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Cooksongold Returns Policy At Cookson Gold, we are committed to selling high-quality products that we hope you enjoy using and working with, but we also know that for one reason or another there may be a time where you will need to return or exchange something that you have bought from us. What we recommend you to do initially when receiving your goods is to check them carefully before using them.

Please return any products to: The Returns Department, Cookson Precious Metals, 59 - 83 Vittoria Street, Birmingham, B1 3NZ.

You can download a Returns Form below;

Goods up to 3kg and under £ in value (PDF)

Goods up to 10kg and £ - £ in value (PDF)

Returned goods will be credited if returned in their original condition, and with a completed Returns Form. For special order items, such as bespoke cut bullion, please see below.

Goods accepted for return will be credited at the price on the date of invoice.

We will only refund return postage for goods not required if returned in less than 30 days. If the prepaid postage option is used and the return is over 30 days, we will deduct the cost from your refund. If you are returning an item due to a fault of ours, we will always refund postage charges but would ask that we choose the postage method.

If you request a refund, this will be normally processed within one working week.

Exchanging an item If you are returning an item within 30 days and would like an exchange, then please be aware that a credit will be raised on the returned item. A new order will then be raised for the new product. If you pay for your orders using a credit or debit card, then we will contact you for payment. If you request an exchange, as the item was received faulty, then this is normally processed within one working week.

Please contact our Sales office on if you require an exchange, alternatively you can clickhere to e-mail our Sales office.

Cancelling an order within 30 days You may cancel stocked orders by giving us notice of cancellation within 30 days of the date of ordering, for manufactured orders please contact us. Such notice may be given by mail, fax or email (all contact details can be found at the bottom of this page). If you are cancelling because of a problem with the goods, please notify us of the problem at the time of cancellation by calling us on

Special order items

We regret to advise that some special order items including some cut bullion will not be accepted for return. Please call us on to discuss this further.

Item sent incorrectly If items have been sent incorrectly, please can you contact our customer service team on either
or email at [email protected] We will then advise on the next step to take and endeavour for the correct item to be dispatched the same day you notify us.

Item is faulty or has developed a fault For items that have been received faulty/ developed a fault, in the first instance, please can you contact our customer service team on either or email  [email protected] We will then advise the next steps you need to take. This will depend on the item and when this was purchased as it may have to go back to our supplier for testing.

Return of items more than 30 days old If you want to return items that were bought more than 30 days ago, we may still accept the item but there may be an administrative charge and exclusions do apply, e.g. if the bullion has been cut to some requirements. However, please call our customer service team on or [email protected]

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Cookson Precious Metals Ltd,
Vittoria Street,
B1 3NZ

Company Registration No. (England)

VAT Registration No. GB 08


Lightweight gold made of plastic is still as pure as your wedding ring

When it comes to gold, beauty and weight are two sides of the same coin. As nice as it looks in a watch or ring, pure gold would get too heavy for everyday wear, so it’s often lightened up with alloys. Now, by mixing it with plastic instead of other metals, researchers at ETH Zurich have created a new form of gold with as little as oneth the usual weight, but retaining the same purity.

While karat gold is entirely pure, that’s not entirely practical for jewelry. To make the precious metal lighter and more resistant to damage, it’s mixed with another metal, often copper, giving it a purity of 18 karats. Usually the ratio is 75 percent gold to 25 percent copper, giving it a density of about 15 grams per cubic centimeter.

But the new mixture weighs between one-fifth and oneth of this, with a density of around g/cm3. Rather than another metal, the gold is mixed with polymer latex and protein fibers, and dotted with air pockets. Importantly, it’s still karat gold, making it just as pure as any other piece of jewelry with that rating. The resulting material looks exactly like gold, with all the luster you’d expect of this precious metal, only it's far lighter.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because the team has previously concocted gold foam, the lightest form of the stuff ever. But that form wasn’t stable enough to make jewelry or anything else with it, so the researchers instead developed a more useful new type of gold.

