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It's a truth well known that just because something looks“effortless” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effortless to do. The headache involved may be a different story entirely.

Looking the right amount of laid-back and breezy is truly an art form, but one hairstyle that keeps cropping up all over our Insta feeds is convincing us that a relaxed high-low vibe is easier to achieve than it might look.

The cord knot involves half-folding your low ponytail through the hair band to create a bun shape, then using the half that’s left out to wrap around the hairband and pin in place. Sounds confusing, but we’ve been mesmerized by how simple the steps are in practice.

Makeup artist and hair stylist Emma Chen has been showing us how it’s done with her videos of the style in action. “Seriously the best looking 2 minute up style,” she wrote on her Instagram.

As with all good things, though, the key is in the prep. “My biggest piece of advice when creating effortless updos is make sure you get the right amount of texture into the hair because then the hair pretty much styles itself,” she noted. Product-wise, she recommends a combo of BondiBoosts Sea Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo + Texture Powder (not available in the U.S.) but we also love Ouai’s Wave Spray and Bumble & Bumble’s Pret A Powder Tres Invisible  to recreate the look. 

We’ve seen it styled on curly hair.

And super sleek.

We’ve even seen a spin-off of the knot technique, created by hair stylist Christian Wood for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

So if you’re stuck for time and need something chic, try this. “I’ve even created this with one clear hair tie and zero bobby pins,” Chen admitted. Sounds like our kind of party.

This story originally appeared onGlamour U.K.


40 Messy Bun Hairstyles to Refresh Your Casual Look

You have heard of it, your friends wear it, it is all over your Instagram feed, and you, well, you are probably dying for a way to upgrade yours. You guessed right: we are talking about the messy bun. Join us in our quest for cutting-edge ways to style your hair with a bun that is everything but ordinary.

Messy Bun Ideas

A bun updo is nothing new, but each of the following hairstyles includes some sparkle that makes you take a second glance.

#1: Fringed Donut Style

This one rates high on our cute messy buns ranking. After all, it is a power combo: donut meets messy meets fringes, and it is as easy to make as it looks. All you need to do is to slightly curl and twist small locks of hair with your fingers as you go. Works with short bangs as well.

#2: Not-So-Messy Bun

Uptight and messy are not as incompatible as your boss wants you to believe. This bun will give you the best of both worlds, especially if you have curly hair. You will need to learn how to do a messy bun and turn it less messy as you go. The final result is credible enough for a board meeting.

#3: Peony Blossom Updo

Turn the back of your head into a flourishing vase with this messy bun. It all starts with a low ponytail, small locks of hair looped, and several bobby pins. Then hair fixators join the party, so your hair can blossom from day to night.

#4: Curly Pastel Purple Bun

Chanel your inner child with this fairytale hairstyle that will make heads turn as you go. The white flower hairpin is perfect to enhance the color, and a little bit of green is the perfect combo to the purple. The thin braid will make you ready for springtime all year round.

#5: Low Bun with Medieval Braid

Braids and buns have been around for quite a long time now; this hairstyle draws inspiration from back in the day where a tutorial was nowhere to be found. It’s actually way simpler than it looks, if you keep in mind that the strand for the braid is merely decorative and should be the last thing you do. Before finishing just tuck the tip of the braid inside the low bun you have done previously.

#6: Messy Bun with Embellishment

A messy bun comes in many forms, but none is as sweet as this swept style embellished with a flower. You can use a variety of items to add a bit of fancy to your finished look including barrettes, jewels, flowers, butterflies and bows.

#7: Side Braid Into Bun

If you deal with unruly locks that you love to wear long despite the drama, try this hairstyle on for size. Starting with a side braid, head it around to the back of the head and twist remaining hair into a low bun. Secure with a hair elastic and bobby pins. The best part of this style? You can allow select tendrils and natural strands to flow freely.

#8: Crowned with a Colored Bun

Hair color serves many purposes, but none is as fun as making a bold fashion statement. When you’re ready to express yourself in a whole new way, color the lower section of your hair a bright hue while leaving the roots natural. When you pull your locks into a high bun, twist accordingly to show off the color.

