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It’s amazing what can be done with just paper and glue. This cute paper Christmas village is a perfect holiday season night craft and a special Christmas decor for sure.

Time is flying, and at this rate, we’ll be saying goodbye to this year in no time. Is that’s just me or this year flew by in a blink? Today’s project is a special one.

DIY Paper Christmas Village cover image

I’ve been wanting to make a paper Christmas Village for so long and I finally made it and guys, I just love it so much!

Cute Paper Christmas Village Tutorial

Even though this project is so much easier with a cutting machine, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it by hand instead, using the Christmas village templates free printables. Of course, it will take more time and patience but it’s doable.

I created 2 types of houses, 2 complex and 2 simpler so anyone could make it.

Paper Christmas Village Cute and Easy

Can I use something different than cardstock?

Anything less than gsm ( LB Cover) might not hold too well depending on the size of the house. It also depends on how thick your cutting machine can cut, or your printer can print and your hands can cut. So I would suggest sticking to medium-weight cardstock.

What types of glue can I use?

That will also depend on the quality of the cardstock. I&#;ve experienced that normal white glue tends to wrinkle the cardstock. So, I recommend hot glue, UHU glue (contact glue), cold silicone (some brands are better than others), and even double-sided tape. Other glues like tacky glue I have no experience so I would recommend trying and testing. Feel free to share your experience with different glues so I can update this post.

How to Make a Cute Paper Christmas Village

Gather all your tools and materials, then let’s get crafting! 

Once your templates are cut, follow the instructions, assemble your paper Christmas village by folding the tabs and gluing them together with a contact glue or low-temperature hot glue gun if you prefer.

Paper Christmas Village Supplies:

  • Cardstock (White for the house and black for the roofs or your favorites, glitter paper looks so cute!)
  • Contact glue (I Love UHU) or light temperature glue tool and glue stick.
  • Light string.
  • Fleece (to simulate the snow)
  • Any other decoration you might have and want to add.
  • Cutting Machine (preferable or a printer and an X-acto)
  • Scissors.
Easy Paper Christmas Village DIY

Getting your Christmas village houses cut:

Snag your cut files to your computer and then open them in your electronic cutting machine app. In my case, I used the Silhouette Cameo app studio.

The files include a pdf version, silhouette files, and SVG files for your convenience.


Just please keep in mind that for Cricut users, I&#;ve heard the SVG get a bit messed up in their app. Score lines/fold lines turn into solid lines which are read as cut lines and sometimes the elements don&#;t show in the right size. So there&#;s that.

Get your Paper Christmas Village Cut Files

I created a quick and fun video tutorial for you, but if you are more of a step-by-step photo kind of person just scroll down and keep reading!

Before we begin, be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and also sign up for our email list (at the end of this post), so you’ll never miss a post!

Drop your designs on your design space in your app and arrange them to fill your paper, but leaving room at the edge for cutting.

When you are ready, get your cutting settings ready to go (blade, cardstock type, etc).

On the cutting mat (sticky side up) place your cardstock (or is it card stock???) on the sticky side of the cut mat. I wanted to make the roofs in black so I separated the white cardstock at the top and the back at the bottom.

Load cutting mat on your machine once your design is locked and ready.

Double-check the settings mentioned above.

Click “Send” — watch the cutting magic begin!

Assembling your Christmas Village houses

When you remove the paper you will reveal your designs, it’s so cool. A good cut will just lift right off.

Then carefully lift your designs off of your cutting mat.

Remove the excess paper around your designs and windows because sometimes it happens when the cuts are small. 

Then start folding along the dashed lines and you’ll see exactly how the house should come together.

Start gluing your flaps and securing tricky spots.

Roof and chimney are one of those. I like to turn the house over and using a pen or the back of your hook tool to secure the flaps from the inside.

Carefully fold and glue each part of the house like garages on the side of the house and other parts.

If you want to go the extra mile you can cut pieces of vellum paper or tissue paper and cover the windows on the inside of the houses. I thought about that too late.

Assembling your Christmas Village Trees

For the trees, fold them in half and glue side by side of the tree until they meet the first one again. You can glue 3 or 4 pieces. 

