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About the show

Join the adventures of brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, as they travel to different corners of the world to learn about the animals who inhabit it.



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Episode 1: Bad Hair Day

22min - Chris and Martin go to East Africa and help a lion named He Who Breathes Fire return to his pride, which two intruder lions have under siege.


Episode 2: Race for the Hippo Disc

22min - The Wild Kratts team must find a lost Hippo Power Disc on the African savannah before the villain Zach Varmitech gets it.


Episode 3: Creature Power Challenge

22min - Martin and Chris hold a contest to see which East African animals are faster, stronger and better swimmers.


Episode 4: Termites vs. Tongues

22min - Martin and Chris must split up to search for Aviva and Koki, who accidentally miniaturized themselves and got carried away by termites.


Episode 5: Happy Turkey Day

22min - In Kentucky, the Wild Kratts team learns about turkeys as they try to stop Chef Gourmand, who is hunting for the largest wild turkey in the forest.


Episode 6: Neck and Neck

22min - While Chris and Martin discover why giraffes have the world's longest necks, a mischievous one steals Creature Power Suit parts from the Tortuga.


Episode 7: Bugs or Monkeys?

22min - Over a miniaturized Martin's objections, Chris puts him in his backpack and heads into the Central American rainforest to study spider monkeys.


Episode 8: Secrets of the Spider's Web

22min - The Kratt Brothers take a bad fall in Costa Rica so the Wild Kratts team goes on a mission to recreate spider silk, a biotech engineering wonder.


Episode 9: Shadow: The Black Jaguar

22min - In Central America the Wild Kratts team learns about jaguars as they stop Zach Varmitech from "catnapping" a rare black jaguar.


Episode 10: To Touch a Hummingbird

22min - After deciding that the hummingbird may be the world's ultimate flier, Martin and Chris want Aviva to create a new power disc based on it.


Episode 11: Rainforest Stew

26min - The Wild Kratts team must stop Gourmand from creating his rainforest stew, which includes creatures like spider monkeys, jaguar and sloths.


Episode 12: Seahorse Rodeo

26min - In the Caribbean, Martin and Chris discover a plot by Donita Donata to capture wild seahorses and turn them into earrings.


Episode 13: Speaking Dolphinese

26min - To save a young dolphin trapped in a Caribbean shipwreck, Chris must learn to speak the dolphin's unique language.


Episode 14: Aqua Frog

26min - In a Michigan pond, the Wild Kratts team learn about the life cycle of frogs while stopping Zach Varmitech from destroying the bull frog's habitat.


Episode 15: Tortuga Tune Up

26min - To help Aviva improve the Tortuga, Martin and Chris look to the hawksbill sea turtle and its amazing swimming abilities.


Episode 16: Blowfish Blowout

26min - While miniaturized, Martin and Chris get swept up in a plankton current that takes them straight to a coral reef in the Caribbean Sea.


Episode 17: Road Runner

26min - In the Sonoran Desert, Martin and Chris seek the help of the speedy roadrunner to track down a mysterious lizard.


Episode 18: Rocket Jaw: Rescuer of the Reef

26min - The Wild Kratts team must use the speed and stealth of the curious frogfish to stop Zach and Donita from destroying the coral reef.


Episode 19: Snow Runners

26min - In the snowy North American woods Martin and Chris use the skills of the snowshoe hare and the lynx to find animals that escaped their care.


Episode 20: Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens

26min - Martin and Chris use the creature powers of the woodpecker to save a North American forest from invading longhorn beetles.


Episode 21: Rattlesnake Crystal

26min - After an emergency crash-landing in the Sonoran Desert, the Kratt brothers use the rattlesnake's unique powers to save the Tortuga.


Episode 22: Skunked!

26min - The Wild Kratts team must find a way to reclaim the Tortuga after a group of spotted skunks decide to make it their home.


Episode 23: Gila Monster Under My House

26min - Martin and Chris must use the incredible Gila monster powers to stop Zach Varmitech from using the lizard as a wrench.


Episode 24: Desert Elves

26min - Koki and Jimmy get stranded in the Sonoran Desert so Aviva and the Kratt brothers use the elf owl's superior sight and hearing to help them.


Episode 25: Ground Hog Wake Up Call

26min - In the Appalachian Mountains, when Aviva makes a groundhog suit and goes into a deep sleep, the Kratt brothers must discover how to wake her.


Episode 26: Journey to the Subnivean Zone

26min - After Aviva alters the North American Subnivean Zone, the team must find a way to restore the snowy landscape and save its creatures.


Blowin with the Pod of Right Whales

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Where can I watch Wild Kratts episodes in the United States of America?
  • Wild Kratts airs on PBS, check your local TV listings for air times
  • Wild Kratts PBS Website / National PBS Web Video Player (episodes rotate every week)
  • PBS KIDS Video App: Available on mobile (iOS, Android, Windows) and Over-the-top (OTT) services (Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire)
  • PBS KIDS 24/7 Livestream: Available on all KIDS stations, the PBS KIDS Video app, and national PBS web video player for free (new episodes premiere on the same day as broadcast)
  • PBS Kids YouTube Channel (new episodes are not available)
  • Electronic Sell-Through: PBS Kids Prime Video Channel, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Comcast, Verizon
Where can I watch Wild Kratts episodes in Canada?
  • Wild Kratts airs on TVO and Knowledge Network please check your local TV listings for air times
  • Episodes are also available to stream on the TVO and Knowledge Network websites
  • TVO YouTube Channel
  • Netflix (4 seasons available)
Where can I watch Wild Kratts episodes outside of North America?

Wild Kratts is currently available in 189 countries around the world and translated into 44 languages. Check local listings for times or contact us for more details about your region.

You can also find Wild Kratts compilations, videos, and a select few full episodes on our official Wild Kratts YouTube channel.


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