#9: Double Braid Messy Bun

Long-haired ladies understand the importance of keeping an arsenal of messy bun hairstyles for those days when your mane refuses to cooperate. This pretty and seemingly intricate style is ideal for all seasons and works well on a variety of hair textures.

# Tucked Chignon

Sweet and simple, this chignon hairstyle is easy to try. Start by brushing all hair straight back, than backcomb roughly. Pull hair into a low ponytail and then criss cross and twists sections, shaping a messy knot. Secure each section with bobby pins until the hair elastic is completely covered. This style is a bit easier to pull off on damp hair. Plus, air dried locks get that fun and messy vibe naturally.

# Business Bun

If you spend your days at the office, you’ll need a go-to style that isn’t too complicated and yet still exudes class and professionalism. Enter this high bun style that’s achieved through a high ponytail that is then wrapped around itself. Leave some loose strands in the back and on the sides to avoid looking too severe.

# Messy Bun with Bangs

Bangs are always in style, and if you’re fortunate enough to have long medium to thick hair, you can easily pull off this style. To get the perfect messy bun, finger comb hair into place instead of using a brush or a comb. Add a ribbon, headband or bandana to finish the look.

# Twisted Style for Long Hair

Hair twists are a great way to go because you can easily adapt them to your own hair length and texture. Comb hair out and twist either large or small sections into a ponytail. Wrap the remaining hair into a bun and secure with hair pins. Spray with a high quality setting spray to keep your hair in place all day.

# Voluminous Bun with Teased Roots

This hairdo takes the cake when it comes to both high style and minimal effort. Perfectly coiffed without slicking hair down severely, this style works best with long hair that is thin or medium textured. Wear the bun during the day or fancy it up with jewelry and darker makeup when it’s time to enjoy the nightlife.

# Ageless Messy Bun

Messy buns aren’t just for young women – any age can rock this hairstyle. If your hair is more mature, try a low bun styled without a brush, only with your fingers. Don’t stress out about making it perfect – the entire goal is to show off your free spirit.

# Side Bun with Braided Headband

Messy buns look lovely in a variety of ways, but if you want something different, pair a side bun with braided headband. Depending upon the length and thickness of your hair, this style may come out as a chunky, bold look or a more subtle, wispy beauty.

# Braided Low Bun Updo

Starting with a French braid running down the back of the head, this hairstyle ends with the lower half of the braid twisted and secured into a low bun. What makes it exciting? The messy feel and the bold and dramatic color contrast, like vibrant purple against jet black. Many color combinations look awesome – the only way to discover your favorite is to try.

# Crimped Messy Bun

Wondering how to do a messy bun that looks totally unique? Resurrect the80’s crimped hair trend: crinkle your hair prior to styling it. If you don’t have access to such an iron, sleep with damp strands sectioned into miniature braids all over the head.

# Mini Messy Style

If you’re growing out your hair, you understand the frustration of not having enough reasonable style options. Low buns can save the day if your hair is at least chin length. If layers or select strands fall out, no worries – it just adds to the overall stylish, messy look you’re going for.

# Braids into Top Knot

Again, if your hair is thin or not too long, try this variation of the top knot. Brush hair straight back into a pony, leaving a few front sections out to braid. Pull the braids back and gather them with the rest of the hair into a loose knot.

# Upside Down Braid and Bun

Flip that mane upside down and French braid from the base of your neck up to the crown of the head. Twist hair around an elastic and spray with a light setting spray. Cute messy buns can be simple or intricate – all are beautiful in their own way.

# Side Swept Low Bun

Divide hair into three sections, using just your fingers. Twist and pin each section in a variety of spots, ending with a sloppy bun shifted to one side. What a perfect mess!

# Messy Bun with Volume

This fancy look adds a boost of volume to the hair without overdoing it. A bouffant instantly lifts the messy bun look from casual to formal. Highlights are always a beautiful bonus when you work with styles where you twist and wrap your hair.

# High Bun with Flat Twists

Wondering how to make a messy bun look more creative? The answer is found in plaited details. This hairstyle with rope twist braids up the back of the head and a fishtail top bun is the winning combination to stand out from the crowd!

