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These Bouquets Are Made of Wood and We’re Wild About Them Photo Credit:Kendra Bird Photography; @kendrabirdphotography

When my sister-in-law ((who got married less than two months ago)) told me that she wasn’t doing real flowers for her wedding day, I won’t lie, I worried that my face immediately looked something like this 😬. That’s a major decision, especially when hiring a florist can prove so much less stressful than taking on the task yourself. You book your bloom-pro, share some creative thoughts, discuss your petal palette, and then he or she kind of just takes off. If you can commit to the cause, though, and prioritize your craftiness, you can end up with something absolutely beautiful - be it paper, silk, or sola wood-made. For any couples out there who want to go against the grain with their wedding flowers, we know exactly where you need to go: Sola Wood Flowers.

Hold up, it’s not actually wood as you know it. 

We don’t want to misrepresent this magical kind of flower power, but TBH, sola wood isn’t like the wood you’re imagining. It’s actually part of the tapioca plant root, which grows in tropical climates. Once the bark is taken off, the cream-colored, flexible cork-like meat of the plant can be peeled and worked into thin sheets that are then hand-crafted into flowers. There is so much finesse involved in the process, it’s never phoned in. So, if you’re feeling like wooden flowers don’t impress as much as their true floral counterparts, then you should think again. These flowers are the product of intricate, thoughtful handiwork; when you’re considering them for your wedding, a celebration of your own, perfectly-evolved and crafted love story, it kind of makes perfect sense. 

These Bouquets Are Made of Wood and We’re Wild About Them Photo Credit:@melissaroelphoto

Now, we figured that we’d have a lot of skeptics when we brought up the idea of non-fresh flowers for a wedding ((you know, where true love is just blooming)) … But before you call yourself a non-believer, we’ve done some myth busting for you.

Read on for the real-real on these unconventional flowers. 

These Bouquets Are Made of Wood and We’re Wild About Them Photo Credit:Amanda Collins Photography; @amandacollinsphotography_lodi

Myth #1

Wood gets old, so eventually these flowers will show their age.

The truth

Not quite. Sola Wood Flowers last forever. Even though they’re made of wood, they’re not brittle; they’ll never rot or go bad - they’ve got serious staying power.

Myth #2

Fresh flowers have a scent that just can’t be replicated, wood flowers will smell just like you’d imagine, like wood. 

The truth

Yes, Sola Wood Flowers don’t have a scent, but they can be scented to get-the-smell of real flowers, essential oils, or any scent you’d like your wedding to have. Sola Wood Flowers actually offers scents for purchase! So, if you’re feeling like your roses should smell like Key Lime Pie, have at it!!

These Bouquets Are Made of Wood and We’re Wild About Them Photo Credit:Kendra Bird Photography; @kendrabirdphotography

Myth #3

There are so many flower species out there, you can find the right colors to match your celebration just by experimenting with different blooms. Wood won’t be as nuanced.

The truth

Actually, you can purchase the Sola Wood Flowers and dye them yourself ((using any blend or mix of paint, watercolor, etc.)) or purchase pre-dyed flowers. Sola Wood Flowers has an incredible color gallery, so you can go crazy with your prismatic decisions. You can even opt for skin or skinless flowers, for a two-toned effect.

Myth #4

Wood can probably work well for statement flower options - like flower hoops or brooch-filled bouquets - and favors - but wild-looking bouquets and the like would probably look too stiff. 

The truth

Remember, it’s not really wood like the kind you’d find from a tree, it’s much more flexi and malleable. Sola Wood Flowers are infinitely versatile and can make amazing centerpieces, sprawling, whimsy bouquets, even Instagram-worthy flower crowns.

These Bouquets Are Made of Wood and We’re Wild About Them

Myth #5 

Seasonality. With a wedding in winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’ll always have to make sacrifices with your favorite kind of flowers. 

The truth

Nope! You can find ANY kind of flower on Sola Wood Flowers - from Astrids to Dahlias, Lotuses to Tulips. And because you can customize their color, they’re in style during every season of the year. 

