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Outdoor Connection Outdoor Connection Original Padded Super-Sling Black with Talon Swivels


The Original Padded Super-Sling takes The Original Super-Sling (1-inch) and adds a comfortable shape conforming shoulder pad. The shoulder pad cushions the shoulder and takes out the bouncing motion of a firearm without stretching or contracting. The Original Padded Super-Sling molds itself to the shape of the shoulder, providing maximum comfort during those long days in the field.

The innovative Thumb-Loop allows for maximum control of the sling and firearm. The Thumb-Loop also provides maximum comfort by eliminating tight gripping of the sling, which leads to hand and arm fatigue.


  • Rapid One-Hand Adjustment
  • Installs Easily Onto Existing Swivel Bases
  • Not Affected By Inclement Weather
  • Locks Into Position For Extra Stability
  • Shape Conforming and Resilient
  • Moisture Proof Bonding In Pad
  • Genuine Suede Leather Back
  • Mil-Spec Type Webbing
  • Includes Talon Quick-Release Detachable Swivels
  • Integral Thumb-Loop
Sours: https://www.bobwards.com/outdoor-connection-original-padded-supersling-black-with-talon-swivels-17807
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Boyt Harness

Outdoor Connection TS3DS Original Super-Sling with Talon QD Swivels 1" W Adjustable Black Nylon for Rifle/Shotgun

Item : 54101 | SKU : TS3DS | Model : Original | UPC : 051057207133

Outdoor Connection TS3DS Original Super-Sling with Talon QD Swivels 1

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The Outdoor Connection has been the premiere sling and swivel manufacturer for over 25 years. We are committed to continuing the tradition of quality by creating and providing innovative products for hunters and sport shooters throughout the world. Value, Utility, Quality, Selection, and Durability are the hallmarks of every product manufactured by The Outdoor Connection.

The Outdoor Connection is a global company, selling and sourcing both domestically and abroad. As part of our customer service pledge, we strive, to provide our customers in the United States and around the world with the highest quality product at the most efficient price. We manufacture the majority of our products at our factory in Waco, Texas and only choose the best outside sources to provide other parts. The Outdoor Connection, Inc. is proud to have customers all over the world.

We understand that The Outdoor Connection would be nowhere if not for our customers. Therefore, it is our goal to meet the needs of every consumer from distributor to end-user.

Sours: https://www.boytharness.com/product-category/outdoorconnection/

The Outdoor Connection Molded Sling w/Talons — 2 models

The The Outdoor Connection Molded Sling w/Talons has been designed to be the perfect strategy to hold your firearm. An effective rifle sling is going to lower the muscle weariness and strain that's connected with transporting a weapon and not using a sling. And thanks the The Outdoor Connection Molded Sling w/Talons, there's never been an easier way to grant your arms an escape. In order to make certain you are utilizing the most impressive rifle slings that the world has to offer, these Slings via the professionals at The Outdoor Connection are made with the sturdy and reputable materials that you have come to count on from this astounding business. For a long time, The Outdoor Connection has elevated the industry of developing premium quality firearm slings, and the The Outdoor Connection Molded Sling w/Talons is the consequence of their resolve for supplying shooters with the best items which the current market can offer. At OpticsPlanet, we make it our job to be sure that you leave with the perfect item for your expectations, and the The Outdoor Connection Molded Sling w/Talons is among the numerous weapon slings that we're glad to offer our shoppers. For a fantastic way to keep your arms free of strain, choose the The Outdoor Connection Molded Sling w/Talons.

WARNING: California`s Proposition 65

Package Contents:

  • The Outdoor Connection Molded Sling w/Talons
Sours: https://www.opticsplanet.com/the-outdoor-connection-molded-sling-w-talons.html

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Outdoor Connection Super Sling 2 Plus Black

 Outdoor Connection Super Sling 2 Plus Black Hover to Zoom
OUTDOOR CONNECTIONoutdoor connection

 Item# TP13DS

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The Super-Sling 2+ is 1 1/4" wide webbing with all the features of the Original Super-Sling.

The innovative Thumb-Loop allows for maximum control of the sling and firearm. The Thumb-Loop also provides comfort by eliminating tight gripping of the sling, which leads to hand and arm fatigue.

There is only one sling with the ability to revolutionize the sling market, only one with this unique design, only one Original Super Sling.

Super-Sling 2+ (1.25" web) w/Talon Swivels, Black

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