# Messy Twisted Bun

Gather completely dried strands into a low bun and twist a section over the hair elastic to add a subtle yet pretty detail to the simple look. Pair this knot with bangs or side tendrils to soften it up.

# Parisian Chic Hairstyle

This look is au naturel or so it seems. Be inspired by the high life in Paris and take your messiest bun to a formal event. Don’t forget to use your favorite hair fixator to be sure that your hair will stand through the day. Pair it with pearls and sunglasses to look effortlessly and Parisian chic.

# Long Side Braid Updo

Take you side braid to the next level with this messy bun for long hair. We know it is hard to believe that a braid and a bun can get along so well, but this hairstyle is proof. Anyone with highlights or different color shades must try it at least once.

# Cotton Candy Hairstyle

Could this color degrade be more mesmerizing? With all the twists and color depth this low bun makes one dream of unicorns and cotton candy. Once you tackle the color, keep an eye open for the right length: the loose hair that will frame your face mustn`t touch your shoulders.

# Chunky Bun with Flowers

Here’s a hairstyle that demands more improvisation than technical skills. Among all messy bun hairstyles this is the one that lets imagination blossom. You can use real flowers attached to bobby pins (you will need lots of them) or look around for hairpins with different flowers; think of it as a garden.

# Shades of Blue on the Side

Perfect for days when you feel you need to make a statement, a bold one. Just use this easy side bun hairstyle to put yourself out there. You will look fierce enough to pass as a celebrity. Dare to go for the shades of silver, blue and purple, and invitations to star in music videos and movies will rain.

# Bohemian Chic Low Bun

There is always something elvish in messy buns like this. The combination of neon colors and boho hair jewelry in leather and metal takes us to another dimension. Not an everyday hairstyle, you should save this for special occasions. And yes, an urgent need to show off how your rings go with your hair is special enough for us.

# Inverted Braid and Bun

You have two options for this hairstyle: 1) you hair is really long; 2) you are okay with using hair extensions. It is all about length here. You need enough hair for a thick inverted braid staring from the bottom of your head, and then even more hair for an epic messy bun on the top.

# Double Braided Side Bun

This style is ideal for girls with long hair who desperately need to refresh the neck area during sunny days but are tired of ponytails and plain donut buns. For beginners, our advice is starting with the braids, leaving the rest of the hair loose so that the ends of the braids can easily mesh to create the falling effect of this messy bun.

# Braided Casual &#;Do

This one is 50% braid and 50% bun; not all messy buns can boast that. Just start a waterfall braid as you always do, keep it lower and looser, and once you are half way through it, roll it all in a messy knot. Remember the hairband will be showing so you might want to match or contrast it with your outfit.

# Twisted Messy Bun

Come on, let’s do the twist. Conquer any dance floor with this bun updo full of twists, rolls and depth. If you have contrasting highlights like in the picture, your hair will look not only rhythmic but also tasty &#; and we are talking ice-cream swirl tasty here.

# Bun with Tangled Braids

Feel tangled up in buns with this messy bun for long hair. French maids inspired, this take on the famous braid is fresher and more relaxed than ever. In rainy days, this bun is great if you are constantly using a hood. No need to worry about small hair out of place: it is all part of the look.

# Neatly Rolled High Bun

We present you with a look suitable even for short hair. Depending on the length, you will be able to accomplish a more or less detailed hair roll. Don’t be afraid to follow the pretzel look, it is trending in formal hairstyle catalogues all over the industry, and it will not compromise your look.

# Big Looped Bun

This is the ultimate and the coolest of all the messy bun hairstyles depicted in this article. Why do we love it so much? Because it is true to its roots and all it does is magnifying the effects of the original, more tamed style. Though, we do admit that the amazing chalk color game seen here scored some extra points.

# Formal Bun for Medium Hair

Family reunions and meeting the in-laws will be much easier with this twist bun with braid. It requires some maintenance, so you might want to invite a friend over for hairstyling reinforcement. Closer to the end line you will not regret it, as you will feel ready for meeting and greeting through the next 24 hours.