And best thing of all: with Sola Wood Flowers for your wedding, your budget can go A LOT further without sacrificing quality.

These Bouquets Are Made of Wood and We’re Wild About Them Photo Credit:Kendra Bird Photography; @kendrabirdphotography

Get shopping Sola Wood FLOWERS now! And follow along on IG to see all the proof that this tapioca plant is prime!!

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We partnered with Sola Wood Flowers to bring you all this dynamite alternative flower know-how. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!


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Floral Exports located in Kolkata which is a hub of Sola Wood Flower, Dried Flowers producing areas of India.

95% of handmade items like Sola Wood Flowers, Palm Flower, Lata Balls, Cane Items, Shola Flowers, Curly Ting Ting, Coco Items are produced in outskirts of Kolkata and we still have the cheapest labours compared to other parts of India hence this is big savings for us for that we making us competitive in prices.

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A dedicated R & D centre to work on development of new designs and products to keep space with the business environment dynamics and continuously working for developing new ideas almost every day.


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In-house dying, bleaching, and packaging amenities. And equipped with modern drying facility which enables us to work efficiently even during monsoon

We are stockiest of all main dried flowers and can execute the orders even at a short notice.

Modern Facilities!

We have modern facilities in warehousing with proper system to keeping our all stocks in most controlled manner with minimum of handling losses, our total covered and open area for dyeing, bleaching and work area including warehouses, comes to 150,000 sq ft.

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Sola Flower

Want to reckon your living room with distinctive indulgence? Try our dried flower bouquet with Sola flower. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of natural Sola Wood flower. Since 1990, we are catering to national and international horizons including Europe, Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada. The trace of sola decors is rooted in Indian tradition that rolls out the red carpet in the western hemisphere as well.

Our array of floral splashes with handmade efficacy adds vibrancy to your aesthetic self. The special category of Sola flower has an intricate design carved out of malleable sola white tissue. It is derived from the Sola pith plant or Sola Aeschynomene, which is only found in West Bengal, India and Thailand. Our Factory being situated in the heart of West Begal gives us a huge edge in procuring the Sola Wood Flowers.

The tissue of the Sola plant is very soft and versatile with a spongy appearance. Hence, it can be used in the making of various shapes and patterns. It is white, therefore, can absorb any hue. Due to the silky finish and smooth texture, it can be customized and kept lively with vigor for years or even forever. Embellished with other designs or accomplishments it adds flamboyance and regal splendor.

To get accommodated in any space or bouquet, Sola flower size ranges from 3 cm to 20 cm. You may infuse it into pot decor products, home decor products, part of pot pourri, bowl filler bags, diffusers etc. Some of the suggestive variety are Sola Bali / Sola Belly, Sola Bird Rose / Shola Rose, Sola Dahlia / Sola Bingo, Sola Zinnia, Sola Beauty Rose, Sola Lotus, Sola Bombay Rose, Sola Carnation, Sola Sunflower, Sola pumpkin, etc.

Having our own In-House Coloring unit allows us to colour beautiful Sola Flowers as per your requirements. Since Sola Wood Flowers are white they absorb any color really well and the coloring makes the texture even more soft just like a real fresh flower. Sola Wood Flowers is the most eco-friendly replacement for fresh flowers. The demand of Sola Wood Flowers is increasing exponentially because of how beautiful they look and also because they are the best way to make your home look lively and bright while also preserving the World’s Flora and Fauna at the same time.

West Bengal is a hub of the sola flower and handicraft industry. Based in Bengal, we take the leverage of designing an exclusive variety of Sola flowers and serve bulk orders in a lucrative price range. Apart from that, we are delighted to present our eclectic bouquet of dried flowers and Sola Wood Flowers from India to our patrons.

Be it the living room or business area, you can definitely get the right match to complement the ambiance and impress your guest. Check out our exclusive range and connect with us for more information


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