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The WaterCar Panther Is the Amphibious Jeep Car-Boat You Forgot Existed

Oh, your Wrangler is Trail Rated? That’s cute.

UPDATE: It turns out WaterCar is no longer in business. "After several years of engineering and producing the best Amphibious vehicles the world has ever seen, WaterCar has been forced to close down production due to the new CARB ( California Air Research Board ) regulations," Chad March, son of company founder Dave March, told MotorTrend in an email. "We are formally announcing we are putting the company up for sale. "

The sale includes all of WaterCar's patents, along with the manufacturing equipment (molds, fixtures, and tooling jigs) necessary to build the Panther, Panther XL, and Python. So if you're an entrepreneur in the market for a car-boat hybrid to build and sell, here's an investment opportunity for you.

Most commercially available amphibious cars have been little more than novelties. The Amphicar 770 of the 1960s, for example, kind of worked as a car and kind of worked as a boat but wasn't particularly good in either of those roles. The ultra-niche car/boat hybrid genre has come a long way since then, and the WaterCar Panther represents the current state of the art in amphibious vehicles.

What is a WaterCar? We made a documentary about the company a few years back, so be sure to check that out above for the whole back story. Founded in 1999 by engineer and entrepreneur Dave March, WaterCar set out to build an amphibious car that could perform well both and land and sea. WaterCar's first prototype, known as the Python, looked like a fourth-gen Chevy Camaro and succeeded at being a far better amphibious vehicle than the original Amphicar. The Corvette-powered Python set amphibious vehicle speed records in 2010, reaching 127 mph on land and 60 mph on the water. For context, the six-engine, 2,700-hp AMG-Cigarette Racing Boat tops out at 80 mph.

But because of its low ground clearance, the Python couldn't enter the water without a boat launch. March wanted a car that could hit the waves from the beach or practically anywhere, so his team began work on the Panther, a Jeep-inspired amphibious car equipped with a hydraulic suspension that can quickly lift and lower the car depending on the driver's needs. The Python's Corvette engine was traded for a rear-mounted Honda 3.7-liter V-6, which drives the rear wheels via a four-speed manual gearbox. Motivation at sea is made possible by a Panther Jet engine driven by the V-6 and located in the middle of the rear bumper. The WaterCar Panther has a manufacturer-claimed land top speed of 80 mph and maxes out at 45 mph on the water.

Sales of the WaterCar Panther began in 2013, and the company says it has built more than 100 examples since then. Before WaterCar went belly up, it was asking $158,000 for a base turn-key Panther, and $198,000 for a custom job. As reported above, you can no longer buy a new WaterCar Panther. But luckily, there happens to be a used one for sale in Oak Harbor, Washington. Listed for $100,000, this 2015 model is said to be the 18th Panther built and comes painted in red with gray bodyside graphics. That's certainly a lot of coin for a Jeep-shaped watercraft, and you can build a pretty awesome off-road rig using that same amount toward aftermarket parts. But will your Jeep ever truly be "all-terrain" if it can't cross a body of water deeper than the height of its snorkel?



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6 Amphibious Vehicles Made for The Road and the Water

When the weather gets nice, it feels great to get out on the water. Whether it’s on a lake, river, or the ocean, chances are you’ll need a boat. Most people can afford either a car or a boat, but usually not both. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? If you’re interested in driving your car into deep water without having to call your auto insurance company afterwards, then take a look at these 5 innovative amphibious vehicles made for land and sea.

U.S. Army DUKW

First, a little history. The DUKW, also known as the Duck, is as infamous as an amphibious vehicle can be. If you ever saw a movie or a documentary about D-Day, then you have seen the Duck storming the beaches of Normandy. GM designed and built 21,000 of these for WWII. They fit 25 people, have a 5,000 lb. carrying capacity and can reach 50 mph on land, but only 5 mph in the water. Today, they have been repurposed to give aquatic tours in cities all over America.