# Elegant Updo with a Bouffant

Forget your sock bun. This hairstyle needs neither much support nor filling because your hair will be doing all the work. If your hair is thick, you have an advantage when the time to tangle locks and branches comes. For those with thinner hair, there are some products in the market that can be helpful.

We have been through 40 bun hairstyles and we survived to tell the tale. Now that you know what is out there, be ready to spare more than one hour to accomplish some of the hairstyles, but worry not: you will find every minute worth it while enjoying your upgraded messy bun.

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Just because it looks intricate, doesn&#;t mean it&#;s too hard to try your own hand at. You don&#;t need a professional or a friend, instead you just need some super snazzy tutorials to help you through. These 25 low bun hairstyles you can create yourself at home in front of your mirror with so much ease!

1. Romantic

Easy and beautiful diy low bun hairstyle 1 x

Check out this gorgeous, romantic, low bun hairstyle from Weddingomania. It&#;s a bit tousled and full of femininity.

2. Knotted

Knotted bun wedding hairstyles for long hair

This knotted bun from Once Wed is the perfect hairdo for so many different occasions. Whether you&#;re the bride or the guest, this is something that works for all!

3. Chignon

Low chignon diy

Here&#;s a classic, low chignon that you&#;ll want to learn and keep in your back pocket. Pop Haircuts has all the details.

4. Rope Twist

Hair romance rope twist braid bun hair style tutorial in curly hair

How does a rope twist bun sound? It&#;s textural, it&#;s fun and it works on all hair types. Take a peek at Hair Romance.

5. Scarf

Scarf bun diy

Accessorize your bun with a fun scarf! Brit + Co shows us how to make this hairdo in a pinch!

6. Sophicated

Diy low bun twist

Elle showcased this gorgeous, sophisticated twisted bun that we are swooning for. It&#;s definitely a versatile hairstyle that you can dress up or down any day of the week!

7. Yarn

Yarn bun diy

Here&#;s another funky way to accessorize your bun &#; with yarn! Check out all the details at A Beautiful Mess.

8. Intricate

Twisted low bun diy

The Beauty Department is featuring this intricate, &#;twisted sister&#; hair design and we love it! Again, it&#;s perfect for dressing up or down!

9. Tuck & Roll

Tuck and roll low bun diy

Check out this chic tuck and roll from Refinery It&#;s trendy, it&#;s youthful and you can accessorize it to your liking.

3 Buns

Three bun diy hairdo

Sometimes three buns are better than one! A Cup of Jo shows us how to make it happen and style it just right.


Diy messy bun

Create the most perfect messy bun that you&#;ve ever seen with the help of The Small Things Blog. Styled right you can wear it to work or on a night out with friends!


Bridal low bun hairstyle diy

We love braids, especially when they&#;re done in such a sweet and elegant way. And Missy Sue shows us how to combine bow the braid and the bun!


Net bun diy

This super chic net bun can be found over at The Bride Link. Use it for work, or style it and use it for your wedding!


Great gatsby inspired low bun diy

Inspire yourself and the party with a Gatsby-styled low bun. Hop on over and watch this YouTube video for details.


Diy voluminous bun

Gorgeous, dramatic and voluminous in all the right places, this low bun is one of our favorites of the bunch. This Fashion is Mine has the tutorial ready for you.


Sophisticated diy wrapped low bun hair updo 1

Here&#;s another sophisticated look that has some wrapping involved. You&#;ll find it all at Styloholic.


Diy braided bun

Low and braided &#; which is our favorite &#; this one involves two separate braids. Visit Lana Red Studio for the directions.


Simple diy chic low braided updo hairstyle picture 5

Check out this tutorial and find out how to wave your hair and then utilize the texture in the creation of this gorgeous low bun design.

2 Minute

Two minute low bun diy

Visit this YouTube video and learn how to create this posh low bun in just two minutes. It&#;s super easy!


Hair tutorial freckled fox side braided bun 6

The Freckled Fox gives us this snazzy, side-detailed low bun that we love. Accessorize or it let it speak for itself &#; it&#;s beautiful either way.


Fishtail bun diy

Learn how to create a fishtail braid and then use it in a bun over at The Beauty Place. It&#;s quite unique and full of interesting texture.