Putting the Christmas Village Mantel together

The last part and in my opinion the most exciting one is putting the Christmas Village together.

I decided to make my Christmas village on my special place&#; My mantel!

I used fleece as my &#;snow&#; and created hills with card boxes underneath them. 

Then place houses and trees along the space to create a cute vignette on my mantel.

I wanted to lighten up the houses but didn’t want to use battery candles because I thought it would be so annoying to turn each one on and off so I went for a light string. It even gives a vibe of fairy lights, so magical!

I place it along the mantel inserting some of the led bulbs through the back windows. Here if you had added the vellum or tissue paper, you can just cut them a bit exactly where you need the light to go through.

When I turned it on WOW! How magical and beautiful it looked.

Some of the lights went through the trees and to the back so there was a magical light everywhere! 

DIY Cute Paper Christmas Village

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. 

DIY Easy Paper Christmas Village
DIY Paper Christmas Village How to
Tutorial Paper Christmas Village
Paper Christmas Village Tutorial

I hope I inspire you to make yours.

You can also find so many different gorgeous houses at the Silhouette store if you have a Silhouette and there are also many websites that you can find another type of house for DIY Christmas Village.

If you love this project as much as I do, don’t forget to PIN and share it with friends!

How to Make a Cute Paper Christmas Village

Here I have some Christmas Inspiration for Paper Crafts from my favorite bloggers:

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IMG__webI&#;ve been working on this Christmas Village for weeks now. Every time one of the little houses got put together, I couldn&#;t help but smile! Everything about this little village makes me so happy.

There are quite a few pieces, and they all can be purchased from Silhouette and DigiPlayground. Each building is very intricate and there are a lot of parts. I have a quick video on some of the harder pieces so you can see how they go together (see above).

As for displaying this village, there are soooo many options. I have two I&#;d like to suggest here for you. The first is a display made completely from foam core. I have a free svg file for you to make a template of the one I made and some instructions on how to put it together below. (The photo below is the display I created with foam core. You can make this too!)


IMG__webThe second way I would display it is on a mantle or coffee table. I love mine on top of our white piano. The best part is at night when we put electric tealights underneath and the entire thing lights up (picture of this below!).

If you place your village on a mantel, depending on the number of pieces you build, I suggest using cake plates and cups turned upside down to give dimension and layer to your village. Cover these with &#;snow&#; you can purchase from your local craft store to hide these layers. Instant snow drift!

The two photos below is of the Christmas Village on top of my piano (about the size of the mantel). I love it up there! Every piece is so unique and darling. My family is really going to enjoy it this holiday season!



There are so many great pieces in this village. They will be release over the next two weeks (so keep an eye out for them!). The picture below is of the Santa&#;s Workshop, General Store, Gingerbread House, Trees, and Deer.


Picture below highlights the Clock Tower, Chapel, and Gingerbread House.


The train comes in two files—a Train Station with tracks and a curved 3D Train.


Happy little penguins anyone?


Check out the Snow Cottage, Elf Houses (with curved roof!) and the Chapel.


Turn off the lights and watch them glow! Instant Christmas Magic!


Here&#;s the tutorial for the Display:

Download the Free Display Template Here—

If you are having trouble with the link, then try copying and pasting this:

  1. Download the zip. You will need pieces of 20 inch x 30 inch foam core in white. You will also need a hot glue gun, a small package of &#;snow&#;, and x-acto knife.
  2. There are four layers to this display. The zip contains 4 documents that may look a bit jumbled (everything needed to fit on a 12 x 12 template for Cricut users). All you need to do is pull all the pieces apart and cut each of them out. Then layout your template like I have below:


3. After cutting out your pieces you will lay the template onto each layer. Layer 1 you will use the template to cut away two edges of the display. Layer 2 you will need to add a width of inches to add the depth. Layers 3 and 4 you can cut out as is.