Lamborghini Countache

This Countache is the first and potentially only amphibious Lamborghini. It isn’t a manufactured model, but a custom redesign for somebody that is without a doubt in the 1%. The engine was repositioned to the center of the vehicle for ballast, and hydrofoil was added all around. The undertaking wasn’t a cheap one; the glass alone cost $3,700. And while it’s neat to say you have something nobody else has, my question is: Why have this?


The QuadSki

This is the ultimate vehicle for back-woods adrenaline junkies. Want to rip through the woods for a little while? The QuadSki has you covered. Did the tree line just slope into a riverbank? No need to slow down, the QuadSki has you covered. Unlike most aquatic vehicles, you won’t lose speed moving from the dirt to the water either, since its powerful BMW K1300 engine keeps you at a steady 45 mph regardless of the driving surface.


Water Car Panther

This might be one of the more useful aquatic vehicles out there. The bed is covered with a hard shell which could make a solid platform for fishing. It has a strong engine capable of reaching 80 mph on water and 160 mph on land, so it’s good for watersports and highway driving. And the wheels are retractable, so they drop to give good ground clearance on land and yet avoid the water when you’re ready to go boating. It might just be the ultimate sports utility vehicle.


The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Why stop at a car/boat hybrid? Why not take it to the next level with a car/boat/house hybrid? There’s no stopping an adventurous imagination with the Terra Wind. You can go anywhere that you want to go, and you can do it without sacrificing comfort. This beauty features a spacious jacuzzi, granite countertops, a washing machine, a microwave, and a full-sized fridge. And it features a strategically positioned drop-down hatch in the back, just in case you want to pull out the lawn chairs and catch some rays while you’re out to sea.


The Biski

Motorcycles are kind of like jet skis. They are both two-seater vehicles, both have handlebar controls, and they both allow for rider to have wind rip through their hair. So why not combine the two? That’s what the Biski did. True motorcycle enthusiasts might love this one because it lets them take their passion to the open sea. Though I’m left wondering how it stores a helmet and a life jacket at the same time.


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If someone likes to be out on the water, at one point or another, they have likely thought, wouldn’t it be nice to drive the car into the water like a boat? Of course, the Amphicar was famous for actually having done it. The Amphicar is certainly noteworthy of its accomplishment. However, it is not the only boat-car. There have been several made since then. Here are a few of these marine quality specialty vehicles. 

1964 Amphicar side

GMC Jimmy car-boat

Youtube channel, Barcroft Cars, found a boat-car in Atlanta. It was made as a cheer project for an individual recovering from Cancer. She had challenged her husband to create it and gave him a year to do it. So, the husband bought an old GMC Jimmy with a running a 4.3-liter, V6. He also bought the shell to an old boat and began working on the project. $10,000, and one year later, he completed it and still drives it often. The wife gets a lot of cheer from seeing people’s reactions to the car-boat when it drives down the street. But, to be fair, no mention is made as to whether or not it can be used in the water, and it is a one-off specialty project. 

Go-kart car-boat

This one may not qualify as a car-boat either. It is more like a go-kart boat. It was a one-off project created by a young man with an amphibious vision – he wanted to drive his powerwheels into the water. This may be the most inexpensive way to accomplish a car-boat project.

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James Bond Lotus Esprit submarine

Some might recall that there was a James Bond movie from 1977 called, The Spy Who Loved Me. In it, there was a Lotus Esprit S1 sports car that turned into a submarine. That, of course, was fanciful. But, that car certainly inspired many afterward to dream of such things. In fact, Elon Musk bought the car in 2013 from RM Auction Battersea, and planned to update the car with power from Tesla motors to make it a working submersible vehicle.

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WaterCar Panther, the modern Amphicar 

The Panther, comes from WaterCar. The company challenged themselves to make a fast and reliable car-boat for the public. So, this is an actual production vehicle, unlike the three above.

