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All hail the return of the roller-locked 9mm! The H&K MP5 submachine gun was the ubiquitous 80’s and 90’s SWAT rifle, and those that have experienced the MP5, HK94, or one of it’s many clones can attest to the wonder of the pistol caliber platform. PTR industries brings back this little wonder of a gun with the PTR-9CT Semi Automatic Pistol. Featuring the same roller-lock delayed blowback system that has been proven the world over by professionals whose lives depend on it. This HK MP5 clone has an 8.86″ threaded barrel, a precision welded Picatinny top rail and an aluminum M-LOK compatible handguard, making the PTR9CT is an excellent choice for home defense, entry teams, repelling borders, executive and personal protection or even simple predator and varmint control. It has a polymer end cap with a sling swivel adapter and traditional iron sights. If you’re in the market for a classic pistol caliber weapon at a great price, check out the PTR 9CT from PTR Industries!

Specifications and Features:
PTR Industries PTR 9CT PTR601
Semi Automatic Pistol
Roller-Lock Delayed Blowback
9mm Luger
30 Rounds
8.86″ 3-lug threaded barrel with 1:10 Twist
Muzzle Threaded 1/2×28 TPI
Traditional Iron Sights
Precision Welded Top Rail
Polymer Trigger Group Housing
Aluminum M-LOK Compatible Handguard
Polymer End Cap with Sling Swivel Adapter
Black Finish
Overall Length 17.6″
Weight 5.05 lbs

Finally scratched the itch for a roller delayed blowback gun. After a lot of research and careful thought, I placed an order for the PTR 9CT from the fine folks at Atlantic Firearms. They shipped the gun out very quickly and it arrived at my dealer within only a few days! As the gun comes from PTR, it ships with a pistol endcap and a 1 point bungee sling. Atlantic Firearms smartly offers a very attractive package with the SB Tactical MP5 folding pistol brace. The brace sells for $200 which made the $1690 total package price the equivalent of $1490 for the PTR 9CT gun. I say that because the brace is practically mandatory as it completely transforms the platform and makes it a far more enjoyable and practical shooting experience. The brace endplate itself is very well built out of 6061 Aluminum and the folding lockup is very tight, but it does not lock into a folded position. It comes with a MP5 rubber buffer already installed and even offers a QD socket on the left. Zero fitting of the brace was required and it made for a very tight but perfect fit. The brace itself weighs 14.2oz and adds 10.5" in length.

Now on to the actual PTR 9CT itself! The gun itself weighs barely over 5 lbs. The quality of the finish is very attractive and appears to be paint over parkerization. The receiver itself is stamped from 1018 sheet steel, the barrel is 1:10 twist and made from 4150 Chrome Alloy steel and nitrided, and the unique PTR design handguard is constructed from milled aircraft grade aluminum. My particular handguard did have a noticeable gouge on the right hand side and can be seen in this picture. I only noticed it when I first inspected the gun at home and am unsure of what could have done that to the aluminum.

Besides the handguard, the overall craftsmanship and quality of this gun is terrific to my eyes. PTR has offered a picatinny rail on their other guns for years and they have the welds and alignment nailed down perfectly.

The rest of the gun offers very nicely done welds that show good consistency.

The bolt head itself is stamped PTR.

And the gun uses a 100 degree locking piece.

The trigger pack they offer appears to be well put together and offered a surprisingly enjoyable trigger pull. I've always heard of how HK designed these trigger packs to pass drop tests so they're heavier than what most Americans are used to on their AR15s. The PTR manual states that the trigger pull ranges from 8-10 lbs. I definitely did not get the same impression so I used my trigger pull gauge and was very pleasantly surprised to see it consistently vary from 6-7.5 lbs. There is about a 2 lb initial take up and then only 4-5.5 lb once you reach the wall to release the hammer. The trigger breaks cleanly and the reset is positive and not long. I will also note that the trigger face itself is wide and this makes the trigger weight feel lighter. I was very pleasantly surprised by the result.

The molded polymer components of the gun also appear to be done well with very minimal flashing found. This did not affect the fit of the housing and is a small nitpick that is easily cleaned up.

The PTR manual calls for a 150-200 minimum round count to complete the break-in. PTR recommends the use of both commercial brass and steel cased factory loaded ammo. I lubricated the gun with Geissele/ALG Go-Juice and set off to cow country with 150 rounds of Winchester 124gr and 200 rounds of my personal reloads with Acme 147gr HiTek coated bullets. 20-30 mph winds here in Oklahoma had me scoot up to about 50 yards away from a 66% IPSC plate. I was able to hit standing shots from both strong and weak side with relative ease and consistency. Roller delayed blowback offers a very unique recoil impulse that should be tried by everyone. You can feel the bolt unlocking and rebounding with the bullet already impacting the target. I slapped on an Eotech EXPS 2-0, established a quick zero, and backed up to 80 yards and was able to make long strings of hits on the steel target. I know many espouse the need or preference for cowitnessing sights, but I found the welded optic rail combined with the Eotech made for the perfect height to clear the front sight hood. With the quick release lever on the Eotech, a transition to iron sights takes a few seconds at most.

