one of Toby Fox's original concepts.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Temmie, who puts on a show of acting as ditzy and silly as an Undertale Temmie to lure victims into a false sense of complacency and toy with them.
  • Or Was It a Dream?: If you take another nap in the bed when Asgore is in the garden. Chara's narration states that the next day, they woke up to Asgore bringing them a slice of pie and they spend the day together comfortably, but Chara describes still feeling compelled to leave. Chara then wakes up and everything is the same as you left it, with Asgore still out in the garden. It's never explicitly said to be a dream, but given that Asgore doesn't reference the day Chara described (and he isn't able to bake pies without burning them), it was probably just Chara dreaming.
  • Please Wake Up: Inverted if you kill Asgore normally. To protect Chara from knowing they killed him, he tries to pretend that he's just tired and going to take a nap, but his updated status in their journal after his death shows they know he's dead.
  • Recurring Boss: Downplayed with the Mad Dummy. We haven't actually fought them yet (unless you count the tutorial), but they reappear to chase Chara through Ruined Home and will likely show up for another fight in the full game since they haven't settled the score by the time Chara leaves Ruined Home.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Blink and you'll miss it, but when Chara is getting up after falling in the beginning, there's a moment where only one eye is visible and it's bright red, reminiscent of their canon counterpart's eyes glowing red in the Soulless Pacifist ending and Kris' eyes being red in Chapter 1's ending for Deltarune. Once Chara straightens up, they have normal dark brown eyes for the rest of the demo.
  • Seasonal Baggage: Undertale's four main areas seem to be themed around the four seasons, the Ruins fitting for Autumn, Snowdin being Winter, Waterfall being Spring, and Hotland being Summer. Team Switched shifted the seasons assigned to each area, so "the Ruins" swapped seasons with "Waterfall" and "Snowdin" swapped seasons with "Hotland". Ruined Home (the equivalent to the Ruins) is now Spring with golden flowers and lush greenery growing everywhere (likely becauseAsgore is now the caretaker of Ruined Home), Starlight Isles (the replacement of Snowdin) is now Summer with pirate themes to bring to mind the tropics, Crystal Springs (the equivalent of Waterfall) will be Autumn, and Boreal Bluffs (the replacement of Hotland) will be Winter.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Team Switched borrows the name Mettacrit for Mettaton's name as a ghost monster from Storyshiftnote Which itself is a Shout-Out to the game review website Metacritic. Since Voltrathelively gets credited for it in the demo's credits and even listed as a playtester for the demo (as Voltra), it would seem they had the creator's blessing.
    • Mettacrit's design shares certain similarities with the Ghost type PokémonMisdreavus.
    • The Mad Dummy's first appearance is heralded with the word "DUMMY!!" appearing across the screen as an Unsound Effect, a nod to the ゴゴゴ text in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • The Game Over screen is a homage to Earthbound, with the protagonist lying in a beam of light and the game calling their death "a bad dream".
    • The song "A Place To Call Home" uses instruments from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
    • Norman's name and true nature might be a reference to the first episode of Gravity Falls.
    • The welcome mat at the office in the City of Old has the Sburb logo on it.
    • "Fuzzy Friend", Temmie's Leitmotif, contains references to "Temmie Room" and "Lonely Girl's Room", two songs from the real Temmie Chang's short game, Escaped Chasm (which Toby Fox also made the music for).
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: The Mad Dummy acts this way with Chara, hamming it up about how despicable Chara is and attacking them regardless of what they do in the training segment.
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • Chara and Asriel aren't dead in this world, with Asriel even grown into a young man.
    • Likely Gaster, who will be swapped with Riverperson and probably avoid his counterpart's fate of being scattered across time and space. Possibly not though, as selecting his name still crashes the game.
  • The Stinger: After the credits roll in the demo, you'll be treated to a sneak peak at the next area, Starlight Isles—after wandering through a forest, Chara finds themself cornered by Sans (in his Crossbones persona). The scene then ends, with Sans and Papyrus providing some fourth wall-breaking commentary on the scene and telling the player to wait for the full game.
  • Story Branching: According to Team Swapped's May Progress Report, there are four routes instead of three.
    • Neutral, when you only kill when necessary.
    • and Pacifist, when you chose not to fight and spare everyone.
    • Genocide, when you exhaust the kill count in Ruined Home.
    • Aborted Genocide, when you exhaust the kill count in Ruined Home, but spare Asgore.
  • Stupidity Is the Only Option: In the room where you fight the Ruined Knights, there is a bridge with a sign that refers to it as the "human capture bridge", and each end of it has deactivated spikes. It's obvious that as soon as you step onto the bridge, the spikes are going to activate and trap you, but there is no other way to proceed.
  • Team Dad: Asgore to all the other monsters in Ruined Home, who talk about him in glowing terms. Judging from the graffiti NPC's comments and the phone call you can make to him about the Greasers, he also seems to have a hand in keeping the younger monsters on the straight and narrow. Bugerpant lampshades this trope, saying he's like everyone's dad and telling Chara to be good to him.
  • Totem Pole Trench: One of the Greasers, Norman, is quite obviously this. Specifically, he's a Froggit, a Whimsun, and a Loox, as foreshadowed by his attacks in battle. You can spare him by revealing this, making him run away, and his components can be talked to at Grillby's after.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: While exploring the City of Old, there are various sidequests you can do for a small reward, such as watering a plant and helping to clean up a messy office. Completing them can feel satisfying.
  • Wham Line:
    • After finally reaching Asgore's home, when Chara goes up to talk to him, they find their dialogue is being overwritten.