It looks a lot like a Jeep Wrangler with wild fenders. Of course, it is not a Jeep Wrangler. The body of the Panther is a fiberglass hull made with Coast Guard approved, closed-cell styrofoam. It runs via a Honda V6. The Panther can truly drive from land to water without a problem. This is probably the closest example to the old Amphicar.

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The Boaterhome

The is a half boat and half RV hybrid. The Boaterhome was a low volume production in the 1980s. Only 21 were produced. The Boaterhome is a combination of Econoline van and an RV, complete with fridge, bathroom, bed, etc.. It has been equated to a floating partybus. But, the Boaterhome is not really an amphibious vehicle since only the boat portion floats. The Econoline van has to stay on terra firma. However, the two together are certainly amazing to see. 

Gibbs High-Speed Amphibious Vehicles

Gibbs Technologies Limited makes a variety of amphibious vehicles. They create platforms from cars and ATVs, to mopeds. The Gibbs examples are also true to the Amphicar formula.

For this article, we will concentrate on their Miata-like vessel called the Aquada. According to their website, the Aquada is a small open-top car capable of reaching 100 miler-per-hour on land and 30 miles-per-hour on the water. 

As far-fetched as the concept of amphibious car-boats sound, it has definitely been in the minds of many people to try and create a modern version. The Amphicar of years passed only served to inspire more people to try and create their own samples. From a young man with a go-kart engine and an idea to more professional manufacturing companies, all of them are taking a stab at the idea to fulfills people’s dreams. 

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New Panther 2017

Check out the 2017 Watercar Panthers, the most fun vehicle on the planet.

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Fire Rescue

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The Worlds fastest amphibious vehicle is now equipped with fire rescue capabilities.

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Our Story

Our Story of WaterCar

Builders of The Most Fun Vehicle on the Planet!

In 1999, WaterCar started as a personal challenge to build the world's fastest amphibious vehicle. Our early WaterCars were purpose-built vehicles, to be very fast on both land and water. After January, 2010, when WaterCar established the Guinness amphibious speed record with our Python model, our attention turned to reliability and we began designing a vehicle to offer to the public. Fourteen years, countless successes and failures, 27 patents and untold labor hours later, our personal challenge has been achieved.

Dave March WaterCar Founder

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Car 2020 amphibious

The 10 Best Amphibious Cars Of All Time, Ranked

By Aaron Young


While not too many amphibious cars exist, they are a downright cool sight to behold, and the handful that do exist are thoroughly unique.

Picture this: you've just arrived at your local lake, towing your trailer up to the boat launch, you get ready to set off for some fun on the water. Suddenly, a car pulling up next to you drives directly down the ramp and into the water. It comes as a shock, yet, instead of sinking to the bottom of the lake, the car floats, and begins driving away just like a normal boat would.

What gives? Well, as obscure a market niche as it is, amphibious cars do indeed exist, and as the name implies can act as either a standard car or hit the water and transform into a boat. While not too many amphibious cars exist, they are a downright cool sight to behold, and the handful that do exist are thoroughly unique. So, read on, to see the 10 coolest amphibious vehicles out there:

10 Amphicar 770

A classic of the amphibious car world, the Amphicar 770 has a fairly self-explanatory name, great classic looks, and a cult following around it.

First sold in 1961, the Amphicar Corporation was given support from the German government, selling the car in America as a sports car that could also act as a boat. Their marketing worked, and the Amphicar 770 sold an impressive (for such a niche vehicle) 3,878 units. As cool as they are, saltwater made quick work out of the metal body, and many Amphicar 770s crumbled away.

9 Gibbs Humdinga

Looking more like a boat with wheels than a car that can float, the Gibbs Humdinga is a tough utility vehicle that can act as a workhorse on both land and water.

Powered by a diesel Mercury Marine V8, the Humdinga puts down 370 hp either through the wheels or through the propellers. With 9 seats, a top speed of 80 MPH on land, and 30 MPH on water, the Gibbs Humdinga can easily keep up with the capabilities of dedicated on-road and on-water utility vehicles.

