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the dvd of my bodyguard has optional english subtitles Read more. Frank: Marcella Backland left the Metropolitan Police for the sake of her family, only to have her husband leave her. Adam Baldwin - who plays the reluctant hero, Ricky Linderman - has a brief cameo in another movie, Drillbit Taylor (2008), which is a comedic version of the whole bodyguard genre. The cast is well chosen, and they do way more than just deliver their lines, a result that draws you in and keeps you guessing. | Looking for something to watch? Stupidest thing I ever heard!". My Bodyguard (1980) Full Cast & Crew. Clifford spends his nights with his family relaxing on the rooftop patio and spying on the neighbors through a telescope. He would do so again in Doctor Detroit (1983). (2018– ). A very very strong show, and I really hope they can bring a second series to air with a different bent to it, but a second series would be a really big challenge to top or equal this first. If it was used, I'm wondering what school that is. As of 2015, with over 37 million albums sold, the film had the best-selling soundtrack of all time. Report This. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Strong acting, well written dialogue, strong acting and direction. Variety   |  I am not sure I could leave it a full week between episodes, each episode had me wanting more. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Principal Roth Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. David awakens to find himself bloodied and the planned fall guy in a corruption cover-up. Official Sites A contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service. After his teenage daughter goes missing, a widowed surgeon begins uncovering dark secrets of the people closest to him. TV Series Clifford gets chauffeured in a, 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood 75. Filmed in part at Lake View High School in Chicago, Illinois. He is a man haunted by the murder victims whose cases he must lay to rest. Directed by Patrick Hughes. When a boy comes to a new school and gets harassed by a bully, he acquires the services of the school's most feared kid as a bodyguard. In the background of the bedroom in the hotel, there is a poster of C3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars. A retired bodyguard suffering from dementia finds a new friend in a young girl. R Menu. two at a time instead of a movie). With Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Jacqueline Chan, Qinqin Li, Andy Lau. Clifford Peache (Chris Makepeace) lives in an upscale Chicago luxury hotel with his father (Martin Mull), who manages the hotel, and his eccentric but loving grandmother (Ruth Gordon). With Richard Madden, Sophie Rundle, Vincent Franklin, Ash Tandon. 60 min 29 November 1992, 03 December 2019 With Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Jacqueline Chan, Qinqin Li, Andy Lau. A terrorist attack targets a public school, and an unhappy sniper opens up on Home Secretary Montague. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s.

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My Bodyguard

I can't say enough good things about this movie.

It is over 32 years since this movie was released. It is from 1980.

It features Chris Makepeace, (Meatballs 1979, (Rudy). Matt Dillon, Ruth Gordon
(Harold & Maude, Clint Eastwood movies, etc..... It also features an uncredited
cameo by a young Jennifer Beals pre her Flashdance days, still looking as beautiful as ever. Joan Cusack is also in it, as one of the students, her real life father plays a cameo as the "principal".

This movie deals with a kid, named Clifford, "Makepeace", trying to adapt to big city life, at a public school in downtown Chicago, where he had just come from an elite private academy. His dad played by the hilarious actor, Martin Mull, is the manager of a 5 star hotel, Clifford lives there with his dad along with his grandma (Gordon) who is elderly, but still thinks she is a teen herself, she is always into some kind of mischief around the hotel, that adds to the hilarity of the story.

Matt Dillon plays (Moody) the school bully, who terrorizes the weaker, scrawnier kids with his gang of 3, extorting their lunch money, for protection, Clifford finds a reluctant friend and protector in then newcomer Adam Baldwin, who due to his size is feared, and an outcast at the school, who is given a bad reputation over rumors that turn out to be false regarding his dead brother.

It is beautifully written, acted, and has beautiful scenery, music, and acting from all of the actors,' but more importantly, especially something that today's movies seem to be sorely lacking, is a message, the message here is, "perservere, and fight for what is right, never give up and never give in."

I can watch this movie over and over and never get tired of it, entertaining, definitely a case of nostalgia and a throwback to better times.