Diy petal bun

Here&#;s another elegant, low bun hairstyle DIY that we&#;re swooning for. Mimi & Taylor has all the juicy details.


Diy low twisted bun

This low bun has a beautiful, boho essence and we love every bit of it&#;s romance and whimsy. Find it at Once Wed.


Easy updo tutorial to follow gibson tuck low updo

And here you&#;ll be able to learn how to create the light and chic Gibson tuck. We love the posh, chic appeal.

Side Braid

Side braid bun diy

Here&#;s another low bun that&#;s been capped off with a braid. And Inspired by This shows us how to make it unique with a side appeal!


16 Cute &#; Easy Bun Hairstyles to Try in

High Bun

High Bun

Instagram @thestyle_loungeae_

Feel tall and proud when you&#;ve got this simple yet outstanding top knot bun style! Get your strands off your pretty face to show off your glam make-up.

Twisted Low Bun

Twisted Low Bun

Instagram @hairbyhannahtaylor

All the waves and the swirls in this sophisticated low bun hairdo give off a sexy vibe! Gorgeously matches a bridesmaid or a prom queen.

Easy Messy Bun

Easy Messy Bun

Instagram @alarnataylor_hair_mua

Gift yourself a low textured knot effortlessly made with the help of a hair donut! This easy messy bun style is one you can wear everyday and even in long gown events.

Simple Bun

Q&A with style creator, Aimee Renner
Freelance Makeup Artist / Hairstylist @ Aimee & Co. in Auckland, New Zealand

How would you describe this look?

I&#;d call it a loose or &#;undone&#; twisted simple bun hairdo. The greatest thing about it is that the twist shows off the different tones in the client&#;s hair and it looks more elaborate than it is.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It&#;s a great style when they want something up off their face which is a bit more casual and modern than some styles, but still looks polished and has some interest.

It would look great with any hair color, but one which has some variation of highlights (blondes) looks best I feel as it shows off the twist with different tones.

Also best with a length of at least just past shoulder length to around bra strap length. Otherwise, if it&#;s too short there&#;s not enough hair in the bun. If it&#;s too long there doesn&#;t tend to be the layers to give it texture, and the bun becomes too heavy and large.

I would recommend a styling product like a volumizing powder to give the hair some texture and to create some volume. I would dust it through the crown and backcomb a little to create some height and then also through the pony before you twist it and piece it apart (before securing with Bobby pins and hair spray).

By pulling pieces out around the front of the face, it furthers the relaxed vibe.

Twisted Bun

Q&A with style creator, Breann Garcia
Hair Artist @ Hair by Breann Garcia in Fort Worth, TX

How would you describe this look?

This twisted bun hair is simple but elegant and perfect for a casual evening or even for your wedding hair dream. Using a rope braid technique gives your hair the illusion of being thick and full.

The classiest thing about this look is how simple it is but how it looks very intricate. At a stylist&#;s point of view, it&#;s very easy to achieve. Using minimum Bobby pins eases up the styling technique.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is created in a few simple steps that are quick and easy. It&#;s perfect for all different hair texture when using the correct products.

This particular look is very classic and simple at the front but detailed at the back. It&#;s perfect for all different occasions.

Bow Bun

Q&A with style creator, Gabrielle
Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist @ Hair & Makeup by Gabrielle in London, UK

How would you describe this look?

Bows and bridal up-dos are two key wedding trends for this year, so this bow bun hairstyle really is the perfect combination. It&#;s elegant, modern, and effortlessly romantic. Its versatility means you can wear the hairstyle with or without a veil. The choice is yours but both will look equally gorgeous. If you choose not to wear a veil with this hairstyle, instead opt for some statement bridal accessories to turn heads as you walk down the aisle. A pair of chandelier earrings are all you need to add a fabulous finishing touch to this look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This wedding hairstyle is designed for the bride who isn&#;t afraid to stand out from the crowd and wants to make a statement with her bridal look. Does this sound like you? Then you&#;ll need hair that is shoulder-length or longer to achieve this detailed look. Ensure you establish a decent haircare routine ahead of the big day so that it is conditioned, glossy, and wedding-ready. If you have wild hair that cannot be tamed, you&#;ll be using a lot of hair spray and hairpins to secure the look in place. However, this beautiful bridal hairstyle also means you will keep any pesky flyaways at bay. What&#;s not to love?!