The gun comes with 2 30 round magazines, but I was not able to discern a manufacturer. By the end of my range session, the feeding lips of both magazines were showing some finish wear but offered tight lockup. I started off with all 150 rounds of my Winchester 124gr, and encountered a stoppage on my 28th round. FTE.

I went through all the remaining Winchester 124gr and my personal 147gr reloads with zero subsequent malfunctions. There was slightly erratic brass case ejections on the first magazine, but I can't say this with full certainty as the winds were gusting up to 30 mph on the open prairie. I tried to run the gun quickly but was slowed down by only having two magazines. The magazines are dual stack and dual feed which made for very easy loading. No maglula necessary! I was worried that all the M-LOK slots would expose my hand to a heated barrel, but I found that the aluminum handguard did not burn my hand. While it was warm to the touch, it never proved uncomfortable in the slightest. The M-LOK slots made for easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl venting for the barrel.

Cleanup at home was interesting... I highly recommend a nonmarring plastic faced hammer and a nonmarring punch to drive out the rear takedown pin. The tolerances of this gun are closer than Anthony Davis' eyebrows. They hearken back to memories of me trying to install a Geissele MR556 rail! I actually hope the pin becomes easier to push and pull out with time as I do not believe it's possible to initially remove or install the pin without tools. Unscrewing the barrel's thread protector gave way to the smallest sliver of metal shaving... truly tight tolerances. The internals of the gun were overall very easy to clean and wipe down. I removed the trigger pack (Another part with very tight tolerances that required some pushing and tugging to remove and reinstall) for a more thorough wipe down but found this to be unnecessary. A quick wipe down of the exposed hammer and ejector is all that's needed. Most of all the carbon fouling was on the bolt head and carrier.

It's clear that PTR is very proud of their latest offering. The handguard has PTR lasered on the righthand side, and the gun arrives in a large case with PTR as the only visible branding. I actually have to applaud PTR as the case is very high quality and offers very unique and interesting latches. Upon closer inspection, I found a patent code under the latches and traced the case to Royal Case Company. Why did I go through all that effort? Because this case was impressive and I'd definitely consider getting one for my other guns. With that said, I do have several complaints about the layout of the case. I feel PTR should design the layout and case selection with the buyer's long term needs in mind.

As appreciated as the sight tool itself is, I did not find myself needing to adjust the sights as they came dialed in perfectly from PTR. The Grov Tec 1 point bungee sling with HK hook is very high quality and made in the USA, but I wonder if most people will ever find a use for it. I forsee many people jumping right to the SB tactical brace or filing the SBR paperwork for the collapsing stocks. I'd rather PTR include two more magazine cutouts where the sling and sight tool cutouts currently are. While the PTR pistol itself nestles in very nicely into the box, I wonder if they can go with a slightly larger box so buyers can cut out some foam to make room for either a collapsing stock or folding up their SB tactical brace. As I mentioned before, the rear takedown pin is very tight and I'd have to pack a hammer/punch with me just to remove the stock to fit the 9CT into the case before and after each range trip. You can tell that PTR really wants to blow away the buyer with the overall experience of owning their 9CT, but I think something like this should be available either as a "collector's first edition" or something like a "starter set". I know cardboard boxes aren't glamorous, but I see many potential buyers already owning several range bags, gun cases, and would prefer paying $150 less to skip the hard case, bungee sling, and sight tool.

Knowing PTR and their offerings, I predict they will offer a rail less classic offering with a traditional handguard down the line. I also can't wait for their inevitable MP5K-PDW offering and hope that they'll even offer a MP5-SD as well. They can count me as a buyer for both of those! I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be ordering a PTR91 and PTR32 from Atlantic Firearms down the road. We've heard of Palmetto State Armory's upcoming offering, but I will be surprised if they come close to the PTR 9CT's quality. I believe PTR will have a hard time keeping these in stock if they can offer a trimmed down version with a street price hovering around $1350 without the brace. I think people will find the biggest criticism of the PTR to be that it's not a real HK. I find the PTR to be as German as David Hasselhoff... and that's plenty enough for me.
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This is PTR

Unwavering dedication to quality.

Proven Technology

The roller-lock platform is fielded by militaries and law enforcement all over the world.

Trusted Manufacturing

For over 15 years, PTR has been manufacturing firearms to the highest standard.

Refined Engineering

Improving quality by using cutting edge technology and manufacturing processes.

Made in the USA

The customer is the life blood of our company and their satisfaction is everything we stand for. We’re firearm enthusiasts ourselves so we know when we’ve hit the mark and when we’ve missed. We don’t sell anything we don’t stand by and wouldn’t buy.

John Harrison

John Harrison

Director of Sales and Marketing

PTR weapons are engineered in adherence to the classic German/Spanish roller delay blow-back system, with a modern, Made in America, twist to precision machining, material and feature selection.

Sean Carney

Sean Carney

Director of Engineering

What does it mean to be with a company for years? It means striving to make this brand the best version of itself by making our operations the best it can be so we can make the best products in the market.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Vice President of Operations


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