Stephan Handschin/ScopeM/ETH Zurich

To make the new lightweight gold, the team starts by combining tiny gold platelets, the polymer latex, fibers, water and salt, creating a gel. Then the water is replaced with alcohol and the mix is placed in a pressure chamber full of CO2, turning the golden plastic into a light aerogel. After that, the gold can be heated to melt and shape it into whatever form is needed.

Along with being much lighter, the new type of gold has several other advantages over traditional forms. Properties like hardness can be easily tweaked at the beginning of the process by changing the composition. Even the color can be changed by swapping in different shaped nanoparticles, with spheres giving the material a violet hue.

It can also be easier to mold – normally gold melts at 1,° C (1,° F), but this version becomes soft enough to shape at just ° C (° F).

One thing the team may not have considered, though, is whether the public will accept plastic gold. Even if it looks the same and officially has the same purity, the fact that it feels like costume jewelry might be enough to put some people off. Lab-made diamonds are facing a similar quandary.

That said, there are plenty of applications for the new material outside of jewelry. The team says that this new form of gold will also be useful in making electronic devices, chemical catalysts and even radiation shielding.

The research was published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials, and the team shows off the plasticky nature of the new gold in the video below.

Ein Karat-Nugget aus Plastik

Source: ETH Zurich

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(Closed) Ring looks like plastic

I just bought an engagement ring from Moissanite Co and am extremely disappointed. There is no way that the ring is made of &#;white gold&#;&#;it feels so light and looks just like shiny plastic with a silver paint coating. I can&#;t believe they are selling that as white gold. I promise you guys&#;this ring is made of plastic. My mom has tons of expensive white gold jewellery pieces and the difference between those pieces and my moissanite co ring is alarming and VERY obvious.

As for the stone, I got an Amora upgrade. It is very white&#;no issues there. It&#;s almost too white, reminding me of that fake look of CZ. It is also very sparkly, which is nice. The lines inside the stone give it away as not being a diamond though. It has similar lines to CZ and has a very manufactured look. I know people like moissanite in its own right, but let&#;s be real&#;a lot of people also hope to pass it off as a diamond. This can NOT pass as a diamond. Looks too fake. 

All in all, I would be embarrassed to wear this ring. It looks like a costume jewellery ring you would buy at Claire&#;s accessories for $ I spent almost $ on it, and it does NOT look like an expensive ring. 

You guys can take your chance buying from them. It is tempting because they have nice styles and cheaper prices. But if you were hoping it to look like an expensive, quality, well-made ring, you will end up returning it. Which is costly because of the restocking fee. 

In terms of customer service, it&#;s funny because they are so nice to you and dilligent BEFORE you purchase the ring. Once you make your purchase, their attitude and friendliness totally changes. You can definitely tell they are less interested in you once you have given them your money. They could at least try to make it look less obvious lol!

Anyway good luck everyone. I hope you all find the engagement ring of your dreams! 🙂


19 Plastic, Colorful Rings You’ll Want To Show Off On Instagram

The jewelry that childhood you used to pair with your princess dress and plastic heels is back and it's grown up, too. In elevated materials such as resin and lucite, these colorful, chunky rings are still just as kitschy as you remember. Embellishing the playfully manicured hands of girls all over the internet, these rings are quickly becoming spring and summer’s hottest accessory.

In exciting news, this trend is proving to be very affordable: Almost all of these trinket-style rings are under $ and many iterations are handmade pieces sold on sites like Etsy and Depop. Some fashion brands, including Sandy Liang and La Manso, are also bringing this trend to the luxury sphere with youthful embellished baubles that still come with a wallet-friendly price. That way, you can show off an eclectic collection of these vibrant and fresh rings, along with an equally bright manicure.

Shopping this niche trend can prove difficult as many of the sought-after brands are making small batches of rings that drop at specific dates and times. Plus, they're sold out almost everywhere. Below, we tracked down the best places to stock up on these coveted rings right now.

We only include products that have been independently selected by NYLON's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


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Making a ring from recycled plastic

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