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College of Letters and Science

Yves Idzerda, Dean
David Cherry, Associate Dean
David Eitle, Associate Dean

The College of Letters and Science, offering 17 majors with 40 options and 29 minors for undergraduates, is the largest and most diverse college at MSU. Its fifteen departments, representing the four areas of the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics and social sciences, share a commitment to helping students think critically and solve problems, communicate clearly, understand various disciplines and cultures, and develop the engagement that will make them life-long learners and leaders.

College of Letters and Science faculty members are well-known for their contributions to their fields, and have an impressive record for winning competitive national grants to support research and scholarship. Letters and Science undergraduates benefit from numerous opportunities to work side-by-side with faculty on original research and scholarship, an experience that is elsewhere often available only to graduate students.

The following baccalaureate degrees are offered in the College of Letters and Science:

Non-degree program

In addition to various options within each degree, and minors in most of the areas listed above, the college administers the following minors:

The selection of a minor provides students the opportunity to have a recognized second area of concentration.


The College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) - Natural Science Museum is a unit under the Office of the Dean of the CSM. It is headed by a Museum-in-charge who is tasked to maintain all the collected specimens, properly mounted, classified and arranged to a generally acceptable system of classification and systematic order of Philippine Flora and Fauna for both terrestrial and the aquatic.

The museum is also a vital center for scientific research especially for taxonomic researches of the country's flora and fauna. It also serves a major repository of resources for research, conservation and education.

The Museum has two display facilities and reference collections. The Terrestrial display area is located at the CSM Rooftop. The collections on display include the Majestic Philippine Eagle and a number of Ornithological, Mammalian, Entomological and Herpetological species. The Marine and Botanical Collection is at the CSM rooftop (Annex) and houses a wide variety of marine and botanical specimens.

Museum Hours:
(Open daily except Weekends and Holidays)

8:30 to 11:301:30 to 4:30


For Booking and Further information, see contact information below:

CSM Natural Science Museum Logo
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College Of Natural Science Msu

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