8 ZVM-2901 Shnekokhod

Eliminating the need for wheels, the Soviet Union developed a series of "screw drive" vehicles in the '70s as an exploration into true all-terrain vehicles.

Able to easily float over difficult surfaces like deep mud, snow, and even open bodies of water, the ZVM-2901 is a fusion of an otherwise normal UAZ-452 van and the experimental screw drive system. While it didn't enter production, the ZVM-2901 prototype was recently restored to working order by the current director of the Russian ZVM factory.

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7 Gibbs Aquada

If the Humdinga caught your attention, but sporty vehicles are more your style, then the Gibbs Aquada is the car for you.

Designed to cross sports car style, handling, and performance with sports boat qualities, the Gibbs Aquada uses a mid-mounted V6 producing 250hp on road, and a jet drive producing 2,200 lbs of thrust to achieve that performance. Either surface you drive it on, the Aquada is a thoroughly fun looking and performing vehicle.

6 Rinnspeed Splash

A wild one-off concept from Switzerland based Rinnspeed, the Rinnspeed Splash is among the most unique amphibious cars out there.

Rather than using a traditional boat hull, the Splash' spoiler swings around to act as a hydrofoil. Essentially wings for the water, hydrofoils are a technology used in advanced high-speed boats, and that applies directly to the Splash. Using an efficient 140 hp motor, the Splash can hit a top speed of around 50 MPH by flying on its water wings.

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5 CAMI Hydra Spyder

One of the most expensive amphibians, the CAMI Hydra Spyder was sold with an intimidating price of $275,000, and looks that combine sport boats with sports cars.

Powered by a 6 liter Chevy LS2 V8, the CAMI Hydra Spyder produces an impressive 400 hp and can hit some serious speeds on land. On the water though, the Hydra Spyder can carry 4 people at speeds of up to 50 MPH and has some jet-ski like performance. Despite the price, the Hydra Spyder is a unique looking sports car that doubles as a sports boat for weekend lake trips.

4 WaterCar Panther

Jeeps are downright iconic for one good reason: go anywhere all-terrain capability. But, if you feel being able to drive on the water is an essential part of all-terrain, then the WaterCar Panther is the Jeep for you.

An amphibious creation from WaterCar, the Panther transforms a Jeep Wrangler into a high speed amphibious car. Starting production in 2013, the WaterCar Panther costs a base price of $158,000. Powered by a Honda V6, the Panther derives its water propulsion from a similar jet-drive, allowing it to hit 45 MPH on open water

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3 WaterCar Python

Another amphibious vehicle made by WaterCar, the Panther may be cool, but the Python kicks things up several notches into extreme territory.

Combining an unlikely mix of truck and Corvette, the WaterCar Python is powered by a Corvette sourced LS series engine giving it some brutal performance both on the road and on the water. Hitting 0-60 MPH in 4.5 seconds on land, the WaterCar Python remains fast on water, with a sea-going top speed of 60 MPH. Aside from performance, the WaterCar Python is a sight to behold on water, making it one of the coolest amphibians out there.

2 Chevrolet Corphibian

Based on a workhorse Chevy Corvair pickup truck, the Corphibian was a one-off amphibious creation with some outstanding looks.

Built by a team of Chevy engineers, with hopes of having the whimsical creation become an option for the Corvair truck, the Corphibian was transformed into a full-on drivable boat. Regardless, it looks awesome and is probably the perfect vehicle for a weekend lake getaway. Only one was made as a concept, but it still survives today, recently having been sold at Mecum Auctions.

1 Rinnspeed sQuba

Fans of James Bond may recognize the concept of both a submersible Lotus, and the "Q" standout. Indeed, this creation was directly inspired by the iconic 007 Lotus Esprit submarine.

Only produced as a one-off concept, the Rinnspeed sQuba takes the base of a Lotus Elise, installs an electric drivetrain, seals all electronic parts, and turns the car into a full on submarine. Despite not being for sale, the Rinnspeed sQuba is a downright awesome machine with an even cooler inspiration.

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