      I didn't say that.
      What's happening?
      Help me

    • Done after reaching the end of Ruined Home, where you encounter Temmie again;

      Temmie:Don't worry! I have some "friends" of my own!

  • Wham Shot: Immediately after Temmie's Wham Line, Flowey pops up in the middle of the scene, looks around casually at Chara and all the Temmies, and quips, "Am I interrupting something? You seem kinda... busy." No one predicted Flowey appearing in Ruined Home, and especially not that he'd have the major role implied for this AU!
  • Wraparound Background: The room in Ruined Home where Asgore talks to you while the two of you walk has this to prevent you from reaching the end of the room without seeing all of his dialogue.
  • You Remind Me of X: Asgore comments on a spark of adventure and curiosity in Chara's eyes, starting to say it reminds him of someone before trailing off. Since he compared the hope in Frisk's eyes to Chara's in Undertale, he's likely thinking of Frisk here.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/TSUnderswap

[This is only an Underswap take and is not the "Official Underswap"]

★ Welcome to Underswap! ★

If you've never heard of Underswap before, Underswap is an AU of UNDERTALE.

You might be wondering how this Underswap is different from many others.
Well, unlike the other ones, we're trying to find the perfect balance between the characters' Undertale and Classic Underswap personalities in order for it not to be a "reskin", but also feel like Underswap.

Our team is trying their best to make our Underswap as good as possible.
Please consider following if you are interested in the project.

(Thumbnail by DeMento)

★ Discord - Tumblr - SoundCloud - Twitter ★

  • New characters!

  • Spells!

  • Completely new areas!

  • Side Quests!

  • Secret Final Boss???

  • dog

Fazy - Leader, Composer, Writer, Coder
DeMento - Head Artist, Writer
Salami - Artist, Spriter
Pocky - Coder
Mega - Artist, Composer
Gaster - Artist
Vert - Composer
TheTuneHero - Composer
Addicted2Electronics - Writer
Mufeet - Spriter
Lezi - Spriter
JustTheTMG - Artist, Spriter

Nerveabhorrance - Sprites
SpeedUpMyLife - Sprites
Phillip - Music
Luxandre - Sprites
Blaring Bombomb - Music
djcool - Sprites
mtt23 - Music
Zekrai - Writer
CTRL - Composer

Q: When will the Underswap demo come out?
A: Hopefully sometime this year. We're planning to make it as good as possible, and the demo will be longer than the UNDERTALE demo and will have a lot of new stuff, so it'll take a while.