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My Bodyguard

1980 film by Tony Bill

My Bodyguard is a 1980 American familycomedy drama film directed by Tony Bill (his directorial debut), and written by Alan Ormsby. The film stars Chris Makepeace, Adam Baldwin (in his first film role), Matt Dillon, Martin Mull, and Ruth Gordon.

The film was the debut of both Baldwin and an uncredited Jennifer Beals and was Joan Cusack's first major film.


Clifford Peache lives in an upscale Chicago luxury hotel with his father, the hotel manager, and his grandmother. He is a new student at Lake View High School, where he arrives each day in a hotel limousine.

Clifford quickly becomes a target of abuse from a gang of bullies, led by Melvin Moody. They regularly extort money from students, allegedly to protect them from another student, Ricky Linderman. According to school legend, Linderman has killed several people, including his own little brother. Not believing the stories, Clifford consults a teacher who claims that the only violence she's aware of from Ricky's past occurred when his nine-year-old brother died accidentally while playing alone with a gun. Ricky was the first to find the body.

Despite the rumors, Clifford approaches Ricky and asks him to be his bodyguard. Ricky refuses, but the boys become friends after Ricky saves Clifford from a beating by Moody and his gang. Ricky has emotional issues over the death of his brother, and although he's slow to trust Clifford, Ricky shows him a cherished motorcycle that he has been rebuilding. The friendship between the two boys is strengthened as Clifford successfully helps Ricky search junkyards for a hard-to-find cylinder for the motorcycle's engine.

Through Clifford's friendship, Ricky comes out of his shell, proving to a few classmates that he's not the killer the school rumors allege. As Clifford, Ricky, and a few other friends from school eat lunch in Lincoln Park, Moody and his gang approach. Moody has enlisted an older bodybuilder named Mike to be his bodyguard. Mike intimidates and physically abuses Ricky, who refuses to fight. Mike vandalizes Ricky's motorcycle before Moody pushes it into the lagoon. Ricky runs away, ashamed and angry.

He later appears at Clifford's hotel, asking for money before leaving again. Clifford follows him and the two argue before Ricky finally reveals that it was he who accidentally shot his brother while playing with their father's gun, and lied about finding his brother's body after the fact. As a result, Ricky is overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, leaving Clifford behind as he takes a subway train into the night.

Moody and Mike return to the park to continue bullying the other children. Ricky is also there retrieving his motorcycle from the lagoon. Moody notices, demanding the motorcycle, which Ricky silently refuses. Moody summons Mike, and after more intimidation from the bodybuilder, Ricky and Mike engage in a long fistfight, which Ricky ultimately wins.

Moody and Clifford have split off into their own fistfight, after Moody tried to unfairly intervene in the fight between Ricky and Mike. Ricky urges Clifford to fight Moody while Ricky coaches him. Clifford initially fights incompetently, taunted by the overconfident bully, but finally lands several solid punches, the last of which knocks Moody down, breaking his nose. Moody sits on the ground, bleeding and whining, showing himself to be a coward. Ricky retrieves his motorcycle and jokingly asks Clifford to be his bodyguard as the two leave with their friends.


The film was shot on location in Chicago with Lake View High School providing the setting for the film's fictional Fleer H.S. The hotel that Clifford lives in and which is managed by his father is the real life Ambassador East (now known as the Ambassador Hotel) at 1300 North State Parkway.


Release and reception[edit]

My Bodyguard opened on July 11, 1980, in limited release, and wide release on August 15, 1980. In its limited weekend, the film opened at #3 with $178,641 and went on to gross $22,482,953 in the United States.[2]

The film was named as one of the top ten films of 1980 by National Board of Review.[3] It was also nominated by the Writers Guild of America for Best Drama Written Directly for the Screen,[4] and in his analysis of the 53rd Academy Awards, Gary Arnold of The Washington Post wrote that My Bodyguard was unfairly snubbed when it failed to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.[5]

The film ranked No. 45 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the 50 Best High School Movies.[6]

The film received generally positive reviews, garnering an 84% "fresh" rating from 31 reviews and the consensus "T. Bill debuts as an affectionate director, keenly aware of growing pains", on review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes.[7]

Home video release[edit]

The film was released on DVD on January 29, 2002 and also was released on Blu-ray on September 6, 2016.


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