4. Use an x-acto knife to cut these out. Don&#;t worry about making it perfect! Your snow will cover your mistakes!

5. Once the layers are cut out, you will want to create dimension by cut out several 2 inch strips the full length of the 30 inches on the extra foam core you have. Slice lightly into one side of the strips so that you can bend them to the shapes of your layers. Start with layer 2. Start at the side front and hot glue the 2 inch strip along the curve. Don&#;t worry about mistakes or gaps! Your snow will cover all of this!  Once you have glued the strip along the edge of layer 2 you will glue it down to layer 1. Continue with all the layers using the diagram below to help determine how to place everything.


6. Once everything is glued together, simply layer snow on the display. I glued a little bit to the board to help everything stay in place. To glue the trees, deer, and penguins to the display, I moved the snow to the side and glued these pieces directly onto the foam core. Then I moved the snow back into place.

I hope you have fun making this display and the entire Christmas Village!



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Paper Christmas Village &#; Houses

Dress up a mantle or a tablescape with this simple yet sweet paper Christmas village and houses. Add in a few LED tea lights and it will glow with warmth and open doors!

When I was a kid, when of my favorite parts of the holidays were getting out our decorations and putting them up. It was the &#;70s, so we had lots of posterboard decorations. Today those simple paper-based decorations have a special place in my heart. Which is why I designed this paper Christmas village for my mantle. It&#;s easy but so charming! It&#;s not as elaborate as my DIY Paper Village: Craft Cottage I designed last year, but that&#;s why I like it so much!

This little paper Christmas village is very special because each of the doors on the buildings OPEN! That&#;s right.. you can just swing them right open and then your village has open doors for everyone. And each set of doors has a warm and welcoming glow within it. 

Much gratitude to many readers who requested this Christmas village (Claudette, Brigitte T., Jacquelynn, Suzanne O., and Kalla). Each person who contributed this project idea will receive an extra entry for your idea (I am keeping track on this on my end). And don&#;t forget, you can suggest project ideas for this Challenge here and receive entries to win one of our awesome prizes, including a Cricut Maker!

Key concepts taught in the video tutorial include how to scrape a mat clean, how to put vellum or wax paper on the back of a project, and how to fix a mistake.

See exactly how to make my Paper Christmas Village & Houses in this tutorial video below:

Tip: If you&#;re in the mood to make more paper houses, my friend Lucy is making a little paper house a day for the holidays and sharing them on HER blog! Her little 3D houses make great ornaments for your tree or combine them all together to create a adorable paper house village! You can get the free patterns for 12 little Christmas houses at

Christmas putz houses form a paper Christmas village with designs from

Let&#;s make a paper Christmas village together! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Quick Links to Information in this Post

Materials for the Paper Christmas Village & Houses

How to Make a Paper Christmas Village

First, download my paper village design (Design #) from my free resource library (you can get a password for it at the bottom of this page). If you&#;re going to cut the paper out on your cutting machine, upload the file to your design software. If you&#;re not sure how to upload an SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space, watch this helpful video training series I made. If you&#;re on an iPhone or iPad, here&#;s how to download and upload SVG files to the Cricut Design Space app.

Important Note: The score lines are built in! Instead of cut lines you have to convert into score lines in Cricut Design Space (like many other projects I do), I made dashed lines and pre-attached them. They are already in place and ready to go. Just upload the design and click Make It. Super easy!

Check back later for more instructions and photos, or watch the video linked above!

Get my free SVG cut files and patterns for the Paper Christmas Village

If you make this sweet little paper Christmas village, please share a photo in our Facebook group, email it to me at [email&#;protected], or tag me on social media with #makershowandtell.

See all of the projects, tutorials and free designs in The Great Maker Show and Tell Challenge! There is one for each day of the 25 Days of Christmas! This is my gift to you for the tremendous support, enthusiasm, and love you&#;ve shown to me and my little blog over the past two years. To &#;open&#; a gift, hover over the day&#;s image and click the download icon.


Want to remember this? Save the Paper Christmas Village to Your Favorite DIY Pinterest Board!

Make a Paper Christmas Village & Houses with this free pattern and SVG cut file for the Cricut! #christmas #papercraft #cricut #luminary #svgcutfile

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SVG File - Christmas Village Cascade Card - Assembly Tutorial

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