Q: When will you release the full game?
A: We have no idea, but it'll most likely take a while.

Q: Megalo when

Q: What are the swaps?
A: The main swaps are:

Flowey is replaced by Temmie
Toriel - Asgore
Sans - Papyrus
Undyne - Alphys
Napstablook - Mettaton
Chara - Asriel

There are also a lot of smaller, not as important swaps.
Gaster and Riverperson swap, since that was canon in the original Underswap.
Frisk is replaced by a completely new human who has the Perseverance soul named Eva, however that does not mean Frisk is not in the game.

Q: Blueberry Sans? Carrot Papyrus?
A: n o .

Q: Do areas swap? Are they the same as Undertale?
A: Areas are replaced with completely new ones and are pretty different from the Undertale ones.

Q: Are personalities swapped?
A: Not really. The characters are supposed to be a lot like their Undertale versions, but still have differences that make them interesting!

Q: Are you Toby Fox, the creator of UNDERTALE? Is this official?
A: Does anyone seriously think Toby Fox would make an Undertale AU ga- oh wait

UNDERTALE and its characters belong to Toby Fox. We are in no way associated with him.


Sours: https://gamejolt.com/games/undertale-underswap/361030

Game underswap fan

TS!Underswap (stylized as TS!UNDERSWAP), or Team Switched's Underswap, is an UNDERTALE fangame created by Team Switched for their interpretation of the popular role-swap AU, Underswap. It began development in March 2016 using GameMaker: Studio, and now uses GameMaker: Studio 2 since late 2019.

On December 23, 2020, the first demo was released which features the first area, Ruined Home.

Characters' roles have been swapped in pairs, much like Underswap. However, this interpretation preserves the original personalities of each character, while expanding upon their roles to a great extent.

While the fangame was originally based on classic Underswap, the team gradually developed a dissatisfaction for the modified personalities of the swapped characters. In order to accurately portray the characters in their new roles, the team decided to develop a much more original interpretation.


TS!Underswap plays identical to UNDERTALE, where the player controls a human as they navigate through the Underground. In the overworld segments, there are various puzzles, interactable encounters, and newly-added overworld dodging mechanics inspired by those of DELTARUNE. Battle segments consist of a bullet hell format, where the player must control a SOUL to dodge monsters' attack patterns.

Main Story


Notable Changes


  • Minor details have been added to the game based on unused content from Toby Fox's UNDERTALE (including scrapped concepts, designs, artwork, sprites, and music.)

Major Characters

  • Chara takes the role of Frisk. After climbing Mt. Ebott for unknown reasons, this human child fell into the Underground. They are the main protagonist. For unknown reasons, their words will sometimes change...
  • Temmie takes the role of Flowey. They are a seemingly abnormal cat/dog monster who encounters Chara at the entrance to the Underground. It is later revealed that they are only one of many, who form a hive mind of sorts.
  • Asgore takes the role of Toriel. He is an old monster who acts as the caretaker of Ruined Home, providing guidance and assistance to Chara throughout the area.
  • Mad Dummytakes the role of the Dummy. They are a vindictive ghost monster possessing a training dummy, and act as the unwilling tutorial enemy for Chara, and a consistent antagonist throughout the Ruined Home arc.
  • Mettacrit (Mettaton) takes the role of Napstablook. He is an attention-loving ghost monster, known throughout Ruined Home as a star. He can be found performing for his adoring fans in The City of Old.
  • Papyrus takes the role of Sans. He is an energetic, talented skeleton monster who supervises his brother's antics as a "superhero" from behind the scenes.
  • Sans takes the role of Papyrus. Under the name Crossbones, he acts as a vigilance "superhero" who seeks to capture Chara throughout Starlight Isles. When off-duty, he is very laid-back and not very serious. On the genocide route, he will prove himself to actually be very serious, and threaten Chara with a bad time.
  • Asrieltakes the role of Monster Kid. He is an aspiring artist and creator of the official Crossbones Comics. He goes by the pseudonym "A.S. Dreamer." [1]
  • Flowey takes the role of Temmie. There's only one of him, unlike the Temmies of Undertale. He rescues Chara from the Temmie horde at the end of Ruined Home.
  • Alphys takes the role of Undyne. As Admiral of the Royal Navy, she delivers powerful speeches to the residents of Crystal Springs. [2]
  • Undyne takes the role of Alphys. She is the Royal Scientist and owner of the royally-sponsored company Undying Robotics. She created Sir Scratchalot. [3]
  • Sir Scratchalot (Napstablook) takes the role of Mettaton. He's the Underground's top musician and DJ, with his own radio show sponsored by Undying Robotics.
  • Toriel takes the role of Asgore. She is the queen of monsterkind.
  • Monster Kid takes the role of Asriel.
  • Frisk takes the role of Chara.