The Beach Side Braided Bun

You&#;ll have the prettiest hair in the office in four easy steps thanks to this fab tutorial at This is also a great summer bun hairstyle that will make you gorgeous for beach outings. To recreate the look, you&#;ll want to give your hair a little dusting of texturizing spray or powder, then gather your hair into a low pony. From there, braid your ponytail, secure the end, then wrap it around itself around the base of your ponytail. Pin it town, finish with hairspray and you&#;re good to go.


Double Bun Hairstyle Step by Step

What&#;s better than one bun? Two, of course! This Mini Double Buns hair tutorial by YouTube user leighannsays is perfect for those casual, low key days, or days when you simply want to make a statement without exerting too much effort. &#;I like to think of it as the &#;90s, Gwen Stefani-ish mini buns,&#; she says. We have to agree! That said, they&#;re still totally wearable today.

Fabric Bun Tutorial

Want to add a playful touch to your standard bun? All you need is a little fabric and about two minutes. For this tutorial, you can use whatever fabric appeals to you most. Perhaps it&#;s something bright and cheery, or maybe it&#;s something sheer and sparkly. Whatever you choose, follow this fun YouTube tutorial put together by Steamfaerie and Seventeen magazine.

The Simple Donut Bun

It was all the rage in its heyday, and now we&#;re seeing a revival of the donut bun. This time around, though, it&#;s taking a softer and more romantic approach, and less sleek and very &#;done up.&#; If you want to give the ol&#; donut a go again, we suggest following this tutorial on the Confetti Day Dreams blog. It&#;s super airy, almost taking on a cotton candy texture, and finished with wispy hair wrapped around the base of the bun.


Romantic, Layered Bun

This elegant bun is sweet and simple. &#;When it comes to hair, my attempts at anything more than a ponytail or top knot leave me feeling frustrated and looking ridiculous,&#; writes Anne of the Anne Sage blog. &#;But as elaborate braids and buns have gained popularity, I&#;ve longed to go beyond the basic. So I asked Heidi Marie Garrett of Makeup to help me create a tutorial for this simple yet stunning updo.&#; This layered, romantic bun has a floral quality to it that makes me want to read books in a secret garden lush with tangled ivy.

layered bun hairstyles

Messy Bun Hairstyle with Braids and Wrap

Messy buns offer little freedom from having to be perfect in all places, including those flyaways we all have. The Small Things blog, run by blonde-haired Kate, is one of my favorites. I&#;m obviously not alone in my adoration, as she&#;s built quite the following. Anyway, Kate has a way of simplifying complex hairstyles and breaking them down into easy-to-understand steps. This messy bun with a braided wrap offers the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated, making it deal for any upcoming elegant affairs. Check out the video tutorial for everything you need to know!

Waterfall French Braid Bun

This French braid hairstyle is so rich it hurts my teeth (in a good way). To achieve the super glossy and refined finish of this bun, you&#;ll want to prepare your hair by brushing it out and applying some hair serum to keep frizzies away. According to the tutorial, day old hair works best for this elegant bun hairstyle since the braid will hold better.

waterfall French braid bun hairstyle

Elegant, Low Hanging Side Bun

If you are looking for a prom, wedding, or any party bun, this one takes the cake. The bun is to the lower side and not near the crown of the head which provides a different look from the back. This hairstyle from blogger Negin Mirsalehi is of the most sophisticated, yet unexpected, hairstyles I&#;ve come across in a while (and I look at hair blogs a lot). Like the other hairstyles listed here, it&#;s one you can recreate at home without much hassle or frustration, but it will definitely earn you oohs, ahhs and questions like, &#;How&#;d you do that?&#; This one&#;s best for those with super long locks, but medium length hair will yield a similar version by following the same steps.

