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Chevrolet SS2014 Chevrolet SS front.pngProdusenHolden (General Motors)Juga disebutHolden Calais
Holden Ute
Holden Commodore (Australia)Masa produksi2013-sekarangModel untuk tahun2014-sekarang (Chevrolet)PerakitanAustralia: Elizabeth, Australia SelatanPerancangJustin Thompson (2008)KelasFull-sizeBentuk kerangka2-door coupé utility
4-door sedan
5-door station wagonTata letakMesin depan, penggerak roda belakangPlatformGM ZetaMobil terkaitBuick Park Avenue (China)
Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Caprice
Holden Caprice (WN)Mesin3.0 L SIDI V6
3.6 L SIDI V6
6.0 L Generation 4 Alloy V8
6.2 L LS3 V8 (Chevrolet SS)Transmisi6-speed GM 6L45-E automatic
6-speed GM 6L80-E automatic
6-speed Aisin AY6 manual
6-speed Tremec TR-6060 manualJarak sumbu roda
  • 2915 mm (114,8 in) (sedan & wagon)
  • 3009 mm (118,5 in) (ute)
  • 4947–4966 mm (194,8–195,5 in) (sedan)
  • 4919–4939 mm (193,7–194,4 in) (wagon)
  • 5062–5083 mm (199,3–200,1 in) (ute)
  • 1898 mm (74,7 in)
  • 1471 mm (57,9 in) (sedan)
  • 1474 mm (58,0 in) (wagon)
  • 1494 mm (58,8 in) (ute)
Berat kosong
  • 1622–1780 kg (3576–3924 pon) (sedan)
  • 1717–1866 kg (3785–4114 pon) (wagon)
  • 1656–1733 kg (3651–3821 pon) (ute)
PendahuluHolden Commodore (VE)
Pontiac G8 (North America)

When Adrian Castro purchased his 2016 Camaro, he knew exactly what he was looking for: “A 2LT in Nightfall Gray Metallic with Adrenaline Red leather-appointed seats, the RS Package, a dual-mode exhaust system, and an 8-speed automatic transmission,” he says.


Castro, a member of the Los Angeles–based Camaro club West Coast Maros, is one of many diehard fans who have taken full advantage of the ability to customize a Camaro straight from the dealer to make it uniquely yours. The choices of trims, wheel styles, and paint colors—plus accessories on top of it—give the Camaro an amazingly wide variety of looks.


“Being able to go into the dealer to pick everything I wanted in my Camaro was really cool, and something I never knew I could do,” adds Castro. “I was very excited to get my car. I was following everything, including the build date. As soon as the car was built, I had the VIN number and was able to follow my car through the process.”


The demand for these upgrades is spurred in part by a sense of friendly competition, which is in no short supply when you’re in a club like West Coast Maros. Many of the club’s passionate owners have personalized their rides with performance and appearance options from Chevrolet.

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Forget the Camaro Z/28 for a minute: Hennessey is offering performance packages for the Chevrolet SS that boost the car from from a not-unreasonable 475 hp to the "there's-just-no-way" 1,000 hp. That's right, Hennessey Performance saw a gap in the market for rear-wheel drive domestic sedans with 1,000 hp on tap, and like any smart business, went for it. In fact, we don't know why this niche hasn't been filled until now.

In any case, Chevrolet SS buyers who purchase the 415-hp stock SS from their local Chevrolet dealership and later find it a bit anemic now have some options. On the appetizer section of the menu is the Hennessey HPE475, which gives the SS sedan an extra 60 hp courtesy of new HPE air induction system, stainless steel long tube headers, stainless steel mid-pipes, a tweaked ECU, and high-flow catalytic converters. Hennessey offers this package along with a three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty, in addition to some optional appearance and performance options that include suspension and brake upgrades (not a bad idea), a custom interior, carbon fiber trim accents, an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and premium wheels and tires.

Further down the menu is the HPE550 package, with a list of enhancements on top of the HPE475 package including CNC ported cylinder heads, upgraded valve train parts, a custom camshaft, and a 160-degree thermostat. As the name suggests, this package produces 550 hp.

Performance parts such as a TVS2300 supercharger system, fuel system upgrades, high flow injectors, new intake manifolds, and a Hennessey Twin Turbo system make appearances in the HPE600, HPE650, and HPE800 performance packages.

The apotheosis of these incremental upgrades is the HPE1000 performance package, which consists of a 7.0-liter LSX V8 engine, forged low-compression pistons, steel connecting rods, a Callies 4340 forged steel crank, CNC ported cylinder heads, a FAST LSX intake manifold, twin turbochargers, dual wastegates and an air-to-air intercooler, among a number of other parts. Diners who choose this menu item have a choice of a six-speed manual which is reinforced with a dual friction clutch upgrade, or an automatic, which includes a torque converter upgrade. A one-year/12,000-mile limited warranty is standard with this option, and buyers should probably save room for additional suspension and brake upgrades.

Hennessey hasn't released pricing for these performance upgrades just yet, though we think its closest competitors would probably be the cost of several other performance Chevrolet cars put together.

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