Minor Characters

  • Bugerpant (Burgerpants) takes the role of Nice Cream Guy. He acts as the sole delivery boy for every Grillby's location in the Underground. He has very few similarities to the original Nice Cream Guy. He is in love with Flara, causing The Greasers to hate him.
  • Muffettakes the role of Grillby. She's the leader of the Spider Scouts, who hold bake sales in Stardust Woods to raise funds for spiders. [4]
  • The Dummy takes the role of Mad Dummy.
  • Gastertakes the role of the River Person. He was the former Royal Scientist. [5]
  • River Persontakes the role of Gaster. Not much is known regarding this mysterious being.
  • Grillbytakes the role of Muffet. He owns the retro-themed fast food diner chain, Grillby's.
  • Bratty and Catty take the roles of RG01 and RG02.
  • BG01 and BG02 take the roles of Bratty and Catty.
    • While the fine details of their roles are undecided, it is known that the "BG" stands for either/both "Body Guard" or "Bouncer Guy."

Original Characters

  • Syrose and Butchy are two original randomly-encountered enemies found in Ruined Home. [6]
  • Beenard is an original randomly encountered enemy found in Stardust Woods.
  • Mordax is an original randomly encountered enemy found in Stardust Woods.
  • The Greasers (Aaxel, Norman, Moldrick) are a trio of bullies based off of existing monsters from Undertale.
  • Spooky Seltzer and Woodwork are two original randomly-encountered enemies from an older iteration of TS!Underswap, planned to be used for its current iteration. [7]
  • Koffin-K is the count of Koffin Keep, and Crossbones's arch-nemesis.
    • His personality is confirmed to take inspiration from those of The Snatcher from A Hat in Time and Antasma from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
  • Spep is the mascot of Team Switched and appears alongside the Annoying Dogs for shenanigans. His catchphrase is "Put some pep in your step!".


In order to create "new" areas, the seasons corresponding to each major location of Undertale have been swapped, and brand new sub-locations have been created. Locations include:



Game Mechanics

  • Minor improvements to UNDERTALE's game mechanics (DELTARUNE-inspired inventory system and overworld dodging mechanics.)
  • Brand new accessibility options (official translations, screen resolution, optional aesthetic borders, configurable controls, volume sliders, low VFX settings, and more.)[10]
  • The Journal is a new addition which provides a record of all characters, locations, and quests encountered.
  • Various side-quests will be present throughout the game. They will not be important to the plot, and instead offer additional lore and unique reward items. These are usually menial tasks like bringing a plant water.



Version History

  • Version 1.0.0 - This was the first release of the TS!UNDERSWAP Demo. (Released December 23, 2020.)
  • Version 1.0.1 - Fixed minor bugs. (December 23, 2020.)
  • Version 1.0.2 - Fixed more minor bugs and tweaked encounter rates. (Released December 24, 2020.)
  • Version 1.0.3 - Fixed even more bugs, and made some minor tweaks. (Released December 26, 2020.)
  • Version 1.0.4 - Fixed when people couldn't type Z key in the GameJolt login screen. (Released December 26, 2020.)
  • Version 1.0.5 - Fixed GameJolt related bugs. (Released December 28, 2020.)
  • Version 1.0.6 - Fixed more bugs and updated the credits. (Released December 31, 2020.)
  • Version 1.0.7 - Fixed minor bugs, new quality adjustments and added official localizations for Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch. (Released February 20, 2021.)
  • Version 1.0.8 - Fixed minor issues with the official localization files (Released March 6, 2021.)