low bun hairstyles

Easy Knotted Updo Bun

Emily of the The Freckled Fox included this easy, knotted updo/bun in her &#;Summers End Hair Week&#; series, so I deem it wearable for end of summer and through the fall. She says, &#;This is one of those [hairstyles] that can be worn with sunglasses and a pair of jeans during the day, or with a little sequined dress and some heels for the evening.&#; Versatile is always good. Emily thoroughly details the how-to on her blog with loads of pictures, a supply list and text instructions, so head over there ASAP.

knotted bun hairstyles

Elegant Sleek Bun Inspired by Angelina Jolie

YouTube&#;s prolific Lilith Moon can seriously work magic on hair. She also has a way of making her hairstyles easy to recreate, even if you&#;re not very hair savvy. Many bun styles are all about the Cinderella look and this elegant, sleek bun updo is no different. It was inspired by Angelina Jolie and packs the same sort of refined elegance that the brunette starlet always has. Lilith uses some hair extensions to recreate this bun, so if your hair is on the short side, consider doing the same if you want all that volume.


Bun video hairstyle

Quick & Easy Low Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

I&#;m going to show you how to create a gorgeous quick texture style on short hair. You have a couple of different options with hair prep. you could either use the mousse and salt spray and blow dry the hair or even better would be to prep the hair using the crimps. Just pick up sections of hair. put a bit of back combing in smooth spray with your wax or you could use a little bit of your smoothing structure cream. And then just leave it and move on to the next one. You don&#;t want your sections to be all the same size. It&#;s gonna look a little bit crazy, but don&#;t worry about that. There is a method in our madness. so I&#;m going to leave the side sections out and we&#;re going to create the style on there here underneath. We&#;re just going to create a little twist and pin that in position and start working with your sections in the center here. We&#;re not securing them with the Bobby pin at this stage. We&#;re just going to use our strong straight hair. You can create a PC work and I&#;m just using a strong straight pin just to prop the hair just to temporarily hold the hair in position just while we decide exactly how we want the style to look if the hair starts to get a little bit loose here, what you can do is just hold the hair down once you&#;ve got it together. And just pop a couple of Bobby pins just across the back. And just go side to side, so you create this lovely kind of almost braided effect. So now, we&#;re ready to create a little bun at the back so we&#;ve got choices here. you could do a little roll at the back and roll the hair up and do a nice little shape like that or you could do maybe a little crossover style knotted bun. We&#;ve got other tutorials showing those styles. But for this one, I&#;m going to just simply smooth. some of that product left underneath the hair here and I&#;m just going to roll that hair up. And pop a little pin at the back here. And then just come in and finish off. so I&#;m just gonna put those ends in just a little bit more. That&#;s it. And here I want to just pin this bit in a bit so it brings this gap here together.

10 unique \u0026 antique hairstyles with in 1 donut - quick hairstyles - try on hairstyles - hairstyle

8 Bun Hairstyles to Do When You Have to Turn Zoom Video On

Right now, the most exclusive invites are on Zoom. From meetings with your boss, to happy hour wine with your co-workers, and dinner parties with your friends, all human interaction has gone online for the foreseeable future.

We know you're only traveling from your bed to your couch, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to do something about your second (or third day) hair before turning your video on.

Enter the bun. Next to the ponytail, no updo is more versatile than a messy or sleek bun. High or low, braided, or tousled, the style quickly makes you look like a decent human without putting much effort into doing your hair.

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Even Anthony Cole, Sebastian Professional lead stylist, agrees that messy buns are the new ponytail. "You can actually go from a ponytail to a messy bun super easily," he says. "Especially right now since we are all at home and do not have access to a stylist to do our hair, this is a super simple look to try for video chats or hanging out at home."

Here, eight bun hairstyle ideas that are unbelievably cool and easy to do.

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The Messy Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Julianne Hough
Credit: Rachel Luna/Getty Images

You know it, you love it, you used to wear it to the gym. The messy bun comes off as effortless, but not sloppy. Once you have your bun set at the crown of your head, tousle with your fingers by gently tugging the knot to loosen it up. Finish with a coat of lightweight hairspray like TRESemme Micro Mist Hair Spray Level 1 Texture Hold Level 1 to maintain the updo's texture.