GameJolt Thumbnail TEMP

GameJolt Thumbnail (By SuperKirbylover)

TS Underswap Cast

Official character reference for public cast designs (made by Treppy)

TSUnderswap 2019-12-04 17-39-13-058

Game Over screen

TS!Underswap Old vs. New

The characters' current designs alongside their old designs


  • Due to characters retaining their personalities, and their actions affecting the world around them, roles are handled very differently from traditional Undertale AUs.
    • Many characters are present in areas their counterparts were not in Undertale--for instance, Bugerpant appears in Ruined Home, while Nice Cream Guy doesn't appear until Snowdin.
    • The roles themselves are handled quite differently for both major and minor characters. This will result in the plot progression of TS!Underswap greatly diverging from Undertale's, with entirely new event sequences.
  • Prior to its major reboot phase, each of the locations of TS!Underswap had names "opposite" of Undertale's--for instance, "Sunnedout" (now Starlight Isles) and "Snowdin", as well as "Coldsea" (now Boreal Bluffs) and "Hotland."
    • An official name was never completely given, or decided on, for TS!Underswap's Waterfall replacement prior to its major reboot phase--currently, it has been named "Crystal Springs."
    • Coldsea was the last of the location names to be updated, having been changed in late November 2019 for consistency reasons. The new name reflects the intended geographical features.
  • Sans had been redesigned many times.
    • His first major design resembles classic Underswap Sans.
    • His second major design resembled his first, but had some differences--a white "X" replacing the Starman symbol, black athletic shorts with white stripes, and a torn space-themed blanket as a cape.
      • Like how the Starman symbol on Papyrus's battle body in Undertale references EarthBound, the "X" on this design iteration referenced the game "OFF" by Mortis Ghost.
    • His third major design was a complete overhaul, sporting a blue mask, cape, and jacket.
    • His fourth and final major design is a modified iteration of the previous one--most notably, his jacket is replaced with a blue hoodie emblazoned with a white crossbones, hence his secret identity's name.
  • Asgore enjoys drinking tea, tending to the flora in Ruined Home, and playing classical guitar.
  • Papyrus does not smoke in Team Switched's Underswap. His original design's cigarette was replaced with a lollipop --- it was inspired by this video, beginning as a joke but then becoming part of the goofy skeleton's character.
  • Papyrus's hoodie is suppose to resemble his battle body. It takes hefty inspiration from a piece of art by Tumblr user lead-namari. [11]
  • Papyrus used to work as a scientist along with Undyne and her predecessor.
  • Sans cannot change the shape of his pupils, contrary to popular interpretation. Though, he did find a pair of star-shaped glasses in the dump one time. This is a reference to the fact that the popular headcanon, cutesy version of classic Underswap Sans, Blueberry, is shown with star shaped eyes.
  • Sans has the ability to use "shortcuts" like his Undertale counterpart. This allows him to perform seemingly-impossible pranks on Papyrus and his other friends.
  • The name "Mettacrit" is the headcanon name given to Mettaton's ghost form in the Storyshift AU. This name is used as the canon name in Team Switched's Underswap.
  • Team Switched's Underswap is perhaps the oldest of all swap takes, having been around since, at the latest, June 14th, 2016.
    • While entirely speculation, it seems that TS!Underswap's transition to a more original project sparked the frequency of unique Underswap takes in the community.
  • Team Switched and the creator of Inverted Fate, Dorked, are on friendly terms with one another. Team Switched has promoted Inverted Fate content (playable battle adaptations, video animations, etc.) via their social media.
    • Dorked has repeatedly stated that TS!Underswap and Inverted Fate are two entirely separate projects, with neither copying from one another.[12]
  • Dorked has made a playthrough of the April Fools 2019 joke demo, Team AAA Underswap (also known as Underswaaap), on YouTube.[13]


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