The Ballerina Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Kerry Washington
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

The reason a ballerina bun is a classic style? It's a look that works well for all hair types and textures. Before creating your bun, Cole recommends running a nourishing oil through your hair for smoothness and better control. He's a fan of Sebastian Professional Dark Oil. You can also use some gel if your hair is on the kinkier side.

The Bun With Tendrils

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Frederic J. Brown/Getty Images

Some parts of high school live on past graduation day, like the hairstyle you wore to prom. Face-framing tendrils are 's hottest hair accessory and an easy way to dress up a bun. If you're doing a twisted bun like J.Lo, Cole says to make a ponytail first. Then, divide the tail in two sections and twist them. Wrap the twisted tail around the base of the pony and secure it in place with bobby bins.

The Messy Bun With Bangs

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Selena Gomez
Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

As far as effortless hair goes, curtain bangs and a messy top knot is always a winning combo. "If you want to have a fringe with your bun, leave your fringe down from the crown to the recession on both sides, before creating the ponytail structure for your bun," says Cole.

The Wispy Tousled Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Laura Harrier
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Instead of smoothing your hair, work with your natural texture. Just look at how amazing Laura Harrier's wavy hair looks in a high bun with wispy flyaways. When working with wavy hair, spritz a wave spray to enhance your natural curl pattern. Ouai's Wave Spray is a sea salt-free option that doesn't make hair crunchy.

The Low Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Renee Zellweger
Credit: Robyn Beck/Getty Images

Leaving your part instead of brushing it back is another way to personalize a bun. Take Renee Zellweger's center part for example.

The Doughnut Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Meghan Markle
Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

"Using a donut in your bun can help you with creating volume and containing layers," says Cole. While Meghan Markle's low messy bun is infamous, her voluminous high bun is just as simple to DIY. After tying your hair in a ponytail, Cole says to pull the donut to the bottom of the ponytail and fasten it with a bobby pin. Next, work the hair around the doughnut until the donut is fully concealed. You can adjust the bun to your desired shape and volume by pulling the hairs little by little, just remember to maintain the bun's structure.

The Braided Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyles - Tessa Thompson

Yes, a sleek braided bun can be effortless, too. First, tie your hair back into a tight low ponytail and then braid it. Wrap the plait around the base of your ponytail and you're good to join that Zoom call. Bonus feature: This style is ideal for if you want to multitask by doing a repairing hair treatment while you video chat. Run a leave-in conditioner or mask through your hair before styling your bun.


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How to Make a Bun

  • 1

    Prep your hair. Brush your hair to remove any knots and tangles. Don’t part your hair, as your part will not stay in when you make the ponytail.

  • 2

    Pull your hair back. Select the place on your head you would like to create your sock bun. A popular trend now is to have it placed on the top of your head, similar to a topknot. You can have a more classic look by pulling your hair near the base of your neck though. Secure your handful of hair with an elastic.

  • 3

    Ready your sock. Take an old (clean) sock, and cut the closed end near the toes off. It is best if you use a sock similar in color to your hair, but any color will do. You should be left with an empty sock-tube. Roll it up (similar to how you would with nylons) so that your sock is no longer a tube, but a donut shape.

  • 4

    Put your sock on the ponytail. Take your sock and slide it onto your ponytail all the way to the base. This is to make sure that all of the strands are included. Then, hold your ponytail up and slide the sock all the way to the end of the ponytail.

  • 5

    Start the bun. Wrap the ends of your hair around the sock donut, so that they form a loop and the ends are placed in the center hole of the sock.

  • 6

    Roll the sock inwards towards the base of the ponytail.As you roll the sock towards the base, your hair will gather in loops around it.
    • Move the hair around as you roll the sock, so that it doesn’t all loop around the same section leaving the rest of the sock exposed.
  • 7

    When you get to the base, adjust your bun so that it appears how you want it. You will probably need to use a few bobby pins to secure the bun to your scalp, especially if your hair is fine, silky, or has layers.

  • 8

    Finish the look. Pull out a few strands if you want to create a messier sock-bun, and then spritz your hair with a bit of hairspray to set it. Include any cute hair accessories you might like, and you’re finished![5]

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